tagAnalYou're In Charge

You're In Charge


"Bend over."

Oh god. Anything but that. I bend over and rest my weight onto my arms and knees with my ass high in the air.

"That's a good girl. Good little slut."

I'm slightly disgusted hearing you speak to me this way but I tingle and fill with lust hearing you call me 'little slut'. I'm burning with shame as I'm fully exposed to you. You slowly caress my body with your hands and I'm disappointed in myself for being turned on so easily but I just can't help it. I feel my pussy

tingling and getting wet because of your touch. You lean forward and I feel your warm body and weight on top of me. I feel your hands gently holding and rubbing my breasts and nipples. I close my eyes and try to relax, my head spinning. I bite my lip, holding back a loud moan, as you lick my ear and start sucking. You squeeze both my nipples sharply and I lift my head up and gasp loudly. You smile, enjoying

the control and satisfied doing whatever you want to me and getting a reaction.

You straighten up suddenly and slap my ass hard. The pain and surprise, I let out an "Oh!"

"You love being my little slut. Tell me how much you love it."

A moment's silence.


"Tell me!"

I mutter, "I love being your little slut."


"Louder," you command me firmly, barely raising your voice.

I shut my eyes tight and scream, "I love being your little slut!"

You smile wickedly, again satisfied. You look down at my glistening pussy and little arse and feel your cock grow to its full size. You want to fuck me, but not yet. You want to hear me beg for it first. You stroke your cock enjoying the sight of my wet and ready waiting pussy.

I turn my head around as you haven't touched me in some time; every second is like an eternity as I'm dreading what will happen to me next. You spank me again, not so hard this time, and I face forward. You grasp my hips firmly and pull me back slightly and I feel the head of your cock push its way inside me. I moan immediately and my pussy squeezes, trying to suck you in. But you don't move an inch.

"You want me to fuck you?" Your voice is stern and dominant.

"YES!" I scream urgently, all shame and inhibition gone. My need is too great.

SLAP "Ooooh!" I moan. SLAP

"Are you my dirty whore? My favorite fucktoy?"

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me!"

You grab hold of my soft hips and plunge your entire member balls-deep in my pussy.

"OOOOH!" I moan. My breathing is short; I'm almost panting.

For a few moments you do nothing, enjoying the

sensation. I feel your cock throbbing inside me and I make tight squeezes with my pussy. You wait patiently. I can wait no longer. I start grinding my hips, moving my pussy on your cock. You spank me, hard. I stop instantly and hold still. I sense something is horribly wrong. You pull out from inside me and I feel emptiness in my pussy and despair. This can only mean something worse.

I suddenly feel your tongue on my clit. You flick your tongue and suck and nip. I moan loudly and wantonly.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, PLEASE!"

You lick from my clit all up my pussy lips to my

little arse and I'm moaning, "OoooMmmmmOOOH!"

You suddenly slam your cock in my pussy, I groan "UUNH!", you grab my hips and relentlessly fuck me, thrusting your cock inside me with all your strength. I moan and whine continuously, loving your rough treatment. But you stop as suddenly as you started. You pull out

again and I let out a frustrated groan.

You chuckle and say, "Mmm my little whore needs more?"

Before I can decide whether or not I'm supposed to answer, I feel your tongue back on my clit. I moan and moan, the tingling is so strong. You bite softly and my hips are bucking and I start to whine as you continue sucking and flicking with your tongue. You lick your way up to my little arse and my body immediately responds to your tongue; I'm writhing and whining.

You stop and say,

"Beg for it."

"Don't stop! Oh god, please don't stop!"

You place your thick cock at the tiny opening of my arse and press forward slightly.

"Ooooh! It hurts! It hurts!"

You pull my hips back, easing your cock into my arse.

The pain makes me tear and I cry out,

"Ow Stop! It hurts! You're hurting me!"

But just at that moment the head of your cock is

inside me and I moan softly. It feels so good now and the pain is gone. You push your cock deeper inside me very slowly, encouraged you're not hurting me hearing me go, "Mmmmmmm" all the while. Once your cock is buried deep in my tight arse you say,

"Beg me to fuck your arse."

"Oh god Bruce, please PLEASE fuck my ass! I need your

cock so bad. Please, fuck me fuck me!"

You slowly and gently slide your cock all the way out except the tip and all the way back in, over and over. I moan and moan in ecstasy and keep perfectly still wishing this lasts forever. You love my tight arse squeezing your cock and speed up your thrusts. I cry, "OH! OH! OH!" encouraging you to fuck me faster and harder. You pull hips my hips into yours with each of

your thrusts as you quicken the pace, hearing the SLAP SLAP of bodies come together and my higher pitched and louder moaning.

"Fuck me faster! Cum in my ass!" I cry out, egging you on.

You fuck me and fuck me as fast you can. I hear your heavy breathing and know you must be close.

"I love your cock in my ass! I'm your dirty little slut, fuck me fuck me!"

And that pushes you over the edge. You thrust deep inside me one last time, you groan and I feel your hot liquid squirt inside. Then you collapse onto my body and we fall onto the bed, breathing heavily. You roll onto your back and hold me close and I curl up next to you, cozy and safe in your arms. We look into each other's eyes and smile and drift into a deep sleep.

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