tagErotic CouplingsYou're Behind Me All The Way

You're Behind Me All The Way


When I come into the living room, you're sitting on my couch watching porn. On the screen, a young couple are lying in bed making out. He has his hand in her hair, and they are kissing deeply.

You tell me to come and sit in front of you, and I do, leaning back against the warmth of your body. You run your fingertips up my arms. It's cold in the apartment, making my skin extra-sensitive, and your touch makes me shiver. You brush the hair off my neck, and I feel your teeth gently biting the flesh of my throat. I feel electricity run through my body and my nipples harden immediately. I turn to kiss you, but you tell me to keep watching.

The girl is sitting up as her boyfriend pulls off her t-shirt. He kisses the hollow between her breasts, and the exposed skin above her bra. He leans back and watches as she reaches around to undo the clasp and pulls the bra off of her shoulders. She has small, firm breasts and he dips his head and licks one of her nipples, making slow circles with his tongue. Her head falls back and she moans softly.

You pull me back towards you so my head is resting on your shoulder, and my back is pressed against your chest. You slide your hands under my shirt, your cold fingers gliding across my ribs. You cup my breasts through my bra, finding my nipples and stroking them through the fabric. You reach one hand up and into my bra, pinching my nipple, hard. I gasp at the sensation of pain mixed with pleasure. You do it again, harder, and I moan. Your touch is making me wet, and I feel like I'm being heated from the inside out.

On the screen, the couple is naked, and the woman is kneeling between her boyfriend's legs stroking his hard cock. He is lying on his back, and his body moves in time with her strokes. She leans down and starts licking the head of his penis as her hand slides up and down. He inhales sharply, and watches her with eyes half-closed in passion.

You remove one hand from beneath my shirt and put it on my knee, as you continue to alternately stroke and pinch my nipples with the other. I'm wearing a loose skirt, and you slide your fingertips up the inside of my leg inch by inch, with agonizing slowness. I am so turned on that I can barely breathe. You make light circles on my inner thigh, your fingers barely making contact with my skin, and I moan into your neck. you rest your hand on my panties.

"Take these off," you tell me. I do as you ask, and then lean back against your chest. You push my legs apart with your hands and I close my eyes, waiting for your touch. You continue to stroke my inner thighs, and my legs start to shake with the intensity of the feeling.

I open my eyes when I hear moans, and see that the girl is now giving her boyfriend a blowjob. She has taken him all the way into her mouth, like she's trying to swallow him, and he strokes her hair as her head moves slowly up and down. You put three fingers in my mouth, and as I suck on them I fantasize about going down on you, about the feeling of your hard cock in my mouth. I think about stroking your thighs, running my tongue up and down your shaft, playing with your balls.

You're tracing my hipbone with your finger, and by now my clit is throbbing, almost painful. You take your fingers out of my mouth.

"What do you want?" you ask me.

"I want you to touch me," I whisper. You slide your hand between my legs, and one of your wet fingertips barely brushes against my clit, making me gasp.

"Like that?" you ask.

"Mmm hmmm", I breathe. I can barely get the sound out. You start to move your fingers in a slow circle, barely making contact with my skin. I arch my back to get closer to your touch. I can't stop my legs from shaking now, and I feel a flush spreading across my skin.

I want to kiss you so badly, to feel your tongue against mine, but you want me to keep watching the screen. The couple is having sex now. She is riding him, leaned slightly back, her eyes closed. Her moans get progressively louder as she starts to move faster. The combination of the porn and your fingers is getting me close to the edge. Suddenly you move your hand away.

"Maybe I should stop," you say.

"Please don't stop. Please make me cum." You like to know how much I want it. You take my hand and move it down. You want me to touch myself. As I start to rub my clit you slide two fingers inside me, angling them so that every time you move you're hitting my g-spot. It feels so good it's almost unbearable. You move your fingers faster and my moans turn into screams as the orgasm hits me. It feels like the pleasure will last forever, and as I'm cumming the girl on the screen cums as well, and our voices mingle together.

After I stop shaking, you stand me up and lead me to the bed. You take off your pants and I start to stroke your cock, feeling you get hard in my hands. Then I kneel in front of you and take you in my mouth, using my tongue to find your most sensitive places. You start fucking my mouth, holding my head in your hands. You're so deep that I feel you in the back of my throat, and I'm almost choking.

You're moaning, and then you say that you want to be inside me. You pull me up and turn me around, bending me at the waist so my upper body is on the bed. You stroke yourself for a second and then guide yourself into me from behind. I gasp as you slide into me, at the feeling of being filled up by you. You hold my hips as you get into a rhythm, getting deeper with each stroke.

I move my head to the side so that I can see you fucking me in the mirror. You're looking down, watching yourself moving in and out of me. I move my body back to meet your strokes, so you can get deeper inside of me. Your moans get louder, and you start speeding up your rhythm. Knowing that you're getting close is going to make me cum again, especially since you're hitting my g-spot with every thrust. I ask you to fuck me harder, and you do, hard and fast and deep, until I'm screaming and I feel my muscles contracting around your cock as I cum. You pull out and flip me over, stroking yourself to orgasm. You cum hard, all over my breasts and stomach, before you collapse beside me on the bed.

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