tagMatureYour Groceries are Here! Ch. 01

Your Groceries are Here! Ch. 01


Jake couldn't understand it. He knew he was a reasonably good-looking 18 year old guy. He wasn't overweight, had an athletic build, didn't smoke or drink, and was well-liked by everyone. His problem was that he was ashamed of still being a virgin. Every time he would go out with someone, he would always hear the same, tired excuses when he would ask for a second date. One time the girl would tell him that she liked him, but it was more like a brother. Another time it would be more along the lines of "I don't want to mess up a perfectly good friendship." He knew he would eventually find a girlfriend but he was getting very impatient.

He had a normal family. His mom and dad both had jobs. He was a senior in high school and had a sister 2 years younger and a sophomore. He had a nice truck with a killer sound system. He had a job where he worked at the grocery store on Monday and Thursday nights and Saturday during the day. He didn't get paid a lot, but it was more than minimum wage and he occasionally got tips from women when he carried their groceries. On nights when he didn't have a date or didn't have to work, he usually found himself in front of a computer screen. As a typical teenage male, his hormones were in overdrive. He had a few favorite porn sites he visited, but his favorite site was Literotica.

One late Saturday night as he was reading some of the stories, he realized that he usually gravitated towards the 'mature' category in general, and found that he was more attracted to the stories about older women and younger men. He thought that this might be his problem. Maybe he should be trying to hook up with older women but how would he do this? He thought for a few minutes and remembered how many women he saw at the grocery store when he was working. Some of them were just plain HOT! The only problem would be how to approach them.

His approach problem solved itself the very next Monday night at work. As he was pushing a cart load of fruit to the produce section for restocking, he saw Mrs. Taylor as he rounded the corner. He saw her in the store a couple of times a week and she was always very nice to him. She was a good looking woman any time, but tonight there was just something about her that made his cock jump when he saw her. She was dressed in a pair of skin-tight jeans that looked like they had been painted on her beautifully shaped ass. Her cherry-red high heels showed flashes of light as they reflected the lights. Her tight, white tank-top completed her ensemble. All of this was topped off by a head full of shiny, jet-black hair that hung down to the middle of her back. She was leaning over the apple bin, checking them for bruises and cuts before putting some of them in the plastic bag she was holding. The longer he looked at her and the closer he got to her, the harder his cock became. He was beginning to get uncomfortable.

Just as he passed behind her, she gave a slight yelp and jumped. The apple bin was sitting at an angle and she had pulled out an apple that was holding up several of the others. As the apples cascaded down the bin, they were bouncing all around and she was doing her best to catch them but failing miserably. He jumped over to help her and caught his foot on the corner of the cart he was pushing. He stumbled lightly into her, pressing against her from behind and trapping her against the apple bin. As the apples fell around them, he realized his hardness was pressed into the crack of her ass. Immediately, he felt a rush of heat as his face turned red from shame. He told himself that maybe she didn't feel it. As she turned around and looked at him, he couldn't help himself. He hung his head from embarrassment but while he was looking down, he noticed something. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were standing out against the tightly stretched fabric of the white tank-top. He looked away and hoped she didn't see where his eyes had been. As he looked further down, he saw that the front of his khaki pants were tented and his shame grew worse. He stammered his apologies and couldn't believe how bad this was turning out.

Judy Taylor had been divorced for 5 years. Her ex-husband just couldn't keep it in his pants. Since then, she was a totally changed woman. She was 35, single, hot, and she knew it. She liked to go out and have a good time and was no stranger to the effect she had on men but she was in the middle of a dry spell. When Jake stumbled into her, she felt his cock pressing into her ass. A sudden wave of heat built up in her pussy and her nipples had hardened as she realized she was the cause of it. She could feel the moisture building up inside her. She turned around and looked at Jake. She saw where his eyes had been and wondered what was going through his mind until she looked down and saw he had what appeared to be a very formidable problem in his pants. A wicked smile came across her lips as she wondered just how big it was. She made up her mind to find out.

She never said a word as she grabbed his hand and led him towards the back of the store. They went through the swinging doors and turned left. She led him all the way to the end of the warehouse and stopped in the last aisle, out of site of anyone who might be back there. Her right hand went down to rub the front of his pants. Her eyebrows lifted as she felt how big it was. She looked him in the eyes and as he tried to speak, she put a finger across his lips to keep him quite.

As she dropped to her knees in front of him, he couldn't believe what was happening. He thought he was in some kind of weird, otherworldly dream. This beautiful woman was kneeling in front of him. She was stroking his hardness through his pants with one hand as she undid his belt and pants. When she unfastened the button, his pants fell to the floor and she quickly jerked his boxers down also. His dick flipped up as his underwear pulled down, hitting her under the chin. He felt like his cock had never been this hard before. He knew that his 9 inches were bigger than average and he was justifiably proud of it.

When she had his underwear down, the mushroom-shaped head of his hard cock hit her under the chin when it was free. She put one hand on it and stroked it lightly. It felt like a rod of hot iron in her hand. It was thick. She couldn't get the fingers of one hand all the way around it. It was long too. Longer than any she had ever seen. She wondered what it would taste like and decided she had to see. Her tongue lightly ran over the head and caressed it all over. She wondered if she could take all of it. Her lips formed an 'O' as she slipped her mouth over the end of it. It throbbed in her mouth and made her hotter than she had been in a while. The thrill of possibly getting caught just made it worse.

He was watching her while she licked and sucked on his throbbing cock. He couldn't believe how good this felt. Jacking off couldn't compare. It was even better than he had ever imagined. He watched as more and more slowly disappeared into her mouth. He knew he wouldn't last long at this rate. There was still an inch or two of his cock outside her mouth when he realized she had taken as much as she could. A thrill power rushed through him as he realized he had more than this woman could take. He put his hand on her head as she bobbed up and down on his shaft.

Judy loved Jake's cock. It was beautiful and she couldn't get enough of it right now. She tried and tried but couldn't take the whole thing. She held him with one hand and reached under to fondle his balls. She could feel them drawing up and knew it wouldn't be long before he came. She loved the taste of come when she got it and was looking forward to getting a big load from him. As she was going down again, she felt his cock start to throb and twitch. She heard him grunt and knew this was what she was working for. She pulled back and just left the head in her mouth. The first burst hit the back of her throat hard and almost choked her. Spurt after spurt of his hot spunk filled her mouth until she couldn't hold it all and some squeezed out between her lips and the monstrous head of his cock. Her pussy contracted as her own orgasm seized her. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body.

As his orgasm hit, he almost passed out from the intensity. It was never anything like this when he masturbated to the porn he looked at on the internet. He watched her cheeks balloon out as he filled her mouth with his seed and he truly felt like a man for the first time. The come dribbled down her chin as she pulled away from his cock. He saw her throat working as she swallowed. She gently licked him clean and pulled up his underwear and pants. When she finished fastening his belt, without saying a word, she turned and walked away.

She stopped when she got to the swinging doors of the warehouse and looked around to make sure nobody was looking. She had an interesting thought and turned to look at Jake. She said "Maybe you can talk your boss into doing home deliveries on a trial basis." She smiled and walked off, leaving Jake with that thought.

As he returned to work, the only words she said during the whole thing kept running through his head. He wondered if his boss had ever thought of this. As he left work for the trip home, he decided to find out Thursday night when he came back to work.

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