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Your Seduction


I greet you at the door as you arrive home from work, dressed only in a lacy negligee. I pull you in my arms and give you a hot, lustful kiss. I kick the door closed as my tongue searches for yours. I feel your hands roam over my back, sliding up to grip my head and hold me closer to you. My hands are roaming over your clothed chest, sliding your suit jacket down your arms. As I grind my hips into your hardness, I start unknotting your tie, while nibbling on your lips. Your hands migrate down and grip my ass, kneading the fleshy mounds. I start moving you towards the bedroom, while unbuttoning your shirt, and sucking your lower lip in my hot mouth. You carry me to into the room with my legs wrapped around your waist.

As we reach the bedroom, I begin undoing your belt, while nibbling on your ear and lightly biting your neck. You set me down next to the bed, as I throw your belt across the room. I squeeze you through your pants lightly stroking you, making you moan. Biting my way down your chest while I shove your pants down. Your hands grip my hair, trying to bring me closer to your throbbing cock. As I squeeze you hard through your boxers, I feel a wet spot form on them. You groan as I kiss the spot, and suck on your head through the material. I hear you beg, pleading for my hot mouth, for the feel of my tongue against you. My hands are roaming over your thighs and up under your boxers to grip your ass, while I'm playfully biting your hard length.

Standing up, I place light kisses over your eyes. Kissing my way down your face to capture your lips in a searing kiss while sliding a blindfold in place. When I shove you back on the bed, you move towards the center with a sexy grin on your face. I straddle your hips, sliding the wet material over you. You let out a groan as I slide my hands up your hard chest, stopping to pinch and tease your nipples. Sliding myself up you so now I'm straddling your chest. I grab your hand and suck on every finger like it's a miniature version of your cock, making you moan. Pushing your hands over your head, I lock one into the fuzzy handcuffs I have attached to the headboard. I kiss down your arm and across your chest to do the same with the other arm. Sucking your fingers gently, then snapping your wrist into the handcuffs.

As I run my hands over your chest, I slide myself on down your torso. Gently hooking my fingers inside the waistband of your boxers, I slide them down. Trailing light kisses along your skin as I reveal it. When your cock pops free from its confines, I place a feather light kiss on the head, making you groan and thrust towards me begging for more. You call me a tease, but you say it with a smile on your face and I know that you love everything I'm doing to you. Sliding your boxers off I kiss and nibble over your strong muscular thighs, letting my hot breath tantalize your throbbing member. Placing just one finger along the underside, I push it up giving me access to your cum filled balls.

Sliding my tongue around them I hear you gasp and groan. As I suck one then the other into my hot mouth, letting my tongue swirl around them, you moan loudly. "Suck my cock baby. Slide me into that hot mouth of yours." I giggle a little on your balls, loving the effect I have on you. Sliding my tongue lightly up the underside of you, I tease you even more. Gripping the base firmly, massaging your balls. Letting my tongue roam over the underside, tormenting you. Finally letting just the underside of the head lay on my tongue, my hot breath rushing over you. "Oh God, Baby. Please!!!"

Smiling around your cock, I suck your head into my mouth. "OHHH GOD!!! That's it, Baby, suck it!!" You're trying to fuck my face faster, to get more of you in my mouth. So I work harder, sucking inch by inch in farther. You're telling me to suck your cock, and that I'm such a good little cocksucker. As I get all of you in my hot mouth, you moan loudly. I feel your balls tighten with your impending release. I relax my throat and let you slip down my throat, swallowing you. Hearing you cry out, I feel your cock swell as the first jet of your hot cum hits the back of my throat. I move off a little so I can suck and taste you. Milking you dry with my mouth.

As you start to soften slightly I pull off and clean you up with my tongue, causing you to harden again instantly. I climb off you and undress. Walking over and giving you a hard kiss, letting you taste yourself on me. I lean forward and place my nipple near your mouth. You take your cue and begin to suck on it, lightly biting. Making me moan. I remove my breast from you and replace it with the other one. Once again you suck bite and tease my nipple until I'm moaning loudly.

Pulling away, I climb and straddle your head. Noticing the smell of my desire making your cock twitch. I lower myself to your mouth. "Lick me, suck me, and make me cum." I feel your tongue slide over my lips. I reach down and spread my pussy open for you. "MMMMMM." moaning loudly I feel your tongue lick around my clit, lightly dancing over it. Gasping as I feel you suck my clit into your hot mouth, biting it lightly. Moving my hips guiding your tongue where I want it. Panting, moaning, I feel the orgasm wash over me. Grinding my pussy on your mouth I cum. My juices flowing into your mouth, watching you suck them down and lick them up.

I move off you, and lean down to give your cock another good lick. Licking up the line of pre-cum sliding down your length. Straddling you I slowly lower myself on your hardness. Gasping loudly as your thickness stretches me, relishing the feeling. Feeling your body shake as you hold back the urge to thrust deeply into me. Sinking all the way on you letting you stretch me and fill me completely before I start moving on you. Leaning forward, kissing you and licking your lips, I clean my juices off you.

Slowly I begin to rock my hips, letting you slide in and out. Leaning up and riding you like a cowgirl, moving faster and rotating my hips on you. Your hips move to meet me, faster shallow strokes, followed by deep slow ones. I cry out from the immense pleasure I'm receiving by riding you. I feel my pussy start to contract as another orgasm approaches. I begin moving faster, thrusting you into me in hard fast strokes. I cry out as my climax overtakes me, my pussy contracting on you. Your thrusts start coming fast and hard. I feel your cock expand as you begin to shoot jet after jet of hot cum into me. The feel of your spurting cock pushes me into yet another orgasm, my whole body shaking as I cry out.

I fall forward completely sated. Pulling the blindfold off I look into your loving eyes, giving you a tender kiss. I reach up and unlock your wrists. You bring your arms down to cradle me against you. I lay my head on your chest. Cuddling together in the afterglow, I look up at you. "Welcome home, Baby. I missed you."

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