tagGroup SexYour Thank You Ch. 02

Your Thank You Ch. 02


Thank you for all of you who voted for part 1 of this story, and for anonymous who though that part one was a cuckold story; I suggest that you read on.

My sincere thanks go to my friend, who is my muse, I will not identify her for fear of embarrassing her, but she definitely inspired these two stories, and I am indebted for her input and continual support. She makes me smile simply by my knowing that she is there.


The two of you finish of your second session of your passion and gently caress each other as you come down from your exertions and sexual climaxes.

You roll over and remind her that I could fuck her. She smiles and looks across at me with a wanton look on her face.

"Give me the keys to the handcuffs, please". You dutifully comply.

She walks across the room sensuously, my now recovered manhood stood rigid and to attention.

She then straddles my lap: my cock laid flat against my thighs, her leaking cunt dribbling over it. She kisses me passionately, and I respond in kind. I can taste your on her lips, all round her mouth, and I inhale your wonderful aroma off her face.

All of a sudden, she gets off my lap, goes on her knees and starts to lick my cock like a lollipop from the base all the way up to the top then tilts her head and does the same thing from top to bottom. You are lying on the bed, watching whilst you have all of your fingers deep inside of you.

I cannot remember seeing such a look of total love, desire, lust and ecstasy on your face. Your thighs glisten with your pussy juices that have rolled down your leg. The tops of your stockings are stained with it. She stands up and goes round the back to release the handcuffs. She then straddles my lap once more, but this time impaling herself on me and takes my cock straight in all the way to the hilt. She then starts hump up and down on me, slowly at first and then picks up the pace and we are suddenly bucking against each other as if we had been sex starved for months. She suddenly screamed out loud "CHRIST, I'M CUUMMMMING......" and shudders to a phenomenal climax. I'm still hard, and I've got a big smile on my face because I love making women cum, but if I don't get mine, then hey, the evening is yet young. She calms down, her arms draped across my shoulders; her head close to mine as she licks my lips sensuously and with gossamer like touches.

You then suggest that we open a bottle of wine. So she gets off my lap as I volunteer to open a bottle of Rioja, and I go paddling of in the nude to the kitchen. It takes me a few minutes to find everything, eventually I find the corkscrew and remove the cork from the bottle, and I get three glasses from the kitchen cupboard and make my way back. As I approach the bedroom I can hear them giggling. It was that girly giggle that ladies seem to do when they are conspiring together.

When I walk into the bedroom I don't notice anything as I place the bottle and glasses on the dresser. When I turn around my jaw almost hit the floor.

She is on the bed, offering her sensual buttocks up to her tormentor, you, her wrists and ankles tethered to the bed ends with pure silk binds, her head face down into the pillow She is moaning lowly, in anticipation of the delicious pain and pleasure she is about to receive. Her thighs glisten with juices created from all that has gone on, and the tops of her stockings are stained as a result. You stand at the side of the bed with the crop in your hand. "This is one of our favourite bits together" you tell me with a wicked grin on your face, "she thought that you might like to get involved a little, just a little. Do you want to join in?" I am gobsmacked. Well who would say no?

So you pass me the riding crop. You then go down on your haunches between me and the bed, the tip of my prick resting in your mouth just beyond your teeth, your tongue licking it gently, lovingly.

I bring the crop gently across her arse for the first time, almost feather like. She moans sensuously, causing you to take my cock deeper into your mouth, sucking harder causing it to swell more. "Harder" she cries. I oblige, suddenly, without any warning a stinging swipe attacks her desired arse. She screams with pleasure and pain. "More, more" she squeals. As she does this you suck harder on my cock. I am receiving one of the best blow jobs ever. I can't believe it.

Suddenly, I bring the crop across those wonderful buttocks three times in rapid succession. As I do this she moans in ecstasy. Her pussy is streaming, and the smell of sex once more starts to fill the room. This causes you to take my cock completely into your mouth and down your throat. I start to moan, as you do as your fingers play with yourself. A tap on your shoulder from me with the crop makes you stop playing and I warn you that it is your turn next, [I've soon got into the flavour of this game] and that it was not your turn for pleasure. You offer your fingers to me as a peace offering. I accept gladly, seeing the lust in your eyes, I then warn you that the gift will not spare you. You groan deeply on my tumescent manhood in anticipation.

As I promised you both that they would receive six of the best from me, I suddenly bring the crop across her striped behind for one final time and she screams in ecstasy "I'm cummiiiiiinnnnngggggggg........Arghhhhh"

This has you squirming and panting in anticipation of the pain and pleasure that awaits you.

As she comes down from her climax you reluctantly remove my cock from your otherwise eager mouth in order to help remove her constraints. Your pussy is leaking already and more of your juices roll down your legs. As you bend over to unfasten one of the ties I drop to my knees behind you and start to lick your delicious pussy juices and you start to moan with lascivious pleasure.

She gingerly climbs off the bed and embraces you with a deep long loving kiss.

"You're right, my love, he is perfect", putting the emphasis on perfect. At that point you both turn round and entangle me in a three way kiss. This starts to get me really excited. But I do not want to loose sight of the job in hand. You apply oil to her tender behind, she whimpers slightly at your delicate touch. I can't resist, so I join in. "Please, let him do it" she requests. We look at each other and the look of love in your eyes say it all. That is exactly what you want me to do.

After anointing her arse, I say, "I have some unfinished business". With that you squeal playfully and try to escape. But I am on one side of the bed near the door, she is on the other. There is no escape. We capture you and you play your part feigning resistance, and we manage to get the silk restraints on you.

"What do you think we should do for a punishment, two extra strokes for disobedience?" She shakes her head. "Three, and fucking hard"

You scream with sheer lust and anticipation. She takes up the same position you had held when I flogged her, on her haunches.

Only now my cock is fully grown and has a slight twitch. She notices this and torments it by gently licking the holes at the end with the tip of her tongue whilst at the same time gently scratching the underside of my ball sac with her talon-like fingernails. This causes me to shudder and it happens just as I am about to release the first stroke. I had planned to do a feather touch for your first stroke, but her actions cause me to swing hard and the crack across the skin of your behind causes you to scream out loud, I apologise for that, but I see the insides of your legs glistening more with your juices, and she swallows my cock straight down her throat. I had never before experienced deep throat before today, and now here I was with two desirable women both doing it to me. TO ME!

My second swipe just uses the tip of the crop; I manage to do this to you once on each buttock. This causes a stinging sensation that causes your whole body to shiver and you moan loudly, "More, harder PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE". I repeat the same treatment that I gave her of three quick lashes in succession, and you start to moan and shake in ecstasy. She, in the meantime is giving my cock a blowjob it will never forget, for the second time today, I am in receipt of cocksucking that would fry a video. Believe me, I am in heaven. I notice that your nipples are getting more distended as your orgasm nears. I swipe your arse with a stroke that virtually sends you over the edge, but not quite, I was savouring that impending moment. You have had your original six. Now it was time for your "punishment"

I told her to join you on the bed. She needed no second invitation. She slid under you and you both manage a 69. As you both are about to start eating each other out she reminds me. "I told you ...fucking hard" and immediately sinks her mouth on your dripping pussy lips and starts to lick with total abandon. You, in response, return the favour. I at this point am close to cumming myself, and the sight of the two of you starts to get my balls twitching.

THWACK. The first stroke is hard, and you scream into her cunt and she tongues you fast and hard.

TWANG. The second one comes down and wheals are starting to show on your buttocks. You thrust you cunt hard onto her face and she responds by sucking hard on your clit. I see your body start to convulse and realise that you are about to come. Now I need to make this last one timed just right.

You start to sigh and whimper as your orgasm starts to build. I see her hand wave at me; she gives me the thumbs up. She recognises the signs.

THUD. The final stroke assaults your ass just as your climax is starting to erupt. Your orgasm overtakes you and wave upon wave of sheer pleasure racks your body. She dives deeper into your cunt to heighten your feelings. At this point, I have reached the point of no return and I yell "I'm cumming". I leap onto the bed and she pulls away as I plunge my rampant cock deep into your pleasure hole. I thrust with all my might as your body rocks with more orgasmic sensations and delight. I start to shoot the biggest load that I can remember whilst I still pounded and plundered your sweet womanhood. I feel her pulling on my cock and instinctively withdrew to the edge of your cunt still spitting cum. It dripped from your pussy lips onto her waiting lips and she licked the exposed length of my cock tasting yours and my sex juices. I withdraw my cock and she needs no further encouragement and takes my still spitting [the explosions have stopped] cock into her mouth and takes what's left in me, and then cleans my deflating length, then licks out your pussy totally clean. I have only seen this porn movies before, but she has retained all my cum in her mouth and climbs from underneath you and kisses you passionately on the mouth sharing my juices. I swear I almost came again at that point.

She and I start to gently anoint your savaged derriere and you whimper in pleasure and relief.

We cuddle in bed together, me the meat in the sandwich. With a hand on both pussies, gently fingering both. In return there is a hand from each side of me that is wrapped around my recovering manhood, and you say "This could be the start of something good"

Is this the start? You tell me...

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