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Your Thank You


You stand there at the open bedroom door. You crook your index finger and beckon me to come forward towards you. I can't resist. You are stood there in your garter belt attached to black thigh high stockings. You have you 3" fuck me heeled shoes gracing your feet. The only other thing you are wearing is a smile.

No, I just can't resist. I move tentatively forward, the bulge of my cock in my trousers leading the way. You have that smile on your face that promises so much. You stop me just before the bed room door and ask me to turn round.

I know better than to ask. I obediently stop and turn around. You place a velvet blindfold over my eyes. You turn me back round, take me by the hand and guide me into the bedroom. We stop and you close the door. I can smell your perfume in the air and I start to smile. You pull my t-shirt out of my jeans waistband and lift it over my head, taking care not to disturb the blindfold. You gently caress my nipples sending a shiver of pleasure through my body. As your tongue gently swirls around each of my nipples in turn your hands fall to my waistband and unfasten my belt slowly, sensually allowing your tongue to cover my chest and I start to moan with pleasure. You unhook my jeans pull down the fly and let them fall around my ankles. Slowly you slide down on your knees your tongue trailing down my body as you descend. Your thumbs hook into the waistband of my boxer shorts and pull them slowly down my legs allowing your nails to gently score the skin of my outer thighs and calves, all the while you tongue pirouetting around my navel, leaving slight traces of moisture over my abdomen.

You get hold of the heels of my shoes, one by one, and pull them off my feet. You then lift one leg at a time for me to step out of my trousers, as you do your thumbs catch the edge of each sock and remove them. I am naked save for the blindfold. You guide me to the chair by the dresser and sit me down. You sit astride me facing me tantalising me with your magnificent breasts, you graze my lips with your nipples and tormentingly pull away. You take hold of my wrists and suddenly push them around the back of the chair. You had already places one of the two pairs of handcuffs fastened to the chair. They are fur lined; I remember using them on you. You manage to clamp the other end of the cuffs on my wrists. I feel wetness around my cock. It's yours. You are starting to breathe with a little difficulty, obviously getting excited. You suddenly kiss me passionately on the lips. There is fire, desire, lust in this kiss and promise. You then get up of my lap and take of the blindfold. As my eyes adjust to the light you skip across to the bed.

Then as I regain focus I realise we are not alone. There on the bed with you is your bi-sexual lover that you have told me about and shown me a photo of. I gasp.

"You like? Good then you just watch because we are going to give you a show. But you must not say anything, got it?"

I nod my agreement and understanding and my cock starts to swell some more. I am distinctly aroused. You turn to your lover and kiss her lips with gossamer like touches as you gently caress each others magnificent breasts with your palms.

You explore each other with your hands, slowly sensually, stroking and occasionally gently drawing your finger nails over each others body. You kiss her closed eye lids and I hear a gentle sigh of pleasure escape her lips. You gently trace your tongue around to one ear lobe and teasingly nibble the tip, your tongue occasionally flashing out into her ear. You then switch to the other side, repeating the pleasure. She sighs in sensual abandon, totally accepting the loving you are giving.

You make your way down to her chin planting butterfly kisses across her face in the wake of your move. You place your sensuous lips on her chin and gently nibble causing her to giggle slightly. I notice that both of you have removed one hand each and started to play with yourselves. I can't get over this wondrous sight that is happening before me.

You make your way down her body and gently clamp your teeth on her left nipple. This causes her gasp slightly then she giggles again and as you increase your ministrations she gasps again and groans as her hand quickens around her clitoris and she is starting to cum. You switch to her right nipple and repeat the process only with a little more vigour. You tease and pull on her nipple with your teeth and by this time she completely looses control and orgasms. I am squirming in my seat at all of this and the feeling in my groin is exquisite agony.

As you make you way further down her body, your tongue traces a way down, and as she is dressed identical to you, you lift the garter belt and gently kiss around the bottom of her navel and the top of her hips. By this time she is in complete throes of ecstasy and begging you, nay imploring you to lick her pussy. The juices from it are flowing down between her legs and her arse crack. But you continue to lick and plant butterfly kisses all around her pubic mound. Her body writhes and heaves on the bed trying to guide you to her wondrous cavern. But you still continue you make her delirious with exquisite pleasure and frustration by your ministrations. In the end she can take no more and she pushes your head towards the tantalizing v at the top of her legs which she opens wide in hopeful anticipation and accommodation. You shift your position on the bed and straddle her across her midriff. You gently lover your now exceedingly moist cunt onto her belly button and gently gyrate your hips leaving a trail of fluid on her belly and garter belt. You look at me and smile, her splayed legs pointing towards me, you blow me a kiss and then descend onto her honey pot. She screams with pleasure and relief that you are giving her what she craves. You slowly and methodically slide the lower part of your body up hers, and you manage to drag your pussy across both of her nipples [how did you do that?!]. Her hands start to stroke your love box, fingers disappearing inside and you start to groan and thrust your hips onto her hand.

I am watching you lick her and you gently take her clit in between your lips and suck on it causing her to thrust her hips against your mouth. You open your lips and lick her clit backwards and forwards and at the same time lower your pussy onto her eagerly awaiting lips. All I can then see is the both of you busily working your mouths against each others sex and pushing your twats into each others faces. By this time, I am fairly sweating with the excitement of it all and can't believe the show I am being treated to.

I Hear moans coming from both of you as your orgasms start to build, and I wonder who will cum first. The sound of licking on wet pussy and the growl of impending eruption fill the room. My nostrils are filled with the sweet smell of sex. All of sudden she screams, you have brought off to her second orgasm and your head delves deeper to penetrate into her sex further. My cock tip is covered in pre-cum as I am overcome with arousal and excitement. You start to groan with the onset of your orgasm. She returns the favour and plunges her head into your sex delving deeper to heighten the feeling of pleasure from your orgasm. You shudder violently; this is one massive eruption from you, your whole body shakes as you are racked with wave after wave of ecstasy.

You both slowly lick and kiss each others pussies gently as your orgasms subside and the afterglow is enjoined in this mutually satisfying position for a while. You look up at me and you smile with a look of sheer lust in your eyes. You climb of the bed and you walk gracefully, sensuously towards me and straddle me, impaling yourself on my love pole. You kiss my passionately, I can taste her all over your mouth, but you know that. Our tongues intertwine as you start slide up and down on the stiffness between your legs. You Know I am close to Cuming. You take your time, you know that I am close and it is sensitive. Your cunt muscles suddenly tighten around my prick and you masturbate me with your muscles as you sit still on my lap. I tell you I'm about to cum. You encourage me to fill you up with my sperm, don't hold it back. I don't. I shoot and shoot. God that feels wonderful.

I kiss you passionately and say thank you. You just shush me. "When I told you I was bi and had a lover, you did not judge me; there was no moral indignation no smutty innuendoes about 3-somes. You said if that makes you happy, and I still have you, that is fine. When I told my lover she was amazed. This was her idea of saying thank you to you. Now if you don't mind I am going to return to the bed and if you are a good boy you can fuck her after the next round".

I was a good boy.

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