tagMatureYour Mom - My Lover

Your Mom - My Lover


Rishi - I know this is a big shock for you, finding your mother in the arms of your best friend. Sorry man, we didn't think you were coming back so early from your tuition class. You had this traumatized look on your face as you opened the door a few minutes ago. There we were - Neena and I (I call her Neena Aunty in front of everyone, but in private I call her by her first name now and she likes it) on the sofa, she sitting on my lap, my one hand on her back and the other cupping her face as we kissed passionately. We had been going on like this for the last fifteen minutes or so.

I love necking your mom, Rishi. I never get tired of it. She has such a beautiful face and a lovely pair of lips. Her soft body feels wonderful against mine, a pair of soft breasts crushed against my chest and shoulders as her tongue probes and lashes into mine. We feel so close and intimate during our make-out sessions - I cannot describe it enough in words.

Just sit down there Rishi - take a deep breath and calm down. If you notice, your mom hasn't made any move to get away from me. True - she is quite stunned herself - finding her son walking in on her - but she feels comfortable remaining sitting on my lap. My fingers continue to caress her hair, her neck and her back gently even now. My other hand is on hers, our fingers intertwined - two people firm and confident in our relationship. If you observe, she shows no sign of distress and is actually happy to remain close to me - her young lover.

Your mother and I have been lovers for the last four months - Rishi. You remember your first day at as a new kid in our school - you a short scrawny kid - looking a bit lost and our first hellos to each other. You'd mentioned that your father was in the army and just transferred in his posting. You had one brother who was elder to you and new to our school as well and your mother had joined as a teacher. I remember kidding you on how embarassing it is to have your mom teach in your own school and you nodding in agreement. And then , that day I saw your mother for the first time when you introduced me to her.

Rishi - we have had our teenage boy talk of what we think of the different female teachers in our school. I bet you never guessed that your own mother was somewhere top of my list - I never did let on to that. She has such a lovely face and uses this dark thick lipstick that highlights her mouth giving her a perpetually sultry look. I like the sarees she wears to school with those sleeveless blouses - not many of our teachers do that. Her forearms look so smooth and shiny and I love the two big dots on her left forearm - from the old innoculation days - I find them so sexy. The swell of her breasts is wonderful. I have to say that she never dresses out of place - bosom always fully covered and no hint of showing any cleavage.

You can imagine from the above what a reaction I had the first time I met her. I could not believe that you had such a lovely mom. My hard-on was instant and difficult to hide - thankfully nobody noticed. I jacked off multiple times that evening, fantasizing about her.

I like you Rishi - you and I get along well and would probably have been good friends anyway. But I have to admit to a selfish desire to be closer to your mom by being friends with you. And we got along fabulously well. Turns out you were living not so far away from us and we took the same schoolbus. Our families met and the parents got along reasonably well together.

You never noticed - did you? I made it a point to sit next to your mother on the schoolbus everyday - most student would find an excuse not to sit with any teacher in a schoolbus - but nobody found this strange. Over the next month or so, I had ample opportunities to subtly send signals to your mother. A slight brush of the shoulders when the bus tilted, a longer-than needed touching of the fingers when passing items, deliberate stares at her body, walking behind her in the corridor knowing she sensed my presence, a few compliments here and there on her dress and on her looks.... You cannot imagine how frustrating those days were for me as I fantasized daily about this lovely mature woman who happens to be your mom.

And then one day my luck changed. Do you remember, how about a month after we met, your father took us on a day trip to Bhadkal Lake? On the way back you insisted you had to sit in the front with your dad. That left your brother, myself and your mom in the back and somehow I got squeezed in the middle seat. Your Fiat car is a tight squeeze anyways. I could feel one side of our mom's body pressed against mine. I was erect in no time, the tent in my pants plainly visible to anyone who cared to see. And that is what your mom did... I caught her staring at my erection and then she caught me looking at her and turned away instantly. We were both embarrassed for sure. If someone had seen me then, they'd have noticed how red my face had become.

I was cursing myself and hoping my erection would die down - but no such luck. I could feel my cock twitching every few seconds straining against my jeans. A few minutes later I took the courage to turn my head slightly to look at Neena. She was looking at me as well - the look on her face didn't show any anger - rather a questioning one. I didn't really know what to make of it.

It had gotten dark outside by then. I felt Neena's head leaning against my shoulders. Turning, I noticed that she had dozed off (later on she told me she was just pretending to) and was pressing sideways against my body. I was forced to lift my right arm over her head and let it hang to her side. On my other side, your brother had dozed off as well but leaning against the window. From the front seat, I don't think either you or your dad had a very good view of what was happening backside anyways.

I took the chance then of allowing my hand to lay on your mother's, my fingers feeling the bare skin of her arms. If you had but turned around and looked, you may have found it a bit out place but I doubt if you would have found anything to complain about. After a few minutes, my fingers started caressing Neena's arms slowly. I loved the feel of her skin - so smooth and silky. There was no reaction from her then. I caressed her for a few strokes, stopped for a little while and then started again - wanting to make sure that she was not awake. No reaction came and I was emboldened to continue.

I turned my head to hers and took a big whiff of a breath. I could smell her hair (obviously shampooed that morning) and her perfume mixed with some natural body sweat. I was so goddamn aroused - it was sheer torture to be so close to her and not be able to do anything with her family around. Neena later told me that she was fully awake and enjoying being close to me as well and the sensations of my fingers on her arm. About fifteen minutes or so later, your mom shifted her body position while appearing to be asleep. The final result was that she was nuzzled up closer to me than before and her left hand dropped on my thigh. There was no doubt she could sense my erection against her hand. I was a bit petrified (what if she were awake?) and at the same time aroused. I tried to wriggle my hips out of the situation, but she did so at the same time as well. The resultant was that she was more closely bunched up against me, this time her hand completely covering my crotch while my right hand was over he shoulders almost in a side embrace.

If you remember, Rishi - you turned around then and asked if we were comfortable. Your dad spoke up and said that we'd be home in less than twenty minutes. It was a good thing you couldn't see clearly in the dark. If you had, you'd have seen us tightly against each other and your mother's hand on my tentpole which was twitching up and down. I was still under the impression that your mother was sleeping and thankful for this being the case. We stayed like that for the rest of the journey. After a few minutes, my courage had come back again and I had restarted the caressing of Neena's arm.

When we reached your place, we finished taking the things out of the car and I came up to your flat waiting for my parents to come by and pick me up. Your mom was in the kitchen. I went in there to get a glass of water and while there told her my thanks for taking me along on the trip and how much I enjoyed it. She smiled and then said the one thing that changed our relationship for ever "It was nothing - it was great to have you along with Rishi and Ritu. We enjoyed it too. I hope you enjoyed the return car ride as much as I did". She had this mischievious smile on her face as she said that last part. I could feel the blood rushing up my ears and my face reddening as I understood the import of her last few words. She was smiling and laughing softly now. Thankfully, that was when your dad came in to say that my parents were waiting in the car downstairs for me. I mumbled my goodbyes and left. That night I felt this weird combination of exhilaration, embarassment, fear and arousal reliving the experiences of the ride back home and the implication of what your mother had said to me.

Rishi - I am not so sure you want to hear all the details of the first time I made love to your mom - maybe later when you are in a better mental state. But I'll tell you - it was simply fantastic. Her body was everything I had fantasized about and more. And she - well she came six times that day and said she had never had such sex in her life. And we have had several more encounters since then.... It has always been a bit risky and I guess you finally caught us today.

Rishi - your mother is one beautiful lady and the two of us have become so close over the last few months.

Neena - dont worry my dear.

(Some kissing and necking as I hold Neena tightly against my body).

Rishi - I know you love your mother. You've got to understand that she is in the prime of her life. She is a woman made to be loved and kissed. Her body is a temple of pleasure. Look at her body quiver as I kiss her now on her neck, as I lift her hand and lick her underarm (she keeps it smooth and ever-shaven just for me). See, here she is standing now. Do you see how her eyes are closed, her face suffused with passion as I drop warm kisses on her belly and the exposed portion of her back. Your mother is a lovely physical creature who is being starved of pleasure. Do you know your father and her have had sex only twice in the last 8 months? I know it sounds crass to you to hear about your parents' sex life - but it is true Rishi. Watch your mom nod her head.

Neena - my darling. (I stand up and more kissing and necking).

Rishi - you cannot stop us now. Your mother and I have been very careful the last few months. I am sure you don't want a scandal - you can imagine what that would be like - and it would be best if you listened to what I say.

Rishi - I am simply and wholly obsessed with your mother and she with me. We have spent countless hours pleasuring each other. I love feeling her bra straps through the blouse and unhooking them and then slipping my fingers under to cup her breasts - just like I am doing now. Do you see my fingers squeeze those full wonderful melons and do you see the pleasure on your mom's face? I love suckling her - just like you are seeing me do now - those breasts that once fed you and your brother milk - they are now in my mouth - heavy, warm and delicious. And Neena - your mom - she is so sensitive around her breasts. If I suckle her long enough, she will have an orgasm doing just that and nothing else. Would you deny her this pleasure?

Rishi - have I ever boasted or smirked to you in the last few months? Surely I could have behaved arrogantly, knowing that I was having an affair with your mother. But I have always been the model of decorum. I definitely do not want anything to break your family or to hurt your dear mother whom I love so much.

Do you know what my favorite food item is nowadays - it is your mother.

Come here Neena. Sit on the dining table and lie back. Let me lift your sari and petticoat up.

Rishi - look, I am sitting in your father's chair. And now I am going to have a most delicious meal - my head will remain locked in between your mother's thighs. She started shaving herself down there because I told her to - I dont like having hair in my mouth. And god, does she taste delicious.

Several minutes of intense licking to orgasm.

Rishi - can you hear the sighs and moans of your mother? Do you see her body writhing in pleasure? Can you feel her hips buck? I could eat her all day like this. I am fully focused only on pleasuring her and in that I feel my own.

See how she slides down the table, takes off my jeans and lowers herself on me, straddling my legs. See her bouncing up and down on my crotch while my hands cup her delectable bottoms, squeezing them every so often. See her stop every now and then to give me a long wet kiss. Listen to the sounds of pleasure from her throat as she feels me in and out of her.

Neena - my darling. I am sorry I cant control myself. I am going to come anytime now. I am just so aroused making love to you in front of your son - my best friend.

A long groan from me as I empty into her.

Some more kissing and caressing.

Rishi - your mom and I - we aren't going to stop seeing each other. It is best you get used to it. Even better, you can help us not being found out. You can be our cover. I can come over and stay overnight at your place when your dad is away or maybe sometime you can come over to my place. Your mom and I can have our lovemaking sessions more frequently without anyone knowing simply because they wont suspect anything due to your presence.

Neena - what do you think? Think of all the fun we could have. I could make love to you right here with your husband sleeping in the next room and Rishi will be watching. I could make love to you in a movie theater, a car park, even the school. My darling, I cannot bear the thought of being separated from you. With Rishi's cover, we can be closer and for longer periods of time.

Rishi - look at your mother nodding in agreement. I'll stop talking for a few minutes as I need a long kissing session with your mother.

God - I am getting hard again. And your mom - look how she is enjoying herself - rubbing herself gently on my crotch to get me aroused. Mmmmmmmm. And here she goes again, riding me gently. This one is going to take a long time to finish because I'll not come as quickly as the last one. This means I'll have more time to enjoy her lips, push her back while arching her body to suckle her breasts, to bite her neck - all in all more time to savor her body.

Rishi - I think you like watching us. We'll allow you to watch. Sometimes. No touching though! Is that understood?

Well, I'm going to slowly stand up now with your mom's legs wrapped around my hips, my elbows under her knees. And then I am going to walk slowly to your parents' bedroom. Your mother loves this - she says the bobbing up and down as I walk gives her the most intense feeling of pleasure. I am going to roger your mom on the bed - she can get a bit noisy - so please keep a look out to see if anyone is coming. After all we don/t want to get caught again today. And by the way, I just thought of something.

Day after tomorrow - Saturday. I'll get tickets for Octopussy at Chanakya. The four of you and myself. I'm going to be sitting at one corner with your mom sitting between the two of us. And while everyone is watching Maud Adams, I'll have eyes and hands for the only woman in my life - your mother Neena.

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