tagBDSMYour Personal Librarian Pt. 03

Your Personal Librarian Pt. 03


The next day at work was agony. I hadn't slept much, my brain unable to stop thinking about him. His words. His demands. His displeasure. Kneeling before him in the stacks, nipples squeezed tight by the rubber bands, looking up into his eyes as they watched me, playful yet calculating. And, of course, his question.

I ran through the events of the day over and over all night and all the next day, obsessively thinking about him. I wondered if I really was willing to give control to him and open myself to him as freely as he wished. I knew I would say yes, but to what was I actually agreeing, how much would he ask of me and would I be able to please him the way I desired to please him? Only time would tell.

The day dragged on at the reference desk as I waited for him. That morning I chose my attire with his instructions in mind, a dress with buttons all the way down the front, no panties, and no bra. I was prepared for him, but I had no idea when he would stop by although he typically came by in the late afternoon. I knew it was not wise to go braless all day at work and I could get disciplined if I didn't hide it well enough, but I wanted him to know I took him seriously.

I spent the entire day on high alert, hyper-aware of every sensation and every situation, from the rough fabric of my linen dress against my bare ass to my pendulous tits shifting as I walked around the library. My nipples were perpetually erect, and I couldn't stop wondering if anyone noticed. Every time I went to the bathroom, I raised my dress and felt discombobulated when I reached for panties to pull down and there was nothing there to pull down or pull back up when I was done. It was mentally exhausting, but so very exciting.

My cunt was juicy all day and I desperately wanted to take a few extra minutes in the restroom to rub my clit, hoping to relax. Finally, during some time off desk that afternoon, I could take it no longer and decided to risk it. I didn't want to be too obvious, so I decided to use the public restroom as much as I hated it. I entered the stall farthest from the door, pulled up my dress and sat. I wanted to wait for him, but he had me so on edge, I needed this now.

I reached my hand between my legs as I heard someone enter the restroom stall next to mine. I slid two fingers into my wet slit and was stunned at how slick it was. I pulled my cream covered fingers out of myself and looked at them in amazement. I had never been this wet before and I wasn't even in his presence. Curious, I licked the cream off and plunged them back in my soaking hole, coating my fingers again before sliding them over my swollen clit, my natural lubricant making my fingers glide across the sensitive protrusion.

I began slowly, circling my middle finger around the nub while I tried to ignore the sounds of the person next to me. I imagined myself kneeling naked before him, back straight and breasts pushed forward as he unzips his trousers and pulls out his cock. My cunt pulsed as I circled my fingers more quickly and I reached my other hand through the buttons of my dress to pinch my nipples. I squeezed my lips together tightly as I tried not to make any noise.

Rubbing more furiously, I imagined him telling me to open my mouth and hold out my tongue before shoving his cock forcefully into my mouth. I dipped my fingers back into my tight hole, wanting to draw out the pleasure but knowing I had to hurry. Rushing, my fingers flew over my clit as I felt my orgasm mount until at last, climax. I gasped and bit down on my lip as I squeezed my eyes shut trying to ignore the fact that I was in the public restroom at work.

My face felt hot as I breathed in deep, forcing myself to calm down before I exited the stall. I stood slowly as my dress fell back in place, the fabric grazing my bare skin, the wetness dripping from my cunt and smearing onto my upper thighs. I felt somewhat unstable as I heard the automatic toilet flush, so I closed my eyes and shook my head to clear it then slid the lock open just as the person in the stall next to me did the same. I looked down and pretended to adjust the top of my dress in hopes of not making eye contact. The person went to the sinks as I stood frozen in place, embarrassed and shameful.

As she washed, I continued to fidget with my dress, making sure all my buttons were closed, things I would normally have done in the stall but in my distracted state, forgot to do. The woman finished quickly, and I followed her into the lobby also forgetting to wash my own hands. When I realized my mistake, I turned around to head back to the sinks and that's when I heard him, "Eileen..."

My eyes followed the sound of his voice and there he was, crossing the foyer towards me, looking straight at me. It was not where I wanted to be when he came in. It was definitely not my finest moment, but he did not need to know that. Or so I thought.

Nervously I waited for him by the new book display as he returned his books. He stopped in front of me and looked me over from head to toe. He tilted his head quizzically, "Something is different about you today... Your face is flushed but you look...calm."

I laughed guiltily and said simply, "Hi, Sir," hoping to let it slide by.

He reached for my hand, the unwashed sex-covered hand, and lifted it to his lips for a quick kiss then stopped, holding my hand just at his lips, directly under his nose, "Eileen...what have you been up to?"

I had the distinct feeling he thought it all rather amusing, but I was mortified. Caught. He knew exactly what I had been up to.

Humiliated, I remained silent, stifling nervous giggles as best I could.

"Eileen...I require an answer."

I cringed. How was I supposed to say what I had just been doing? Should I be clinical or raunchy? What did he want to hear?

I bit the bullet and whispered, "I masturbated in the bathroom just now, Sir," my face growing hotter with each word I spoke.

"I know. I can smell it on you. Did you come?"

I looked down at my shoes and said even more quietly, "Yes, Sir. Please don't tell my boss."

"Good girl. Your secret is safe with me. And, Eileen, you need to know that all your secrets are safe with me and I hope to know many more. Now, are you available to answer my question?"

"Yes, Sir. I am off desk right now, but if you'll give me one moment to grab a book cart, I can meet you out in the stacks.

"Don't keep me waiting."

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