tagErotic CouplingsYour Special Day

Your Special Day


It's your special day. I've been planning to do something very special for you, to you for weeks now. I quietly sneak into your house early in the morning with my bag of goodies. As quietly as I can I make breakfast in bed for you. As I sneak into your bedroom I see you laying naked in the bed barely covered by the blanket. I set your breakfast aside so I could wake you up properly. I crawl onto bed with you, careful not to wake you up. I slowly pull the off the blanket that is barely covering your legs. Once I get the blanket off I look down at you and admire your beauty as you lie sleeping. Seeing you sleeping like that you look like the most beautiful creature in the world, and that makes me feel like the luckiest guy in the world for having you in my life.

I begin by kissing at your feet ever so gently. I lick my way to your toes painted red with nail polish. I start sucking on each one, bringing it into my mouth making sure that I swirl my tongue around each one. By now you awake. You smile at me and ask me what I am doing. I smile in return and return to your foot. Now I am kissing your ankle, and kissing my way past your calf trying to keep my mouth and tongue in as much contact as possible with your soft skin. On my way up your leg I stop to lick and suck at the back of your knee. I move from the back of your knee kissing and tickling with my tongue the back of your thigh.

I start to concentrate my attention to your inner thigh tickling it with my tongue, all the way up until you could feel my breath on your pussy, feel it drifting over and stimulating your hairs down there. I keep kissing closer and closer until you can't stand it anymore. You beg me to suck on your wet pussy, even try to move your hips so that my mouth will come in contact and provide you the pleasure you need. Much to your frustration I move to the other side of your pussy without touching it, without licking it, kissing it. I continue my torment, my sweet sweet torment down your other leg, tickling your inner thing, sucking on the back of your knee, licking your calf, kissing your ankle, licking the sole of your foot until you finally moan when I start to suck on your toes again. When I'm finished with your last toe, I sit back and smile at you, with your eyes closed, legs spread and panting heavily. When you finally realize that I've stopped you cry out in frustration and order me to start licking your pussy. Again I only smile that mischievous smile.

I get up and serve you your breakfast. After I serve you breakfast I slither myself back between your legs and start kissing your inner thighs working my way up to your dripping pussy. When I finally get there I stop and wait. I listen to the chops in your breathing whenever I blow on your pussy. I can tell this excites you because your breathing gets heavier and your pussy gets wetter and wetter. Finally you feel it. Its the lightest of touches, so light that you believe you've imagined it. Then you feel it again slowly sliding the length of your pussy lips up to the clit.

Again you are denied what you want as I stop just before your clit and move my way back down your other pussy lip. Then you feel the same thing happening again to your inner lips, again without contact on your clit. You summon all the strength and concentration you have to the task of moving the half eaten and forgotten breakfast to the side and try to use your hands and legs to force me to where you need me desperately.

You moan in frustration as I still will not yield to your authority. I bring one hand that had a handful of your beautiful ass, up to stroke the side of your breast and barely stroking over you very hard nipple. Seeing how you've been distracted with this new stimulus, I dive in and suck your clit into my mouth and start to lightly flick it with my tongue. Immediately you get stiff and then buck your hips like mad as you cum.....hard.

As you start to come down from your roller coaster, I insert a finger from my other hand into your pussy to massage your G-spot while I suck on your clit and stroke the side of your breast. This sends you right over the edge again, screaming louder this time, and as your coming down again you try to push me away saying "No more, no more." Since your legs are still wrapped around my head until you put your foot on my shoulder and push me off you just moments before you collapse into sweaty heap, totally satisfied from two of the hardest cums in your life.

Wearing a huge grin and nothing else I go into the bathroom and start filling the whirlpool tub for you. When the bath was drawn I come back into the bedroom to find you curled up in a ball with your hand between your legs trying to prolong the sensation. I take care of the forgotten breakfast and slide into bed with you wrapping my arms around you, cupping a breast and toying with the nipple. Slowly you start to waken and turn to me and passionately kiss me when you try to say thank you. You start to move down your body, but I stop you. You look at me with a confused look and I just say that "Today is your day. It is about you. Enjoy it my love." With that I pick you up and carry you into the bathroom and gently place you in the bath. I leave to go take care of a few things, but before I leave I say "Enjoy your soak, I'll come back when I'm finished to clean you up and dry you off."

When I get back into the bathroom you ask me to wash you. I grab the body soap, pour some into my hands and pull one of your legs out of the tub and start washing you, caressing your silky smooth skin. I repeat this with your other leg and your arms when I go to do your back I have you lean forward and then pull your hair over your one shoulder and place a light kiss at the nape of your neck. Then I slowly massage the soap into your back, releasing the all tension that has been building there for years as you moan "That feels good."

As I massage you I start to slowly move my hands around to your front first caressing your stomach. Then my hands part company, one moves up and gently moves in massaging circles around one breast and then another. My other hand moves down and starts to play with your clit. You're so sensitive from having just cum twice, that it takes you no time at all to cum again. It is a small but intense orgasm.

After rinsing you off I pull you out of the tub, stand you up and take my time while I dry you with the big fluffy bath towel. You especially like it when I spend a little more time than needed drying your swollen pussy and your sensitive breasts. Then I allow you to wrap your hair up in the towel as I grab your big soft bathrobe. I grab one I brought for myself and then take your hand in mine and lead you to the kitchen where I have another breakfast ready for the both of us. You look at me and tell me that you're not hungry, but I pull your chair out for you and warn you with a wink when I say "You should eat. You'll need your strength later tonight." When we are finished with breakfast we go and sit out on the couch where you cuddle up next to me and proceed to fall back asleep.

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