Your Trailer or Mine?


Mona was stretched out on the small kitchen table, head dangling over the edge, smoking of course. Her top was off and her enhanced tits on display. Her bottoms were also off and her legs were pressed to her chest, feet near her head. Over her was the guy with the car, shorts down below his knees, driving his cock roughly into Mona. She kept slurring out, "fuck me" and "do me harder, Brett." I had seen enough and got off the porch quickly, walking fast to my truck.

I drove off on my way to pick Collee up, considering what I had just seen. Evidently "Mom" Mona had no issue fucking her daughter's boyfriend or ex boyfriend, I didn't know which at the time. She certainly was in no hurry or condition to pick up Collee from work. I just had to find out more of how she felt toward this Brett guy and that would dictate to me, how and how much I would tell her.

I got to the grocery store 30 minutes before Collee's shift ended. Seeing her at a checkout, I rushed thru the store to get stuff I needed and ended up in her line. I don't think she noticed me, because she generally looked to her register and scanning products. She did glance up and I got a smile when she saw me next in line. Her smile was very captivating; she was winning me over big time.

Once in my truck she asked about my day and I her; we both had good ones. While driving I thought again about what I had seen at Mona's, so I tried to find out more.

Before I could formulate my questions, Collee began speaking.

"Did you see if my Mom was home before you left? I tried calling her cell a bunch of times and got no answer and then her mailbox was full" she said.

"I think she's out I lied, the lights were off unless she normally leaves then on at night."

Collee was looking straight ahead, "No she does worry about the bills, if she was not home, all the lights would be out."

I wanted to change the subject slightly, so I started another exchange with her. "So Collee what are your plans? Are you going back to your boyfriend, staying with your mom or whatever? You know you are most welcome to stay with me till you get on your feet and make a decision. Any way you go, I would like the opportunity to see you again."

I saw Collee flush a little as we passed some streetlights and she fidgeted a little in her seat. She cleared her throat and began. "Thanks so much for helping me out. You have been the sweetest guy I've ever met. I don't know about Brett, he has changed since we've been together and last night was the culmination of that."

"How did you two meet" I wanted to know.

"Mom had told me about an interesting and cute guy at the club she works in. Normally I don't like that scene, but to please her I met up with him and we seemed to hit it off. He was very attentive and had great manners; he also said the right things at the right time. I guess you could call him a smooth operator."

"And how do you see him now?"

"He's changed completely. He gets very agitated at little things and once we moved in together he became very possessive of me. He would pick me up at work and be upset if I spoke to any male employee's at the store. Once I was talking to a co-worker and our shift supervisor about a work schedule and he unraveled. He cussed me out and pushed the manager. After that he couldn't pick me up anymore or enter the store. I was so humiliated. That night was the first time he struck me."

I was thankful for her candor and her openness had fleshed out some of my concerns. I knew my hunch about this Brett was right but I was also sorry that he had hurt her this way. I reached out and patted her hand, she in turn grabbed mine and squeezed. Something was happening to me inside, I was feeling very bonded to this woman, impossible to believe, since we just met 24 hours ago.

I wanted to get the clearest picture possible and continued with some questions.

"So he has struck you more than once?"

"Y yyyes "staggered out the reply.

"Have you thought about filing charges? Or leaving him?" I hoped.

"Oh, I am leaving him. After talking to my friends, I realized we were wrong for each other. I don't deserve to be his doormat or whipping post. My mom tried to tell me it was a phase and that I shouldn't push him, but she is wrong."

The news from her mom Mona was unsettling since I had viewed her earlier getting pounded hard from this "great guy" and her lack of concern for her own child. I decided then I would not tell Collee about the sex with her mother and ex-boyfriend, she had to see for herself. Moms should have a loving, trusting relationship with their children; this was obviously not that kind of case.

We entered the trailer park and I made the turn to drive on my lane. Up ahead on the right, Brett's car was still parked in front of Mona's. The sight caused Collee's eyes to widen and you could see her mind go into overdrive. As we passed the trailer, Collee strained to look toward the windows to perhaps try to look inside. Once we stopped in front of my unit, I asked if she wanted to stop by her mom's.

"Maybe after I rustle us up some dinner, she replied. You are hungry aren't you?"

"You bet, I answered quickly, as I really wanted her full attention to myself. What would you like to make?"

"Let me rummage through the pantry and fridge and see what I can do. I'm a pretty good cook if I say so myself."

"I just bet you are."

I decided to take a quick shower while Collee did her thing. When I got out and dressed, entering the front of the trailer I heard no sounds and saw no one. Obviously Collee had left the unit and I had a good guess on where she might be. Opening my door I peered toward Mona's and sure enough, all three were outside and by the looks of it were in a heated exchange. Knowing what kind of asshole Brett was, I had to make sure that Collee was going to be all right so I race walked in their direction.

Their yelling at each other got louder the closer I came and it was now understandable to me. Evidently Collee had come upon Mona and Brett the same way I had, fucking, but unlike me she had confronted them. The worst sounding was Mona, who was shrieking out profanities to her daughter for barging in. What a priceless bitch she was.

When I got to the porch the exchanges were now in the face and had the atmosphere of getting physical. I just happened to get between Brett and Collee just as he was trying to backhand her face, instead he caught my shoulder. I turned and with a fully clenched fist, hit Brett on the bridge of his nose. With a crushing sound from the hit, his body hit the porch rail, he was down. I turned to check on Collee, when I was hit by a sharp pain in my calf as Mona had lashed out at me with her foot. She also jumped on my back and started to claw at my face. With her still grabbing and hanging on my back, I charged backward into the side of her trailer, over and over. Finally after the 4th or 5th hit, Mona slid off my back and slumped next to dirt bag Brett on the porch.

Without waiting for any more misery, I grabbed a still distraught Collee and headed out quickly for my trailer. As we passed various neighbors, they started to come out to see what the commotion was about, but I stayed focused and returned to my unit. Collee was still visibly upset and was stuttering and shaking from her confrontational experience. I finally got her sit on the sofa and slow her breathing and relax.

"What in the world were you doing, going down there by yourself", I huffed.

"I I I never would have thought my own mother could do that, stammered a still flustered Collee. She doesn't care at all about me and what I feel."

She hit that one on the head. Mona's action, especially attacking me for defending her daughter, was beyond belief. I had witnessed some cold people in my short life, but she was first in line.

'Is it Ok if I stay here with you till I find my own place?" a more focused Collee asked.

"You don't have to go anywhere at all, if you don't want to, I responded, since I really liked this girl and wanted to be more involved with her. In fact, I would consider it an honor if you would be my roommate."

A beaming Collee said thanks but only if she could pay her way. I had no problem with that if that alone made her happy. A bigger concern was the trailer down the way. It would be miserable staying in the same park as her mom, plus we couldn't be confidant that there would not be any retribution coming our way. I decided to check into moving our unit somewhere else, starting in the morning.

We talked and relaxed the rest of the night and in fact we cuddled on the sofa watching some TV. Collee went to bed after midnight and I remained on the couch; I was beginning to feel that we were falling for each other and it wasn't just going to be sex.

The rest of the week was uneventful, both from the standpoint of any trouble with Mona and Brett as well as Collee and I being housemates. In fact during the week we had several outings or dates if you will where we explored each other more. I was falling in love or close to it at this point.

In searching for a new place I came across some land for sale that did have an old abandoned house on it which did allow for electrical and sewage outlets. I toured the place and found it a nice fit. I could raze the old house and build new, park the trailer there during all that time and tie into the facilities that were already in place. I kept this all from Collee till I knew more about her feelings and if she wanted to stay with me.

After the week she had spent at my trailer, I had gotten to know Collee really well. She was an intelligent, caring and gentle girl, whose beauty was both inside and out. What was not to love? I decided to ask her to stay with me, and I was hoping to one day marry her. I really believed that I had found my soul mate. She had shown me a lot of her, but I did not really know if her feelings even approached mine, so I needed to find out.

I took her to dinner one night and told her of my plans for the land, house and trailer. She listened intently as I laid out my dreams to her. We held hands over the table and her smile told me she was happy. When I got to the part of asking her to join me and make my dream, our dream, she started to tear up and rushed to hug me. She then told me she had fallen for me big time but didn't realize till now that my kindness to her was more than that and she also felt the same about me.

When we got back to the trailer, Collee took my hand and led me back to the bedroom. With soft, gentle kisses we slowly undressed each other and explored the richness of our bodies. Collee's breasts were perfectly shaped and ever so sensitive to the touch. Each stroke of my hand over then would engorge her nipples as her tits would quiver. As we lay together with hands going everywhere, I knew that this was a pure love and something much more than the frenzied fucking I had with my ex, Becky. This was how I loved it, pure lovemaking.

As time clicked on, Collee and I passionately climaxed together and continued on two more times before sleep interrupted our becoming one. It was perhaps the most relaxing and restful sleep I ever had in my life, or at least in the last several years. I was one contented guy.

With our feelings out in public now, the next few weeks had us both on cloud nine. The repercussions from Mona and Brett never came, maybe because Brett was really a coward and would not fight a man. We barely saw them around the park plus we were spending more time at our new place, where we eventually moved the trailer and got the services reset. We razed the house and had a new slab poured. Things were really going well for us both.

A few days ago at lunch, Eddy came into the break room at work and said he needed to talk to me. I asked what was up and he said the police had been out to the trailer park the night before. I asked why and he relayed a story that was sad but for a while made me smile internally.

Evidently some neighbors had heard loud noises coming from Mona's trailer and when they investigated they found a bleeding and confused Brett wandering outside. He was naked except for his shorts, blood oozing from his shoulder and neck area. When the police arrived and entered the trailer, they found Mona in a heap on the floor, obviously beaten. She was knocked out and had several new and older abuse marks on her body. What Eddy got from the neighbors who quizzed the police is that Mona and Brett often had rough sex and in between would whack each other around. Possibly in the heat of passion, Mona bit on Brett which infuriated him to knock her out.

The event ended with EMS taking care of both their wounds and Brett being arrested and hauled off to jail for battery, even over the objections of a now awake Mona. All I could think of was that these two losers deserved each other in every way.

When I got home I didn't have to tell Collee anything, her mom had already called. Seems the trailer was lonely now and she wanted Collee to stay with her, or better yet come stay with us. To my utter delight Collee had told her mother that she was sad for her, but that she was not welcome in her new home, but that she would check on Mona when time permitted. I was so glad my budding romance was not going to be interfered with by an obviously unbalanced Mona.

To make matters complete, I ran into an old neighbor of mine when I was married to Becky, at the Post Office. Her name was Ellen and she was a quasi friend so I knew I would get an unvarnished version of the facts. We stopped for a coffee and she filled me in on the whereabouts of Becky.

Becky had gotten pregnant by one of the black owners of the club, but instead of finding some comfort, the two guys closed the club and ran off in the middle of the night leaving no forwarding information. Since Becky had been screwing both guys and probably more, finding out the correct father would be difficult. So now Becky was alone, jobless, pregnant with an interracial child and from what Ellen said, homeless. She last saw Becky in the Wal Mart parking lot, living in her truck.

What struck me as Ellen was giving me this news were my obvious lack of emotion. I just did not care about Becky anymore. Though that bothered me slightly, I felt no sense of urgency to offer any help. We make our own way in life and Becky had options before but ignored them. The news just basically left me numb.

When I got home to a waiting Collee and her warm smile and enduring hug, I felt better and knew that things happen as they probably should. Yes, I was going to marry this girl and live happily ever after.

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