tagLesbian SexYou're Beautiful When You're Mad

You're Beautiful When You're Mad


I know you're sleeping, pretty girl. You look so peaceful and lovely tangled in the sheets with your hair spilling untidily about you, but I want your attention now so I put the music on too loud for 5am. The bass makes the bed tremble and shake, violating your slumber all the way from the outer room.

And then, when you come out pissed off, I smile at you and turn it up a little louder. Your eyes glitter with fury as you head for the shower.

After last night, I know you're dirty and in need of a shower, but I've used up all the hot water. Little bitch, you're going to goosebump if you wanna get clean.

When you pick up your toothbrush, shivering from your icy wash up, you'll notice the bristles are wet because I used it. It's yours and, just to piss you off, I took it and put it in my mouth until I made the toothpaste foam and froth. But then, you know all about helping yourself, don't you?

The music is so loud I can't hear you come down the hall, but I see the warped rectangle of light from the open bathroom door framing your long shadow so I know you're on your way and my heart skips a pounding beat.

The light flicks on in the kitchen and I dance lazily in the living room, the shadow of a smile on my lips as I know you're about to discover I used the last of the milk so you'll have to eat your cereal dry. It's just not your morning, is it baby?

I turn and there you are. Your sweet feminine curves barely contain your anger. I can feel it humming on the bass line. It's gorgeous. You look so alive.

The dance changes and I start to peel off my top, exposing my tits as I delight in the set of your jaw. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm not getting any this morning but I know differently. I know you like to fuck when you're pissed off. If I breathe deep, I think I can smell your lust.

I move to you and grab you by the ass with both hands, jerking you against me as you fight. Your hand is cruel and the scarlet print on my tender cheek will take a while to subside. It's not the first time you've hit me and I've liked it.

I giggle, a sound more seen than heard as the music pulses and I dance away from you, my face hot from your slap as I watch you disappear into the kitchen again for a moment only to appear with our dishes.

Little bitch. Destructive cunt. I don't remember checking hurling china off on my BDSM preference list so however did you know I wanted it?

I scream and do a different kind of dance as the first plate flies past my head, shattering behind me in a shower of expensive china.

With horror, I watch you wind up again, smashing another just over my head. We stare at each other and my heart throbs in my throat as we play this dangerous game.

Our sex just got very expensive. You'd better make it good.

I see your mouth, open and screaming, your sound drowned out by outrageously loud early morning music, as you hurl the entire stack of glassware at me.

You're so pissed off, you're crying and I come to you, tip toeing around the shards until I'm jerked against you and you push me into the kitchen and down to the floor so hard I bruise when I land.

My hands are in your hair, restraining you, your teeth bared as we struggle with each other and fight to get our panties down. I push your top up but not off, your tits penetrated with my nails as you find my clit and flick it painfully hard.

Fucking bitch. Fucking cunt whore. I had to do it. You're so... so.... so... beautiful when you're mad at me. You draw blood as your teeth sink into my shoulder and your fingers roughly brutalize my asshole, bypassing my cunt.

I can feel the tight ring of my ass clenching on your fingers, your knuckles the most painful as they push against the delicate orifice and you fingerfuck me anally. It gets easier as my drooling cunt leaks and moistens your entry.

You bruise my lips with yours, crushing me under your kiss as both of my hands find your tits to squeeze until you cry out into my mouth, my hips bucking under you, slamming my pubic bone against you.

Good morning, sunshine. You're so beautiful when you're mad at me.

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by Anonymous

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by John Doe05/11/17

This is Art

I doubt I would ever get off on this because it's written in the first-person, directed at the reader and a lesbian scene yet I'm a man (an immersion problem for me, if you will), but I'm giving it 5 starsmore...

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