tagLoving WivesYour Pimp's Here Ch. 01

Your Pimp's Here Ch. 01


I don't what it is about some women, they just look sexy. They seem to have a smoldering seductiveness about them. Maybe it is something in they way they walk, or the way they carry themselves but they just seem to have a manner that screams out their sensuality. That was the way it was when the pretty little blond first caught my eye. She just looked hot, ready for action. She had a sexy sway to her hips as she sauntered over towards me. I noticed her hair first, then the short, tight skirt. The long trim legs that disappeared under the tiny skirt she wore. Man, I wanted me some of that.

Then I looked into her face, a face that appeared very familiar to me. Her bright blue eyes gleaming out at me with friendliness. I knew this woman. She looked just like my wife, my estranged wife I guess. But my wife has shoulder length dark brown hair and wonderful brown eyes with gold flecks. But still, she had the high cheekbones, the cute little nose. She looked so much like my wife that they could be twins. Perhaps it is my loneliness, my need to get back with my wife that made me think it was her then...

"Hey sexy, want to take me out?" The woman asked with a pleasant but smoldering voice.

It was her, it was my Shannon.

"Shannon? Is that you?" I asked incredulously as I gazed into her face hoping for recognition.

"Jason? What are you doing down here?" She asked with a funny little giggle.

"Shannon!" I screamed out angrily. "What happened to you? What are you doing?" I grabbed her arm and turned her towards me.

"Let go Jason, you're hurting my arm." She replied. "Silky!" She called out.

"Shannon, please honey, what are you doing?" I pleaded as I was grabbed by the arm and spun around.

A large black man loomed over me. He punched me in the stomach with his fist and I doubled over. As I grabbed my aching stomach his knee came up and caught me in the nose and mouth. I went down onto my knees and crumpled over into a ball trying to protect myself from further injury.

"Silky, don't kill him!" I heard Shannon's voice call out into the haze as I passed out from the blow that reigned down onto my head.

When I awoke, my battered head was being cradled in the arms of a large woman. I struggled for a second and then a soft hand touched my face.

"Its okay sugar, it's over. Lay still, I have you." I heard a calm voice trying to sooth me through the edges of darkness and the throbbing pain in my head and neck.

That was almost a year ago. I had recovered from the beating months ago and was none the worse for wear but I was much wiser. I had filed for divorce just weeks after the beating and had only seen Shannon once since then. It was an arbitration meeting that the court ordered as a normal routine with divorce proceedings in our area. The meeting was held in a small office in her attorney's building. Just her and me, face to face. I was very hesitant to see her again as my feelings of anger and betrayal were still very strong but I wanted this divorce to move forward so I could move on with my life. I arrived right on time for the arbitration and was escorted into the tiny and sparsely furnished space. I secretly hoped for a reconciliation but I was also a realist and knew that it was not likely. Shannon was seated at the small wooden table that took up most of the space in the room. I immediately held my breath and realized that I still loved this woman.

"Hello Jason." Her soft but cold voice greeted me as I sat down.

"Hi Shannon, how are you?" I asked as I took in her features. She was still young, 23, and beautiful but she appeared tired and not well.

"Good. I see you have survived." She responded. Her hair, still blond, was cut in a short stylish way that made her looks so different than she did before our parting but it was kind of tired and limp looking too. Her eyes were again quite brown but were dilated and they had kind of a glaze to them.

"I have missed you so much." I said as I tried to gauge her feelings towards me. "I still love you." I whispered as I hoped she would reply the same way.

"Right, whatever." Was the only thing she said. Her tone was without feeling and my heart broke.

"Well, so do you need anything?" I asked once again hoping for a morsel of affection from her. She stared at me for about a minute or perhaps longer and then she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small piece of pink stationary paper.

"It's all on here. Can I go now?" She remarked with almost a sneer on her face as she stood up from her side of the table. I then took notice of what she was wearing. She was almost poured into a bright red knit dress that revealed all of her curves. It was short and barely covered her underwear, if she was wearing any. I couldn't tell. Obviously, she was not wearing a bra as her nipples protruded through the material and made two sharp points. I immediately felt a warm feeling in my groin area from her appearance.

"Yes, but can you please stay a moment for me?" I pleaded with her with my eyes and my voice which almost broke as I asked her to stay.

"Look Jason, this is what you wanted, and I have to go to work." She hissed as she pushed back from her chair and began walking towards the door.

"Shannon, please..." I said but was abruptly interrupted as she walked from the room and shut the door. I sat down and stared at the door where the love of my life had just walked away from me. Tears filled my eyes and it took me a while to compose myself. I finally blew my nose into my handkerchief and sat back to examine the note she had handed me.

I immediately recognized the paper in my hands. It was from a stationary set I had given her for Christmas just a year ago but it felt like a lifetime ago. I held the paper to my nose and inhaled. The paper smelled of her, her scent. I closed my eyes and thought of how the scent was usually on her clothes and hair; it was her essence. I unfolded the paper and began to read the words in Shannon flowing script.


I want to you to know that I have always loved you, and I still do. This is the way you wanted things when you pushed me into the arms of another man, Silky. I have everything from you that I want from our life together, my clothes and my car. Don't ever try to find me and don't ever try to contact me again.


I read the note completely through three of four times hoping to find different words or to see a different meaning in her words but it was not to be. I folded the note up and pushed it into the pocket of my suit coat...But that was a time ago...

I almost didn't recognize her because she had changed so much is such a short period of time. I mean she was my wife after all. We had been separated for almost a year and the divorce was proceeding agonizingly slow through the court system. The feelings I had for her, at this time, were not as raw as before as time had slowly healed the deep wounds that the breakup had inflicted.

I guess that one of the reasons I didn't recognize her was her hair. It had been dark brown, very straight and about down to her breasts when we parted. It was now cut into a short blond bob. It was kind of curly as if it had been permed or something and it just changed the way she looked. The other major change was the additional weight she was carrying now. She appeared to be about 15 pounds heavier than I last remembered her. She had always been very thin and shapely. Like a model. She worked our extensively at the gym and barely weighed 120 when we parted. She wore the additional weight well as it gave her curves a nice soft roundness.

One of the most striking things about her was the extra makeup she was now wearing around her eyes. She had previously been able to get by with just a light amount of makeup to give her a natural appearance but now she looked almost whorish. Her eyes were heavily made-up with dark mascara and a deep brown shade of eye shadow. It was a cheap slutty look that I appreciated seeing in some women, just not the women I was out with.

I think she was surprised that I recognized her or that I would even approach and talk with her. Her leaving me had been abrupt and took me entirely off-guard. I walked up to her and with a smile said.

"Hi Shannon, how are you?" I meant it all quite sincerely and I think this also unnerved her.

"Oh, Hey Jason, She smiled back at me as she replied. I reached out to her and pulled her to me for a hug. She returned the embrace and I felt her melt into my arms. The body I was holding was very familiar to me but it seemed to have a much softer and warmer feel than I last remembered it. The hug embrace lingered much longer than I had expected but I was not complaining. We slowly broke it off and I looked down into her face.

"Shannon, how have you been? You have changed your look?" I studied her face waiting for her response.

"Okay." Was her soft reply. It seemed to betray how she was really doing so I pushed her further.

"Okay? Just okay?" I exclaimed in a questioning manner. Shannon broke my gaze and then replied.

"Yeah, just okay." She seemed to sigh as she said it and she tried to smile but it was strained.

"I am just going to have lunch, have you eaten?" I inquired as we stepped back from one another. "No, I was just headed out for a bite myself." She offered as she looked back into my eyes.

"Join me?" I asked.

"Are you sure?" She returned.

"Yes, please. Join me." I encouraged as we began walking towards a nearby café.

Shannon quickly walked along beside me and I glanced down to check her out. All of a sudden it hit me, or should I say they hit me. Shannon had huge breasts. When I had been with her she had nice smallish breasts, about a 34b. Enough for me but now she sported a large set of boobs, I guessed about 36d or larger. I knew that weigh-gain could cause breast increase but this was more, these babies were artificially enhanced.

We reached the café and I opened the door for her and we walked inside. The hostess greeted us and said there would be a few minutes wait. As we stood there I slyly glanced over at Shannon to assess her body to determine if there were any other significant changes. She was still 5'7" tall; she had not grown any I mused. Then I noticed that she had put on most of her weight at her hips and buttocks. She appeared to be sporting almost a bubble-butt. It looked good on her, different but good.

The hostess seated us and we ordered our meal from the waitress who had appeared almost instantly at our table. Shannon ordered a salad and an iced tea. I on the other hand chose a club sandwich and potato salad with a coke. We sat silently for a few minutes and then I began the conversation.

So, what have you been doing with yourself? You look much different than you did a year ago."

"Oh, I have moved and I have been trying to get myself back together." Was her reply.

"Moved where?" I inquired as I took a sip of my coke.

"Um, back to the west side. I have an apartment at Bentwood." She offered as she took a small taste of her iced tea. It obviously didn't suit her as she opened two packets of sugar and stirred them into the tall glass of icy beverage.

"The west side! Cool! You're still with Silky?" There I had to ask.

"No, I left him about 2 months ago and I am trying to get it together again." She replied quietly with a break in her voice.

"Oh, I see. Why haven't you called me?" I asked. It had been a year since we had separated and I had not heard or seen a peep from her in all that time.

"You know busy and stuff." She answered and then quickly added. "I didn't think you would talk to me."

"I would have talked with you, honest. I missed you." I admitted.

"Really? After everything that happened? I just figured..." She was saying and I cut her off.

"I just wanted to know how things were going. How you were making out." I told her as the food arrived and we began eating. The food was good and we made small talk as we ate.

"So, you seeing anyone?" I asked when the meal was done and the waitress had dropped off the bill.

"No, not really. You?" She asked as she reached for her purse.

"Me either, not this week anyway." I replied jokingly as I snatched up the bill and waved her off.

"Let me pay the tip." She interjected. I agreed to let her get the tip. We paid and walked out of the café and we started to create a way to part from each other.

"Um...can I call you?" I asked. "Maybe we could see each other?" I was hoping.

"Sure. I mean if you want to." She sounded eager but then tried to play it down.

"You in the book?" I asked as she began reaching into her purse.

"No, here is my cell number. Call me sometime." She replied as she handed me a small slip of paper on which she had hastily scratched out her number. We hugged one last time and it felt so good. We both turned to walk our separate ways and I called after her.

"Hey, I'll call you tonight Shannon." She just turned to face me and smiled as we lost each other on the crowded sidewalk.

As I walked back to work I replayed her appearance and our lunch time conversations. She had new lines around her eyes and looked older than when I last saw her, but it had been a year. She had worn a blouse that allowed glimpses of her new cleavage and I worked hard not to stare down the front of it while we talked. She was working at the same law firm she had worked at when we were together, at the same job, secretary. Her voice sounded the same perhaps a bit huskier but what caused me to pause was some of the expressions she used in our conversation. She had picked up a number of Afro-American slang terms and phrases during her year long stint with Silky and it showed. She sounded almost ghetto at times which appeared quite out of place in a middle-class white woman.

After work I had dinner at the house we used to live in and thought about the past year of my life. Gads, it had been painful but I felt very responsible for the way it had turned out and accepted my responsibility.

Shannon and I had been married four years when I began trying to talk her in to swinging or hotwifing. I was in a strange phase of my life when I was sinking deeper and deeper into fetishism. I had two major fetishes I was harboring at the time; watching Shannon have sex with another man and interracial sex. My descent into feeding these fetishes had sparked Shannon into eventually leaving me to live with a black man that I had found for her and encouraged her to date.

Shannon was the love of my life. We dated for several years and had married right out of college. I was three years older than her and while I was her first, she was definitely not mine. I had been very experienced with other woman and I felt that she should experiment with other men to gain pleasurable experiences. But that is where I pushed it too far.

Shannon had long dark straight hair that she usually wore down or curled when we went out. She was tall, thin and had a body to die for; 34-24-34. We made love frequently while married but I had this need to experiment and try different things. Now that isn't a bad thing but I pushed her into doing things that unleashed a desire in her that broke us up and drove us out of control.

I had read many stories about men wanting their wives to have sex with other men and it turned me on big time! I also loved reading stories about black men fucking white married women. I worked for more than a year to get Shannon interested in the same things. I plied her with magazines, books and eventually videos of interracial sex. She at first said "no way" but later became interested in reading and viewing my pornographic materials. She always told me that I was the only man she needed and I told her that sex was different than love and she needed to expand her horizons. She eventually capitulated and thus began her descent into depravity. Though at this point I had no idea what she had done.

"Okay, okay, Jason, if you want me to, for you I will have sex with a black guy." Shannon said to me as got up from our marital bed and walked into the adjoining bathroom.

We had just finished making love and as we coupled I had talked non stop about the joys she would feel with a big black cock in her pussy. She had had a major orgasm which I felt was due to my hot talk. Afterwards I had continued to discuss the idea of her having to just try it once and if she didn't want to do it ever again she did not have to do it again. She had finally had heard enough from me and this led to her outburst.

"Where am I going to find a black man to have sex with Jason? We want to be discrete about this." She reminded me.

I eventually ran an advertisement on a swinger's website that read like this.

Young married white couple seeks a well hung black man to show wife sensual pleasure. She is 23, 5'7", 120 pounds. We are amateurs and need guidance and direction. Pictures will get the same. Discretion required and assured.

I included a picture of Shannon in her bikini that did not reveal her face. We received hundreds and I mean hundreds of replies. Most of them were totally inappropriate. Some of them appeared good on the surface but did not pan out upon screening. Finally, I narrowed it down to five black men that sounded great through the web. I called them and I finally narrowed it down to one man, William Rogers, or Silky as we later learned.

The three of us had agreed to meet at a restaurant, outside our town for a drink and a "meet and greet." Shannon was extremely nervous on the 30 minute drive to the small town where the restaurant was located. Shannon was dressed in a classy but revealing skirt, silk blouse that buttoned down the front, thigh high stockings, lacy bra and panties, and medium-heeled shoes. I wanted hotter, she wanted more reserved and this was a nice compromise. Shannon looked fantastic and I had second thoughts about this meeting as she was so hot I wanted her to myself. She however called my bluff and we made the date.

We had agreed with William that if things went well we would have dinner together then Shannon would accompany him to his house for the rest of the evening. If things didn't work out, we would just call it good and part company. We walked into the restaurant and asked the hostess for a reservation in William name. She took us to his table where our adventure began.

The black man seated at the secluded corner booth appeared to be a little older than we were but athletic and handsome. He had a full head of dark black hair and was extremely well dressed. As he saw us approaching the booth behind the hostess be must have recognized Shannon as he rose to his feet and broke into a very welcoming smile. He gently shook Shannon outstretched hand and guided her into the booth. He shook my hand and said.

"Well hello Shannon, you are even more beautiful in person than you were on the web. Your pictures just do not do you justice. And you must be Jason. Hello, please have a seat."

William was so friendly he just was totally disarming. We ordered drinks and began chatting with him. Soon, it was like we were conversing with an old friend. We laughed and joked and he had Shannon eating out of his hand in no time. I have to admit I was completely taken with his wit and warmth almost immediately. The drinks and conversation went so well that we agreed to have dinner together.

Dinner went well and Shannon and William appeared to get along very nicely. He often had his hand below the table and it looked as though he was touching Shannon's legs or thighs. She smiled a lot at him and seemed to hang on his every work when he spoke to her. I felt almost left out of the conversation but William often included me in his comments. There was a tremendous amount of flirting going between those two and I felt like the third wheel. He told a few off-color jokes of a sexual nature and Shannon laughed right along with him. I was almost feeling jealous, if it hadn't been my idea for the dinner, I would have demanded that we leave.

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