You're In My Seat Pt. 04


"Do need to stop at home first?"

"Yeah, I need to change into my work clothes."

"I can drive you, but only if I can see your room."

He hesitates for a second, "Okay."


Shit. I think my room is clean, uh, kind of. I mean there isn't any tell tale wadded up kleenexes laying around or piles of dirty dishes, but I'm not sure my room is clean enough for visitors.

We pull in the driveway and I almost spring from the car and sprint to the front door. Locked—good. That means Teddy's not home from school yet to be his general pain in the ass self. After fumbling with the lock, I run in and dash up the stairs. "Just give me a second, okay?"

"It's no big deal, Carter, my room is messy, too."

I quickly toss my covers over my bed in an attempt to straighten up, "Alright, come on up."

"So this is what your inner sanctum looks like, huh? Your fortress of solitude?" Ally teases, eyes moving from bookshelf to desktop to my walls, taking in my trinkets, posters and general debris of my life.

"I'm hardly Superman, Ally," another blush. She's already seen me mostly naked, but somehow this makes me feel far more exposed.

Ally is studying my science fair project award from grade nine, "Your robot! I was so jealous when you came in first. Not that you didn't deserve it, but I only came in fourth."

"I know..." I point to the framed picture from the awards ceremony on my shelf. "Me, Kevin, Julia, and..."

"Me! You have a picture of me in your room!" Ally's voice is gleeful. "I mean it's not the best picture or anything, but I can't believe I'm in your room looking at a picture of me. I shook your hand to say congratulations and I just got tingles."

"Me too." It's true. I had a crush on her by then and it was almost as good as winning the science fair, for her to touch me and for me to know that she knew who I was.

Ally pushes me down onto my bed, then flops down next to me, her head burrowing into my pillows, breathing deeply. "God Carter, I could just lay here forever. It smells just like you and it's so comfortable."

I roll onto my side, facing her, my cock starting to rise in my pants. "I won't object if you want to stay in my bed, but I might get fired if I don't show up for work."

"Spoilsport." Ally palms her hand along my crotch feeling my arousal.

"No, it's just I'm not sure I can control myself with you laying in my bed, but we really do need to get going."

"Fine." Ally climbs over me to get up, making sure to straddle me in the process, rubbing herself over my prone body. "Get changed, Mister. You've got to go to work."

I stand up and change, my condition evident as Ally watches.

"God Carter, you really are hot. I wish I could take care of that." She motions to my erection, still clad in my boxers.

"I still can't believe you want me."

"What's not to want? Now get changed before I jump you."

I turn my back to her as I put on my black work pants and a white golf shirt. I work at the help desk in an electronics store. Mostly I help people get viruses off their computers from downloading too much porn, but occasionally I help clueless people install software or put in new graphics cards. It's an easy job and affords access to all the parts to create a kick ass computer, which Ally has already seen sitting on my desk. In the reflection of my monitor, I can see her doing something, but I'm not sure what, but when I turn around she has a devilish grin on her face.

"Ready, Al?"

"Whenever you are, Car," she giggles, giving me a much deeper kiss. My cock, which had gone down a bit when I changed, is on the rise again.

Leaving my room, we head back towards the front door, hand in hand.

"Hi Ally, Hi Carter. What were you two doing?" Teddy asks in a singsongy voice.

"Carter was just showing me his room." Ally explains halfheartedly.

"Sure he was."

"Screw off, Teddy," I growl. "Nothing happened."

We get to the plaza in record time and before I climb out, Ally leans over and takes my hand. "Carter, I was hoping you'll be thinking of me while at work today."

"Of course I will, Ally."

"Hmm, well I thought this might help." She slides my hand up her thigh and under her skirt.

My fingers, expecting fabric, graze bare skin, downy fur, and delicious wetness. "Oh. My. God. Where are your underpants?" I groan.

"I lost them, Carter, and I'm not sure where," Ally's voice is husky and low. She is driving me crazy. "I guess you'll have to look for them later. For now stick your finger in me, just for a second. Please." She thrusts upwards slightly, my finger slipping inside her further, enveloped in her wet, creamy folds. Sitting back into her seat again, she pulls my hand back out from under her skirt and puts it to my mouth. "Taste me."

I allow her to put my finger in my mouth and suck her juices from it. It tastes so incredibly sweet. "God, Ally," I groan. "How am I supposed to work like this?"

"Stay behind the counter?" she grins and winks at me.

I roll my eyes at her, "I think you enjoy getting me into situations like this."

"No, Carter, I love getting you into situations like this." Bigger smile.

"You're just cruel. You have no idea how embarrassing this is." I give her a light kiss and then nibble her lip.

"As punishment, I guess I'm going to have to go shopping without any underwear. I need to look at laptops to take to university. I hope there's a hot sales guy who can help, usually they just hide behind the counter."

"Terrible, just terrible," I smile and shake my head.

"I'm going to give you a 10 minute start."


The air conditioning from the store is strong, and in my already aroused state, the cool breeze on my wet pussy causes my nipples to harden into tight points, shivers running up my sides. I cross my arms over my chest, trying to hide my condition and maybe conserve some body heat.

"Can I help you?" An attractive looking sales clerk approaches when he sees me straining on my tippy toes to look for Carter.

"Uh, no, I'm okay thanks," I smile dismissively and walk towards the computer department at the back.

"Are you sure? I'd love to help you out," he's being a bit too persistent and I'm getting annoyed.

Suddenly I spot Carter's head ducking behind a sign, "No, that's okay, I see what I want, thanks though," and I walk right up to Carter, acting flirty. "Hi, I'm interested in a laptop?" I twirl my hair in my finger and bat my eyes.

"That's okay, Carter, I was helping her first." Mr. Persistent states. I wonder if they make commission or if he's just a jerk? I can see Carter give a roll of his eyes, so I get the impression that this guy might not be the brightest.

"Okay, well, I need a laptop with a multiple periphery ports, at least a terabyte of RAM, a VGC suitable for ACD Systems Canvas, and LAN capability," I count things off on my fingers using a whole bunch of computer terms that don't totally go together, but will definitely confuse someone who doesn't know much about computers.

"Hmm," he's trying to decide if he can fake his way through or if he needs to give up. "I think my man Carter here can be of service."

I decide to take the gracious route, "Thanks so much," I flick my eyes to his name tag, "Ryan."

"No problem," he slides away back towards the front of the store.

"What was that?"

"That was Ryan. He's not so bad, he just thinks he's god's gift to electronics sales. Do you really need a laptop?"

"Yeah, actually, I do."

"Well, don't buy one here, we can go to a far better store some other time. Honestly, I like my job, but this isn't the greatest place to buy computers," Carter informs me, then leans in closer. "So where are your panties?"

"They might be in your room somewhere. I guess you'll have to look for them later." I shrug with a coy smile.

Carter looks me up and down, "You look a little bit chilly, Ally."

"Yeah, it's kind of cold in here. I wish you could warm me up," I tell him.

"I get off at ten," he informs me.

"No, you get off when I tell you," I respond.

Carter groans at my terribly cheesy double entendre, "Enough, Ally. I really do have to work."

"I know, Carter. I can't drive you home though, my curfew is ten."

"That's okay, Kevin is working in the stockroom. He'll drive me."


The rest of my shift is pretty uneventful. Kevin and I fix a few computers (porn viruses), and discuss the prom problem.

"I've got one ticket now. I just need a second."

"Darla might be able to help you out. She was going to tell you at lunch, but we couldn't find you."

"Yeah, umm, Ally and I might have wandered off for awhile."

"Ahh, young love."

My cheeks colour at the mention of love.

"Do you love her?"

"I don't know, I mean it hasn't been very long."

"Carter, you've had a thing for her for four years now."

"Five." I correct him, "What about a prom ticket?"

"Oh, you know Darla's friend Andi?"


"She has to go to a family wedding that weekend and

didn't realize until after she got her ticket. She was trying to see if someone could drive her in the morning, but her parents don't want her to miss the rehearsal dinner, and the wedding's a few hours from here."

"Should I call her and ask about the ticket?"

"I think Darla already has. Give me a minute."

I cover for him while he goes into the back to text Darla—texting at work is totally forbidden. A few minutes later he comes back with a grin.

"Ticket secured. You, my friend, are now a mindless conformist."

I give him a high five. "Thanks man."

"Did you want to come with us? Darla's parents are lending us their Mercedes. I didn't want to bother with a limo, it seems like such a waste, especially since I don't drink at all."

"I'll have to ask Ally, but it sounds good to me."

After work, Kevin drops me home.

"Hey Carter, good day?" My mom is sitting on the couch in the living room reading when I come in. I can hear the tv in the family room blaring, so I'm assuming that's where my dad is.

I'm pretty sure something's up based on her body language. "Yes Mom, thanks."

"Teddy tells me Ally was over after school." And there it is. I am going to kill Teddy.

"She was." I answer cautiously—I have no idea how much Teddy said.

"Teddy said she was in your room."

Death to younger brothers! "She was, but nothing happened, Mom, I swear."

My mom sighs, "Look Carter, you're eighteen, and in a few months you'll be gone away to school. I remember what your father and I got up to at eighteen, so I'm not going to pretend that you two are being completely innocent, because, well, I'm not an idiot, but remember that your brother is only twelve and highly impressionable, so please behave appropriately." She takes a breath, then adds, "Also I am too young to be a grandmother, so please be careful."

"Mom, nothing happened!"

"Yes, but that doesn't mean it won't."

"Okay, whatever." Then an idea occurs to me, "Can you take me shopping this weekend?"

"I guess, why?"

My face colours, "ineedtogetatuxedofortheprom." I spit it out all in one go because my mom has heard my diatribe against the prom for months.

"Really?" She is visibly thrilled, she'd been trying to get me to go for ages, saying it was a seminal high school experience, a right of passage, or some such nonsense.


"But I thought it was sold out?"

I explain how I've managed to secure tickets and my mom is totally excited, making a list of things we need to do. It's exhausting so I bid her goodnight and go to my room.


I'm laying in bed naked and waiting when my phone finally rings.

"Carter, where have you been?" I don't want to sound like a nag, but it's nearly eleven thirty.

"I'm sorry, I was talking to my mom. Teddy ratted us out." He sounds apologetic, so now I feel bad. I hope he didn't get in trouble.

"I think it will be worth it when you look under your pillow," I sing.

I can hear Carter rummaging around for a second, then an intake of breath when he finds my white cotton thong sprigged with little pink flowers and trimmed with a green bow, "Oh god, Ally. It smells like you."

"It should, it was sopping all day after the snack you fed me at lunch."

"You started it, you played with your pussy in the morning."

"I had to Carter. I need you. I don't think you understand what you do to me."

Carter takes in another deep breath, "God, Ally, you're so amazing."

"No Carter, we're so amazing together. You make me feel so good. It's like I was a giant walking pile of suck before you came along. Everything was shallow and fake before."

"Ally, I'm nothing special. I'm just a guy." I wish Carter could see how wonderful he is.

"You're real and fantastic and hot. I can't wait until I can feel you inside of me."

"I can't wait for that either."

"Can you do me a favour?"


"Take your cock out and stroke it with my panties."

"What are you doing?" He asks. I can hear him struggling to get out of his clothes without putting down his phone.

"I'm naked, in the dark, and playing with my nipples." I tell him as I roll my hard nipples between my fingers, the twinges shooting down to my pussy. "Is your cock hard?"

"What do you think?"

"I bet you it's standing up like a flag pole. I love your cock—it's so big and thick and it tastes amazing." I whisper the last bit closing my eyes remembering his load from lunch.

I can tell Carter is stroking himself by the timber of his voice. "Play with your pussy for me?" he asks, lustfully.

"Of course," I purr. "I'm wet and I've already got two fingers in my hole. Yours feel better, though." I hook my fingers and start to stroke the inside wall of my pussy, the soft folds slipping between my fingers. There's a slight sloppy noise in my room as the juice of my pussy gushes around from the movements.

"Ally?" my name slips from his lips, breathing into the phone.

"Yes Carter," I exhale.

"Can I stick your panties in my face? I want to smell you." He is groaning now and I can hear the strain in his voice.

"God, that's—so—fucking—hot." My fingers start to go deeper and my breathing becomes more laboured. Sticking the phone between my shoulder and ear, I move my other hand to my clit, finding purchase against the tender nub.

"Ally, I need you. I need you to feel your pussy for me." Carter's begging is broken by the sounds of his stroking.

"It's so wet Carter, so very wet. I'm going to make a puddle on the bed, my pussy is so fucking wet." Both my hands are busy, pussy full, fingers dancing in a sensual manner.

"My cock is so hard Ally." I can hear his hand moving rhythmically and I can imagine his the tip with a drip of his delicious precum escaping and I want it, I want all of it.

"I wish you were between my legs Carter, your cock driving into me, my pussy wrapped around that giant pole. I need to have you fuck me."

"I want to, Ally, I want to so bad."

"Fuck me Carter, fuck me." My mind is spinning as my release comes closer and ever closer.

"God Ally, you're so good, I'm going to cum for you," Carter's voice is broken and ragged and I know he's about to blow.

"I need you to cum for me, Carter. I wish I was there so I could swallow every last drop." I imagine him on top of me, his weight pressing into me, holding me down, surrounding me, and I start to moan quietly. My orgasm is approaching and it's bearing down on me.

"Oh fuck Ally, oh fuck. You smell so sweet, your scent, Ally—I'm going to cum."

"Do it, Carter, cum for me, shoot that load."

"Ffffuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk, I'm

ccccuuuuummmiiiinnnggg," he gasps.

My pussy starts to spasm as I hear Carter's orgasm. I can imagine his throbbing head letting loose with strand after strand of delicious cum and it sends me over the edge. I follow right behind, working my clit, rubbing it hard and fast. "Oh Carter, oh Carter, oh Carter," I moan. "I'm cumming, baby." And my wet pussy is swamped with my juice as I clamp down on my plunging digits, slowing their thrusts.

"Oh Carter, I wish that load was in me. I came so hard for you."

"Ally, I want you, too."

We talked dreamily for the next few minutes, but I could barely keep my eyes open. "I have to go, Carter. I'm falling asleep."

"Me too, Ally, but I love that yours is the last voice I'll hear."

"Good night Carter. I wish I was curled against you."

"Good night, Ally."

"Good morning, Mrs Winters." Carter's mom opens the door for me.

"Hi Ally. Carter's not ready yet. How are you today?" I can't tell if she's distracted or a bit frosty after yesterday, but I decide the best course of action is to act penitent.

"Good, thanks. I, uh, just wanted to apologize for yesterday, with Teddy. Carter was just showing me a picture he has up there."

"What picture is that?"

"The one from the science fair in grade nine. I just didn't believe him that he had a picture of me in his room."

"You're in the picture?"

"Yep, fourth place. My friend Julia came third behind Carter and Kevin."

"Oh, my, how funny is that?"

"Carter deserved first, but I was pretty upset that I didn't place better. I'm sorry, we weren't doing anything, but I promise, it won't happen again."

"It's okay, I mean you're both legally adults, and stuff is bound to happen. We're just happy he's finally found someone. His father and I were so worried."

At that moment Carter walks into the room and he blanches at his mother's words.

"Carter's an amazing guy, and I'm lucky to have him."


"Hey, here's the ticket from Andi, Carter. You owe me forty bucks."

"Thanks Kevin. I'll pay you tonight, okay?"

"Yeah. I know where you live."

"I told my mom about prom last night and she nearly lost it, she was so excited. You'd think she was the one who was going."

"Does she like Ally?"

"Yep. They really seem to hit it off. Ally apologized for being in my room yesterday and my mom nearly gave her permission to be up there."

"You're lucky. My parents hate Darla. They think she's a drain on my GPA."

"You don't drink, smoke, or do drugs; you have to have some sort of vice," I point out.

"I guess they weren't happy that it was of the big breasted variety. They don't approve of how Darla dresses."

To be fair, Darla does dress rather provocatively, but she's an honour student. "She has great grades and a great rack, but she's also the nicest person ever."

"I know, but her classes are all arts classes, and my parents really only respect math and science. It's a bit ridiculous."

"My parents are just happy I found someone."

"Me too, Carter. Now I won't feel so guilty when Darla and I ditch you at parties."

"Shut up, Kevin," and I give him a punch in the arm.

In between classes, Paul walks up to me. "Hey Carter."

"What's up, Paul?"

"First, here's the prom ticket. Secondly, I need a favour."

Score! I started today with no tickets, now I have two. "Thanks for the ticket, I owe you forty dollars. What's the favour?"

"Could I sit with you and Ally at lunch? Maybe Greg, too?"

"Sure, why? Do you need extra tutoring?"

"No, but I want to sit with him without Megan coming up to set me up with some random girl. She won't come anywhere near you and Ally."

"Aren't you worried people will say something?"

"I don't care anymore, I just want to sit with Greg. Everything else is bullshit and in another few weeks I'm probably never going to see any of these people anymore."

It's the weirdest lunch ever. Ally and I are obviously flirting—heavy on the innuendo, Darla and Kevin are the longstanding established couple, and Paul and Greg very definitely have something going on. We all have books out under the pretext of studying, but really not much gets done. Also there are very definitely people looking at us—two members of the popular set, two geeks, and two theatre people. But it works. We have a great time and aside from some odd stares we are mostly left alone. Megan and her cronies are saying something, but not where we can hear, especially with Paul here. Megan is still hoping to use him for someone's date so she doesn't want to make h

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