tagErotic CouplingsYour Massage, My Reward

Your Massage, My Reward


At work, you've looked stressed. I've asked, and you've told me it's just work that gets you so tense. You say that the tenseness has reached a point that you actually feel sore all over from it. For several weeks, I've offered to massage that tenseness and soreness completely out of you. You've smiled and said, "thanks, I'll keep that in mind."

To my disappointment, you've not taken me up on my offer. I've dreamed of caressing your body with my hands, rubbing lotions and oils on you. A couple of days ago, I realized that you're probably thinking I'd like to do much more. You're right, I'd LOVE to do much more....but, what you haven't known is that I'd be content to limit my pleasures to simply being allowed to run my hands all over your sexy body. Of course, I'd have to run home and cum all over myself while reliving every single moment of the massage in my mind, but that would be another story altogether.

So, I finally get a chance to speak with you about this idea. I catch you walking across the parking lot after work. After a bit of mindless chat, I say, "you know, I'd love to be your massage slave one evening. Look, no strings attached, nothing expected past experiencing the pleasure of rubbing your entire body with my hands."

Looking at me skeptically, you ask, "just a massage, nothing more?"

I enthusiastically confirm nothing more is expected. You get in your car and look up at me, saying "I'll think about it." You close the car door and drive off.

That evening, while on the computer, you message me..."Still want to give that massage?"

I'm thrilled at the prospect, answering, "ABSOLUTELY!"

You inform me that we'll get together for a massage, but nothing more is promised, ONLY a massage. You inform me, "you've agreed to be my massage slave, that's exactly what you'll do. You'll massage me to my satisfaction. You'll get nothing else unless I decide to allow it."

I immediately agree enthusiastically! We decide on a time for the following evening. You decide to have the massage at your place since you'll probably be so relaxed you will just fall asleep leaving me to show my way out. The excitement, the anticipation was unbearable while waiting for our rendevous the next night.

Upon arrival, you met me at the door in a white terry cloth robe. Greeting me, you offered me a beer as I laid down my bag full of massage goodies. We made small talk while I finished the brewsky. We were both surprisingly comfortable talking to each other and enjoyed talking about anything but work. You eventually smiled at me and asked, "well slave, you ready to get to work?"

I was afraid it sounded way too much like an adolescent when I almost shouted, "Hell Yeah!"

You laughed and led me to the bedroom. I had you lay on the bed facedown while I removed the lotions and oils from a bag I carried in with me. Organizing them on your bedside table, I turned and gently removed your robe to reveal your beautiful naked body. My eyes lingered on your tight, sexy ass for a moment before beginning your massage.

I began with oils, lightly and gently rubbing the soothing liquid into your skin. I oiled your shoulders and neck, working slowly down your back, methodically over your ass, down your thighs, caressing your calves, lifting your feet, I oiled your feet and toes. I worked my hands slowly back up your body to your shoulders, neck, back to your shoulders, down one arm to your hands and finger tips, back up to your shoulders, across to your other arm, down to your fingertips, then back to your shoulders. You have nothing to say, just a lot of "mmmmmmmm"s.

I raised your arms, and rolled you over onto your back. With more oil, I begin massaging down your chest, oiling your breasts while carefully avoiding your erect nipples. Oiling down your tummy to your hips, I lifted and slightly spread your thighs. I oiled your upper thighs, and inner thighs while coming ever-so close, but not actually touching your beautiful pussy. I continue working down one leg, to your knee, your shin.

Lifting your foot, I oiled your foot and toes. I worked my way back up to your tummy, then worked my way down your other leg. All the way to your toes and back up to your neck and chin. I rolled you back over and started working on your back again.

Using lotion now, I repeat the earlier process of working down your back and ass. I parted your legs, and rubbed lotion between your thighs. So close to your pussy again, but not touching it, I worked back up to your ass while letting a finger trace lotion between your cheeks. I rubbed lotion down a leg to your feet and toes.

I worked back up to your ass, rubbed lotion between your upper thighs again, not touching your pussy, but leaving a trace of lotion between your cheeks. Then I worked my way down the other leg to your toes and back up again. Making my way back up to your shoulders, I massaged lotion on the back of your neck, then began working lotion onto each arm, to each finger tip, the back to the other, finally making my way back to your shoulders.

Lifting your arms again, I rolled you back over exposing the front of your luscious body once more. With lotion, I repeated the earlier process up and down your body.

Each time, I carefully avoided actually touching your nipples and pussy, but trying to get close enough to drive you wild. Not a word was spoken, but the "mmmmm"s continued more frequently.

I also noticed that your breating is heavier now. I paused and dried my hands on a towel. I placed Warming Lotion on my finger tips and lightly coated a nipple. I repeated the process on your other nipple. I leaned over and gently blew my warm breath on each nipple while massaging your breasts.

Another "MMMMMM" escaped your lips with a bit more urgent edge to it's tone.

I smiled and continued. I raised your knees and parted your thighs, exposing your shaved pussy. I placed more Warming Lotion on my fingers, and lightly coated your pussy lipps. I stepped back over to the bedside table and dried my hands.

I walked to the foot of your bed, bent over, and lightly blew my warm breath on your pussy. Your hips were moving, and the "MMMMM"s were driving me crazy, but a deal is a deal.

I moved back around to the side of your bed and resumed the massage. Having oiled and lotioned your entire body at least twice, it was time to work the tenseness from your muscles. My hands now slid effortlessly over your skin. I squeezed and kneaded every muscle you possess.

Twice over the front of your body. Twice over the back of your body. Once again over the entire front of your body. Once again over the entire back of your body. Each time from shoulders to the tips of your toes and back. Each time from shoulders to the tips of your fingers and back.

Most importantly, I carefully came close, but successfully avoided actually touching your nipples or pussy. Each time my hands came close to your nipples or pussy, your body would involuntarily react with movement attempting to be touched. I took every opportunity to lightly blow on them, but painstakingly careful NOT to touch them.

You'd become so wet that your intoxicating scent filled the bedroom, and it was driving me insane with lust. So crazy, in fact, that precum had completely soaked the front of my jeans.

Reluctantly removing my hands from your glistening body, I smiled to myself that this was a job well done. I placed your white terry cloth robe over you to keep you warm. I step back over to the bedside table, place all the items back in my bag, and say, "I'll go sit in the living room while you get dressed, or would you prefer I just let myself out?"

Your head turned toward me, eyes closed, with a satisfied grin on your face. You replied in a barely audible mumble, "mmmmmm, no, go have a seat, I'll see you out in a few minutes."

Feeling exhausted, but completely satisfied with my efforts, I left your bedroom and flopped down on your couch. I leaned back and closed my eyes, relaxing, and visualizing the entire massage in my mind. Thinking how quick I'll cum while reliving this experience in my mind back at home.

After several minutes, I heard you entering the living room. With my head still tilted back, I opened my eyes and saw you walking slowly past me with a sultry expression.

You're wearing a different robe, this one is black satin. You walked over and lit a candle on the coffee table. Then you seemed to float around the room as lights began to be extinguished.

After all the lights were off...you walked over and stood in front of me...only the single candle illuminating the room....Looking down at me, you said, "that was a wonderful massage...I think maybe you've earned a little reward"

"Thank you, I appreciate that and really value rewards when I've earned them!"

You replied, "I said maybe. You haven't completely earned it yet."

"I haven't? What will you have me do now?"

You untied your robe, letting it fall open...while saying, "well, there are three areas that you left neglected." You continued, "your reward will be a lapdance if, and only if, you properly attend to these three areas to my satisfaction."

I could only mutter a sexually charged "ok."

So, after muttering the sexually charged "ok," you continued, "first, you are required to follow my strict rules."

I just stared into your burning eyes with lustful desire.

Continuing, you said, "I'm going to lie back on the couch, you will get on your knees in front of me....your hands will be on my breasts....your fingers on my starved, neglected nipples....rule one, you are not allowed to remove your hands from my breasts at any time!"

I could only nod....

You continued, "my pussy has been neglected....you purposefully avoided massaging it so that I'd get so damned wet! To get a lap dance, you must eat my wet pussy til I command you to stop...rule two, to eat my pussy you must get past the pantyhose I'm now wearing, but remember you cannot remove your hands from my breasts."

I raised my head and stared....you were standing before me with a black satin robe parted open, the hem ending at your thighs, and black pantyhose underneath.

At this point, I could only drool....

You asked, "Are you ready?"

I couldn't actually speak, I just nodded and a squeek came from my throat.

You moved over, turned and sat on the couch...your hips hanging over the edge with your back laid back...telling me, "get started."

I slid off the couch to my knees...I crawled over in front of you....you raised your legs, parted them, and draped them over my shoulders.... my arms reach around the outside of your thighs.....my hands slid up and foundd your breasts....my fingers immediately began lightly pinching, massaging your nipples.... I slid my face along your nyloned inner thighs....moving closer, closer....my mouth opened and sucked your pussy through the nylon crotch....there wasn't a cotton panel, just a stitched seam nestled between your lips...and I could see through the nylon that your shaved pussy was dripping wet!!! Damn! My cock was so hard it ached!!!

I began nibbling at your crotch, sucking at your crotch, trying to catch the material in my teeth...gnawing at your crotch, very careful that I only used my teeth on the nylon....my hands did NOT leave your breasts! My fingers did NOT leave your nipples!

My hands continued squeezing. My fingers rubbing and lightly pinching. My mouth worked frantically at your crotch. After much effort, I began to create a tear in the nylon crotch. This spurned me on to work even harder!!! Squeezing and lightly pinching your breasts and nipples, my mouth persistently gnawing at your crotch.....I finally worked the tear large enough to grip an edge with my teeth and pulled with my jaw...ripping a hole in your nylon crotch large enough to expose your dripping pussy!

Basking in my moment of glory, I paused to look at my accomplishment...I blew on your lips...then I buried my mouth into your pussy through the opening....Lapping and nibbling at you, I sucked your lips out through the opening while flicking my tongue on your sensitive skin. I continued squeezing, lightly pinching your nipples and breasts, while sucking your lips through the nylon tear. At this point, feeling perfectly content to consider this more than ample reward! Your hips moving, you were softly moaning. I was determined to continue til you commanded me to stop and declare that I've earned the lapdance, but I was in no particular hurry.

I could feel your heels running up and down my back. Then I felt your legs cross in Indian fashion around the back of my neck....your legs squeezed, and your hips bucked up and down...I was savoring every single moment of my face being buried between your thighs while your legs tried to pull my face deeper into your pussy.

Your legs eased slightly and I felt your hands on each side of my face. Lifting my face slightly to look up, I saw you looking down at me. I heard you say, "mmmm, thank you, my nipples and pussy feel much better now that you've completed a full massage to my satisfaction."

I kissed your pussy and offered, "you're welcome."

Smiling seductively, you sat up and readjusted your legs while placing your feet on the floor. Your legs were still spread wide with me kneeling between them. You nudged me back up into a sitting position. Your nyloned feet moved to rest in my lap, you were rubbing my cock through my jeans. You asked, "still think you can leave without anything else?"

I replied, "say so, and I'll get up and leave right now."

A stern expression crossed your face as you said, "ok, then...get up."

With disappointment, I followeded your directive, stood, and gazed longingly down at you sitting on the couch in your black satin robe and black pantyhose.

"Still want to leave?"

I quickly answered, "never said I wanted to leave, I said I would leave now if you want me to."

Your expression became seductive again, "hmmm, let me check something first." Your hands reached up and opened my jeans....you smiled as you leaned back and raised your nyloned feet to my waist....your nyloned feet nudged my jeans to the floor around my ankles. Your feet then slowly slid up my legs to my throbbing cock. Your nyloned feet curled around my cock and playfully rubbed my cock while it dripped precum on your black nylon. You offered, "I do believe you deserve a lapdance now, but look, I do believe you've got something on the toes of my pantyhose. Be a dear and clean that up for me before the lapdance will you?"

Before I could reply, you slid your nyloned feet up my chest and started rubbing them over my mouth. My lips parted and your toes pointed. I took your toes into my mouth and sucked them clean of my precum. You removed your toes and placed your other foot to my mouth. I obligingly accepted this set of toes and sucked your nylons clean of my precum, but not before flicking your toes with my tongue.

Your feet, now slick with my saliva, slid back down my chest to playfully rub my upper thighs. You told me to have a seat beside you. I kicked off my shoes and jumped out of my jeans.

You got up and turned on the stereo. Slow jazz filled the room. Your expression looked as if you were about to devour me. You climbed into my lap straddling me. With your hips moving slowly with the music's rhythm, your crotch began grinding into my lap.

Your hips continued writhing in my lap as you leaned back and pulled my mouth to your breast. Telling me, "suck it hard baby, and pinch the other one!" I readily, and hungrily comply.

Your hair cascaded over my head making it almost seem as if the room were completely dark. Your hips continued to writhe, but began a slight backwards motion.

Eventually I realized that this backward motion was to catch the head of my cock with your pussy lips. I realized this just as you succeeded in using your pussy to catch the head of my cock and pull it straight up for yourself.

I almost came as I experienced the sensation of your wet pussy sliding slowly down on my cock. You were dripping wet, but your pussy was so tight I began to wander if instead you were guiding me into your ass. No, that's just how tight your wet pussy actually was. You slowly worked my cock completely into your tight pussy till your ass rested on my thighs.

I switched nipples to suck on the other one, and resumed pinching with my opposite hand. You moaned as the lapdance continued with my cock buried in your pussy.

You then leaned back and pulled my head up to face you. Your hips still moving as you said, "I'd like you to do something for me...I want us to go back in the bedroom....I want you to fuck my tight pussy hard and deep with my legs wrapped around your back....I want you to carry me in there and fuck me til my pussy hurts...but, I want you to carry me in there with your cock buried in my pussy....I don't want your hard cock to leave my pussy until I feel your hot cum exploding deep inside me while laying on my back on the bed."

Insane with lust, I scooted to the edge of the couch, leaned forward, and felt your legs wrap around my back. Your arms wrapped tightly around my neck as I stood with you impaled on my cock. I walked into the bedroom and slowly inched toward your bed. I leaned over and eased you onto your back, arms and legs still locked around me. My cock still buried in your shaved pussy.

With hip thrusts, I literally fucked you farther onto the bed so I could get my knees up under me. I rose up and grasped your nyloned legs, placing them over my shoulders.

Your hands urgently began grasping at my shirt, pulling it up and over my head, while my hips pumped with wild abandon. Pumping your pussing so hard with my cock that we giggled at the sound of my balls slapping your ass. We continued thrusting and bucking while repositioning so your legs could wrap around my back. You locked your ankles behind my back, and your legs were then assisting you in raising your ass off the bed slightly to meet my every thrust.

Your breathing so rapid you were out of breath, I was thrusting violently in and out of your pussy. I could feel the nylon of your pantyhose rubbing the underside of my cock. Your body tensed, your back arched with your ass completely off the bed. Your legs tightened such that I could barely breath. A low, long grunt came from deep within your throat. I felt your fingernails press into my shoulders while your throaty grunt turned into a barely audible squeel. The squeel turned into a long "mmmmmmmmmmmmm" as I heard your breath exhale.

Balls slapping your ass....I could feel my cum boiling in my balls....my balls felt like they were on fire.....one, two, three more thrusts....I buried my cock deep as it would go, and held it there with your back still arched. Your body tensed as my cock exploded!!! My cock continued to pump cum deep inside your pussy. Another "MMMMMMMMMMMMM" as your body relaxed and a satisfied smile crossed your lips.

I held my rigid cock deep inside you until the cum ceased to pump from my balls. I kept my cock deep in your pussy while we playfully fondled, rubbed, and kissed intimately. I could feel your juices and mine oozing from your hot pussy. Feeling it drip out, and beginning to slide toward your asscheeks you asked, "since you're such a massage artist, think you could do one more thing for me?"

I smiled and agreed to anything.

You smiled and said, "You could kill two birds with one stone so to speak....I do believe you've made another mess with that cock of yours, and my sore pussy needs another massage now"....

Grinning, I slid down...kissing my way down to your steaming pussy....I began eating your pussy again with wild abandon through the ripped hole in your black panyhose....this time, tasting not only your intoxicating pussy juices, but my own cum as well.....I lapped it up, and soothed that sore pussy to your satisfaction....I slid back up,and hugged you tightly while kissing you passionately. Each of us tasting our mingling juices in our mouths while our tongues entwined.

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