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Your Prom


The warm lavender bath water surrounds your body relaxing and exciting you at the same time. Letting the scents fill your nose your hands move over your body slowly as you tingle from head to toe. Your soft skin is electric to your own touch as you shift in the tub thinking of the night ahead. Sensing that you will run late if you continue to linger in the tub you slowly stand and grab your oversized white cotton robe. The warm material envelops you like a giant hug.

You walk barefoot into your bedroom and sit near your mirror as you dry your hair. It's a time consuming process but you know how great it will look when it's finally done and how I will enjoy seeing your hair "done up". Spending a decent amount of time you finally get your hair in the up style you wanted. Even the aggravating task of doing your hair like this hasn't dulled the tingling sensation from the bath. Leaning forward you begin putting on your make up. Trying to concentrate is not easy as you can feel yourself getting slightly wet at thoughts of what is to come later. With everything in place you sit back and take a couple last looks before you get dressed. The soft make up tones are just enough to look elegant without taking away from your natural beauty. After rubbing some lotion on your legs and arms you stand up and get ready to dress.

Walking across the room you let the robe slip off and expose your body to the warm afternoon air. Even with the warm air your nipples are semi hard with excitement. Reaching into your top drawer you remove a pale pink thong with small rhinestones adorning it. The satin material is soft and smooth running up your freshly shaved legs. Pulling it up over your hips the cool material covers your completely shaved mound, its feel sending a slight chill up your spine. As you tug the thong into place you run your hands over the satin material in the front and then over your bare bottom in the back. Smiling to yourself you reach back into the drawer.

Pulling out the matching pale pink satin strapless bra you slowly put it on. The cool material of the cups lifts and holds your breasts firmly. With it clasped you run your hands over the material and cup your breasts lifting and adjusting them slightly. For a moment you close your eyes and imagine that your hands are my hands lifting and slowly squeezing your breasts. Opening your eyes again you select a perfume from the dresser top, something sexy to fit your mood, and place a small amount between your breasts, neck and below your navel just above your thong.

Looking over your shoulder you see your dress hanging by the door, a pink satin strapless gown with a modest slit up one leg and a neckline just low enough to not show everything but daring enough to show a bit of cleavage. You slowly slip into the dress and tingle as the satin encompasses your body. Pulling it into place you zip up the back and adjust it accordingly. Placing a medium length string of pearls around your neck and some matching earrings you then slip your feet into a pair of matching shoes before walking over to the full length mirror.

Your hands tremble at your sides as you adjust the last details of your gown and questions swirl around in your head wondering if I will like you in it and how I will look in a tux. The ringing doorbell wakes you from your daydream. Grabbing the pink gloves that go with your dress you hurry downstairs to answer the door.

As you answer the door you are greeted by a large bouquet of long stem red roses. Moving the roses aside I lean forward and kiss you softly on your lips and whisper in your ear how beautiful you look. You invite me into the house after looking at me in my black tux and quickly set the roses in water as I tell you of the evening's events; a nice dinner for two and then off to the prom. When you return to the room I present you with a nice wrist corsage with three pink roses which match the pink rose boutonnière I have on.

You quickly slip on your long pink gloves before I slide the corsage over your satin covered hand. Taking you by the arm I lead you outside to the waiting limousine which will take us to dinner. The driver opens the door letting us in and uncorks a bottle of champagne, serving us each a glass, before closing the door and getting behind the wheel. With the divider up between the driver and us we have all the privacy in the world; we sit close holding hands and sipping our champagne nervously wondering what the night will bring.

The car slows as we enter the parking lot to the restaurant. Pulling up to the front door the driver quickly exits the car and comes to open our door. I get out first and turning around I take you by the hand to help you out. We walk arm in arm into the restaurant and in a matter of a few minutes are seated at a secluded table. Our conversation over dinner is relaxed as we settle down from our "big date" jitters and begin to truly enjoy each other's company. During dinner you remove your gloves as not to soil them and place them in a small purse you have brought. You flush with embarrassment as I tell you how beautiful you look and how I enjoy what you have done with your hair. The red blotches of embarrassment on your chest are a stark contrast to the white of the pearls and you giggle nervously as I comment on them as well.

After our meal we leave the restaurant and are back in the limo on our way to the prom. This time we are less timid and our true passions are exposed as we kiss deeply. A deep soulful kiss is exchanged; tongues melting together, bodies embraced sending warm waves of emotion and desire over us. Our kiss is only broken by the stopped limo. We quickly adjust ourselves before the driver opens the door. Walking up the steps of the building we hold hands tightly and smile at old friends.

Our first stop is the photographer where we are positioned with you in front of me, my arms wrapping around your waist pulling you tightly to me. The feeling of our bodies only being separated by several thin layers of fabric excites us both. After a couple of quick pictures we are inside where we dance and enjoy each other throughout the night, embracing tightly on slow songs which only fuels our desire more. My hands run over the bare skin on your back as yours hold me tightly under my jacket. Deep kisses are exchanged as my hands move over your silk covered body.

As the night moves on you feel my cock stiffening against you as we dance, your nipples harden in your bra and your thong begins to get wet with more anticipation of what is to come next. As the lights come up we work our way out the door and back to the limo. No sooner than the door closes behind us the kissing and touching begins even more passionate than before. Our hands begin to move over each other's bodies as the limo pulls away. We rub each other's most sensitive areas through our clothes as I tell you the limo ride will be too short to do much else.

Five minutes after leaving the limo stops again. We slowly separate as we hear the driver walk around the car and open the trunk. Clenching hands tightly we wait patiently until he opens the door. I step out of the limo and grab a back pack from the driver before turning and helping you out of the car. The unseasonably warm air flows through your hair and dress as you approach the large sand dunes separating the beach from the parking lot. A moment later I walk up behind you and wrap my arms around yours pulling you tight. The large harvest moon reflects off the ocean waves lighting our way onto the beach. We both slip out of our shoes and stuff them into the large backpack I am carrying before taking each other's hand and walking onto the beach. We walk near the surf and listen to the crashing waves of the ocean as we saunter down the beach. Walking in silence we soak in the surroundings and connect through our growing desire until finally I stop you and pull you close to me. Dropping the bag from my hands I pull your mouth close to mine and kiss you deeply. Your body melts from my touch as you know deep down you have never wanted to give yourself to me more than you do right now.

Taking you by the hand I lead you up a small dune that overlooks the beach. Much to your amazement there is a canopy there with an oversized beach chair big enough for two people, a stack of drift wood and a small fire pit. I escort you to the beach chair before dropping the bag next to you and moving to the fire pit which is already stocked with paper and wood. In a minute a small fire is burning not really for warmth on this night, but more for light and creating a romantic mood. Your legs tingle at the idea of making love on this beach paradise.

Crawling over to you I kiss you again deeply, my hands holding your head firmly to mine, our passion growing sending chills up and down your back. I tell you that I want to give you a night you will never forget, you smile and say that I already have. Your hands move over my chest and slowly push my tux jacket off my shoulders. Releasing your head I lower my arms and let the jacket slide off. Tenderly you unbutton my shirt. Slowly working each button free with your trembling fingers we both watch your hands slowly working down to my cumber bund. I release the clasp for the cumber bund from the side as you untuck my shirt gently pulling it free of my pants. Your hands are warm on my chest as you push the shirt off my shoulders. Your lips kiss my chest as I undo my cuffs and toss my shirt aside.

I pull you to your feet as the fire's intensity grows and pull you into my bare chest. Your arms wrap around my back as you hold onto me tightly. We pull away only long enough to kiss as my hands roam over your back. Finding the zipper of your dress I slowly lower it. The warm night air blows over your lower back causing your fingers to clench on my flesh. I work my hands inside your dress and for the first time touch your soft skin. Pulling my head down you kiss me deeply as your dress slowly slides down your body, the soft silk tingling against you.

My hands now roam your soft skin from waist to back as your dress crumples around your feet; you pull me tightly to your body, not from being cold but from desire. The moistness between your legs grows as your nipples harden inside your bra. With one quick flick of my fingers the back clasp of your bra is open leaving the back hanging at your sides. Pulling away from me just enough the bra falls silently to the ground while you press your chest into mine. Feeling your warm flesh against my chest I kiss you deeply moaning quietly into your mouth.

Your hands travel slowly down my back and over my waist and to the front of my pants. Skillfully the clasp and zipper are undone by your fast moving fingers and soon my pants join your dress at our feet. Left in only our bottoms our bodies practically fuse together as we embrace. My hands slide up and down your back and over your bare bottom. Clutching you firmly in my hands I lift you off the ground in a giant bear hug and feel you wrap your legs around my body. Carefully stepping out of my pants I carry you, still in the full body hug, back down the dune. You ask where we are going and I tell you for a swim. In a few moments I am knee deep in water and slowly lower your feet to the wet sand. The water is warm against us and we hear the waves crashing off in the distance.

Walking hand in hand we slowly move into the water, taking tentative steps, which is the hallmark of our night. Finally in waist deep water we pause and embrace again the low waves passing around our tightly held bodies. We lower ourselves slowly so that you are positioned back in my lap, my legs supporting you underwater as your legs wrap around me. You reach up with both hands and let your long hair fall about your bare shoulders and float in the water. I lean back soaking my head allowing the warm water to wash over me. Soon after you do the same, your wet hair pulled back by the water.

The two of us float in the water intertwined kissing and touching each other pressing our bodies together becoming one in the warm surf. The heat of our bodies radiate to each other, me feeling yours as you feel mine. Finally we decide we need to move back to our beach camp. Walking out of the water still wrapped in each other's arms our bodies chill in the night air. As we near our small campsite we turn to each other and begin kissing again. My hands move down your body and I hook my thumbs inside your small pale pink thong, slowly gliding the wet material over your hips and down to your thighs. Leaning forward I kiss your bare shoulders and neck as I push your thong further down your legs.

Once again my arms wrap around you as I walk you backwards over to the oversized beach chair. On the beach chair are two large sleeping bags laid out on top of each other like oversized blankets. I have you sit on the edge of the chair while I put a couple more pieces of drift wood on the dying fire. Not wanting to leave you for long I quickly move back feeling your arms wrap around my waist and your head press against my abdomen. Your hands move inside the waistband of my boxers and slowly pull them downward. They easily fall to my feet before I move onto the beach chair next to you.

Our kissing and touching is soft and sweet like two virginal lovers learning each other's bodies for the first time. Slowly our legs intertwine as our mouths and hands move over each other's torso. My fingers glide over your breasts barely touching your sensitive skin. Your back arches as my mouth finds your breast. The touching becomes more intense as the fire slowly grows only feet away from our naked bodies. Feeling our needs are calling out for more you pull me between your legs and whisper in my ear. We kiss deeply as the head of my cock presses between your wetness.

You inhale deeply as my body fills yours; our lust growing with each long stroke. Wrapping your legs around my back I moan as your pussy clenches against me. Finally our kiss breaks as we are both breathing too quickly to continue. I bury my mouth in your neck licking and sucking your fragrant skin. Your legs move down my body but stay wrapped around me as your orgasm builds. I quicken my pace with my hips trusting my cock deep inside you, the feeling of every bump and vein more apparent with each stroke. All of your nerve endings seem even more sensitive than ever before as every touch is like a small shock to your body. My cock swells inside you as I press my body against yours gripping you tightly. As I cum the warm fluid fills you with warmth and desire as your body succumbs to your own orgasm.

Laying there, the two of us panting and satisfied, we kiss softly as we watch the fire slowly die. I move over next to you and pull one of the sleeping bags over our bodies as you move to put your head on my chest. Listening to my heart beating in your ear you drift off to sleep as I run my fingers through your still wet hair.

In a few hours you slowly wake from your comfortable sleep your head still on my chest our legs still wrapped together. Lifting your head slightly you see that I am also awake. Without a word we slowly move off the beach chair and head back to the water. Hand in hand, naked in the light of the low setting moon we enter the warm ocean up to our ankles. Pulling you too me I kiss you softly on the lips. As we kiss more you feel my cock growing against your abdomen and your nipples harden against my chest.

Slowly we lower ourselves into the surf kissing and touching until we lay next to each other completely wrapped into each other's bodies. The incoming waves wash over our bodies as we kiss in the surf. Ending up on top of you I feel you spreading your legs below me. Your hand moves down between our bodies as you guide me inside you one more time. The warmth of my cock is in stark contrast to the water that washes over us as I press deep inside you.

We kiss and grind into each other in the deepening surf; the water washing over our bodies as the tide slowly comes in. Our hips move toward each other in a slowly increasing pace. I feel your breasts moving against my chest with each thrust of my hips and hear your moans growing louder and louder. Rolling onto my back you straddle my hips and grind your body into mine. With each passing wave your intensity grows as the cooler water stimulates your clit. My hands move up to your bouncing breasts and start to fondle your nipples. As your hands dig into my chest your orgasm explodes against my cock which swells at your movements. Not able to hold back any longer spurts of hot cum fill your body as you arch your back against the ocean. Your body, highlighted in the soft moonlight, glistens with ocean surf. Finally you collapse onto my chest, slowly straightening your legs against mine.

After catching our breath for a few minutes we head out into slightly deeper water to wash the sand off our bodies. Eventually we end up playing in the surf like school children before retiring to our campsite. Handing you one of the sleeping bags your wrap it around your body as I relight the fire. With a couple more pieces of driftwood burning brightly I pull your body to mine. You open the sleeping bag with your arms and pull my body into your warmth. We kiss softly before sitting near the fire still wrapped together in the sleeping bag.

As the sun slowly rises on the horizon we look at our scattered clothing. Moving out of our huddled position against the dune I reach for the backpack. Opening it slowly I produce a bathing suit and coverall for you and a pair of swim trunks and a shirt for myself. I quickly stash our clothes from the pervious night back into the bag before returning to you in the sleeping bag. With our clothes for the day laying near us on the dune we spend the rest of the morning wrapped up naked together in our own private paradise.

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