Your Backseat


My life before it was a dream that I could not wake up from. Like a little box with walls all blackened out going through the motions, day by day. Then I woke up.

I have found my own little slice of heaven. Your backseat.

We started just by making out and talking. Reconnecting like one of those stupid movies. Then there were beers in the park and Thai food that was never eaten.

You first blowjob off my in years happened on your backseat. It was a Tuesday night in winter and we were 'hanging' in the park, people with personal trainers around us. We were dinking beer and making out. You had your hand up my shirt playing with my tits and pinching my nipples.

I was getting so wet from just from your kiss and the pinching was driving me insane. I asked if you wanted to eat or go to a car park to get some more privacy.

Privacy it was. I slide in the back seat of your car and it got hotter. You pulled my shirt up to get a full view of my tits, my nipples were pink from you pinching in them and begging to be sucked on. The moment you put your tongue on them it was a like fireworks were being set off. I couldn't imagine your tongue every having to leave.

Of course there was the other side to take care of. I held your head to my left side running my fingers through your hair.

You came back to kiss me again letting your hands move down. I was wearing jeans and you pushed me back into the corner of your backseat so you can get them off.

Belt Undone, Button Undone, Fly Undone. You checked my panties to make sure I had something nice on. A little lacy red number not that you cared it was just pretty wrapping. You pulled my jeans downs so your could start rubbing my pussy.

First on the outside of my panties while kissing me then starting to pull them to the side. You pulled me on to your lap so I could spread my legs wider while one finger started to venture in.

I was so tight. It had been months since anyone had touched me let alone made me feel like a Queen. Slowly you opened me up little by little.

You have always known my little g spot. All you have to do is find it and wiggle your fingers over it. But first a 2nd finger goes in. You remember how I orgasm with two. Something you should never deny a woman.

You find my little spot and start to run your fingers over it again and again. I start to moan and breathe deeply. You make me come with an explosion, something I've missed for a long time.

That first orgasm has given me hope for more and more but I think you need to have a little attention. I take your fingers out of me. Something you are not happy about and a straddle your lap. I want all your attention on me.

I start grinding into your lap as I lap my tongue in your mouth. I can feel you're hard on and I know I am not helping. I ask if I can play and you nod.

I get down on the seat next to you and start to pull at your pants then your boxers. Your dick pops out hard and ready for some playtime,

I haven't seen it in such a long time and it looks to good to be true. I take it in my hand and look at a little. It's uncircumcised, start and rock hard for me. I put my mouth down on your and you let out a primal moan.

I start moving my mouth up and down up and down playing particular attention to that head of yours. You look down at me and tell me I'm amazing and to not stop. I have no intention of stopping until you cum for me.

I use my hand to rub your balls and slowly take your cock all the way down my throat so it disappears. Your head rolls back in ecstasy. I can taste your pre cum and know its not going to be long until I get a full load. I start dragging my teeth just lightly up your hard cock when it explodes with cum straight into my mouth.

I swallow all you up and give you one last little lick to make sure I got it all. So perhaps now its time for Thai...

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