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Your Gift


He read your diary. Surprise, surprise. Now what are you going to do? There she is, the woman you've dreamed of having, but never thought you would. He found her. You met her one night, a year ago. The company party had been full of wine, women, and song, but your husband had been a stick in the mud and you'd left the party early. You left her. She was there now though, spread out on the bed, looking at you with desire in her eyes, desire that mirrored yours.

You think back to the pages of scripts you'd written so long ago, pages you never thought he'd read, but it was obvious by the vixen covered in satin and lace the color of sin, that you were wrong. He did read your wants. This time though he acted on them. This time he sent you a card that said, "One night." Inside the envelope was a keycard. You thought it was a romantic evening for the two of you. Lady, you were so wrong weren't you.

Eyes the color of brilliant emerald jewels stare back at you. Her skin glistens with oil that she'd spread over her bronzed skin. She let her long blonde locks roll over her shoulder and she's waiting for you to come to her. A timid breath fills the room, was it yours? Yes...it was. Your fingers are moving now, slowly trailing over the polished buttons of your business suit.

You release one then another and push the jacket off your body as you step out of the navy pumps that had your feet pleading with you to kick them off. You flex your toes and wipe sweaty palms down your skirt. She smirks and runs a finger from her mouth to her nipple. She pinches it and winks as she hears you whimper. Her hand trails down her flat stomach and she pets her shaved cunt.

Your sex moistens and you find yourself embarrassed at the attraction you feel for another woman, but you can't fight it. Curiosity has peeked and the prize is there for the taking. One night. The words fill you mind and you wonder, will one night be enough? It has to be, so you tell yourself, "Make it last."

Fingers ease down the zipper of your skirt as hers ease into the slick folds that you will taste. A taste you have never experienced before...your first taste of a woman is so close you can smell it. You breathe deep and close your eyes relishing the fragrant aroma that you want to bury yourself in. Your skirt hits the floor and then your blouse is making love to the linen and cotton that caresses the carpet. Your bra is eased off. Panties and stockings soon tangle in a mass of mixed colors.

Naked you stand before another's eyes. A woman you have fantasized about looks up at you. A woman that you conversed with once, but that one time made an impression on you, wants you. Was it the wine that night, that made her tell you that she thought you were attractive? Was it the dress you'd worn? Or was it the look in your eyes that said... if only I could, I would? Whatever it was, no longer matters.

Her hand comes away from her pussy and you see the glistening moisture. She offers it to you. Take it. You do. Your fingers wrap around her wrist and you bring the delicate fingers up to your mouth. The aroma is thick in the air now. The scent is so close to your nose. You breathe it in and then you taste it. Your first taste of another woman. She watches your tongue slide over the long digits that are covered in her moisture.

The taste is different from yours. The aroma is too. Wonderful. Salty, bitter, and yet there is a hidden flavor, one that you know you will find if you delve deeper into the source. She watches you wash away the juices of her cunt and she moans. You look up and climb onto the bed. It shifts under the added weight of another and she scoots up just enough to make room for you. You watch her position herself in the center. Her arms are long and slim. She rests one over her stomach, then one you cleaned is now placed behind her head and she waits to see what you will do.

You gaze down on her. Perfection. Where do you start feasting first? One night. There is so much you want to do, so many things you want to try. Your eyes glance over to the dresser and your pussy constricts at the sight before you, toys...toys you've only imagined using, toys he's never let you bring into the bedroom in fear you'd like them more than him. He's given you a gift and when you reach over and pull the vibrator over to you, you know that after tonight there will be changes in your life, for one night with her may be all you get, but a lifetime is too long to remain as conservative as he has made you.

The hard cock in your hand is colored bronze and you flick the switch. Your smile lights up your face as you trail the head of the toy over your palm. It's new. Everything is new. The toy's tip leaves your hand to trail up her thigh. She giggles and you smile. A lift of your brow is your only form of communication and she answers it by spreading her legs for you. The head of your fake dick presses against the strip of flesh that sparkles with honey. A hiss of pleasure feels the air and you press harder against the nub of flesh.

Sliding to your stomach your legs hang slightly off the bed, but you care not. Right now you are up close and personal with another woman's sex. You have never examined a woman before, at least not one in the flesh. You have secretly looked at photos, watched lesbian and bisexual porn tapes, but never have you had this chance and so as you tease her clit you take stock of the shaved pussy in front of you.

You notice the different shades of pink. Pink. A color that seems so simple yet, now as you look at a moist clit, promising hues of color erupt on a canvas of sweet flesh. Your finger trails between the thick lips and she groans. You angle the device and it vibrates against her sex at a different direction. You slip a finger into the dark hole and though you can see where your finger goes you know she is finding the invasion welcoming. You know because she tightens her grip on you and nectar seeps free. Taste it.

Your face moves down and you slide your finger out. You lick the juice and then plunge your finger in again. Hungry? Yes, you are. You take the vibe and lay it to the side of her hip. Two hands come up and you open her. A flower. You never believed that phrase until now. She is a flower. Her pussy, a beautiful plant that is opening for you.

More colors of a pink rainbow fill your eyes, but they are lost on you as you close your orbs and breath in her scent again. Your fingers rub the lips. Each one is given a personal massage with the tips of your soft hands. She said something. What was it? Please? Did she say please? Please what? Please stop? Please hurry? Please fuck me like you know you want to?

Taking a deep breath you close the distance and give each other exactly what you both want. You push your tongue inside. She tightens again and you pull your tongue out. A whimper fills the room. Hers or yours? Your tongue dives back in again. She feels you fucking her. Fingers still massaging the sides of her womanhood while you lay a personal attack against the hot opening. In and out. Over and over. You angle your head and you are able to take a deeper lick. Your tongue escapes and runs up to her clit.

One hand leaves a cunt lip and two fingers begin a journey into her sweet box. Fuck her hard. You want to. You want to drive those fingers deeper. They are greedy. They want to feel what your tongue felt, but they are lucky. They can reach higher and they can find that spot on her that makes her jump. She jumps. You smile and open your mouth. Your teeth capture the swollen clit that you'd been sucking and then you fuck her with your fingers and your face. You rub into her. Her fingers grab your hair and she bucks against you. You are bathing in her fluids. They coat you. You feel your honey sliding between your legs. You are so wet and so hot.

More is all you want. You want more of her washing over you. You leave her cunt and grab the vibe. The switch is flicked too high and you ram it into her cunt. A scream fills the room, tickles your ears and your mouth comes down and you start sharing that succulent sex with the expensive toy that you keep running in and out of her pussy.

Sucking and biting, you tease and torment her until you taste something different. A new scent. A new flavor. Instinct tells you to not let up. The sounds she's making shout at you to not stop what your doing. Soon your reward is met and she comes for you. The heat of her sex explodes on the vibrator and you squeal in delight, push it in again and let your mouth capture the heady flavor that slips from her fleshy walls. A syrup never tasted so sweet as you lap up the heavenly nectar. You savor it and blow warm air against her sex. She's yours. One night. You make it last forever...

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by Marshalla08/18/17

Oh hell yeah!

Extremely descriptive, and ohhh so hot.

Thank you.

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