tagSci-Fi & FantasyYour Wish Is Granted

Your Wish Is Granted


Darren awoke to a blaring alarm clock. Fighting the urgent pull to stay under the warm covers, he swung both feet onto the floor and reached over shutting off the alarm. 6am and the beginning of another exciting November Tuesday.

In every respect it was another typical day in the never-ending cycle of workweeks. Shower, jack-off, shave, dress and run out to the freezing vinyl bench seats in his ancient beater of a car. It had been the same cycle for six years now. College had been an exciting litany of girls, beer, and drugs but somehow left him ill prepared for the monotony of living an earning in the "real world". Certainly, there were the occasional events that added excitement to his otherwise drab life. But the joy of finger banging the random bridesmaid at one of his friend's weddings was quickly obscured by the ceaseless paperwork and dull fluorescent glow of his nine to five life.

There was nothing about this Tuesday morning that seemed remotely special to Darren. As he fought his way through morning traffic he was convinced even the radio DJ's were repeating a show from last week. The highlight of his workday was a coffee run for the boss and two thirty minute coffee breaks spent imagining what the secretary would look like topless. As five-o'clock rolled around, Darren headed back out to his car intending to grab some cheap takeout and end another pointless day alone in his bed.

Deciding to take a shortcut to the nearest fast food emporium, Darren steered his car down an alley. The coffee he'd been chugging all day was wearing off and his mind was wondering to thoughts of a sweaty tryst with the office secretary. He was suddenly snapped back to reality when his car slammed into something in the alley. Slamming on the brakes and jumping out of the car Darren wondered to himself what the hell he'd just hit. It quickly became apparent when what he hit, hit him back. Dazed, Darren looked around to discover a very pissed off homeless man throwing things and screaming expletives. Dodging back and forth, he realized he'd obliterated the man's shopping cart and all its possessions.

Apologizing profusely was getting him nowhere, but apparently that didn't matter to the homeless man, who threw several more objects at Darren before running off to "tell the cops". Darren, still shaken at the resent altercation and worrying about what the homeless man might do, quickly jumped into his car and drove home. Upon arriving home he decided it was time to take stock of the damage to his car.

Inspecting the front end of his car he saw scratches and obvious damage to his front bumper. Closer inspection of the front bumper though revealed something unexpected, something brass was clearly wedged between his broken bumper and the grill of the car. Not sure what to make of this, he yanked and pried at it until it pulled free. Apparently a rather beat up and damaged brass container from the man's cart had somehow lodged itself in the damage of his car.

Taking the container inside with him, he threw it on his table and grabbed himself a beer in an attempt to unwind from the day's events.

Sipping from the can he looked back over at the table and the brass container. "What a hunk of junk." he thought to himself. Picking it up he began carrying it over to the trash. Always curious by nature, Darren couldn't just throw it out straight away. He began turning the container over in his hands looking for a way to open it. Then, without warning the entire room began to shake.

Glasses careened off the shelves crashing on the floor and the lights began to flicker. "What the hell is going on!"? Darren yelled out loud. His mind turning to thoughts of an earthquake he dived under the nearest table. Then, like an earthquake the room suddenly became as still as it was seconds before. Realizing he lived nowhere near an earthquake zone, Darren pulled himself out from under the table confused and completely shaken. Looking around at the room the last thing Darren expected was to hear a voice behind him.

"Thank you Darren, and my apologies for the mess."

Hair standing on end, Darren spun around fists clenched and sweating. Behind him stood a well-dressed man of Middle Eastern appearance. He was distinguished looking and beaming with a large smile.

"Who the hell are you, how do you know my name, and what the fuck just happened to my place!" Darren shouted.

"My name is unimportant, but if you would like you can call me Hassam. Now please try to be calm while I explain what has just occurred."

"What do you mean be calm! My house is destroyed and some strange man, who knows my name, is standing in my house smiling at me!"

"I understand this is all very abrupt, it always is, but let me assure you that you will be happy with what I have to tell you. You needn't worry about your place, I promise you I will have this all back in order momentarily."

Unsure what to do at that point, and still frozen with fear, Darren decided the best thing to do at the moment was listen to what this Hassam had to say.

"Go ahead and explain, but this had better be good.", said Darren.

Hassam smiled again at Darren and directed him to a nearby chair.

"This will all sound far fetched and you will try to think of any rational explanation for what I am telling you rather than accept it at face value. When you do I ask that you look around and remember for a moment what just transpired, including the fact that I somehow already know your name."

"I am a Djinn, or better known to your culture, a genie. I know you are educated and will find this hard to believe, trust me that what I say is true and that your modern 'education' fall far short of imparting all the knowledge you should know."

"When you rubbed the box that was my prison, you released me into your service. But before your mind jumps to Aladdin or blondes in pink clothes, let me assure you that real genies such as myself do not play by the same rules as our fictional brethren."

"I will grant you as many wishes as you desire - there is no set number and I will remain in your service until you desire to release me. I am not here to play tricks with your words, and I do not have limits to my abilities. If you wish for me to create, destroy, manipulate, or empower you there is but one limit to the powers I possess. I say this with emphasis, as it has not always been fully understood - powers are limited to the affairs of earth. I cannot 'fly you to the moon' as some might wish."

"Importantly, my powers while limitless do not enable me to serve you in the view of others. To explain this better, I can conjure food for you but I cannot go to the store to pick it up."

"To demonstrate a tiny twinkling of my abilities I will now return your house to its former glory."

In the blink of an eye, Darren's house was returned to the same state it had been prior to Hassam's arrival. Imagine if you will, a movie running in reverse but neither Darren nor Hassam moved during the process. Darren, struck speechless by what was occurring around him was unable to process what had just occurred.

"Relax Darren and accept with pleasure the good fortune you have just received. Among my powers is the knowledge of every aspect of your life. In my long existence I have certainly seen masters in much worse states than yours. I must admit however that your present condition leaves much to be desired." Hassam continued, "For example, you are a 27 year old with no female companion, a mediocre job, and exceedingly large debts for a paltry education. I want you now to go and enjoy a beautiful nights sleep then come to me in the morning with ideas of what I may grant you to bring you joy. I will remain on the couch watching television."

Without hesitation, Darren went directly to bed and promptly fell into a peaceful and happy sleep.

Awaking in the morning, Darren was certain everything had been a dream. He had some lovely ideas about what he could have done had it been real, but shrugged them off as he made his way out to the living room. There, much to his shock sat Hassam watching a western re-run.

"I always have loved the western. They try so hard to portray what life was like then, but they miss the subtle aspects. TV is such a poor medium for expressing the unpleasant smells of a cow town."

Darren's jaw hit the floor.

"Still adjusting I see." said Hassam. "If I may master, I do not usually enter the minds of my owners, but at this critical juncture I find it best to offer some suggestions for you based on an intimate understanding of your life."

"In your case I suggest you allow me to empower you with total physical and mental control over women. I am familiar with the amount of time you spend pleasuring yourself to thoughts of dominating the fairer sex. With these wishes you would also be able to receive financial gifts from them, and have lovely servants at your beck and call. I of course will leave the wishing and wording up to you."

Darren's mind was racing with the possibilities, but the only coherent thought he could construct was, "Holy Shit! This could be awesome!"

"Yes", said Hassam, "this will certainly be awesome."

Darren began putting the wording together in his head then turned to Hassam to state his first wish.

"Ok... so is there any special wording I need to do for this? Kazzam, Abra kadabra?"

"No", said Hassam shaking his head and laughing. "You simply state what it is you want and I will make it happen."

Darren smiled.

"Hassam, please listen to everything I have to say as I want it all incorporated into my wish, and I want it done specifically. I want to be able to control women mentally and physically. I want to be able to take control through the utterance of a single word - that word shall be Fahrvergnügen. Upon uttering this word to any woman she will surrender her will to me entirely. In addition, I will be able to control all aspects of her physical body by simply explaining to her what will be changing."

Hassem laughed out loud.

"Original and well thought out. Your wish is granted."

"Funny." Darren said. "I don't feel any different."

"Oh trust me master Darren, you now have an incredible power. Do you have any additional wishes at this time?"

"Yes, I have one more."

"Continue.", said Hassem.

"I wish to be immune to all diseases from this time forward. That is to say, any disease which could be fatal or damage my body will be completely begnine to me and I will be unable to carry or transmit any of them to others."

"Another marvelous wish Master. Your wish is granted."

Instantly, Darren felt much better, better than he ever had in his life.

"Ok, so now what?", asked Darren.

"Master, I may suggest that you take your new powers out for a test drive. Perhaps there are some lovely ladies out there who would present a challenge to the old Darren?"

"Good idea. Hassem, wish me luck."

"Master Darren, you may trust me that you no longer need luck. Enjoy."

With that Darren quickly showered, dressed and headed off to the most difficult place he could ever imagine picking up a woman - the trendiest A list bar in town.

Picking the location was the easy part, getting in was an entirely different story. Darren, who weighed 160lbs wet and stood at six feet tall was not exactly hunk material. Worse yet, his meager salary and large debt load left him wearing outdated and dishevled clothing. Taking one look at Darren, the bouncer laughed and let the next group straight inside.

Realizing that he was going to get nowhere fast with his plan, Darren began looking for another option and discovered it in the tall lanky brunette standing outside smoking a cigarette. Whats more, she presented the perfect opportunity to test his powers. She not only was way out of his league in the looks department, she also was angerly talking into her cellphone to a boyfriend.

Darren walked straight up to her with a confidence level beyond anything he even mustered at a drunken college party.

"Excuse me... I couldn't help but notice your beautiful black dress."

"Who the fuck are you!", shouted the girl.

"I'm Darren, and the bouncer asked me to give you a message."

"Fuck off!", she said.

"No really, its just a message, but I have to whisper it to you quickly. And look, no funny business. My hands are behind my back."

"Just tell me quick then get the hell away from me you freakin weirdo."

Darren leaned in and thought, here goes nothing.


The girl pulled back with an incredibly pissed off look on her face.

"What the fuck! Get out of here asshole.", she said.

Darren backed up as she turned back to her cellphone. Then he noticed a change on her face. The harsh look dropped to the blank look of someone sleepy and stoned. Then she turned to him with a cocked eyebrow and a smile on her face.

"I... I'm not sure what... Hi, my name is Amy. I'm not usually so mean and you... you are spectacular."

Darren couldn't believe what was happening. Was it working? Could things really be this easy from now on? He had to test this out further, and he'd always wondered what the company of two gorgeous women would be like.

"Hi Amy, I'm Darren. From this point on you exist to bring me joy per my desire. I have a job for you starting right now."

"Yes Darren?", she said pleasing and expectantly.

"I want you to go back into that bar and convince a beautiful girl to come outside here with you and meet me."

Without hesitation Amy threw her cigarette down and walked directly into the bar. Darren spent several anxious minutes waiting to see if his instructions had worked, then much to his relief he saw Amy coming out with a drop dead gorgeous latina in tow.

"Darren, this is Felicia. Felicia, you just have to meet Darren, trust me when I say there's more to him than first glance."

Felicia stuck out her hand looking skeptical, but Darren moved in with poise. Going straight for a hug he leaned in close to Felecia's ear and whispered Fahrvergnügen. It was all it took.

Now with two beautiful girls at his command, Darren realized he needed something to do with them. Of course, that something was a further test of his new powers, and eliminating the need for whacking off for a while.

"Which of you has a nice place all to yourself tonight?", asked Darren.

"I do.", said Felicia.

Upon arrival Darren had both of the ladies to stand side by side in the living room. Amy was around 5'6" and around 130lbs. She had B cup breasts with brown hair to her shoulders cut with bangs. Felicia was 5'3" and around 110lbs., though clearly to Darren a portion of that was in her DDs.

"Listen closely ladies as I'm about to make some changes.", Darren said with the glee of a child on christmas morning.

"First of all, you both are now filled with a level of lust higher than anything you've ever known. That lust is directed at me and at each other. You are wetter than you have ever been, but you will both stand silently at attention until I say finished."

Both girls entered into a trance state. They were both panting sligtly, knees quivering, and flushed across the face and chest. It was obvious to Darren they were nearly overcome with desire. He walked over behind Amy and stripped off her dress as she continued to stare straight ahead. Pulling down the dress her breast fell out free of encumbrance. With fully erect nipples. Further down her thong panties were completely sodden. Darren then moved over to Felicia, revealing a beautiful black demi bra and matching g-string.

Like Amy, her panties were soaked.

"We can't have those panties in the way this evening. Both of you remove them and drop them on the floor then return to attention."

Doing as they were told, Darren noticed both were completely shaved and clearly slick with lust.

"Now I want to give you some physical gifts. To do this I need you both to lay down on the floor on your backs and relax."

Probably anticipating petting and a fuck both girls scrambled to hit the floor as quickly as possible.

"Amy first then Felicia, lets answer some questions.", said Darren.

"On a scale of 1-10, how sensitive are your breasts and can you orgasm through touching them alone?"

Amy replied, "3. I've never gotten much out of them."

Felicia said, "8. One time I came close. My boyfried was really playing with my nipples."

"Right now your breasts are increasing in sensitivity 100%. Your nipples are becoming major erogenous zones, and two minutes of breast play will now make you cum."

Both girl's faces contorted in pain, then ecxtasy. Amy grunted several times over the next minute while Felicia moaned.

"The orgasm you will have from your breasts will not be connected to your pussy. From now on you have a second erogenous zone in your breasts that will give you orgasms, contractions, and pulsing pleasure only it will be localized to your breasts themselves."

Again, both girls grunted and moaned. Darren chuckled at how this was going, and noted the growing buldge in his pants.

Deciding to test this physical change Darren dropped to the ground beside Amy. The gently stroke of his hand caused her to thrust her chest up and towards him. As he moved his fingers over her nipple she moaned like she had been entered.

Moving his mouth to her nipple, he sucked it gently in and began rolling his tounge across its surface. She was vocalizing loudly at this point and clearly was being sweapt away by his actions. Unable to control herself she dropped a hand toward her crotch, but it was caught by Darren who firmly held it to the floor. Breaking with her nipple she let out an anquished cry of disappointment.

"Your arms will remain at your side unless eitherwise stated!", Darren said forcefully.

He turned to her other nipple and began the same motions. As he increased the speed of his tounge and the force of his suction, Amy's desperation grew. It was clear to Darren she was gone at this point. She began repeatedly thrusting her breast into his waiting mouth like a man nearing his cum. Finally she thrust forward with all of her might, arching her back and screaming at the top of her lungs.


Darren could feel a pulsing in her tits, they were throbing unlike he'd ever felt before in a breast. Half a minute passed before Amy began to regain her composure and settle into the floor. Both of her nipples were completely erect and slightly twitching.

Darren asked her, "What was that like?"

"Oh God! It was incredible! I've never... please again! I don't ever want that feeling to stop.", said Amy.

Moving on to Felicia, Darren noticed a similar reaction. He pushed her further by continuing to a second orgasm on the other breast. Then stood up leaving both lust filled girls sweating on the floor.

"It doesn't have to end with your breasts.", said Darren.

"Now for your other areas. First another gift. From this point forward you will no longer grown hair below your neck. All hair folicales will now die. Congratulations, you never have to shave or wax anything again."

This seemed more important to Darren as currently the girls were both in a completely different headspace. But Darren was by no means finished. He wanted to push both of them physically and had thought up some creative ideas of just how to do that.

"Both of your clits will now increase 75% beyond their normal peak excitement size. They will also increase in sensitivity by 10%."

Much like the breasts both girls flexed in pain then groaned and sighed in pleasure.

"Your vagina's will increase in sensitivity with your g-spot increasing 80% more than it's current peak. The nerves from your lower vagina shall increase and spread throughout, giving the entire surface pleasureable sensitivity."

Once again the girls both contorted, screamed, groaned, then returned to the slaked look of intense desire.

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