tagRomanceYour Hand In Mine Ch. 01

Your Hand In Mine Ch. 01


Author's Note:

First I need to get this out of the way, yes this story is about Lesbians, no it does not belong in the Lesbian Sex section because (unless there is a serious change in direction further down the line) the sex is mostly going to take place "off camera". The reason being I'm a guy and the mechanics of the act between two women are lost on me. I don't want to describe the most clunky, awkward sex scene ever written and then have the main character say it was amazing.

I also feel the need to justify the title, I have been scratching around in my comically undersized brain for a decent title for the last four days. I failed to come up with one. In desperation I went into iTunes and went through every song in my "writing" play list, this was the first song I came across that was anything like suitable. Speaking of which, you should go to youtube and search for "Your Hand In Mine" right now because it is an incredible piece of music.

Go on, I'll wait.

You done? Good.

Finally, (yes, I know I've been rambling on now for a while, I'm almost done.) I'm not sure how fast progress will be on this. I'm writing it because I am going through a huge case of writer's block, I figure if I try and write something new, not just a new project but something completely new to me, it might help. As such, if the block goes and progress on my other projects picks up again then this story will take a back seat.

Thanks for listening to my rambling on and thanks for opening this and making the view counter go up by one. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Cassie woke up slowly like an old computer booting up, parts of her brain one by one started working. She noticed first that sunlight was streaming through the window, casting a pink glow on her still closed eyelids. The next thing she became aware of was a headache that would slay a walrus, she was sure she would spend most of the day hungover. Finally she realised she had a dull ache in her right big toe. She remembered accidentally kicking the door last night when she stumbled through it with.... Shit.

She opened her eyes and looked to her left and yep, sure enough there was the woman she picked up in the bar last night.

"So much for no more one night stands." She said quietly to herself. She slid slowly out from under the covers desperately trying not to wake up whoever it was that was asleep in her bed. The name Dawn rang a bell but she didn't know for sure. She collected underwear, a pair of grey sweatpants and a white tank top and headed to the bathroom. Luckily the rest of her housemates were still in bed, probably just as hungover as she was. The only difference was that they didn't have yet another huge mistake laying in their bed. Well, Karl probably did. She stood under the warm water for a long while letting the flow ease the knotted muscles in her back and the stress of her indiscretion last night. Then she remembered that she was paying for the gas and the water and quickly washed and got out of the shower. She wrapped her towel around her slight frame and inspected herself in the mirror.

Her red hair stopped just above her shoulders, she ran her fingers through her fringe draping it across her forehead. On a mad impulse a week ago she'd bleached the bangs framing her face, she still couldn't decide if the white streaks looked good or not. She was short, just under five feet tall. The rest of her was proportionately small, she'd felt robbed when her breasts stopped growing at a B cup. She had emerald green eyes set above a small button nose and slender lips. The best she could say about herself was that she was cute, she would never be gorgeous or sexy. She was cute. She sighed, cursing her lousy genetics, dried and got dressed.

Cassie lived in a house with five other students in Leicester, England. Her room was on the first floor of the two storey house, near the front door. It had its advantages, it meant she had a huge window, but it also meant she heard every noise on the street outside. Cassie opened the door to her room and saw Dawn (or maybe it was Danielle, she wasn't sure) scrambling around half dressed, looking for the rest of her clothes. Dawn (Or Danielle) gasped in shock as Cassie walked in, she grabbed the duvet and covered her chest with it. Cassie cast her gaze down to try and avoid more embarrassment and there, in front of her was Dawn's blouse. Cassie picked it up, handed it to her and turned around while Dawn put it on. Dawn (it might actually have been Deanna) was a seriously attractive woman, Cassie wondered briefly how she'd managed to pull such a stunner. She was tall, blonde and leggy with lovely breasts, a C cup Cassie guessed. When Dawn was dressed she slipped out without saying anything to Cassie, embarrassment painted on her face.

"Smooth," Cassie heard a mocking voice say from the living room. Cassie walked through the living room to the kitchen and put the kettle on, trying her best to ignore Karl's snickering. She got a mug from her cupboard and swore when she remembered that she ran out of coffee.

"It's alright, use mine," Karl said. He got up and wrote 'coffee' on the shopping list Cassie kept stuck to her cupboard door.

"I don't even know her name, how bad is that?" Cassie said.

"Cass, take pride in the fact that she sure as hell knows yours." Karl said with a smirk.


"She was shouting it plenty loud enough last night." Karl said then broke into hysterics. "It was something along the lines of 'Cassie Cassie, don't stop, God don't stop.'" Karl stammered out around paroxysms of laughter.

"Where's the girl you came home with?" Cassie asked, desperately needing to change the subject before she died from embarrassment.

"Fucked if I know, I just woke up and there she wasn't."

"We should be relationship counsellors." Cassie said as she made her coffee.

"Cassie Maywether and Karl Hardy, relationship counsellors. It's got a nice ring to it." Karl said.

She walked through to her room, mug in hand. Cassie's room may have been the biggest in the house, but it was far from spacious. The room was small and very nearly square, the walls were a dirty white colour and almost entirely covered in posters of various bands. She wanted to pull up the ratty brown carpet to expose the floor boards but she figured her landlord would be none too pleased. The room was dominated by the double bed against the back wall, opposite was a very full book case in front of which stood two waist high piles of books. To the left of the bed sat two acoustic guitars, next to them was an electric guitar and an amp. The electric guitar was a white Fender Jaguar, she'd saved up all summer at her crappy job to get it. Cassie set her coffee down on the desk next to her lecture notes and flopped down on her bed wondering why she felt so sexually frustrated. She closed her eyes and thought back to the previous night. She strained to remember what transpired, the images came to her slowly and fuzzily through the filter of a week's worth of alcohol consumption in one night. She remembered Dawn and her kissing, their tongues and bodies moving in sync, she remembered pushing Dawn down onto the bed, she remembered undressing her slowly. She remembered her beautiful, damp pussy and its sweet juice. She remembered making Dawn cum, then... Oh yeah! She actually passed out, probably from a combination of the orgasm and copious amounts of alcohol.

"God, Dawn" Cassie said, "passing out after getting off is such a guy thing to do."

She was about to pick up one of her acoustic guitars when her BlackBerry started chirping at her. She picked it up and opened the text. It read:

Sorry I bugged out this morning. I was more than a little embarrassed! It was the drink, I'm not normally like that.

I'd really like it not to be a one time thing, so do you want to go get lunch tomorrow between lectures?

Darcy. X

Darcy! So that was her name. Cassie didn't quite know how to reply, she was in new territory, she was a lesbian, she was one hundred percent sure of that, but she'd never actually gone on a date or been in a relationship with another woman before. It wasn't that she was 'in the closet' or anything like that, the problem was that she was in love with Louisa, her best friend, and Louisa had a boyfriend. She'd been coping with it up until her second year of university when she moved in with Louisa and Andrew (Louisa's boyfriend). Since then she'd been going through a new woman every week, and she hated it. She'd become one of the people she used to look down on. But it numbed the pain.

"Her name was Darcy," Cassie said to Karl as she walked through to the living room. She had her laptop in her hand and was determined to get some work done.

"Darcy? Are you sure she doesn't go to Cambridge uni, or live in the eighteen nineties?"

"Har har." Cassie said, she half sat half fell onto the sofa it was old and almost impossible to get out of. "I don't remember giving her my number but apparently I did seeing as she just text me."

"Saying 'thanks for the fantastic lay?'" Karl asked.

He slid down the opposite wall so that he was sitting on the floor in front of Cassie. Her cheeks flushed vivid crimson, she avoided Karl's gaze by focussing on a crack in the unpainted plaster of the wall. When she felt the heat in her cheeks recede she turned back to Karl who was smiling presumably at his own 'wit'. Karl was handsome in a generic way, square jaw, mussed hair, five o'clock shadow. He was tall, over six feet Cassie guessed, he had his long legs crossed and his hands in his lap. His deep blue eyes were focussed entirely on Cassie.

"What?" Cassie asked, unnerved by her roommate's staring.

"Don't 'what' me, woman, you should be telling me what she said!" Karl said, doing his best to sound affronted.

"She asked me out tomorrow for lunch."

"And you said?" Karl said, dragging that last syllable on for a second.

"Nothing yet."

"Ah. Are you going to reply?" Karl asked. He knew about Cassie's feelings for Louisa since they'd got drunk together once during their first year. Well, she got drunk and Karl found her in the kitchen of their dorm obviously upset. He asked her what was wrong, too drunk to censor her words, she told him about how she was gay and in love with her straight best friend.

"Of course, I just don't know what I'm going to say."

"I don't see what the problem is, from what I saw she's a smoking hottie."

Cassie nodded her agreement but said nothing.

"I know she's not Louisa but you do need to get on with your life, Cass, not just shag your way into oblivion. Trust me, it doesn't work."

Cassie shrugged non-committally.

"Trust me Cass, I know what it's like to want someone you cant have." Karl's gaze turned intense again, Cassie couldn't figure out why.

"Fine, fuck it, I'll do it." Cassie said as much to stop Karl looking at her like that as an actual desire to date Darcy.

"Do what?" Louisa asked as she stumbled groggily through to the kitchen. A swarm of butterflies went nuts in Cassie's stomach, as they did every time she heard Louisa's voice. Cassie looked over at her friend, a smile on her face, something else that happened every time she heard Louisa's voice.

"She's going on a date." Karl said.

"With that girl whose world she rocked last night?" Louisa asked, a hint of a smirk on her lips.

"You know what, you're both horrible people, legitimately evil. You'll both burn in hell, mark my words." Cassie said.

She opened her laptop, turned it on and typed in her password. Her background picture was one she took of her and Louisa when they went to France. They were at the top of the Eiffel Tower, Louisa had her arm around Cassie's waist, they were pressed right up against each other. Louisa was six inches taller than Cassie, with short dark hair, her fringe across her forehead. She had light blue eyes sat either side of a well proportioned nose. She wore glasses with small rectangular lenses and thick arms with a swirling pattern on them. They were sharing a set of headphones that were connected to Cassie's iPod.

Cassie's cheeks were flushed bright red in the photo, the contact between her and Louisa stirred feelings in her, lust among them. Her mind spun into explicit fantasies, hence the blush.

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