tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou're Hired Ch. 03

You're Hired Ch. 03


With Terry's face planted firmly in Jenna's breasts, his natural instincts took over. He ran his hands up her smooth back and found the clasp of her and set her breasts free. When he released the clasp, he felt the weight of her breasts fall against his face as the bra was no longer holding them up. As she wiggled out of the bra, he was amazed to find out that her breasts were real. As he cupped them in his hands he marveled at their roundness and how firm they were. Being the Jenna was at least 15 years his senior, he hadn't imagined her body being in such fantastic shape.

He looked up to meet her eyes, but she had already thrown her head back in ecstasy when he placed his hands on her fully bare breasts. She moaned softly and curled one leg around him.

Terry began kissing the tops of both globes and began working his way down toward the nipples. When he started sucking on one she moaned very softly and began pulling his head closer. He started sucking harder and the intensity of the moan grew stronger. He tugged slightly at the other nipple. Jenna's hands started pawing at his back. He firmly clasped the nipple in his mouth while increasing the pressure on the other one between his thumb and forefinger.

The moans were now replaced with guttural sounds coming from the back of Jenna's throat. Terry feared that if she opened her mouth, the sound that escaped would expose them.

He switched the other nipple into his mouth and applied pressure with his teeth until he heard her breathe catch in her throat. In his other hand he was mauling her other breast; alternating between roughly grabbing and squeezing and frequently tweaking the nipple and holding the pressure on it for longer periods of time.

Jenna was breathing heavy now and ragged. Terry hoped she was nearing orgasm because as time went on, the more nervous he got about being discovered...or worse, fired.

Next, Terry bit down on the whole areola flicking the tip of the nipple with his tongue as held on with his teeth. The squeezing and pulling of Jenna's other nipple had it stretched out almost an inch. Terry began to feel Jenna buck and quiver. He applied more pressure to everything he was doing and Jenna grabbed him like he was the only life preserver in a raging river. She let loose a very low volume guttural groan from her throat and went slack.

After a few seconds, she started stroking Terry's head, then his shoulders and back. Her breathing was beginning to return to normal. She smiled at him and ran her hands down to his shoulders and gently pushed him back. She was still too weak for words as Terry fell into the chair behind him.

"I've never brought a woman to orgasm before from just her breasts," Terry remarked; looking a little washed out.

"I have no complaints," Jenna managed to get out between deep breaths. She began putting her bra back on along with her sweater and leather jacket. Her color was almost normal now and if anyone were to walk in, they would have had no clue what had just happened.

"Take the rest of the afternoon off." Jenna stood up and went for the door. She smiled as she opened it for him and gestured for him to leave.

Terry stood up on uneasy and managed to walk the thirty steps to the mens room without anyone noticing his raging hard-on. He was still a little dazed from his recent experiencing and after several splashes of cold water on his face, he determined that, "yes, that really happened."

As he clocked out, gathered his things, and headed for the car, he wondered what the next time would hold. On his way out, he passed Jenna. She didn't even acknowledge him and walked right past without even a word or a glance.

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