tagFetishYou're Like a Little Boy at Times Ch. 05

You're Like a Little Boy at Times Ch. 05


This is a slightly twisted femdom love story of James and Mel, his Mistress. It will make most sense if the chapters are read in order.

In the last chapter, Mel's boyfriend, Tim, left the costume party with Tiffany. Mel made James, who is dressed as a girl, cum in public.

I hope you are enjoying the series.

All characters are over 18.


The party continued on into the night. Mel made sure that I stayed by her side. I knew she was troubled by the text messages going back and forth between her and Tim. She still socialized and talked and laughed, but she wasn't quite as connected as before.

About 1 am and a bit worse for wear, she took my hand and led me upstairs. "Let's go, James, so we can be alone." I was only too happy to follow.

A few partygoers were still in her loft when we walked through, but things were winding down. The bass of loud music still thumped through from next door.

After we entered her bedroom she shut the door behind us. I realized that I had never been alone in there with Mel behind a closed door, which slightly intimidated me.

Straight away she turned to me and ordered, "Get undressed, fully undressed." I started to say something about how I was there for her as a friend and such, but she cut me off angrily. "Why do I always have to tell you twice? I just told you to take your clothes off, you worthless boy. Can you not even obey the simplest command? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

I winced as her words cut into me. I began pulling off my clothes, not even sure why she wanted me to.

"Oh!" Mel exclaimed. She ran up to me and hugged me and started kissing my sullen face.

"I'm sorry baby. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it. You're not worthless. I shouldn't have snapped that way. God, I'm such a bitch to you, while you are only ever nice to me."

That made me want to cry, but I didn't. I shrugged my shoulders and tried to play it off. "Whatever, it's all good."

"Don't you dare try to act all tough with me!" Mel exclaimed. "I know you much better than that, sweet boy. I know you're not tough. That's what I like about you." My face was being covered in her kisses. "It is kind of cute, though."

I melted inside and tried to compose myself.

"Thank you for staying with me James, and putting up with me. I'm a bit crazy right now. I think I just lost my boyfriend to Tiffany. I'll do my best not to take it out on you."

Then she noticed that I was wearing Tiffany's tiny ill-fitting thong. "Hey! Are those Tiffany's? Not real tactful considering she just ran off with my boyfriend."

Hastily, I tried to explain. "Mine were covered in sperm. I didn't know they had run off together when I put these on."

"Remove them. They are not for you," I was curtly instructed.

I removed the panties and stood naked.

"James, listen," said Mel, her tone softening. "I can't stop thinking about Tim with Tiffany. I have never seen him so taken with a girl before. He told me they are going on a trip together. He even packed a bag. In my heart, I think we're through."

I secretly wondered where I would stand if Tim wasn't around.

"I knew they had the hots for each other," she continued, "so I wanted them to hook up. I don't know if they even thought there would be such chemistry. She knew just the perfect buttons to push. He's never been that worked up with me. The look in his eyes gave me shivers. And her little taboo 'daddy' act. He's into that. The way he choked her and pretended he was going to snuff the life out of her. She loved it! You saw them. Tell me I'm wrong," she demanded.

"Yes, I saw. Um, they were amazing together."

"She is such a hotty. And young. She looks even younger than she is. Tim likes them young. I'm 28 James, I can never be that for him. Fuck, she is so hot, and so hot in bed."

"You've done this before, though. It was just lust. It's you he loves. He always come back to you." I was trying to let her get some perspective.

"Firstly, you're wrong. He doesn't truly love me. You know him. He's not really like that.

Secondly, Tim and I don't have a typical relationship. Earlier tonight I watched him take away that little slut who was dressed up as a nun. I truly didn't mind that he was going off to screw her. We do have some rules, though. He had to tell me if he and Tiffany were going back to her place, let alone going away together. He should have waited, James."

She sighed. "But, you know, it wouldn't actually have bothered me if it wasn't for the way he looked at her when she was lying right here in this bed. He looked so adoringly at her."

Mel looked really sad for a moment. I tried to put my arms around her, but she pushed me away.

"You really think he ran off with her?" I asked.

"I don't know. He probably doesn't know," she sighed again. "Oh, he messaged me a video. It is really hot. We can watch it in bed after we get you in the shower," she said casually. "Come on."

As good as that sounded, I also had another pressing need. "Um, Mel, I need to use the bathrom first." I felt silly telling her that, like I was asking permission. "I really need to pee."

I saw the twinkle in her eye. "So, pee."

I had never done it in front of anyone in my adult life. Mel stood with me at the toilet watching and waiting. Self-conciously, I held my penis and tried to urinate. Nerves and the fact that I was semi-hard meant nothing happened.

Mel just looked on with a little smirk. "I thought you needed to go?"

My bladder was sore and in need of relief. "I do...It's just hard with you watching."

She moved behind me, putting her hands on my hips. She kissed my cheek and expectantly peered over my shoulder to view my efforts.

"Good boy," she teased, when I finally managed to produce a golden stream. I felt like a child watched over by his mommy.

"Don't get it on the seat," she warned, seeing my hand trembling.

As I was finishing, she instructed, "Squeeze out the last drops and shake it. Little boys always have to shake it when they're done. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, Mistress..." I hesitated.

"And as your Mistress, I get to see whatever I want to see," she stated firmly. "Go on."

My cheeks grew hot. Mel watched closely as I waggled my penis over the toilet bowl, dispensing of the last droplets of urine from the tip.

"Very good. Next, I would like see what you look like when you shower."

My cock thickened and swayed heavily between my legs as I walked across the bathroom. There was no curtain or door, just the shower head and a tiled stall so I was on display.

"Face me, boy. Don't be shy." As she watched me, Mel carefully removed her shiny black ankle boots. She began to peel off her cat suit. Turning slightly away, she took it down to the waist. I drank in the sight of her bare back and the side of her creamy breast. She gave me a little smile over her shoulder and pulled on a black camisole. She bent over to pull off the legs off the legs of the suit, displaying her ass, split by the thin black fabric of her thong. I stared hard at her curves. It was the most skin she had ever exposed to me.

Mel sat on the toilet seat and slipped her feet back into her boots. She raised up and slid down her panties.

She sat calmly relieving her bladder and taunted me. "See? Nothing to be shy about."

In the low light all I saw were shadows as I tried not to blatantly stare between her legs. "You don't know where to look, do you?" Mel asked, amused at my discomfort.

The warm water of the shower cascaded down over my body and my cock strained out from my loins.

"Ooooh and it got you hard? Watching a girl in a private moment on the toilet makes you hard now does it? I thought you could be more mature than that. You really are a perv. What's the bet you had a peep hole drilled through the wall to the girl's bathroom in school? Such a pervert."

I lathered myself, fighting the urge to grab my aching cock in my fist and beg for permission to cum.

"Soap it up good for me, pervert. I don't want to smell your stale cum on you when I take you to bed."

Just the phrase 'when I take you to bed' made me moan aloud. My cock bounced with my pulse.

Mel didn't say anything. She calmly took some toilet paper and wiped herself. I watched every movement. "I think you and your stiff boy-cock should face the wall now so I can stand up without you perving at me."

I turned to face the wall.

"Showing off those firm, juicy cheeks makes me want you, boy. In just a few short minutes I'm going to take that precious ass." My Mistress' voice dripped with dark lust. "Mmmmm, I'll split you open like a peach."

I moaned softly to myself. It was such a turn on to hear her lusting after me.

"But I wonder how clean you are? If my cock is going in there, I need you to be clean. I mean really clean, you disgusting boy." The toilet flushed and I heard Mel opening a cabinet. Something landed behind me, skidding across the tiles towards my feet.

"That's for you," Mel said. I turned around to see an enema kit in it's box. Mel stood with hands on hips. For a second I thought she was going to stay in the bathroom. Thankfully, she turned and left me alone to administer the enema. "Be on your knees when I return," she said on her way out. My breath caught at the sight of her calf muscles flexing in the boots as she walked.

I was painfully aware of Mel's presence just through the door. Her footsteps echoed loudly while she moved around her bedroom. The click-clack of the hard soles caused a shiver up my spine.

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach like I was on a first date. After the indignity of giving myself an enema, I quickly showered again, shaving my legs and face.

I towelled myself dry and rubbed lotion into my skin, which was now smooth and soft. Slow and deliberate footsteps approached the door and then stopped. I sank to my knees, bowed my head and opened the door. Mel's patent leather boots came into my view.

"Good boy. Such a good servant tonight." Mel stroked my hair. "You like these boots on me don't you? You like a little show of power. You feel so good when you are shown your place. Now, please, a kiss."

I bent low and reverently kissed one of her boots. I was close to being kicked as she sniffed and moved abruptly away without any regard for me.

A rose pink garment was dropped in front of me on the tiles. "Put this on. I can't believe I am having to lend you more clothes."

It was a skimpy babydoll with spaghetti straps. The silky fabric felt delightful and cool as I slipped it on. The hem didn't reach all the way down, leaving my ass half bare.

"I suppose I didn't mind you wearing Tim's cologne earlier, but it didn't really suit you. You need something a bit less masculine." Mel looked amongst her things. "You can't smell like me, though. I don't want to make love to myself. That would just be creepy."

She pulled out a gift pack of toiletries. "My sister gave me this at Christmas and I haven't used anything out of it yet. Lets see if it suits you better than that manly stuff."

My neck was misted with a very delicate and very feminine, perfume. "Perfect, you smell intoxicating. Good enough to be in my bed. Go lay down and prepare your body for me." I was ushered out as Mel took her own shower.

By now it was close to 2am and the music next door had stopped. The deep night was peaceful, the only sound coming from the shower. Mel had placed a tube of some very slick anal lube on the bed. I lay down and began working it around the rim of my ass. My mind drifted back to the last time I lay on their bed, when I had been writhing and bucking underneath a man. Although I felt ashamed, it didn't prevent me from plunging two fingers in and out of myself as I recalled every detail.

Before I got too carried away, Mel returned. She smelled fresh. "Scootch over," she said, joining me in bed.

"Look into my eyes, we need to have a talk."

I looked into her green eyes. I thought back to when Mel hypnotized me. She put her hands either side of my face and kept up her steady stare.

"Relax James. I know you are worried about me. You are a sweet boy."

I almost felt like I was physically falling into her gaze. "Sweet boy," she said again. "So caring. You are winning me over. You love me so much don't you?"

"Yes Mel, I do love you."

"And I'm your Mistress, aren't I? It's not a game for you, is it? You need to belong to me."

"Yes Mistress. I need to belong to you." She was forcing my confession, and it was making me look pathetic.

"Pleasing me makes you happy..."

"Pleasing you makes me so happy, Miss."

"You followed me around like a puppy dog tonight. You dressed up like a girl for me. You kissed my boots. You adore me don't you? Tell me you adore me."

"I do adore you, Mistress. If only you knew how much."

"My sweet little sub. Do you think you could ever fulfill me, sexually?"

I lowered my eyes, knowing that I was defeated. "No, Mistress."

Mel gently lifted my chin up. "Look me in the eyes, pet."

I looked back into her beautiful eyes longingly. She had pity in those eyes now. "I know you couldn't, baby. I'm glad you can admit that to yourself."

I was being let down gently, I could feel it.

She stared at me again. "Tim never lets me be seen naked. He likes me to flirt, and play sometimes. But he is the only one who fucks me. He has me find 'prey' for us. He allows me to toy with them like a cat toys with it's food, for our amusement. You should know, James. You were prey that I seduced for his pleasure." Her eyes narrowed. Oh, and how I loved seducing you."

I swallowed hard and Mel continued. "It was funny with you, though. Perhaps because you were our friend already. Tim let me hang on to you as my own plaything."

If only I meant more to her than a plaything.

"I crave those seductions. I can usually figure out how to ensnare the little treats we pick to be our prey. Unlike little boys like you, I know how to get the ones that I want. Sometimes the more fucked up the encounter is, the more it turns me on."

"And I am just one of those encounters for you, aren't I Mistress? About to run its course..."

Now she look at me with confusion. "James, no, you silly boy. I've grown addicted to playing with you. It's such a power trip to have you fawning over me. I like your company, too. I intend to keep you around, with or without Tim." Her brow creased, as if she were trying to remember. "I think I even told you I that I love you."

I remembered clearly. It hurt that she acted so nonchalantly about it.

"If Tim is really through with me, you have to understand that the rules will change. Do you still want me to keep you, pet?"

"Please Miss, keep me. I'll do anything..."

"You're cute when you're desperate. I need to do more than just flirt and play. I'm not even sure I should ever let your nasty little cock in me. I haven't decided yet. I will let other cocks fuck me, though. I may even get you to help them fuck me. Are you ready to see that?"

"Yes Miss, if that's what you want from me..." I said quietly, although I was not sure at all.

"Correct answer," she congratulated me. "And I want girls too. I want their pussies, their breasts, their lips. I love a girl to kiss and caress me. I need their soft words and cuddles. It will be natural for you to be jealous, especially of the intimacy. In fact I need you to be a little jealous. It's part of the turn on for me. But if it starts to consume you, I won't tolerate it," she warned.

My mind raced with the possibilities. In truth, I didn't know how I would cope with my jealousy.

"Your pleasure is serving me, remember?"

"I'm yours Mistess. I won't question you."

"That sounds all very nice, but you're lying. You'll say anything right now to please me. I know you will question me, when you feel hurt and humiliated and overwhelmed. I know you will fail me, and I know you'll betray me. I'm looking forward to it, actually."

"No, Mistress, I won't-" I began.

"-Hey!" Mel cut me off abruptly and reached for her phone. "Do you want to see the video Tim sent me? It's only about 2 minutes long, but you need to see it."

"Are you sure?" I asked, wondering how it would make her feel.

"Oh yeah I'm sure. It's so hot."

The video was POV style like, like some amateur porno clip. That exactly what is was, I guess. Some hip hop radio was playing in the background. First there were some rustling noises and the blurry pink of a hand in the way of the lens.

Next we saw the smooth backs of a girl's thighs spread open and pinned against her flat stomach. Her pussy and asshole were completely exposed. The camera panned upwards to show soft breasts. A girls voice squealed, "You promised not to show my face!" and the camera panned back down. I recognized Tiffany's voice.

A male hand, Tim's no doubt, appeared rubbing the thick head of a cock over a well lubed but impossibly small asshole. A finger and then two fingers slid into the wet pink pussy, then into the smaller hole. Somehow, the girl's ass opened up for them. After they were worked around, stretching her clenched ring, they went back to trying to force in that big cock. Inaudible male whispers and Tiffany's whimpers could be heard. Her small hand came into view, grabbing the cock, trying to make go in.

Then, Tiffany's voice. "I don't think it's going to fit."

Tim pushed so hard that his cock began to bend. Her asshole began to yield to the intrusion and the head sank in a fraction. More lube from her dripping pussy and we could see the muscle of Tiffany's asshole open up and then close around the whole bulbous head of Tim's cock. We could hear Tiffany cry out and the shaft started to disappear inside of her hole.

"Oooh that's it. Fuck her. Fuck that little whore," Mel whispered at the screen.

At first the fucking was slow and sensual. The veiny shaft glistened as Tim slowly and deliberately violated her bottom. Tender skin around her hole pulled inwards, following his cock as it slid up inside her. The tight ring of her anus gripped possessively around him as he eased back out.

Mel squeezed her legs together beside me. "Take his big cock, baby. Mmmm your little hole is so tight for him. That's it sweetheart, milk his cock with your sexy butthole."

After 30 seconds or so Tiffany's small hands came out to aggressively pull Tim's hips into her. The camera wobbled and Tim fucked her in earnest. We could hear Tiffany's cute little grunts upon every thrust. One hand fell to rub her clit as she was pounded and the video was over...

"Aargh!" Mel yelled in frustration. "I so wanted to see them cum! I wanted to see her little body shaking. I wanted to see her slut hole filled with Tim's cum. Like it was never meant to be filled, but like she deserves."

Mel put her hands over her face. "They are so stupidly hot together. She is such a sexy fucking bitch. I wish it didn't turn me on so much. I can't even be mad at them."

I was debating whether to ask Mel to forward the video to me or if she needed comforting when she set her phone aside and turned to me. She kissed me hard on the mouth, bruising my lips.

"I'm so ready to fuck right now. I've been surrounded by sex all night. Why don't you get up on all fours for me. It's time I got to use my pet. That's right, up on hands and knees for our first time. So romantic, don't you think?"

She got up and opened the night stand drawer, producing a very large, life-like dildo in a harness. I stared at it as she stood up to put it on over her panties.

"Take a good look, little boy. Are you salivating like a dog? Well, I suppose that's appropriate given that I am going to you to fuck you like a dog."

As she walked around the bed, Mel stopped short suddenly to bend down and pick something up. It was the cum-soaked panties that I had so hurriedly changed out of and discarded earlier.

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