Your Mom Is Next! Ch. 04


I rolled off her and fell beside her with a groan. I grabbed the tight miniskirt and inched it up her slender thighs until I had it wrapped around her small waist. I crawled up close to her, lifted her left leg and slowly guided my aching cock against her wet hole. I hugged her against me, cradling her head against my shoulder while I kissed and chewed on her throat and neck. Slowly I wormed my throbbing cock into her tight gash an inch at a time, nice and slow, and she moaned and groaned as the huge cock split her wide open again. I continued feeding it into her until the fat head bumped up against her cervix again. She emitted a sharp cry as it thudded against her tight cervical ring like a battering ram. I stopped, cupped her tits and licked at her throat. "Here we go, sweetheart," I mumbled into her thick, dark hair. "All the way in. You're going to like this!'

She groaned. "Oh, master! No! No! Is too big! Please!"

"Ssh. Relax----we've got all the time in the world. We'll do it nice and slow. Don't worry." I turned her chin and planted a kiss on her rosy red lips. She moaned as my tongue found hers. "Don't fight it," I mumbled as I kissed her. "Relax your body."

I kissed her deeply and pushed my cock into her. She groaned. I forced my mouth tightly down on hers and her cries died in my throat. I pushed into her slowly yet forcibly. The fat, fist-like head of my cock relentlessly ground against her cervix, slowly stretching the muscles of her cervical sphincter wider and wider. I could hear her bones squeak and grind in protest. But I did it slow, pushing and prodding her with hard, rocking jabs. Several minutes later I could feel the head of my cock slipping deeper into her and slightly increased the force of my forward thrust. And then, with an odd grinding sound, the head of my cock slipped through the tight ring and sank into nothingness. I was through----I had fed in all twelve inches of my huge cock whose head was now buried deep inside her womb.

I pulled my cock out slowly and she howled and tore at the bed sheets as my thick cock came tearing through her cervix with a loud rendering pop. I left my cock lodged against her cervix a few seconds while I tenderly stroked her hair. Then I rammed it in again, crushing through her cervix like a battering ram. In and out I shoved it, riding the tip of my cock relentlessly through her cervix. She squealed and shrieked like a piglet, threw her head from side to side and rolled her eyes about as I fucked her with my massive cock "Ai! Ai! Ai! Ai! Ai! Ai!"

Oh, did I fuck her! Nice and slow, too, riding it in and out of her with soft backwards and forward thrusts that made the bed springs squeak. After the tenth shove forward she suddenly thrust herself against me and shrieked like mad. Oh, did she orgasm! Loud and violently, too! "Eiiii! Eiiii! A-a-a-agh! Eiiii! Eiiii!" I could actually feel her pussy juice slosh down along my shaft, a feeling I'd never experienced before. It was gushing past my cock like a rushing river!

I pulled the entire twelve inches out of her slowly and she moaned deeply as the fat head plopped out, creating loud sucking sounds as her pussy lips slammed shut. Lena stared at me wide-eyed, panting and wheezing, her plump titties heaving up and down with every erratic breath. "Oh my God!" she breathed at me and brushed the dark mane out of her eyes. Pussy juice bubbled incessantly out of her small gash like an erupting volcano, sometimes squirting, sometimes just plain dribbling. The purple satin bed sheet underneath us became instantly stained as a huge puddle formed there.

I positioned myself between her, spread her thighs wide and wrapped her slim legs across my shoulders. Her juicy cunt just glistened. With a groan I drove forward, slamming the entire twelve-inch rod in to the hilt so that our bodies collided with a crunch. She squealed as the huge cock thudded through her like a baseball bat. I pulled out until only the head lay lodged inside her and drove forward again, burying my cock deep into her womb. Oh, did she shriek! "Eiiii! A-agh! Ai-ai-ai! Eiiii! Oh! A-a-agh! Eiiii! Ai! Ai!"

"How's that, eh?" I grunted at her. "Here! Here! That's what you get for being such a tart!" The words just confused her. She certainly did not know what I was so riled up about. I hammered it in and out of her like a madman, sliding the entire cock in and out of her like a piston, the fat head thudding through her cervix with every thrust. In and out, in and out. The bed squeaked and her tits sloshed about as I heaved in and out of her. She squealed and clawed at my shoulders. "A-agh! A-agh! A-agh!"

With the final forward heave the dam burst. "Oh shit!" I grunted like an animal as I spewed another voluminous load deep into her womb, completely filling her insides with hot, sticky liquid. Again and again my cock erupted inside her, splashing off the walls of her womb like cannon fire. Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! She stopped her mad shrieking and clutched me fiercely, eyes fixed on mine, mouth open wide. She had the weirdest expression on her lovely face as I emptied my balls inside her. It was a mixture of shock, disbelief, amazement, pain, surprise, awe, wonderment, pleasure----you name it. It was all on her face.

I withdrew from her, rolled off the bed and yanked the white, filmy dress off the headboard. "Here. Put this on," I said as I tossed it at her. She stared at me stupidly, crawled onto all fours and slowly slid the stretch top up over head. Pussy goo and sperm dripped out of her like a leaking faucet. Which, considering the large amounts I'd deposited in her, was no surprise. A quart of spunk was surely sloshing about in there and I'd soon add another load. The dazed woman drew the tight miniskirt off her slim legs and reached for the dress. She crawled into it by stooping it over head and smoothed the pleated skirt down her thighs. Her torpedo-shaped tits just drilled through the loose top like ripe fruit, the swollen nipples piercing dents in the shiny material. Oh, what a sight!

"Come here," I ordered and pointed at the foot of the bed. She rose and came towards me slowly on her silver high heels, tits heaving and hips swaying. The dress just blew about her knees as she came forward. All she needed was a little poodle on the end of a leash to look like some high fashion model in a magazine ad. What a body! "Lean against the brass bar and spread your legs."

She faced the bed, bent forward and clutched the brass bar with her dainty hands. Her torpedo tits hung low, stretching the loose top taut. The dark, thick mane fell forward across her shoulders and hid the glittering earrings from view. She spread her legs then wide apart, displaying her shapely rump. "Master is not finished?" she inquired with a deep sigh.

"Hell, no. You're going to pleasure me all night!" I grabbed the jar of Vaseline and smeared a liberal amount all along my cock, ensuring that there was a thick coating on the fat head. I dried my hands on the discarded stretch top and approached her from behind. She cocked her head and watched as I slowly lifted the frothy dress up her thighs and draped it across her lower back. Oh, that small gash and the dark pubic hair was just glistening with cum and pussy juice!

I grabbed the end of my cock----the part where I hadn't smeared any jelly---and lined it up with her anus. Oh yes----I was going to attempt my first anal fuck. She was certainly a small and delicate creature with the slim, doll-like body that of a little girl and I realized that I could cause real damage if I were to fuck her ass with all twelve inches. But I was bound to try to feed in as much as I could. I had promised myself that this teasing bitch was going to get the works.

I pushed against her asshole and she whimpered as she felt my cock puncture her anus. The Vaseline acted as a superb lubricant and I was able to force the fat head through her anal sphincter with considerable ease. Loud popping and sucking sounds erupted from her ass as the huge head slipped in completely. I was quite surprised. It was obvious that this form of sex was not alien to her. Granted: my cock was probably the largest she'd ever received; but someone before me had definitely stretched her nice and loose. Was it that fat slob of a husband? Ah, who cared! With a groan I sank in five inches and she howled as her anal sphincter was stretched beyond normal width. I pushed and I prodded, creating loud sucking sounds as my cock sank in deeper and deeper. Watching my huge cock sliding deeper and deeper into her small, tight ass just blew my mind. This bitch could actually take it!

After the ninth inch I could not proceed further. I felt like I had hit a wall. She cried out like a stuck animal and turned her head to glance at me pleadingly. I got the picture---I was in deep enough. I began to hump her with those nine inches, sliding it in and out and she shrieked and clawed at the brass bar, the rings on her fingers scraping along it like rain on a tin roof. "Oooh! Ah! Ah! Oooh! Oooh!" Apparently ass-fucking really turned her on.

I clamped my hands around her slim waist and simply fucked her silly, ramming my fat cock in and out of her asshole with hard, forceful jabs. She began to stammer: "Oh, yes! Oh, yes!" over and over again. She then shrieked shrilly as she orgasmed, spewing my thighs with a fresh load of hot pussy juice. Oh, this bitch made so much noise that I was afraid that neighbors would soon come to pound on her door. It was just a passing fear----the nearest neighbor was miles away.

I withdrew from her, my cock throbbing and jerking. I spun her about, tore the dress up her thighs and pinned it against her waist. Holding her thus I lifted her off her feet and up into the air so that my cock was lodged right underneath her. Wordlessly I slammed her cunt down on my rigid cock, impaling her completely on it like a bug pinned to a display board. She shrieked and threw her arms around me as the fat cock thudded through her like a battering ram. Her heels dug into the back of my thighs and her nails dug into my shoulder bones. I nuzzled my face in the nape of her neck, licking and lapping at her throat while I furiously began to pump her 90lb body up and down. She moaned and sank her teeth into my shoulder, the dark mane completely enveloping my face. Oh, fucking her like this with her arms wrapped around me, her body so close to mine and with those terrific tits drilling into my chest was perhaps the wildest sex I've ever encountered. I was totally caught up in the moment and I felt like a God.

I stopped sliding her up and down and simply left her squatting on my twelve-inch rod. I carried her like that, her small body completely impaled on my cock with the filmy skirt billowing around our thighs, towards the Futon. I plopped her down on top of the back cushion and her heels dug pits into the Futon. I spread apart her thighs and started to drive my cock in and out of her, slamming her repeatedly against the wall with every thrust. She wailed and ran her nails down my back as eight inches of my fat cock thudded through her. I fucked her like this for a few moments; then pinned her arms against the wall and stared at her lovely face that was all contorted with pain and pleasure. I slammed it home, burying all twelve inches into the hilt. Oh, I let her have it. She howled and her tits bounced up and down with every thrust, creating rasping sounds as they brushed against the loose top. With a groan I sank my fingers in the partially unbuttoned top and tore the lapels apart, spraying the room with numerous buttons. Her bare tits sprang out at me, sloshing and heaving about in every direction. I stared at her beautiful tits with total awe as I fucked her with heavy jabs, the fat head of my cock sliding through her now loose cervix with every heave. "Ai! A-a-a-agh! Ai! Ai! Ai! Oh a-aaa-agh!" She came for the third time, shrieking loud undulating wails like a teething infant. Her sharp cries and screams actually hurt my eardrums! I stopped screwing her and allowed her to regain normal breathing. Her eyes were wide and sweat poured off her forehead. She was almost delirious now, staring at me through glazed eyes. She certainly hadn't been fucked like this before and I could sense that she was overwhelmed. She was totally exhausted.

I plopped down on the Futon beside her, my twelve-inch rod sticking up like a flagpole. "Okay, my beautiful slave," I murmured. "I'm tired, too. One more time---and then we're done."

Lena stammered incoherent words and slowly slid off the back of the Futon. The white dress slid down her body and swayed around her knees again as she stepped off the Futon. She turned and faced me wordlessly and slowly hitched the dress up around her waist. Her mind was gone----it was pure instinct. She was just following orders.

"No," I said and smiled at her. Her face did not register any emotion. She was as if stoned. "Not like that. Turn around and face the opposite direction. I want you to sit on me backwards. Understand?"

She turned and displayed her ass to me. I reached up, slid my hands around her waist and drew her buttocks towards me. She spread her legs a little, braced her wrists on her knees and lowered her body. My cock twitched as the tip of it brushed against her wet gash. Slowly my cock slid into her, an inch at a time. She moaned softly. I drew her down until she was squatting on top of me, my cock buried inside her. I cupped her amazing tits in the palm of my hands and began to squeeze and fondle them, rolling her swollen nipples between thumb and forefinger. She squealed.

She groaned and lifted her buttocks high up until just the head was lodged inside her. Which, considering the length of my cock, meant that she had to really lift her self up high, bracing her arms against my chest. With a deep moan she lowered herself slowly then, feeding my cock in deeper and deeper by the second until our bodies met. All twelve inches were deep inside her. I crushed and mauled her tits and nibbled on her dark hair that blew about my face. She moaned again and began to slowly hump me, sliding the fat mushroom-shaped head in and out of her womb, each movement of her hips creating loud sucking sounds as my fat cock thudded through her vagina.

She slowly increased the tempo. Faster and faster, working her hips up and down the entire length of thick, solid cock. She began to chant and wail as her body bounced up and down. "Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!" I let go of her tits and clamped my hands around her small waist and groaned deeply as my cock began to throb. I was soon going to loose another load! Real soon! "Fuck me, woman!" I snarled at her. "Faster! Faster!" Amazingly we both orgasmed at the precise instant. We both cried out like hurt animals as we came. I blew another huge load deep into her womb, each massive ejaculation stinging her insides like pistil shots. Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! Pfft! Oh, it wouldn't stop. I don't know where all that shit came from, but my balls just kept on spewing load after load deep inside her. A torrent of hot female juices came sloshing out, too, leaving a gigantic stain underneath us. I yanked her body off me completely and the last ejaculation spewed a thick, creamy load all over the white skirt.

We were both completely drained. I just held her there and tenderly kissed her while I petted her hair. I was content. I had finally screwed this deliciously sexy vixen.

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