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Your Massage


You are lying face down, completely nude, on your queen bed, eyes closed, and you hear your door slowly open. You know it's me, but you don't know just what to expect.

I softly whisper, "just lie there; don't open your eyes."

You whisper back, "OK."

Next, you hear the sound of my clothes being removed and dropped to the floor. Then, you feel my weight on the bed and hear the squelch of your massage oil being warmed in my hands.

I kneel on either side of your legs and start with your feet, one at a time, and slowly, tantalisingly, move up each leg, but no further than mid thigh. Your pussy starts to tingle with the feel of what I am doing. Your legs are spread slightly, and I gently apply pressure to each so you open them wider.

My knees are now between yours, and I am touching you with both of my legs.

Now, I lean forward, starting just below your waist, and start to massage your cheeks, both at the same time. You start to moan and move your hips from side to side; I move with you.

Moving my hands further down, I spread your cheeks, massaging between them and missing no part of you. I gently move my fingers around, but not inside, your lovely rosette.

My hands are now on your upper thighs and moving toward the delicate petals of your pussy, gently touching only the outer lips.

My fingers move gently away from your pussy lips, and you moan lightly in protest. I reposition, still kneeling, but with my knees outside your hips this time. Pausing only briefly to pour more warm oil into my hands, I start at your neck, sweeping my hands down your body to your waist and back to your neck again. I am using circular motions now, moving from your spine outwards; you never know which direction my fingers are going to move next.

As I complete a long, slow stroke, this time moving only one hand from your bottom to your neck, you become aware of something pressing into the crack of your bottom, not probing, but stroking. I have intertwined two fingers of my other hand and it almost feels like a cock playing around your bum hole.

Suddenly, you notice a change in what I am doing. As my hand completes its downward massage stroke, I am now stroking you between your bottom cheeks. With each long stroke of my massaging hand, my other one is now sliding along your wet pussy lips, almost, but not quite, reaching your beautiful rosette.

You arch your bottom, trying to trap my fingers in your pussy as I continue to massage your back. I am too quick for you, and move away, denying you for the moment.

We are sliding together in a horizontal dance of passion.

I am now increasing the speed of my strokes up and down your back, moving my fingers at the same pace between us, your wetness allowing us to glide together in a controlled frenzy.

You arch your bottom again, more insistent this time and softly say, "Please."

As I finish my rapid downward stroke along your back I pause and position my fingers so they are just touching your pussy lips.

I am now using both hands to slowly massage from your lips to your clitoris, spreading your cheeks and inhaling your aroma of arousal. You start to move against me, and I return my intwined fingers to your lips.

After a short, tantalising pause, I slowly enter you, gently sinking into your warm wetness. Just as slowly, I withdraw, almost entirely, and I stop.

Then, as I feel your pussy move against me, I reach under you, stroking your clit with my fingers as I fully and swiftly imbed my fingers in your pussy as far as they will go. My fingers in your pussy and my other hand along your bum crack move together, faster and faster, until I feel your pussy muscles contract and hear the rapid moans of your orgasm start, increasing as it builds.

For a moment, until you are finished, I stop moving altogether. Then, as you come down from your peak, I withdraw my fingers from your pussy.

Your body needs and wants more attention than it has just received and I am going to make sure you receive what you want.

I move to one side, my hands never leaving your body; reaching across, I gently roll you onto your back. For the first time I see your pussy and your breasts, and I catch my breath at the beautiful sight. I don't know if I expected to see your pussy shaved or not, and right now I don't care.

Your eyes are closed as I gaze on your nude form, savouring every inch of your body and massaging you with my mind.

Taking each foot in turn, I massage each and every joint and tiny muscle, moving up your ankles to your knees. As I straddle you again, my hands stroke you from your knees to your thighs and back again, several times.

I am now concentrating on your right leg, my hands alternately squeezing and stroking, as I move them along the soft skin of your inner thigh. I apply gentle pressure, and you spread your legs just enough for me to see the still-swollen petals of your pussy. My fingers stop just short of those beautiful lips, lingering for a moment with each stroke. I repeat my massage on your left thigh, this time circling your pubic area with my fingers several times as I move up your body to your breasts.

First, I linger on your stomach, pushing in gently with each slow stroke, and then continuing to my next target. Your breasts are a magnet to my fingers as I gently approach both together, stroking and squeezing them simultaneously. I trace the outline of your nipples, over and over again, wondering how sensitive they are at the moment. Leaning forward, I kiss first one nipple, then the other, and softly suck each into my mouth, taking care not to touch them with my teeth.

Your reaction tells me all I need to know, and I suck a little harder this time.

I decide it is time to move on and, reluctantly, my hands and mouth leave your beautiful breasts as I return to give my full attention to your pussy.

I gently push your legs apart as I position myself face down between them. Sliding my hands under your cheeks, I move upwards on your body, fully mesmerised by the sight of your wet pussy. As my mouth moves past your knees, I slow my progress and alternately leave long wet tongue strokes on each thigh, moving my head from side to side as I approach the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen.

Your body starts to move from side to side as you anticipate what will happen next.

Making my tongue into a long snake, I start at the very bottom of your lovely slit, licking slowly along its full length until I reach your clit. A few quick strokes on your little pearl and I retrace my path to the top of your thighs. Several times I repeat what I have done, completely aware of your movements and sounds; I want this to be the best you have ever experienced or imagined.

Finally, as I lick deeper and deeper into the folds of your pussy, I push my tongue as far as I can inside you, not quite able to reach your G-spot. You start to move against my mouth and I do it again and again.

It is now time to take you over the top and, as I reach your clitoris, I take it into my mouth, along with the flesh around it. Holding it all between my lips, I touch my tongue to your clit, and move it all around, giving it the same tongue bath I did your nipples.

I let some of your pussy flesh slip from my lips as I now concentrate on your pearl of pleasure. Instead of continuing to lick your clit, I take it into my mouth like a nipple, alternately sucking it and swirling my tongue around it.

As your orgasm approaches, you raise your legs, as if to wrap them around my body, but there is only my head where you grasp, and you draw me closer with your strength. My mouth couldn't leave your pussy, even if I wanted to drag myself away, and I increase my suction and my speed.

As you reach your climax I experience the most intense orgasm I have ever shared with anyone.

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