tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYour Marathon Massage

Your Marathon Massage


You did it! 26.2 miles! You're elated but exhausted at the same time. There's a tent set up at the finish and the sign says - Massage - a good rub-down is just what you need after your race - inside there is a massage table next to a partition.

You hear a voice from the other side of the partition. "Congratulations on finishing the marathon. Why don't you lie down and I'll be with you as soon as I finish up with this runner. There's Gatorade over there."

You get your Gatorade and lie face down on the table. You start to nod off.

Strong hands begin to lightly touch your calves and you jump with a start. "Relax, I'm not going to bite. How was the marathon?"

"It was great, thanks. I'm so glad I finished."

"With legs like this was there any doubt you'd finish?"

You blush at the compliment. "Thanks. It was my first marathon and I was a little nervous."

"Your first marathon? Then I'll have to give you my special massage."

"Your special massage? What's that?"

"You'll see. Let me take off your sneakers and socks."

Your sneakers and sweaty socks are removed and your feet are gently washed with a cool sponge. Your feet are tender and the cool sponge is just what you need. The cool sponge works its way up your muscular calves and hamstrings. A towel is draped over you covering you from your shoulders to your ass.

"Relax, I'm going to take off your shorts now."

"Is that necessary?"

"It is if you want the special massage."

"Hmm. Okay." You lift your ass off the table and his hands slowly pull your shorts down.

"Great. Now your underwear."

You don't question him this time and lift your ass off the table so he can remove your panties.

"Your underwear is soaked."

"What? Of course they're soaked. I just ran 26 miles. You know, I don't want a massage after all." You begin to get off the table when strong hands push you down.

"Hey, relax. I was just kidding. I know they were soaked from the marathon. Stay on the table."

"No. Let me up. I'm tired and just want to go home and take a bath." You try to sit up but his hands remain on you. "Let me up!"

"I don't think so. I said I was going to give you a special massage and that's what you're getting." His hands push you down and he quickly picks up the towel that was covering your bare ass and rips it in two. Before you know what's happening he grabs your arms and ties them to the legs of the table.

"What're you doing?!"

Before you can scream for help a giant piece of orange is jammed in your mouth.


"Shut up slut. No one can hear you."

You realize it's true. With all the noise of people cheering for the marathon and the orange in your mouth no one could hear you.

You feel the cool sponge on your exposed ass. The cool water drips down your crack and just tickles the bottom of your pussy causing you gasp.

"That feels good, doesn't it?" The cool sponge continues rubbing your ass and more and more water is trickling down your crack and hitting your pussy. You shake your head in reply to his question.

"Bullshit. Your pussy is wet right now and not from the sponge. I know a slut when I see one."

He was right. Even though you were bound to the table your pussy was starting to heat up.

One hand is placed on your ass and the other on the back of your right thigh. The hand on the high is slowly working its way up your leg. You try and get up and kick with your feet when the hand on your ass lifts up and comes down with a loud SMACK!

"Don't move!"

You couldn't believe it. You did what he said. You stopped struggling and relaxed. Your pussy started to heat up some more as you realized you liked being told what to do.

"That's a good girl. Now spread your legs for me." You hesitate.

"Do it!"

You jumped at the sound of his command and spread your legs quickly. You couldn't believe it. It was as if you were hypnotized.

"Good girl. Don't make me yell again."

His hands roughly knead your ass. Your muscles were sore from the race but it felt good.

"Your muscles sure are tight. Is your pussy this tight?"

As he asked the question you feel him stick a thumb up your pussy while continuing to massage your ass.

"You are soaked. And your pussy isn't wet from running the race is it?"

You shake your head, no.

His thumb is in you, but it's not moving. You start to press down on your pelvis.

"Don't move. You'll come when I decide."

God you were so turned on and he only had his thumb in you.

"Lift your ass off the table." You quickly comply.

The thumb in your pussy is replaced with a finger that begins to saw in and out.

"You better not come until I say so girl. My cock is hard and I'm going to fuck you now. When I'm fucking you, you'll come for me and then I'll pull my cock out of your pussy and come in your mouth and you'll swallow it."

You nodded yes. You didn't like to suck cock but the way you were feeling now you'd do anything.

His finger was removed from your pussy and quickly replaced with his cock. He slowly began to move it in and out and he leaned over you and whispered in your ear.

"I want you to come right now. Come for me."

Even though his cock had only been in you for seconds his words had the desired effect and you felt yourself come harder than you ever have in your life.

"Good girl. I'm going to come in your mouth now and you'll swallow every drop."

He slides his cock out, gets off the table and walks to the front of the table. He takes the orange from your mouth and replaces it with his cock. You've never tasted your juices before and you think that you like the taste. You greedily lap at his cock.

"That's a girl. After I come I want you to swallow it. After you swallow, tell me your name and what marathon you're running next. Don't look at me."

You forgot, you don't even know what this guy looks like. You feel his cock swell.

"I'm coming right now."

As the words escape his mouth you suck hungrily. His cock twitches and shoots down your throat.

"Aargh. Good girl. Swallow that come girl."

When he's done coming he takes his cock out of your mouth and you look down at the floor.

"My name is Star and I'm running the New York Marathon next."

"See you in New York, Star." And you hear him walking away.

New York? That was months away. How could she wait that long?

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