tagBDSMYour Surprise Visit

Your Surprise Visit


It's early evening, and realizing that I won't need to leave the house again for the rest of the day, I change into my red and black silk robe and decide to spend the rest of the night lounging around reading my book and relaxing. Just as I settle into the couch, my doorbell rings. I open the window to see who is downstairs, and see you standing there. I call down to say I'll be right there, and run down the stairs. When I open the door, the trip downstairs has made my robe open slightly, not exactly revealing anything, but it is clear that with any slight movement, it would not continue to keep me decent. I open the doors and invite you in. You immediately walk in past the second door. When I close the second door, you advance on me, pushing me against it while grabbing my hair and kissing me.

I hear you growl as our tongues mingle, making me automatically push my hips against yours. I start to spread my legs slightly and you push your right leg between mine. I begin to rub myself against your thigh. When I grab onto your shoulders for leverage, you growl and pull me off of you, pushing me towards the stairs, telling me you don't want me just now. We walk up the stairs, and I relax slightly, sad that you don't want me, but also figuring I have some time before you abuse me.

As soon as we enter my living room, you grab me towards you, pulling my head to one side and biting my neck. I feel myself get wet as you use one hand to push my ass against your hips, while your other hand moves from my head into my robe, toying with my nipple. I gasp and start pushing my ass back closer to you, while my hands start to stroke your thighs. You growl, your hand moving off my nipple to grasp my throat, at which point you spin me around and push me against the wall, holding me by the neck. You lean in and kiss me deeply, growling. I can feel my heart racing, and imagine you can feel it against your hand as you squeeze my pulse points slightly. I realize that I am completely at your mercy; I would have no way to stop you from doing anything you wanted to me. Using your other hand, you reach between my legs. I can't help but moan into your mouth as your fingers violate my warm, wet cunt.

After a few moments in my cunt, you pull your fingers out and pull back from kissing me, replacing your tongue with your fingers in my mouth. When I have sucked your fingers clean, you step back, releasing my throat and order me to my knees. I immediately try to undo your pants and try to get at your cock, but you grab my hair, forcing my head back to gaze up at you. You ask me if you gave me permission to undress you, to which I lower my eyes. Growling and pulling slightly harder on my hair you ask again, to which I look back up at you and say no. You release my hair and ask me if I will be a good girl and simply kneel in front of you until you say I can do otherwise. I nod my head, and when I see your gaze harden, I quickly say yes.

Taking your time, you take off your jacket and shirt, then shoes and socks. When you stand in front of me again, I can't help but lean forward to press my face between your legs so that you feel my warm breath through your pants. I look up at you, but see you giving me a stern look, and lean back again, not wanting to disobey you. I wait as you undo your belt and take off your pants and boxers. My eyes open wide as I see your cock in front of me. You see me lick my lips, obviously hungry for your dick. You tell me I am allowed to kiss and lick it, but I have to wait before taking it into my mouth. I immediately lean forward, running my lips and tongue over your hard member, licking you like a lollipop from the base of your shaft all the way up to the head. I swirl my tongue around the head and ask if I can please suck you into my mouth. Growling, you grant me permission.

As soon as I've taken your head into my mouth, I feel you thrust forward, penetrating my mouth until you hit the back of my throat. I reach up and cup your balls in my hand as I bob up and down on your cock. While sucking you, I continue swirling my tongue around your head and shaft. At a certain point, I pull back and while stroking your shaft, I begin to lick your balls, gently sucking one, and then the other into my mouth. When I go back to sucking your dick, I am so turned on by the feel of you in my mouth, that I can't help but moan, sending vibrations all along your member. I look up at you, and ask if you will please cum in my mouth. You smile, and say that you will, but it is not nearly time for that yet.

At which point, you grab me by the hair and stand me up, but quickly bend me over the dining table while pulling my completely open robe to the floor. You don't waste any time, don't bother to first finger me, but directly thrust your hard cock deep into my cunt. I gasp as I feel you penetrate me, your hips pressing against my ass. I wait for you to begin fucking me, but you stay completely still, your dick in my to the hilt, holding me down, unable to move. Desperate to feel more, I begin squeezing my pussy muscles, tightening around your cock. All of a sudden, you spank me, and tell me that if I want you to fuck me, I'm going to have to beg, which I immediately start doing, pleading with you to please, please fuck me, use me, violate my cunt. When my frustration gets to the point where I am on the brink of tears, you slowly start moving in and out of me, although the pace quickly increases. I start to moan, getting louder and louder as you pump in and out of my dripping wet pussy. Pulling me by the hair, you make me arch my back. You growl into my ear and tell me to cum for you. I can't control it, my whole body spasms as I cum on your command.

Before my body has time to relax, you begin to bite my neck as your hand moves down my body and you begin to finger my clit. I quickly cum again, my cunt contracting on your cock, squeezing you tight. Pushing me slightly further onto the table, you grab onto one of my legs, and use it to turn me over while still remaining inside me. As soon as I am facing you, you kiss me deeply, before growling and letting me go as you proceed to pump inside me. I reach for your chest, and pull myself close to you and begin to lick and suck on first one nipple, and then the other. When you don't pull me off you, I start to suck more vigorously as you thrust harder and harder into me. I feel my muscles begin to spasm as I have another orgasm.

Panting, I ask if you please remember than I want you to come in my mouth, that I want to taste you. You grab me by the throat and push me back onto the table, seeing me laid out in front of you as you continue to plunge deep into my cunt. I moan and gasp, but still continue to beg, telling you how good you feel in my mouth, how I want you to cum in my mouth, promising that I won't waste a drop.

Finally, you lean forward and help me sit up while you pull your cock out of me. I whimper softly as I feel you leave my pussy, wanting you back inside, but also wanting you in my mouth. I get off the table and return to my knees in front of you. You tell me that I must first clean all my pussy juices off of you, which is a task I greedily begin. I lick up and down your shaft, and then suck you into my mouth again. I feel you thrusting in time with my head bobbing up and down, as you get closer and closer to cumming as well. All of a sudden, you grab me by the hair and pull me back slightly, telling me to open my mouth wide so that you can watch as you cum into my mouth. I feel your warm cum shoot into my mouth as your release your hold on my hair. As soon as you are done, I swallow what you have spurted into my mouth, and then suck your cock deep into my mouth once more, sucking out the last drop, savoring the taste of your cum in my mouth.

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