tagAnalYour Boyfriend's Bottom

Your Boyfriend's Bottom


After the two of us had drained our cocks inside your orifices, him in the front and me in back, we lay there still in position, panting and spent, our hard dicks still sheathed and throbbing. Gradually, inevitably, we began to wilt, our semi-tumescent members slipping from your holes, both marinated in our own semen, his with the additional glaze of your pussy juices, mine flecked lightly with shit. The musky aroma already in the air became even more perfumed, a heady mixture of cunt, cock, cum, sweat, perfume and the rich bottomy smell of your freshly fucked ass.

Without a word, we all sleepily rolled over and found our places side by side on the bed, our new black lover in the middle, his big arms around both of us.

When you awoke about two hours later, you were still wearing your leather hood. You certainly weren't about to take it off before you had permission to do so. You could sense a slight motion on the bed next to you. You opened your eyes, and were amazed to see my hand, your totally straight boyfriend's hand, wrapped around the fat black shaft of our new lover. From the way I was holding the massively erect stem, it was obvious I was a novice at handling cock, but at the same time I didn't look particularly reluctant.

He noticed you were awake and looking at us. He let out a throaty chuckle.

'Surprised, bitch? I bet you never thought you'd see your boyfriend in a scene like this.'

You shook your head blankly.

'Well let me explain something to you, girl. If it wasn't for your boyfriend's fine white ass, I wouldn't even be here now, let alone have given you the best fucking you ever had. See, I don't fuck chicks. I like guys and I mean exclusively. When I met your man in a bar last weekend it was his hole I was interested in filling. But he made me a deal.'

He cleared his throat and nodded at me, as I continued to pump lovingly on his hard veiny black hog. A spot of clear precum appeared at the tip of the purplish crown.

'He said if I fucked you, he'd let me have his tight white ass right afterwards. And I'll tell you, this was one manpussy I was longing to bag. I was willing to listen.'

My hand moved imperceptibly faster on his cock, in long smooth firm strokes.

'His condition was I had to take your cunt, while he fucked your ass. He always goes in the backdoor, he says. Prefers it that way. Says you do too. Got to admit I can't fault your taste, either of yous. So I was figuring well, I get to be fucking his cock through the wall of your ass while I am banging the pussy, so that's got to be good right? And he told me you had a big old hairy bush, and had no tits to speak of, so that was all good. I just had one condition: you had to wear a hood over your head the whole time, cos I didn't want to be looking at your face. Even pretty bitches are ugly to me. You get it?'

Oh God, so that was it, you thought. Despite the feeling of being used, you were getting wet and horny just listening to this filthy stuff.

'So that's the way it is. Now, why don't you sit your ass over there' - he pointed to a old velvet easy chair next to the bed - 'get comfortable, and enjoy the show.'

You crept meekly over to the chair and sat there naked but for your mask, your cunny dripping with musky juices, to see what would happen.

Gently but firmly the black man took my hand off his dick and turned me over onto my hands and knees.

He obviously knew what he was doing; he acted with total nonchalance. Using lube from the bedside table, he greased up his magnificent member until it glowed like the flesh of an eggplant, the head mushroomy and obscenely huge, the slit now openly weeping with precum. It was the clearest possible expression of the fellow's extreme arousal at the thoughts of anally penetrating your boyfriend. Who was now on his hands and knees, submitting almost meekly in a way you thought you'd never see from you dominant daddy.

And you? You were sitting in your wicker chair, the outlines of its structure making indentations in your soft flesh, your cunt oozing and sopping with excitement, the pubic hair surrounding your labia slicked down like a glazed doughnut. As your cunt leaked your own juices, you could also smell the strong musky negro sperm down there too. That prize-winning cock wasn't just for show: he'd flooded you out. You were feeling an incredible rush of mixed emotions: horniness at the sheer explicit sexuality of the show unfolding before you, jealousy at seeing your boyfriend with someone else, albeit a man, and an indignation at seeing your own daddy, a man whose dominant tendencies had always made you proud to be his bitch, being made to submit like this. But desire was winning out, and you suddenly realized there were three cocks in that room: the two men's, and your own clit, now swollen to two or even three times its normal size, jutting out from your labia and practically fit to penetrate an asshole in itself.

Slowly, but with infinite confidence, the stranger worked his bell end between my firm white buttocks, guiding himself with his hand. You'd been buggered so many times before yourself, you could visualize every step of the process. RIght now he was moving in tiny circles against my asshole, getting it lubed up and stroking the nerve endings to bring me pleasure and help me receive the huge penis through my virginal bud.

he started murmuring: 'do you want it... you want it... don't you? Tell me you want it, tell me you fucking want it...'

And then with a kind of slow-motion guttural roar he slowly drove in, taking my anal cherry with him. And you were with me all the way; could imagine (or was it remember?) exactly what it was like, that blunt, tender but agonizing first penetration, the sensation of having a gelatinous stone the size of a boiled egg pushed into your guts. My face was contorted into a kind of ugly but beautiful expression, and you knew, your heart beating wildly, exactly that delicious rush of conflicting emotions that being buggered brought on: a sense of powerlessness, a panic subsiding into resignation, then acceptance, then active participation; a self-consciousness about being fucked where you shit slowly morphing into a feeling of total liberation; a pain turning to discomfort and finally to pure wanton pleasure. But how much more extreme must it be for me, an anal virgin, and taking the biggest cock you'd ever seen. You felt a sense of pride stealing over you at my courage.

The black man held onto me at the hips, his big muscled body towering over mine, making me look small and pale, almost doll-like, by comparison. Now he was perceptibly sawing back and forth, and you were amazed to see that with each downward stroke he made, my cock, only semi-erect at the start, would rise up and grow, like air being blown into a balloon. My male lover was austerely ignoring my cock, treating it like it wasn't even there, while his own monstrous member devoured my virginal back pussy.

At some point, you didn't even know when, your own hand had stolen down to your liquid centre, finding that hot hard buttony cock-like clitoris, and started to caress it as you watched him punch into me. Your breath was hot and steamy inside your leather hood. As he aggressively humped my ass, and I lay with my back slightly bent, that look of concentration and exquisite anguish on my face, you thought God, it was like watching two wrestlers, or men locked in some form of combat. Then, with a new rush of excitement, you realized this was how men made love together.

After about ten minutes of reaming my ass, the steady smack smack of his lower belly on my ass cheeks started to speed up. He started to moan 'goddam, goddam' under his breath. My own cock was thicker, harder and longer than you'd ever seen it, still completely untouched. That poor boy needs a suck, you remember thinking absently as your own hand started to whir more speedily on your clit. You knew my black lover was going to cum, and every moment waiting seemed a delicious agony of suspense. Suddenly he stiffened, and roared with triumph, and you knew he was pumping ropes of his white spunk into your boyfriend's bowels. You were transfixed on my cock, half-expecting it to suddenly shoot an unassisted load too. It didn't, but you found yourself helplessly peaking instead, the orgasm washing over you with such intensity that you barely heard my quiet words: 'happy birthday, darling'.

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