tagBDSMYour New Job Pt. 01

Your New Job Pt. 01


Part 1 - The Interview

You took a deep breath, trying to calm the butterflies in your stomach as you sat outside my office waiting for your interview.

You were going over your resume in your head when the click of the door startled you. Another beautiful young woman walked out past where you were sitting, a stiff smile on her face as she left, not looking at anyone.

"Angel?" I asked politely, holding the door while gesturing for you to enter.

Looking back you saw I was standing there holding it open with a warm smile on my face. My neatly trimmed beard and clean shaven head along with a crisp dress shirt and pinstripe trousers seemed maybe a little intimidating, but was offset by the friendliness in my eyes.

You nodded meekly as you stood up, smoothed your skirt and quickly checked your blouse, grabbing your purse and papers as I ushered you in, quietly closing the door behind you.

The office was large and very tastefully appointed, centered on a substantial desk with a single chair poised facing it, obviously for you to sit in. You noticed the paintings on the walls and the light streaming in from the windows on your left, as well as the less formal sitting area on the right, with a leather loveseat and four chairs surrounding a sturdy coffee table, you walked in and took your seat.

I sat down behind the monolithic desk and introduced myself as I began your interview. You had read about the position before applying, but we spoke about it again as I explained that you would be my personal assistant, answering directly to me.

We discussed the duties that would be required of you, how dependent I would become on your handling of the nuts and bolts of my daily affairs. How I may require you to accompany me on business trips and work occasional overtime, and the appropriate compensation. I also mentioned the strict privacy policy at the company, mentioning that some of our business was very sensitive, and we prided ourselves on our discretion. I was obligated to let you know that a Nondisclosure Agreement was required to work here. You thought back to the high wages offered and thought maybe that was why the company paid so well.

Very quickly I veered off of the formal interview questions and started asking you about yourself. You were a little flustered at first, but quickly realized that I was trying to get a measure of you personally, and began to relax and open up as much as you could allow in a professional interview. You paused when I let a swear slip, glancing up you saw me appraising you, was I trying to guage your reaction?

After about a half hour you could feel the chemistry between us, and I hadn't stopped smiling for the entire interview. I leaned back in my chair, lacing my fingers behind my head as I assessed you before speaking, "I think you would be the perfect fit for me, Angel." (why did your pussy tingle when I said that?) "We only have the formalities of the paper work, if this interview ends well."

With that I pulled open a drawer and produced a thin folder. Opening it, I separated a few-page document and slid it towards you, handing you my pen.

You glanced down at the title 'Nondisclosure Agreement' as I spoke up, "If we can get this formality out of the way we can continue. This states that you agree that you may be privileged to company secrets and other sensitive information in the course of this interview and your work, and you agree that you will not speak about it with anyone outside the company."

You felt the familiar trepidation that would arise whenever you were about to sign an important legal document as you quickly scanned through the entire text. You took a deep breath and pressed the pen to the paper, little did you know how much your life would change with that signature. Looking up you could see me studying you with a cool grin, a little shiver ran down your spine.

I took the NDA and placed it in a drawer in my desk, you heard the jingle of keys as I locked it away while you waited. I teased the next document out of the pile and spun it to face you, "And this is your employment contract, please go over it before you sign. I'm right here if you have any questions, and I'm in no rush."

You took the contract and sat back in your seat to peruse it, carefully reading through the pages of obtuse and wordy text. Feeling that you might be taking too long you glanced up at me, only to catch me watching you and smiling comfortably. I put up my hands deferentially and said, "please, take as long as you need. This is an important decision."

You made it to the end of the contract and looked up at me, it seemed pretty standard accept for it's references to "Addendum A," which wasn't present so you asked about it. You watched my smile get even bigger as I slid the last sheet of paper in the folder across my desk to you.

"You're the only interviewee that reviewed the contract so thouroughly, my dear. Which just convinces me more that you are perfect for the job, as long as you agree to the terms of course."

You looked down at the document titled "Addendum A," drafted in the regular legal font, at first glance it didn't appear to be anything special, with little spaces for your initials beside each point, but as you read it your heart began to flutter.


___ I agree that the rules for my work attire do not follow the policy set out for the rest of the company, but are decided solely at the discretion of my direct supervisor and are subject to change without notice.

___ I agree that I shall now address my superiors in the company as "Sir" or "Madam," and I shall address my direct supervisor as "Sir" or "Master."

___ I agree that I shall be held to an exteremely high standard of work quality regarding any written documentation or communications, answering solely to my direct supervisor.

___ I agree that for the duration of my employment, along with the duties described in the employment contract, I am required to make myself available in every capacity my direct supervisor deems necessary, including overtime, business trips, sexual receptivity and contract negotiations.

___ I agree that I shall be subject to discipline for any infractions. The nature of these punishments, barring legal action, are to be determined and administered by my direct supervisor, but will include corporal punishment and behavioural conditioning.

___ I understand that the work I am being asked to perform may be difficult and stressful and that, barring legal wrongdoing on my part, I am entitled to six months pay should I choose to end my employment with the company.


You didn't realize you were biting the side of your lip and breathing heavily by the time you were done, but you could feel the flush of pink all the way down your face and neck to the tops of your pert breasts as you looked up at me.

My pleasant smile hadn't changed, but my eyes seemed... hungrier.

"I think now you may understand why this position pays three times better than working for another company. And I hope that our time here today has impressed upon you that I do care about your happiness here at work."

You glanced back down at the addendum, "work attire... Subject to change without notice" "Sir or Master" "sexual receptivity" "corporal punishment and behavioural conditioning."

You glanced down and blushed an even deeper shade as you noticed you nipples were visible through your blouse, and your pussy was achingly horny and moistening your panties. You took a deep breath, "So I would be answering only to you?" you asked nervously.

"Exactly." I stood up from my chair and casually walked around my desk to stand in front of you, just beside your contract, my crotch at eye level, "would you be more comfortable signing if you had a feel for what will be expected of you?"

"Maybe..." you squeaked, not realizing you were staring at my crotch as your pussy dragged your mind a million miles away.

I held out my hand and you looked up into my eyes, "Your panties. Now."

Your heart skipped a beat and you choked on a knee-jerk protest, as I waited my eyebrows rose. I was looking more disappointed by the second.

You thought about how horny your little cunt was, how much you needed this job, and you rose nervously. Sliding your hands up under your skirt you hooked your panties and slowly pulled them down your gorgeous thighs. As you uncovered your hungry pussy, something changed. Your stress and fear were being replaced by a blissful feeling of obedience.

You delicately teased your lacey panties over your heels and stood back up, looking me in the eyes as you handed them to me. A radiant smile blooming on your face as our hands touched and you could see the pleasure written on my face.

I traced my strong finger down your beautiful jawline as I stared into your eyes, "Now I want to remind you of the NDA you signed, as I tell you to get on your knees and suck my cock, slut."

My smile widened as a little moan escaped you. You descended to the floor, your hands gingerly working at my trousers to free my cock, you reached inside and wrapped your small fingers around my thick shaft, your heart racing as you tugged and it caught in my pants, springing free and slapping you in the face. Gasping as you studied it, feeling it's weight in your hand.

"Into your mouth, slut." I ordered, my whole tone and demeanor changing as you gently took the thick head between your soft lips. I slid my hands into your luxurious hair, my fingers resting on the back of your head as I looked down into your eyes, "I haven't even hired you yet, you hungry little whore. You'd better impress me." I said, pulling on the back of your head as I forced myself deeper over your talented tongue.

"Pull up your skirt and rub that empty pussy, young lady. I expect you to be dripping when I fuck your tight cunt." I ordered, stroking into your mouth right to the back of your throat before pulling almost all the way out in long strokes, your jaw aching just a little while you worked to keep your teeth from touching me.

Your pussy was on fire with need as you hiked up your skirt, a jolt of desire surging through your excited little clit at the mention of feeling my long, thick cock inside you.

I looked down at you menacingly, "Understand that you are here to pleasure me, whore. *I* cum first. If you forget your place I will make sure you regret it," I growled down at you.

"Mmmhmmm," you moaned, your fingers leaving your clit as you almost drew too close, your abs fluttering as you denied yourself the orgasm that was looming.

I gripped your hair tighter and pulled you mouth back so my raging hard on was resting on your quivering lips, "Do you need to get fucked, slut?" I asked, looking down at your beautiful face, your lipstick getting smeared.

"Please," you mewled quietly.

I tilted my hips, slapping you in the lips with my heavy shaft, "*Please fuck me, Sir!* Do you want the job or not?" I intoned darkly.

"Please fuck me, Sir!" you begged, looking up into my eyes.

"Stand up," I barked, grabbing your hips and spinning you around to face my desk before bending you over, you skirt still bunched around your waist, bare pussy inches from my hard cock.

Smack! You gasped as my hand came down hard on your sexy ass, the sting making you jump. Smack! My open palm stung your other cheek, "If you want to work for me, you will have to learn your place, slut," I growled. Grabbing my thick shaft and rubbing the head up and down your dripping cunt. "Do you want me inside you?" I asked.

"Please, Sir!" you begged.

"Do you *need* me inside you?" I asked, slowly forcing my meaty head inside your deliciously tight pussy.

"Oh God, please... Sir!" you caught yourself.

"Good girl," I said, slowly pushing all the way into your cunt in one long, slow thrust. Luxuriating in your amazing tightness as you held your breath. Stopping only when the crown of my cock pushed up against your cervix, so deep inside you.

Finally letting out your held breath in a choked, "Oh my God..." as your abused little pussy stretched to accommodate my girth.

"Stroke your clit again, you greedy little whore," I chuckled as I began to gently rock back and forth, tapping so deep inside you. As you keened a low moan, your slippery fingers sliding over your clit once again.

"Please may I cum, Sir?" you begged, my cock hardening at the need in your voice.

"Don't you have a contract to sign? You think I'm going to let you cum without your complete submission?"

You looked over at the papers and pen on the desk, as my heavy shaft stroked slowly inside you, driving you closer to orgasm with every thrust. I seemed to know just how badly you needed it, but still you paused.

I pulled my cock out completely and smacked your ass again, leaving you empty, right on the edge of orgasm. "Either you belong to me, or you will leave right now. What will it be?"

Your hand shot out for the pen and you sighed as my cock pushed back inside you, filling you more than you had ever been. I began rocking deeply against your cervix as you glanced at each item on the addendum before initialing them. As you reached for the contract, still turned to the final page, I grabbed your hair and started to plunge into you, deep slow strokes, stretching every part of you.

"Sign it and you are my property, is that clear?" I cooed.

"Oh God, yes Sir," you whimpered, back arched as you signed yourself over to me.

My teeth clamped down on the nape of your neck as my thrusts gained tempo. Faster and faster as I leaned over you, pushing your thighs into the edge of my desk as my deep strokes gained intensity. Growling, I stood up as I pounded harder, you slim fingers retreating from your over-aroused little button, too close to orgasm. Feeling your control slipping as my fat cock hammered the deepest parts of you, your orgasm crashing over you without permission, you squeaked out an "Oh no..." that trailed off into a long keening moan as your hips started to buck against the heavy desk.

Your pussy was utterly exquisite, I was so close to orgasm when you lost control, your grasping, juicy pussy milking my thick cock over and over. Grabbing your thrusting hips and pounding my throbbing orgasm deep inside you. My cock pumping jet after jet of my seed into the deepest parts of you...

You lay bent over my desk as I pulled my softening cock from your well-fucked cunt, my cum immediately dribbling down your leg as you laid there trying to regain your bearings. You heard me gathering up your papers back into their folder and unlocking the drawer to collect your NDA into a tidy package.

The loud clatter of a key on the desk, inches from your face made you jump. "There is your key, Angel. I expect you here in my office Monday morning at 8am, on your knees with my cock in your mouth or there will be hell to pay." I said as I walked back around my desk, "I look forward to working with you, but I am going to have to punish you for failing the very first order I gave you:

"I!" Smack!

"Cum!" Smack!

"First!" Smack!

You gasped at the surprise pain so soon after so much pleasure. As you panted you could hear me walking away, "We will deal with the rest of your punishment next week."

I looked back from the open door, "Oh, and lock up behind you, slut."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/14/18

I Dream Of Interviews Like This

I haven't had an interview quite like this one. Nor have I had such a Supervisor. But I have had quite a few coworkers like Angel. I don't think there are any businesses that allow sex among employeesmore...

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by DaddysRaven04/22/18

Can't wait....

Can't wait to read the rest! Keep em cumming! 😏

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by BigDickDom04/20/18


Eh, I'm pretty sure her lawyer would look at that NDA and tell her she doesn't have a case. ;-)

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by Anonymous04/20/18

To the commentator of 'And Next Week'

You have come out with suggestions like this before. Don't you understand the meaning of fantasy, or should you just find somewhere else to vent your spleen?

Grow up -- this is a site for adults.

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by Anonymous04/20/18

5 🌟

Amazing, please tell me there is more sir?

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