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Your New Toy


"Diane, come in."

You opened your door and, as usual, looked lovely, with your short blonde hair and eager smile. Dressed in a pale white shift, it was obvious that you weren't wearing a bra and your breasts pushed against the thin material, almost begging for attention.

"Jennie, it's so good to see you," I said, as we hugged.

I, too, was braless and I could feel my nipples harden at the touch of yours against them. My pink silk blouse did little to hide anything and my flowing green skirt completed my ensemble.

Leaving my shoes at the door I followed you into your lounge room, enjoying the view of your sexy backside. I always loved to watch you walk and you often said the same to me. It was that conversation, a few weeks ago, that started things moving between us, culminating with my first FF experience.

You had walked up behind me as I entered the very same room we were in now and started giving me a neck massage as I stood still, enjoying the sensation. Soon, your hands slowly slid down my back and cupped my bum cheeks, squeezing them gently. At first I was a bit startled but it felt so good that I laid my head back against your breasts, feeling your softness. You turned me around, looked into my eyes, and kissed me on the lips, just briefly.

As you broke the kiss, only moving your lips a few millimeters, I put my arms around you and pulled you back to me. Our kiss deepened and, before I realized what I was doing, our tongues were dancing together. Our hands started roaming over each other's bodies until we were both breathing hard. It was only a few steps to your bedroom and we spent the next two hours there, enjoying each other.

You taught me things that I never knew possible and made me cum over and over again. At the same time I learned to give you pleasure as only a woman can and the look in your eyes as we eventually parted told me this would happen again and again.

Since that first time we had several sessions of intense lovemaking and once had same room sex with our partners. I remember, as we were riding them in your king size bed, side by side, leaning together and locking ourselves in a passionate kiss. I giggled to myself when I remember how that set them off, almost simultaneously. All four of us nearly came together.

We once thought about a swinging session but decided against it, at least for the moment.

"Hi, Frank," I smiled as I saw your hubby sitting in the lounge room. It was probably just as well that my little fantasy of remembering was broken, as I was starting to get wet.

"Frank wants to be part of tonight," you announced, "I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all," I said a bit nervously, wondering exactly what you had in mind. My partner had to work late and wouldn't be over for at least another two or three hours.

When you had called me that afternoon you were almost gushing at your 'new toy' but you wouldn't tell me what it was. All you said was, "You'll just have to come over and see!"

"Well?" I asked, "where is this new toy? I'm all ready for 'show and tell."

"Not so fast, my sexy redhead friend," you laughed, "We might need a drink first, just to relax you."

Frank also looked a bit quizzical as he poured three glasses of wine; it appeared to me that he didn't know what you had on your mind, either.

You and I sat together on the lounge and Frank was in a chair across the room. He watched as we finished our wine and started a long slow kiss.

"Just to put you in the mood," you told me, as your hand moved under my blouse and started stroking my breasts. My nipples were hard now and got even harder as you pinched them, making me catch my breath.

I pulled you to me, making you lean far enough that your shift rode up to your creamy thighs. As you were caressing my breasts I raised your shift and ran my hands up to your pussy, delightfully discovering that you weren't wearing any knickers.

Glancing over at Frank I noticed him rubbing his cock through his shorts and that the lump he was stroking was growing. When we had had same room sex I had admiringly noticed he was very well hung, and thick, but my attention at that time was in stroking my hubby to hardness.

You had unbuttoned my blouse and slid it off my shoulders, and your lips were sucking my nipples, alternating between them. It wasn't long before we paused briefly to remove all our clothes and, now freed of all restrictions, were stroking each other's pussies and kissing deeply.

"Frank," you said, "If you take those shorts off it will make it easier for you."

"Yes," I added, "I don't mind if Jennie doesn't."

We both watched as Frank's erection popped into view as he dropped his shorts, also removing his shirt.

"Diane," you announced, "It's time for you to see what Frank bought me."

Reaching into a side table drawer you told me to close my eyes and hold out my hand.

Not sure what was going to happen I did so and felt you place something cold and rubbery in my hand.

I had seen strapons before, but never touched one; I held it in one hand and stroked it with the other, gradually warming it as I watched both you and Frank watching me.

Feeling suddenly wanton and almost evil, I stroked my nipples with the head of it, watching them grow even harder. On impulse, I leaned across and did the same to yours, circling each in turn.

"Diane, I want you to be the first I use it with."

"Oh, Jennie," I said in mock fright because I was really getting turned on at the thought, "I've never done this before. It looks so big."

I turned on the lounge, now facing Frank across the room, and spread my legs. His eyes went to my light red fluff as I placed the head of your strapon against my pussy lips and slowly inserted it a few inches into me. You watched me as well and I saw you lick your lips as I moved it in and out.

Frank was stroking his cock and you sternly advised him, "Don't you dare cum just yet, Frank. I have plans for you later."

Watching you the entire time, I removed your strapon from my pussy and put it into my mouth, sucking it as if it were a large cock. Still not taking my eyes from yours I pushed your legs apart and slid it into you, watching it disappear between your hairless labia.

As I removed it and placed it in my mouth I saw Frank stand up and walk the few steps toward us, his cock leading the way. It looked huge, probably because he had shaved his pubic hair. My hubby's was about the same size but, because he is hairy, looks smaller.

Smiling at both of you, I removed the strapon from my mouth and, as he stopped, easily within arms reach I reached toward his erect member. I looked at you and said, "May I?"

You nodded and I firmly gripped Frank's 7" cock and brought it to my mouth, sucking it in as far as I could and swirling my tongue around his foreskin. He started to move in and out but I slapped him on the bum and laughed, "No you don't! Didn't you hear Jennie say she had plans for you?"

I handed the strapon to you, looked into your eyes and ordered you, "Jennie, I want you to fuck me. Now, and hard, please."

"Come with me, you two," you replied, taking my hand and starting toward the bedroom. Frank hesitated briefly so I grabbed his cock and led him with it, all the time watching your swaying bum half a step ahead of me.

Despite the size of it, I wanted you to use your strapon on me and fuck me silly. I was so turned on that I needed my pussy stretched, badly.

"Diane, lay in the middle and put two pillows under your bum. I want you to feel every inch."

I did as I was told and watched you put the strapon around your waist. We both knew there would be no need for any lubrication; I was so wet I was almost flowing. Even so, in a loving gesture, you leaned sideways and gave my pussy a long slow lick, pausing to flick my throbbing clit with your tongue.

"Please, Jennie, please," I begged.

It seemed so strange to lie there, watching your magnificent boobs just brush my own small ones as you knelt between my legs and slowly pushed your strapon into me. After a few seconds my body adjusted to your movements and your thrusting pace increased. We repositioned slightly to be sure my clit was receiving the attention it so badly needed and, as you began to thrust harder and harder, I could feel my climax building.

"Nnnnnnnnngggggg, nnnnnnngggggg, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Yes; yes; YES!"

My pussy gripped your appendage and my hands, your hips, as you drove into me, bringing me to a stronger orgasm than I had ever had before.

Mercifully, you recognised my needs and paused as I came down from my incredible high.

Frank, meanwhile, had been watching from the side, his cock still standing at full length. As I calmed slightly I opened my eyes and saw him staring at you imbedded in my pussy.

Catching my breath, I said, "Frank, why don't you put that thing where it will do the most good?"

You grinned and started to slowly thrust into me again as Frank moved and knelt behind you on the bed. As you did, you sensed more than saw him give his cock a quick stroke, and you wiggled your bum seductively. As you did, my pussy received a new sensation with your sideways movement, and I was ready for you to start on me again.

Over your shoulder I could see Frank move closer, and I watched as his hands gripped your hips. As you partly withdrew from me, moving your hips backwards, he drove into you, unable to contain himself any longer. His thrust was so strong and deep that it forced you back into me, harder than you had before and I gave a little scream of pleasure mixed with a slight amount of beautiful pain.

I returned your thrust and you became, not only the object of my pleasure, but Frank's also. As he moved, so did you and so did I, finally reaching a rhythm that we continued for what seemed like forever, each of us building toward our individual orgasms. I couldn't reach your pussy through the strapon but I managed to grip your swaying breasts and pinch both of your nipples.

Gradually we increased our pace, becoming more and more frantic in our movements as we came closer and closer to our peak of pleasure.

I could see Frank's face behind yours and knew that he was so very near, as were you. My orgasm was close and I was trying to hold on, wanting to see you cum before I did. You had given me so much pleasure that I wanted to be sure you got yours.

While I watched I saw Frank stiffen as he drove into you and held himself in place, giving a groan of passion. I knew you would feel the strength of his cumming as your pussy was bathed in his juices, and you came as you drove so strongly into me that I could hold back no longer.

I followed you both into orgasm and we collapsed into a small tangle of sated bodies.

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