tagFetishYour First Massage with Him Ch. 01

Your First Massage with Him Ch. 01


When you woke up this morning, you looked again at his instructions. He sent them ten days ago. It's been hard to think about anything else over these ten days. You must have read them one hundred times already. They are incredibly specific. What to wear each day, generally. Exacting on bras and panties. He can be specific on these as he's bought all of them for you. He gives suggestions for food and light exercise each day.

As for today, the instruction are quite detailed. You are to lay in bed for at least ten minutes after waking, unless a quick trip to the bathroom is necessary. He has instructed you to thoroughly wipe after bowel movements, but not after peeing for the last three days. You've been wearing the same panties all three days. You have made yourself cum twice a day each of these days while wearing these panties. The smell of them and your pussy is so strong you can't believe people standing next to you in public don't notice. From the smile that one guy gave you yesterday, you are certain he could smell your panties and your pussy. He was even so bold to give you the once over, stopping to stare at your camel toe in your tight jeans, his smile getting bigger. The crotch of your panties is so saturated you feel the dampness dripping down the inside of your thigh from time to time.

You return to warmth of your bed after a quick pee. The instructions have you start the morning self-massage gently rubbing you tits, staying away from the nipples for at least the beginning. You are not to touch them until they get hard. You've turned the heat down, and with a slight chill air, all you must do is pull the blankets down to your stomach. The chilled air brings goose bumps to the flesh of your arms and exposed torso. Shortly, your sensitive nipple are hard, not rock hard, but you know how to take care of that. You smoothly traipse your fingers over them, letting the fiction pull lightly at the nipple with each passing finger. They are getting harder and harder. You start actually rubbing, pinching and twisting them between your fingers. You've been doing this for days now, per instructions. It seems they are getting a little harder each time, as well as a bit more sensitive. You reach over to the bedside table and get the small vacuum bulbs he sent you. Loading an O-ring on each one, you set them over your already hard nipples. After pumping each one a few times, your nipples feel amazingly alive, almost electric. You roll down the O-rings, and release the bulbs. It seems they're getting bigger by the day. They are certainly standing out a bit more each time you do this.

Setting the bulbs back on the table, you reach for the amazing vibrator he sent. It plugs in, so no worries about batteries. It's definitely a clit vib, very small head, very intense vibrations. You start to rub all up and down your soaked panty crotch with the vib, gradually turning up the intensity. You begin to make smaller and small circles around you clit. You are so wet and so horny, you can't believe you're going to cum in these panties again.

You head for the shower after a very light breakfast. The body washes and shampoos he sent are so luxurious, with very faint but blissful scents. You spend extra time in the shower letting the extra warm water cascade over you. Wondering what the day will be like. You're already getting wet inside again with anticipation. After toweling off, you slide in the freshly charged small remote control vib he sent you. You've worn this on and off all week, it's beginning to feel like a part of you. You miss it when you're not wearing it. You also decide to wear a surprise for him. You hope he likes it, though deep down you know he will. The very same panties go back on after that. The red satin is stained with your dampness, even from the outside. You finish your hair and light makeup. You put a bra that matches the panties, followed by the sheerest stay up stockings which have beautiful lace at the top. Looking at yourself in the full length mirror, you feel incredibly sexy, and oh so horny. You slide on the beautiful dress he sent. It's a burgundy colored sweater dress, which fit just a bit too tight. You decide that's just fine. Your body does it justice. Then the matching shoes. Again to the mirror. Damn girl, you look hot, you think to yourself. And you're right.

The drive to the location is not too far, but long enough to have your thoughts racing. Stopping at traffic lights, feeling the vib buzzing inside you, feeling the anticipation, the slight butterflies in stomach caused by the unknown that coming your way. Trust him, he said I will never forget today. He said he has not doubts I will enjoy it. The car behind honks as the apparently the light has been green for a while, you lost in thoughts. As you hit the gas, you notice your hand has managed to pull up your dress, it's rubbing the panties again. You quickly pull the dress, thinking get a hold of yourself. Surely, I get relief today, not by my own hand either. A devilish little grin crosses your face.

You arrive at the address. It's a day spa. You park, noticing there are two other cars in the small lot. Your heart seems to be fluttering with anticipation now. You and he have been talking about this for so long. You've dreamt about it, and now it's going to happen.

You get out of your car on unsteady legs, the heels on the shoes aren't helping, and walk to the front door. After pausing just a second with your hand on the door knob, you turn and push the door open. There is a women behind the counter in the small shop that occupies the entrance area. She rises to greet you with a smile and a warm welcome. She asks if there is anything she can get you. You explain that you thought you meeting someone her. A small, knowing smile, comes to her lips. He is already here, waiting for you. He has rented the whole spa for the whole day. I'm just here to welcome you, get you settled, and then I'm leaving. You two will have the whole place to yourself for the day, she tells you. This is too much.

She gives you a small bottle of water and asks you to follow her. She guides you through darken hall ways to a room in the back. You can help noticing the wonderful smells and the peaceful music quietly playing the background. Even the hallways seem serene. She pauses at the last door, telling you that this is the best room they have by far. She slowly opens the door, revealing a small dimly lit paradise.

As you walk into the candlelit room, the beauty of the space calms you. It is not light enough to see all the details of the room, but the overall feeling is very sensuous. The center of the room is taken up by a massage table, covered with layers of sheets and silken blankets. There are small tables with candles and incense scattered around the edges of the room. One end of the room has cabinets and a counter top with a sink. There are several small appliances on the counter top. The only one you recognize is a stainless steel slow cooker! You can't help but wonder what that is for.

You were so distracted by the space, you forgot the woman was there until she asked if there was anything else you needed. After you tell her no thank you, she wishes you a wonderful day and gently closes the door.

You remember the instructions now. As you begin to undress, this whole thing seems more and more like a dream. You hang the dress on a lovely padded hanger hanging by the door. You sit down to remove the shoes, sliding off your stockings, neatly folding them and leaving them on the small table. Next come the bra. After laying on the table, you can't help but touch your nipples for just a minute. They are still bound in the tiny O-rings and are so incredibly sensitive. You would like to free them for just a moment, feeling the blood rush you get when you take them off, but the instructions say to leave them on. You stand, and finally slide down the panties. You pick them up off the floor, smelling them at arm's length. You fold them carefully, making sure the inside crotch is facing up, per his instructions. You feel certain the pungent smell is overwhelming the room, realizing then you are right next to them. He so loves your panties, and the nectar you leave in them. You know he will have his face in these soon enough, taking in your scent. Without really thinking, you lift them again, every so lightly kissing them right in the middle of the crotch. You can now smell yourself on your lips, and taste yourself too.

You turn to the table, naked. You gently throw back the blanket and top sheet and slide onto the table. It's heavenly warm, the room being just slightly cool. It's obviously warmed from beneath the sheets. You pull the sheets and blanket over your back and shoulders, placing your face in the face cradle. After a few deep breathe, your whole body starts to relax. The sounds, the scents, your position on the table are all so right. If you weren't racked with anticipation you could fall asleep in minutes. Quickly you remember the blindfold. You bounce back off the table, searching the room. You see it, next to a single red rose, and a note. Your pick up the rose to smell it with one hand and the note in the other. It's hard to read in the dim light. It merely says, "Are you ready?" You sit back on the table sliding the silk blindfold on, replacing your face in the cradle. Your hearts facing after that. It takes a minute for it to calm again. Another minute passes with your mind wondering, pondering what's to come. Just when you start to wonder where he is, the door opens.

While the light is very low, you can barely perceive light at the edges of the silken blindfold you are wearing. You can definitely sense his presence if not his exact location in the room. You hear the slightest noises, the opening and closing of drawers and cabinets, the laying down of hard things on soft surfaces, the flick of a lighter. A new smell comes into your awareness. As soft as the incenses, but somehow more organic. There is the slightest increase in the level of the light, certainly not bright by any means, but you know he will be able to see you better. You will not be able to hide in the darkness when the blankets are moved.

He ever so lightly places both of his hands on your head, almost imperceptibly rubbing with each fingertip. His hands very slowly begin to move in small circles, raising and lower on the ends of his fingers. Gradually he works up to actually kneading your scalp, occasionally scratching your head with his finger nails, gently combing your hair. He continues this for a few minutes, every now and then gently gliding his fingertips over your neck right at the hairline. Then his hands slow down ever so slightly until they are once again simply laying on your head so very lightly. You feel a slight change in pressure as he lowers his head. He gentle places his lips on the back of your head. You can feel him breathing in and out through his nose which is so close to you neck you share it's touching the lightest hair, but not quite the skin.

He lifts his head just off your hair and whispers "are you ready for this?" You can barely mumble a reply with your head in the cradle, but you ease out a yes. "Are you ready to go places you've never been before?" While you're not certain exactly what that means, you are absolutely certain about the answer you whisper back, "Yes."

You can sense him moving around to the side of the table. You become aware of his warm breath on your neck. He's back to gently rubbing your scalp through you hair as you feel his lips on your neck, right behind your ear. He's gently opening and closes his lips as he moves them over your neck, pausing to lightly lick your skin. He works his lips from behind one ear to the other, gently combing your hair with his nails the whole time. He starts kissing your left ear, gently at first and then more and more of your ear is in his mouth. You feel his tongue swirl around the outside of your ear, and then he moves to the inside. He pause to heavily breathe straight into your ear, it's a husky sound so close. He whispers "are you wet, are you ready?" You can only moan in reply. He clearly understands this as a yes, and he proceeds with his lips and tongue slowly back around your neck to your other ear. Again he licks lightly and whispers, "are you wet, are you ready?" You moan consent...

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