tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou're Hired Ch. 02

You're Hired Ch. 02


For the next week, nothing unusual happened for Terry. He performed his regularly scheduled duties as a manager and nothing but professional interactions with his other managers. He did his best to keep his eyes to himself and not attract any attention to himself.

The following Tuesday at the weekly manager meeting he received a text message from Jenna five minutes prior to the end of the meeting. "Meet me in my office in thirty minutes."

One of the things that Terry had noticed was that there was a huge window in the Unit Directors office that anyone walking by would be able to see in. When he walked past that window after the manager meeting he noticed venetian blinds now covering the window. He rapped lightly on the door jam. Jenna looked up and smiled, "Come in. Close the door and the blinds."

His heart began racing. He started thinking, who saw him come in? Did anyone see him close the blinds?

"All the way," she remarked.

He hadn't even noticed that in addition to the venetian blinds, Jenna had also had some heavy drapes installed as well. When he tugged the sash to free the curtains, he thought he had gone deaf. His heart was pounding. He felt light-headed and weak in the knees.

"What do you think of me," Jenna asked and she stood and did a little twirl. Obviously she was happy with her physique and wanted Terry to be just as enamored with it.

"I..." He stuttered. "I think you're a very attractive woman." Jenna smiled in appreciation.

Jenna stood about 5'10", maybe 5'11". She had a very trim figure and if one had to make a guess, her breasts were fake judging by how far they jutted out from her slender torso. Being the breast connoisseur that Terry was, he was guessing she was a 32D, maybe 32DD. She had a small little butt, but it was flat. Terry always liked curves on women. In Jenna's case, her northern curves more than more than made up for her lack of southern curves. She usually wore sweaters of one type of another that accentuated the roundness of her breasts.

She slid off her leather jacket and hung it on the back of her office chair. Terry sat down in the nearest chair no longer trusting his legs to hold him up.

"You remember the discussion we had last week," she asked as she untucked the hem of her sweater almost imperceptibly.

"Yes, ma'am...I do."

"Is there anything about it you don't understand or want to discuss before I sample your talents?"

"Just one, ma'am...what do I do if my wife begins to get suspicious?"

Jenna wasn't prepared for this, but she didn't show it. She kept her gaze cool and inviting. "We both have a lot riding on the secrecy of this. I have heard how you are and I think deep down you want this more than you even realize. You'll figure something out." With that, she pulled her sweater over her head and walked around to the front of the desk. She was wearing a black lace bra and her deep brown hair hung loosely over her shoulders. Form-fitting black polyester pants adorned her square hips and stopped just short of three inch heels she was wearing.

Terry's eyebrows shot up and his eyes widened. Jenna smiled. She was going to enjoy this.

"I have extremely sensitive nipples. I like them handled rough and if you handle them right, you can bring me orgasm with my breasts alone. When you come in here, there is no need for foreplay...I assure you, if I call you in here I am already hot and horny."

With her fingers she tugged gently on his shirt pulling him up out of his seat. Now with her hands on his ribs, she pulled him closer, running her hands up to his head and burying his face in her massive mounds.

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