tagLesbian SexYour Hand In Mine Ch. 03

Your Hand In Mine Ch. 03


Author's note - As the title suggests this is the third chapter, chapters one and two can be found here:

I know when I started this I said the sex would take place "off camera" because I wasn't confident in my ability to write a good sex scene between two women. Well, I'm still not confident in my ability to write a sex scene between two women but I tried anyway. If as I suspect I bungled it completely and it is clunky and awkward feel free to leave a comment/send me a message calling me rude names and telling me to never write lesbian erotica again.

This is supposed to be Cassie's story and I know most of this chapter is written from Darcy's point of view, but I'm going to try and write the next one entirely from Cassie's perspective. We'll see how that turns out, I am not expecting good things.

Finally, sorry for the epically long wait between chapter 2 and this, but real life keeps getting in the way of writing.

Hope you enjoy.


Your Hand In Mine Chapter 3

Darcy pushed open the studio door with some effort, it was a heavy door and the hinges were tight, sound proofing Darcy supposed. She felt like she were stepping into an alien environment, there were no real echos in the studio, the soft, foamy padding on the walls saw to that. The guy Cassie had been with at the show was sat behind a huge console full of sliders, knobs, buttons and lights. It was all very confusing. Either side of the console stood banks of audio equipment, each with their own displays and controls, and above the console stood two large computer screens. It was like something from a sci-fi show. There was a huge window behind the console and screens, leading to a room which contained a piano and a dizzying array of microphones around it. Cassie was sat in front of the piano running up and down scales and arpeggios. She was wearing a baggy green cardigan that fell down over her hands, tight black jeans and a grey beanie hat that sat below a cumbersome looking pair of headphones.

The guy looked over at her and said, "Hi, Darcy, I'm Karl."

"Hi," Darcy gave him a nervous little wave, she felt like she was being scrutinized, being tested to see if she was good enough for Cassie.

"I don't mind you being here, Darcy, but she will, so do me a favour and don't stand in front of the window."

"Oh, okay," Darcy said as she moved beside one of the stacks of audio equipment.

"It's nothing against you, it's just her way. She's particular about who hears her music at the best of times but she's still writing this song and she hates to have people hear her stuff before it's finished." Karl checked his watch, then scrunched his face up in confusion. "You do know you're like an hour early, right?"

"Yeah, I just wanted-" Darcy didn't get chance to finish before Karl cut in.

"Hey, no need to explain yourself to me, you wanted to hear your girlfriend doing what she's best at. It's understandable."

Darcy's insides warmed at the word girlfriend. Karl adjusted something on the console and suddenly the room was filled with the sound of Cassie playing, it was a beautiful piece.

"She wrote this herself you know, she uses it as her warm up before every recording session yet refuses to actually record it, dunno why. She's an odd one is our Cassie." He moved his hand so that it was hovering over a button on the console and said, "when I press this she'll be able to hear me, you too if you talk, so best not to, eh?"

Darcy nodded.

"Okay, Cass, I've set it on a loop, just play until you get something you're happy with, I'm not recording yet."

"'Kay." Cassie said.

Cassie stopped and waited for the track she was recording to start playing, when it did she started improvising a piano line.

"I am recording, just don't tell her that."

"But you just said you weren't" Darcy said, confused at the pointless deception.

"It's always best to record the practice runs, there's an added layer of pressure when you know you're being recorded, it inhibits creativity."

Darcy could feel herself getting lost in the music, Cassie was so talented, Darcy couldn't figure out why she was so paranoid about other people hearing her play. She had her eyes closed and her breathing was deep when she was snapped out of her almost zen like state by Karl.

"Give her time, Darcy." He said, he seemed content to leave it at that, but it made no sense to Darcy.


"Like I said, Cassie is an odd one." He took a deep breath before continuing. "She's got more neuroses than a ward of mental patients."

"That seems a bit unfair." Darcy said, feeling compelled to defend Cassie.

"Maybe, but it's true. She doesn't trust easily; with the exception of Louisa, who she's known over half her life, I probably hold the prestigious title of her best friend, and I only know most of what I know about her because she talks a lot when she's drunk. Did you know her brother hit her when she came out?"

"Christ, that's awful."

"Yup, but true, her parents turned a blind eye. She used to practically live round at Louisa's place but she was banned from there too. She has a habit of hurting the people around her before they can hurt her. Sure, she seems confident and brash but she's not. I'm not telling you this to make you handle her like a china doll that could shatter any second, because she wouldn't thank you for that. I'm telling you because being with her will be hard work, best you know that now rather than finally getting pissed off with her a month down the line after wasting both of your time."

"I know it's too early to be sure, but I really like her, Karl, I don't plan to do a runner at the first sign of trouble."

Karl sat looking pensive for a while, every so often adjusting one of the settings on the console. The song Cassie was playing along to was on its third repetition now, it was a love song Darcy decided, but not a happy one. Not sappy teenage melodrama though, the lyrics were mature and almost cynical. Darcy was wondering who Cassie had loved enough to write this song about when Karl started talking again.

"She likes you, you know, Darcy."

"She does?" Darcy asked, "All evidence so far has been to the contrary." She added wistfully.

"She hasn't admitted it to herself yet, but she does. People she doesn't like have curious tendency to disappear from her life."

"What do you mean?" Darcy asked, it had almost sounded like a line from a cheesy mafia film.

"Not disappear like face down in a river or anything, but she can be quite acerbic when she wants to be, the fact that she hasn't driven you away yet is a good sign."

"I've only known her for a few days."

"That's long enough to know, I've got a friend who she pissed off so much he wanted to hit her within half an hour of knowing her. Like I said, acerbic."

"She's so..." Darcy hesitated, not knowing how to finish.

"Damaged?" Karl suggested. "She's an artist, Darcy, artists are always damaged otherwise they'd have nothing to write about."

They lapsed into silence again leaving Darcy to reflect on what she'd heard. She'd learnt a lot about Cassie but she wanted to learn about Cassie from Cassie, not second hand from her weird friend.


As the song finished its fourth play through Cassie's hands came to rest over the keys of the piano. It was an ugly old thing and it had obviously suffered under the abusive hands of students but it had a unique sound that Cassie liked.

"Okay, Karl," Cassie said leaning slightly closer to one of the microphones around the piano. "I know you were recording that."

"Was not," Karl said, his voice sounding strange through the headphones.

"Yes you were, you always record the practice runs. I like the fourth take, it's a keeper."

"Okay, what do you want to do next?"

"Give me a hand taking down the mics and we can start mixing it."

Cassie saw Karl hit a button on the mixer (the mute she guessed) and leave the control room, moments later he joined her. He had a wry grin on his face, Cassie supposed he was about to lecture her about some aspect of her personality he deemed she needed to fix. He liked doing that. She got up and helped him push the piano into the corner of the room. Karl's expression turned thoughtful as he started taking down the microphone stands and putting the mics away in a cupboard in the corner of the room.

"No woman is an island, Cassie." He said.

She folded her arms and leaned against the wall, waiting for the rest of his speech.

"Jus' sayin'," he added.

He swiped his student card on the electronic lock of the microphone cupboard and after checking the door was secure, held the studio door open for Cassie. She thanked him as she walked out, she was so absorbed in trying to figure out his cryptic behaviour that she didn't notice Darcy was stood in the corner of the control room until she sat down in front of the mixer. She saw the tall, lean figure stood in the corner of the room and did a double take, she was shocked to find someone else in the room. The obvious question bubbled to Cassie's lips, 'how long have you been there?' But she didn't ask it, Darcy could obviously see what Cassie wanted to say though, she looked down at her shoes like they had become the most interesting things in the world. Cassie allowed her gaze to roam slightly, she noticed that Darcy's jeans were practically painted on. They made her legs look good, very good. When she looked back up at Darcy's face she saw a vivid blush there. Clearly she noticed Cassie checking her out, not that she had been subtle about it.

"This is gunna be awfully boring for you, Darcy." Cassie observed, she practically flinched after the last word tumbled from her lips, it was rude, she should have at least said 'hello'. Maybe a kiss, was that the right thing to do? Darcy must have seen regret Cassie's expression, she smiled, walked over and -careful not to nudge any of the buttons- perched on the mixer in front of Cassie.

"Somehow, I'll handle it, Cass." She said.

"Good," Cassie said, the answering smile on Darcy's face was stunning.


Okay, Darcy had to admit that the time she spent sat in the studio wasn't exactly the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her. Far from it in fact. But she got to see Cassie in a whole new light, she saw the beginnings of it when Cassie performed at the cafe, but it was even more obvious in the studio. Cassie was happy when she was creating, she had been so absorbed in the music at the studio, so focussed, plus her face scrunched up in the cutest way when she was listening to each separate instrument to mix them.

"Are you going to be joining us, Karl?" Darcy asked. She really really hoped he wasn't.

"Of course," Karl said. "I have nothing better to do than crash Cassie's dates." Cassie tried to kick Karl in the shin but lost her balance and very nearly fell over. "Eight out of ten for sticking the landing." Karl said. Cassie held her arms out like an olympic gymnast. Darcy giggled at their antics and took Cassie's hand. Cassie seemed surprised at first but didn't pull away. Warmth flooded through Darcy's body at the contact and her mind went spinning back to the kiss they shared outside the cafe. 'If you could call it a kiss' she thought sarcastically. It was a slight brush of lips and Cassie was as unresponsive as stone. 'Yep, if that was a kiss then we're practically having sex now', that thought of course sent her mind back to the memory of the time they actually did have sex. Well, Darcy passed out drunk before she got the chance to have Cassie, but it still counted as sex right?

She snapped out of her own world just as Karl said: "So you two will have the house to your selves tonight." She looked over at him just in time to see him waggle his eyebrows. Cassie blushed and suddenly became interested in her feet. 'Message received loud and clear, you don't want to get within a million miles of me tonight.' Darcy thought sullenly. She wondered why Cassie seemed so uninterested in her. She wasn't being arrogant, assuming that anything with a pussy must automatically be in love with her, but Cassie seemed to be trying to be interested but she was failing spectacularly.

The movie was dull, no other word to describe it. It was some insipid rom com, it was generic, boring, and just entirely blehhh. What Darcy found much more interesting was the mesmerising patch of flesh between Cassie's shoulder and her neck, that little curve of skin. She'd been staring at it on and off all night, imagining the cute little mewling noise Cassie would make when she kissed it. Cassie seemed utterly absorbed in the film, she was sat curled slightly against Darcy's side (which shocked Darcy no end), twirling her wine glass around in her fingers. An empty pizza box sat on the floor in front of them next to an almost empty wine bottle.

Cassie's hand found it's way to Darcy's thigh and started absentmindedly tracing small circles on it. Darcy looked down at it as it slowly made it's way further and further up her leg. She was stunned, Cassie wasn't drunk, or at least, she didn't look it. Maybe Darcy was wrong when she assumed that Cassie's earlier blush meant she didn't want anything to happen.

She put her wine glass down on the small table next to the sofa, took Cassie's off her and put it next to her own. She turned towards her and kissed her, this time Cassie kissed her back. Cassie's tongue worked it's way between Darcy's lips and started slowly but forcefully exploring her mouth. One of Cassie's hands sat at Darcy's waist and the other was in her hair, and they were content to sit there, they didn't roam around aimlessly like Darcy's first lover's did.

Darcy broke their kiss, eliciting an annoyed little moan from Cassie. She planted kisses along Cassie's jaw and down to her neck, then down to that little spot she'd been staring at all night. The little mewling noise Cassie made was better than Darcy's fantasies. She nibbled at Cassie's neck and felt the moistness between her legs growing at the sound of Cassie's moans.

"Oh, Darcy," Cassie breathed. Darcy moaned at the sound of her own name on Cassie's lips. She pulled the collar of Cassie's cardigan down exposing more of her neck to kisses. Cassie shifted beneath Darcy and moved her hands down to her ass and gave it a squeeze, Darcy giggled. She pulled Cassie's top off and instantly fell in love with her breasts, she preferred smaller boobs and Cassie's were so perfectly rounded, and then she saw that Cassie was wearing a front clasper. She could have squealed with delight. She started kissing every inch of exposed flesh between neck and bra as she slid her hand up Cassie's stomach.

Everything on Cassie was in proportion, Darcy decided when she undid the clasp on Cassie's bra. She was a small person and everything about her was small, including her nipples. The areola were maybe the size of a ten pence coin, with small but hard nipples. Darcy watched Cassie's eyes roll back as she gave her boob a slight squeeze, and heard her groan as she sucked Cassie's nipple into her mouth. Cassie's fingers knotted themselves in Darcy's hair as Darcy lavished attention on her breasts. Cassie's hands started fumbling with Darcy's belt. "Not yet, it's your turn first, sweetheart." Darcy said.

The only response she got was another moan of pleasure.

Darcy grabbed Cassie by the waist and shifted her so that she was sat on the sofa, she then got off the sofa and knelt between Cassie's legs. The look of anticipation on Cassie's face set a swarm of butterflies loose in Darcy's stomach. All of a sudden the realisation crashed down on her that Cassie was much better at this than she was. Darcy had only been with one other woman, and only twice with that one woman, and judging by her performance the other night Cassie had much more experience. Add to that the fact she seemed only as interested in Darcy as she would be in a puppy she passed on the street, would one night of what would probably be terrible sex make her move on?

Cassie must have sensed the hesitation because she leant forward, looked into Darcy's eyes and said, "what's wrong?"

Darcy drew her gaze away from how Cassie's boobs looked when she leant over long enough to blush vividly. She stared at the floor as she said, "Cassie, what if..." She bit her lip, looked Cassie in the eyes and said, "you need to keep your expectations under control here, Cass, I've only ever been with one other girl." Darcy winced as soon as the words left her mouth. "I could have phrased that better."

Cassie got up, and for a terrible second Darcy thought she'd messed everything up. In that moment she desperately wanted a hole to open up and swallow her. Cassie held her hand out, Darcy took it and felt herself being pulled up. Cassie brushed a stray lock of hair behind Darcy's ear and looked her in the eyes. "Darcy, I know you're going to be amazing because you care enough to worry about how good you're going to be."

Darcy would look back at that as the moment she started falling in love with Cassie.

"Come on," Cassie said, pulling Darcy towards her bedroom. "We're going to do this right." When they reached Cassie's room Darcy was spun around and pushed down onto the bed. With a wiggle of her hips Cassie took off her jeans, leaving just a lacy black thong, which she then slid down and stepped out of. She got onto the bed, straddling Darcy, then lent down and kissed her. "Now," Cassie said, then moved her kisses to Darcy's neck, "I'm completely naked." Her kisses moved up Darcy's jaw, Darcy's breathing was deep, her eyes were closed and she was adoring the attention being lavished upon her. The heat from earlier was completely gone, and in its place was slow burning passion. Darcy preferred the passion. "And you're," Cassie said, moving her kisses up and stopping with her lips millimetres away from Darcy's ear. "Completely not," she said, then nibbled Darcy's earlobe, eliciting a sharp breath from the blonde.

Darcy was lost, adrift, drowning in a sea of passion, she adored the attention Cassie was giving her, the fact that Cassie was pacing herself. It had been perhaps three minutes between Cassie planting her knees either side of Darcy's hips and Cassie's hands touching the buttons of Darcy's blouse. Darcy's first time was a drunken fumble with a blonde named Claire, her second time a sober quickie with Claire, after which Claire proceeded to dump her. She had been too drunk to remember most of her third time, which was with Cassie. This was so different, and it was incredible.

The top two buttons of Darcy's blouse were already undone, so Cassie skipped them completely, the third button she undid slowly and kissed the tiny sliver of pale skin it revealed. She undid the next one revealing the gentle slopes of Darcy's breasts. Cassie kissed up and down those slopes as she worked on the next button. Once Cassie had undone the last button Darcy shrugged out of the blouse, Cassie straightened up and looked down at her. She was wearing a powder blue bra that wasn't quite entirely see through. It was the closest thing to sexy underwear she owned.

"Has anyone ever told you how incredibly beautiful you are, Darcy?" Cassie asked.

"No," Darcy said, slightly breathlessly. It was true, Claire had called her sexy a couple of times, and fit once. But she'd never been called beautiful.

"Well, Darcy, you are incredibly beautiful." Cassie bent over and kissed Darcy's collar bone. "Easily," Cassie said, and moved further down her collar bone, "the most beautiful," she slid her hand behind Darcy's back to the clasp of her bra. "Woman I've ever kissed." She finished, with that Darcy's bra snapped open, Cassie removed it and threw it away. She bit her lip and sighed when she saw Darcy's breasts. Darcy's first instinct was to deny it, but the way Cassie was looking at her left her in no doubt, Cassie truly believed what she said.

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