tagBDSMYour New Job Pt. 03

Your New Job Pt. 03


Part 3 - Punishment

...You swiped your clothes and dashed to the washroom as I ushered in my staff for our Monday morning team meeting. Quickly dressing, it instantly became apparent that I had confiscated your underwear when I'd picked up your clothes. You slipped on your sexy dress and looked in the mirror, blushing all over again as you saw your nipples standing proudly at attention.

"Angel, would you come out here, please," you heard me call from the other room. Your heart thudded in your chest as you checked yourself in the mirror one final time.


You took a deep breath and stepped back out into my office. Of the six seats around my coffee table, five were taken with well dressed men of varying ages, while the sixth waited empty for me. Your pulse raced as twelve eyes focused on you with appraising stares, you could feel your nipples hardening against your will as your face warmed up to a bright pink.

I walked over to stand beside the last seat as I introduced you, "Gentlemen, this is my new assistant, Angel. She aced the interview and has already shown great enthusiasm for her new position," I smiled at you. As you walked over to us, you noticed a familiar sexual scent in the air, but addled by your jittery nerves you couldn't place it.

I stepped forward, drawing your eye to the coffee table in front of me and the little puddle right on the edge, right were your pussy had been. Bending over to sit down, you watched and your heart sank as I swiped my finger through the puddle, drawing everyone's attention, before tasting my fingertip and smiling, "She is really quite a treat."

I turned my attention back to the group as you waited, continuing to talk about the work load ahead. Your empty pussy was smoldering as you tried to take deep calming breaths, your beautiful chest heaving under the thin fabric of your dress. You glanced at the men sitting around the table, every one of them was unabashedly checking you out. Looking down you saw your aroused nipples standing proudly through your dress. You bit your lip as your embarrassment washed over you anew, your cunt was on fire.

Your blush deepened as you stood there. I glanced over, catching your eye, and then motioned toward an empty crystal decanter and glasses on a tray, artfully placed beneath a painting. You rushed over, thankful for any task to keep you busy. Taking the decanter to the sink and filling it while we discussed last week's business and planned for the current one. You walked back to the tray and poured the glasses, hazarding a glance over your shoulder as you worked. Two of the gentlemen and myself were enjoying your hot ass in your tight dress as you busied yourself.

You sauntered back to the table with the tray and handed a drink to everyone, me last. As you stood I looked over at you, "Coasters, please," I said simply. Flustered you walked back over to the tray and grabbed them.

This time you noted that you had to bend way over to reach down and place a coaster on the table in front of each gentleman. Your inner slut smiled as you realized what I was after, and you made a show of placing the coasters individually, bending at the waist each time. You could see by my smile that I was pleased as you reached down to place the last one in front of the handsome young man to my right.

You stood up and paused, unsure of what to do next. In that moment I twirled my finger and said, "Turn around, my dear, I have a challenge for my team." You did as instructed, facing away from the table, and felt my hand gently touch your lower back, "Now bend over, Angel."

Your heart began to race as you stood there perched on your heels, your pert ass pointed towards six hungry sets of eyes, barely covered by the draping folds of your short dress. You took another deep breath as I began to speak again, "Gentlemen, the challenge is this: whoever has the highest sales this week..." I paused for dramatic effect and then flipped up your dress, exposing your juicy, aroused holes to every man in the room, "will receive a personal thank you from my new assistant. Won't they, slut?" you gasped at your sudden exposure as my words sunk in.

Smack! You hadn't answered the question.

"Y- yes, Sir," you said, your voice shaking as you looked over at me, still obediently holding your pose.

You saw me motion for you to stand up, and as you stood and turned around, the attractive young man on my right bent forward to put down his drink and you watched as he slid his finger through the puddle and tasted it, smiling at you, "I've already got this one locked down, Sir. I look forward to that 'personal thank you.' ...Angel, was it?"

"It's not over yet, Matt," I grinned while your heart pounded in your chest, another stab of pleasure in your little pussy, "But Angel, please mark a two hour appointment on your calendar for 3pm, Friday afternoon. You will be busy."

You stood there dumbfounded as you tried to understand how your life had changed so dramatically, your pussy was throbbing. Again. Then you noticed we were all staring at you again expectantly, your mind raced to figure out why. Oh, right, you hadn't answered. You choked out a, "Yes, Sir." and everyone smiled.

I clapped my hands loudly, making you jump, "Meeting adjourned."

Everyone stood and I followed them as they all exited, joking with them before closing the door, leaving us alone again. I turned and slowly sauntered right up to you as you stood there, trying to figure out what to do with your hands.

My brow furrowed in irritation as my finger came up under your jawline, gently sliding down to your chin while I tilted your head back, as if for a kiss, "I understand it's your first day, so I will be lenient, but in the future when I ask a question or give a direct order I expect an answer. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir! Sorry, Sir," you gasped.

"Good. I like to start my day with a coffee, my dear. Two cream," I swatted your cute ass as I walked back to my desk.

You glanced around before heading out of my office and past your new desk, that you hadn't even sat at yet, your mind mused. It didn't take long to find the lunch room and pour my coffee.

Coming back into my office with your delivery, I was already on the phone. As you came around beside me and carefully placed my mug on a coaster, my strong hand gently patted your ass as I looked up at you, "Just a sec," I said into the phone before holding it against my shoulder for privacy, "Thank you, my dear. Please, take some time to get acquainted with your computer and my schedule and whatnot, we will deal with your punishment before lunch," my tone sounding as if I was simply discussing work scheduling, though your heart still skipped a beat as you thought back to your interview. How I'd punctuated every word with a hard smack on your ass, as my cum oozed from your used cunt: I. Cum. First... You headed to your desk.

It took you a while to go through the mundanities of setting up your new accounts, diligently following the instructions in the new employee orientation folder that was waiting on your desk. After getting that out of the way it was a simple matter to get acquainted with my schedule and you had already begun to find inefficiencies that you could correct.

The phone at your desk warbled the off-tone of an internal call. You answered, still a bit unsure of the system and heard my voice, "Please forward all calls to my phone, and come into my office. You will take off your dress and fold it neatly at your desk, before you bring it inside. You will get it back once you are in my good graces again. You have two minutes." Click. I hadn't even given you a chance to respond.

You stood and looked around nervously, peering down the long hall that the janitor had watched you walk down after your interview. You stepped out to stand in front of my door fidgeting, smoothing your dress as your mind raced. You should just say no and walk away, you thought, but your poor little pussy was throbbing as you contemplated stripping right here outside my door. You gasped as you remembered the time limit I'd set, and sprang into action.

Sliding the straps off of your shoulders, your heart raced as you found yourself naked at work for the second time this morning. You picked up your dress and laid it out on your desk, nervously glancing down the hall as you folded it into a pretty little package.

Stepping up to my door, you took a deep breath to compose yourself before turning the handle. As you stepped into my office you heard the ding of the elevator down the hall, quickly closing the door before the lady exiting turned her head your way. You pulse pounded as your fingers turned the lock.

"Three minutes and two seconds, that's one minute and two seconds too long," I said unforgivingly as I enjoyed the view of your gorgeous ass, "at ten swats per minute, that's twenty swats added to your punishment."

You gasped as you stood there exposed, perched on your heels, your dress neatly folded in your hand.

I held out my palm as you met my pitiless gaze, "your dress, young lady." I said frostily.

You averted your eyes as you approached hesitantly, feeling the air on your naked skin. You reached out and placed your dress in my hand, our fingers brushing in the exchange, your exposed clit throbbing in anticipation. Flushing deep red as your mind flitted back to how many times you had edged over the past two days fantasizing about the punishments you might receive.

I carefully placed your dress in my desk drawer and locked it, dropping my keys back in my pocket as I turned to you, "Bend over my desk: tits on the wood, ass in the air, ankles spread, you greedy little slut." I ordered.

Your stomach sank as you lowered your perky nipples to the cold desktop, prostrating your arms beside your head and resting your cheek on the cool surface. You arched your back to present your ass as you spread your ankles apart, exposing everything to me.

"Do you have something to say to me before we begin?" I asked menacingly.

"Sorry, Sir!" you said with as much conviction as you could muster.

"Not sorry enough yet," I intoned quietly, almost under my breath.

Smack! Your breath caught in your throat as my open palm brought searing pain to your perfectly presented little behind.

Smack! "Count them out, slut. Or this will go on until I am tired," I said, matter of factly. Smack!


Smack! "One, *Sir!*"

"One, Sir!" you exclaimed.

"Good girl," Smack!

"Two, Sir!"

"Very, good." Smack!

I alternated cheeks, the dull heat beginning to rise from your punished derriere in between my harsh swats as you counted out the first twenty blows of your punishment, "That was for coming in late, slut. I expect punctuality, always."

You were panting and trying to catch your breath as your aroused nipples pressed into the table. Your pussy was on fire, you clit throbbing in time with the heat of your abused pink cheeks. You jumped as my finger dipped into the juices leaking from your horny pussy and began stroking delicate circles around your pulsing clit.

Your moan was music to my ears as my palms tingled. "Now I don't consider myself cruel. I want you to understand there are benefits to working for me," my finger continued it's gentle, stroking of your clit as my soft voice soothed your agitated nerves, calming you even as your orgasm began to mount. "I know I can be harsh, but I prefer to think of myself as a gentleman, and a gentleman knows how to treat a woman."

Your hips began to squirm as your orgasm rose, the stimulation of the morning beginning to overpower you as my slippery finger continued it's inexorable teasing. You whimpered as you got closer and closer, your back arching as your pleasure mounted, presenting your hungry pussy to me.

"But I need to you to understand," my soothing voice intoned as your hips twitched, right on the edge of orgasm, "that - I!" Smack! "Cum!" Smack "First!" Smack!

One hand rained down blows as the other continued to stroke your throbbing button, panic filling you as you felt your orgasm about to crash over you. Gasping, "Please, Sir! May I cum?!"

My finger pulled away from your twitching pussy even as my other hand spanked you again, "No, slut. This is a punishment." Smack! "You cum only when I let you." Smack! "And I will always cum First." Smack!

You groaned as you cunt pulsed, almost betraying you again even as it was ignored, each smack pushing you closer to orgasm.

Laying there panting, your empty cunt fluttering, abs twitching as you pulled yourself back from the edge, trying to regain your control. You noticed I was silent behind you and craned your head around to see me.

I looked you in the eyes, "On your knees, whore." Why did your pussy betray you every time I mistreated you?

The cool tile was hard under your knees as they touched down, still catching your breath as you knelt before me. I unzipped my fly and looked you in the eyes, "Angel, suck it." I commanded.

You reached into the hole in my trousers and your cool fingers found my thick shaft. A little twisting and it was free, my fat crown mere inches from your lips as you mouth begin to water involuntarily.

Looking up into my eyes as you opened wide and popped my heavy cock head into your hungry little mouth. Your empty pussy throbbed as you knelt there, a soft moan escaping you, stiffening me as it travelled up my shaft. You redoubled your efforts as you worked to placate me, your rosy ass cheeks pulsing with heat after my harsh treatment.

"Fingers on your cunt, slut," I barked, "I expect you to be ready to cum if I do. You will learn soon enough that I expect your pussy to always be ready to orgasm when I'm hard, even if we both know you haven't earned it yet and you will be denied."

Your fingers dipped quickly into your dripping pussy before stroking lazy circles around your throbbing clit. Gentle strokes were all you could handle as your mouth stretched around my cock, your cunt so close to cumming that you began lifting your fingers away, only dipping down for teasing little tickles as your abs began to twitch and your cunt grasped hungrily. You moaned your need as you stared up into my eyes, begging for permission to orgasm with your mouth stretched around my thick shaft.

Fuck was I hard. Your soft wet lips stimulating my crown as you bobbed up and down. Feeling my balls tighten as my own orgasm approached. Your desire so plainly written on your face as I looked down at you, your mouth stretched so lewdly around my thick shaft. Finally sliding my fingers into your hair to pull you away from my twitching cock, both of us so close.

I panted as I caught my breath, "Not yet, slut," I said firmly as I pushed you away, "Your punishment isn't done. Stand up and bend over my desk again." I walked back behind the solid hardwood edifice, regaining my composure as my cock bobbed proudly in front of me with each step, "I need to make sure that you understand that greedy whores will always regret being greedy."

On wobbly knees you stood and turned, laying over my desk once again, watching me as I reached into a drawer and pulled out a long metal ruler.

You gasped as your heart skipped again, your tiny voice begging, "Please, Sir." you meweled, "I understand my place, I promise I'll behave..." Your eyes glued to the ruler as I walked back around behind you, hearing the loud smacks as I tested it out on my palm.

"I intend to make sure of that," I growled.

You could feel my menacing presence behind you as my tone softened, my soothing voice at odds with your knowledge of what was to come, "What do you have to say to me for cumming without permission?" I cooed in your ear.

"I'm sorry, Sir?" you asked, your heart fluttering.

Smack! You gasped at the sharp sting of the metal on your tender flesh, "That didn't sound very sorry," I purred.

"I'm sorry, Sir." you squeaked out through clenched teeth.

Smack! "Louder, slut," I said matter of factly.

"I'm sorry, Sir!" you squealed.

Smack! "Much better. Again." I intoned calmly as I alternated cheeks, you would be feeling this spanking for a few days, I mused to myself.

"I'm sorry, Sir!" you groaned panting, your delicate hands balled up into fists on my desk.

Smack! "Again." I said calmly as I punished you.

We settled into a mind melting rhythm for the remaining swats of your punishment. Unable to keep count as your ass burned and your pussy throbbed you could only endure and apologize over and over.

Finally, as you lay panting on my desk your legs shaking, the pattern broke. My finger gently slid into your dripping cunt, parting the folds of your wet lips as I probed your hot tight sex. Only then did you realize just how horny you were, spreading your legs a little to give me easier access.

My finger vacated your hungry little pussy as you sensed me move up behind you, followed by the thick head of my heavy cock rubbing up and down your dripping slit, lubricating my proud crown before pushing inside you.

The stretch of your tight cunt was delicious as your soft velvet folds pulled taut around my thick shaft. You groaned as I pushed in your entire depth in one slow stroke, pinned between my cock and the desk, your straining pussy yielding until you stretched around me like a glove.

I rocked back and forth the last half inch, gently kissing your cervix with the head of my cock as I spoke, "I think we can have a fantastic working relationship, slut. But you will have to remember your place, is that clear?" You groaned as I slowly started to lengthen my strokes, "Now what have you learned today?"

"That you cum first, Sir?" with all of the edging and torment you had been subjected to you could feel your orgasm rising again.

"Such a good girl," I said as I slid back and forth inside you in long deep strokes, leaning over to reach between your legs and rub your hot little clit.

In moments your knees were quivering again, "Please may I cum, Sir?" you begged.

"You mean you want me to cum in your unprotected pussy, so you can orgasm?" I asked playfully, emphasizing my point by tapping the head of my thick cock against your cervix as I spoke.

"Please, Sir!" I could hear the desperation mounting in your voice as my fingers continued to tease your delicate clit.

"'Please' what, slut?"

"Please cum in my pussy, Sir!" your legs were shaking you were so close.

And with that your hungry cunt was empty as I walked around the desk, "This is a punishment, whore. Or did you forget?" I dropped your dress beside your face as you lay gasping on my desk, "Get dressed, I'm taking you to lunch."

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