You're Mine


Don't touch her!

Oh god! Please, Leave her be!

Somebody help her! I'll do anything. Anything...

There was darkness all around while a barrage of faces and screams engulfed her dreams. She was trapped within her own mind as disturbing images of pain and eroticism claimed her consciousness. Mayenna whimpered, tossing in her sleep. The girls small hands were clenched around the sheets on the queen sized bed that she was laying on. Writhing in curious sort of terror, she arched her back nails digging into the mattress before she let out a gut wrenching scream. The enigmatic shadow that had encapsulated her dreams had suddenly appeared in full and terrible glory, the fear causing her to surge forward into consciousness.

Mayenna was shaking as she sat up on the spacious mattress, unable to see through this new yet familiar darkness. The bed was not familiar, much longer than the small twin that she fell into each night; and the room did not have the old smell of mildew that her old basement apartment had claimed over the years. Where ever she was, it was not home. Confusion marred the beautiful features of the girl's heart-shaped face. Her delicate brows were furrowed in contemplation and her emerald eyes glistening with fear, as her lower lip quivered, venturing a plea. "H-hello? Is anybody...there?" the words were scarcely a whisper, too weak to breach the darkness.

Pushing a strand of her black, shoulder length hair from her face, Mayenna breathed in a shaky breath and pushed herself up onto her knees, scooting carefully towards the edge of the bed. The wood floor was like an ice block beneath her small feet, causing her to gasp a small sigh of surprise before pushing herself up to stand. Arms out in front of her, the girl walked forward until her fingers found the plaster of a wall. Feeling her way along the perimeter of the prison, the girl found a light switch but to her displeasure seemed to do nothing. She let out a distressed whimper and continued to feel around the room. Her exploration lasted little more than fifteen minutes and had provided little benefit. She knew nothing more than that the room had one locked door directly opposite the bed, that there was a desk, what seemed to be a locked armoire, and a side table with a lamp furnishing the room. She found nothing to help her establish where she was, or how she had gotten there, for the events of the days before were blurs of faces and places. Struggling back to the bed, the girl sat hunched over the side her fingers tangled in her dark mane of hair as her eyes clamped closed in her attempts to sort out her situation.

"Why would I be here?" the girl muttered aloud, "where is here?" she breathed gently, trying to control her own nerves. "That doesn't matter...I need to get out of here." As she sat, the neck of her night gown dipped low, scarcely covering breasts, while she continued to think miserably.

Amidst her own contemplations the girl had not noticed the door click open, and apparently the pale light that shown through the crack of the entrance did not affect her concentration either. "That would be entirely impossible." A low voice murmured through the dark. Mayenna nearly screamed as she jumped back onto the bed, her knees bending towards her breast, holding them there with her arms. Her eyes were wide with both terror and a careful curiosity as they beheld the silhouette of a man standing within the door frame at the other end of the room. Because of the light shinning behind him, the girl could not make out any specifics about him, and winced from the brightness.

After almost ten minutes the girl swallowed and inhaled a shaking breath. "Who are...where am I."

"You, little one, are a guest in my home." He purred with a silken voice as he pushed himself up to stand straight in the doorway, filling it with his strong form. "And you may call me Lucien."

"Why am I here." The girl murmured carefully over her knees.

"Because you vowed yourself to me." he continued. Her confused response wrenched a sigh from his breast and caused him to take a few steps into the room, arms crossed over his breast. "You apparently don't remember." He paused, taking in her shaking form with a small smile. Before he moved to speak again, her legs slid down the mattress as the look of her eyes became hard.

"I want to leave."

Shaking his head he murmured soothingly, "No, I fear that such is not an option for you."

In anger the girl pushed herself off of the bed to stand in a strained stance. Her hands were clenched at her sides and her shoulders tense. The way her breasts heaved up and down under the thin material of her night dress caused the Lucien's jaw to quickly clench. "I did not vow myself in any form." She spat the words as if they were poison on her tongue, "Let me leave now."

The man's face lit up in amusement, closing the gap between them, to only a foot. "You did." He murmured reaching out to her, brushing one of the angry tears that had accumulated on her cheeks away. In response she slapped his hand away, scratching his palm in the process. She was just as spirited as he had imagined, and he clenched his hand letting it drop back to the side as he stared intently into her eyes "I saved your friend."

A confused look passed over her features, her nose crinkling in thought as she reached, grabbed for an answer. "Karen?" he nodded with a blank face. "What happened, I don't know what you are talking about. She was lying, he could see the spark of remembrance that had been ignited in her gaze. Before he could speak the girl had made a mindless move towards the exit. Without a word she had surged forward at a full run, the folds of her dressing gown fluttering around her. It took little effort on his part, the man was easily a foot taller than the girl, and his muscular form definitely stronger. He did little more than reach out for her, catching the folds of her dress in his large hands before pulling back upon it. She lost her footing as he caused her to fall back, catching her arm before the small body collided with the floor. Using his body he forced her back against the bed, pressing her down into the mattress. "If you do not remember shall I remind you?"

She was breathing quickly, her shoulder aching from the way he still held her arm above her head, down against the sheets. She moaned in discomfort and tried shifting away from him, but to no avail; the weight pressing down upon her caused her diminutive stature to seem as nothing more than a mere butterfly fluttering into the glass walls of a jar. "I'll take that as a yes, my dear." He murmured harshly against her ear, wretching her arm in a way that a terrible exclamation of pain to escape from her lips. "It was dark that night and you two poor girls had not known what terrors awaited you. That man had been following you ever since you two had left that bar on 23rd street. You two were so happy, laughing, smiling as you strode towards your apartments. The man did not have to try hard, the part of town that you walk through to get to your home is quite dangerous. I would have expected that you would have been a little bit more responsible after living there for so long. But anyway...He hit you first, with the butt of his hunting knife, you then fell into the wall and then to the ground, paralyzed by the pain, I imagine. Your friend was subjected to a worse fate, after she began screaming the man seemed to know that he wouldn't be able to carry out the nefarious actions had he had planned to carry out with you two and pushed her against the same wall. She slapped him, and bit one of his hands; that is when he stabbed her."

It was all coming to her. The pain was pulsing through her head again, the pain searing down her spine and through her limbs. Her vision was blurred as she watched the scene. She screamed, and tried to grab at her friend but experienced little success. She could feel darkness edging over her mind, and screamed out again as the man began to stab her friend with abandon. "Don't touch her!" the words were spouting from her lips, "Oh god! Please leave her be! Somebody help her! I'll do anything..." then everything went black.

The man pressed his lips gently against the hollow behind her ear, and breathed against her neck. "I answered your plea. Your friend is in critical condition at the county hospital, but she is alive. The man, her attacker is dead. And I am making good on your promise." The girls breath caught in her throat and she began shaking her breath vehemently pushing against him and trying to move away. With a sigh the man pulled on her arm which only served for her to scream in anguish before stilling for a moment

"You bastard!"

"You said that you would do anything my dear." He murmured gently against the flesh behind her ear once more, "And the anything that I require is you...completely....mind body and soul." Tears were freely falling again, her lip quivering as she diverted her gaze from him to look towards the open door, from whence her hope of freedom emanated. "You are mine now."

" not! Are you insane?! What do you want from me?" his free hand touched her thigh, his fingers gently grazing the flesh as he raked them up her leg, pulling the fabric of her night gown with it. As the hand reached her hip he stopped, moving down to the to the top of her thigh and back to accentuate the point. She had no underwear on. At that moment he leaned in and planted a trail of gentle kisses down her neck. She swallowed and whimpered trying to pull away from him, "I am to be your whore? That is all you want."

"No, not in the least." He growled against the soft flesh of her neck, grabbing a strong hold upon her hip. "I require all of you, your entire being, to exist only for me."

The girl nearly laughed as she shook her head and tried pushing on his shoulder with her free hand "That will never happen" Taking her other hand in his and raising it over her head, he leaned in to kiss her. She was thrashing about wildly as he pressed his lips gently against hers, pulling back before her teeth could sink into the flesh of his lower one.

"tsk tsk I thought you understood the rules. If you fight me, then your family dies." She gasped and laid still for a moment, Lucien using the moment to take both of her hands into the grasp of his one. "Just relax and enjoy it..." he murmured as he shifted his weight so that he was laying next to her, pressed up against the side of her body as his fingers lazily trailed down her body from her shoulders towards the apex of her thighs, before running back up her side. "I am going to lay my claim upon you, and soon your body will know its master." She was shaking her head again while more tears stained her cheeks. "shhhh little one, I will not hurt you."

With a grin his fingers found their way under her night dress and softly rubbed her thighs, avoiding the pussy which they so ached to touch. His lips were running up and down her neck again planting a trail of gentle kisses along the desperately pulsing vein. His tongue followed, brushing small circles over the flesh, teasingly. Despite herself a small croon escaped her lips and she tilted her neck to the side, exposing more of her neck to him. He grinned and gently bit her as his fingers brushed over her waxed mound. With a gasp she began to try to squirm away from his fingers. Her will to fight was one of the things that Lucien found so attractive about Mayenna, especially when she was fighting her own passions. "That's it shy away from your own arousal... you don't want to enjoy it, but I promise that you will."

As he spoke his fingers were sliding back up her body bunching the skirts of her sleeping down over her hips. He then slide his attentive fingers over her bodice and pulled the neckline of the dress down, hiking it under both of her generous mounds. Lucien held in a soft groan, as he watched her for a moment. With a grin he leaned in tracing the curves of her breasts with his tongue. He continued this until he saw her nipples standing erect, and taking advantage of her own arousal he took one of the tender nipples into his lips, running his tongue around the areola as he sucked gently on the teat. This ripped the sweetest moan from Mayenna's soft lips, as she squirmed beneath him. Lucien mused as he continued to play with her nipple. His teeth nibbled on it playfully at first before pressing it between his teeth with a more sure pressure, pulling on the nipple to wrench a pained croon from his little prisoner. She arched her back up to follow his lips, only to find his hand pressing down upon her sternum, forcing her back against the mattress as he pulled harder on the nipple.

After a number of minutes of continued teasing he released the nipple, tracing the areola one more time before raising his head to look up at her. Lucien found a gaze filled with a mixture of anger and confused arousal and he leered arrogantly. "Never without my permission, sweet one." She moaned in frustration as he leaned back down to do with this nipple what was done with the other. She was squirming underneath him, each sensation in her breasts causing ripples of pleasure to sear through her form. His other hand left her sternum after giving her other breast a gentle fondle and slid teasingly down her stomach and hips. His touches were so intimate that it sent a shiver down her spine, and the fact that a part of her was enjoying it made the moment even more terrible.

He finally released her nipple and trailed kisses back up her neck before resting his lips against her ear again. "You are so much more reactive than I could have hoped," He murmured accentuating the silky words with an intentional stroke of his fingers down along her slit, causing her to squirm and sigh another needy moan. "Do you want me to touch you there, my sweet? Do you want to feel me in there."

Mayenna froze completely, she had been completely lost in the sensation, her mind temporarily locked behind the veil of her carnal urges. She shook her head trying to hold back the whimper that was fighting to escape as he began to run his fingers over her mound in a luxuriating was that caused a small pressure to build low within her belly. She tried to swallow her own passions and furrowed her brow with closed eyes as she attempted to control her body's own reactions to this man, her rapist. Her body wanted him to touch her, it wanted his fingers to touch her like this, but she could not let him control her like this. She refused to acknowledge his question for another few minutes until his fingers found a new play thing, her sensitive nub. She squirmed underneath his fingers and let out a cry of pleasure as that fire burned more brightly in her belly as he continued teasing it with his fingers.

As her button began to swell and grow hard under his fingers, he smirked and took it between his fingers and pulled on it, causing her back to arch as a low moan was ripped from her. "I asked you a question, darling." He murmured again, his finger leaving her nub for a moment to press down between her labia dipping in her moist heat. "Don't you want me to touch me here?" she shook her head carefully as her body shook slightly from the sensation. "Oh really?" he continued pulling his finger back, "it looks like you are lying to me; for your body is saying differently." He said bringing the finger to his lips, tasting her with a dark smile. "you taste so sweet."

Mayenna's eyes went wide in disbelief and looked away from him, because his action actually aroused her more, probably moistening her pussy with even more of that sweet honey. This man was unbelievable did he even care that she did not want this? Why does he just do these things to her, how can he be playing her body in so expertly a way with never even having touched her before? It was not fair, this power that he held over her. She found his lips over hers, his lips tracing the contours of her lips as his hand pulled on her arms as an unspoken warning "you bite and terrible things will happen". He smirked cruelly as she whimpered and parted her lips unwillingly allowing his tongue entrance into her sweet mouth. His tongue explored her mouth, forcing mayenna to taste the faint essence of her honey. The realization caused her to close her legs tightly around his hand. He chuckled into her mouth, running his tongue along hers, massaging it as his fingers began to play with her once more. Instead of trying to open her legs again, he slid a finger one knuckle into her depths and pinched her nub gently.

Mayenna's eyes clamped shut as she moaned in pleasure, not allowed to escape from the kiss, his teeth claiming her lower lip. She couldn't do anything but lay there as he played her body like a violin Her mind was spinning, unable to comprehend how her body could so completely respond to him, but not to her own reason. It terrible, trying with all of her might not to push into the finger that he allowed to remain only an inch into her, whilst his other fingers continued to massage her button. He abruptly pulled away from the kiss, his hovering less than an inch from hers "Ask me, tell me you want me to touch you like this and make you cum." He murmured, lips brushing against hers as his words were illustrated by a luxuriated stroke along her slit. "I won't do anything that you don't want me to do..."

She was a experiencing a mix of emotions. She wanted to beg him to let her leave, she wanted to hit him and escape, she wanted to thrust into his finger, and another part of her wanted him to just take her. She bit her own lip, shaking the thought out of her head at the same moment denying him. "mmmm..." he groaned in displeasure, dragging his lips down her neck and chest, his breath brushing against her erect nipples. She whimpered again shifting against him. "admit it to yourself, you want me to touch you," he murmured, licking her nipple and pulling her bud gently, "and you want me to make you come." His words were arousing her almost as much as his fingers and lips were. She did want him to touch her, she did want him to make her cum, but she shouldn't, she couldn't want that from him.

"Hmmm, perhaps you merely don't know what you want." He continued, talking against her nipple, brushing against the tender pebble. "I suppose I'll just have to teach you." And with that he pushed himself up, letting go of her arms as he pulled his fingers from her mound. It took her a moment to realize what was happening as he pulled away, stripping the button up from his shoulders. With a confused proficiency Mayenna fell from the bed and stumbled towards the door. She was only inches away before she felt the big hands clamp around her throat and waist, pulling her up off the ground and back towards the brick wall of his chest.

"Oh no no no, my dear, it is much too early for you to leave." He muttered languidly against the soft black locks of her hair. His grasp around her throat was firm, his thumb pressing into her throat up under her chin. Her eyes were closed in horror as more tears trailed down her lips. "let's go back to bed, it seems like you need to relax a bit" he lifted her off the ground and quite literally threw her down onto the bed. After landing with a squeak she scrambled back against the head board, staring at him her eyes glazed over with terror and persisting arousal. He stood at the foot of the bed, arms crossed over his muscular breast. Actually, as she looked upon him she realized that he was quite attractive. Now that her eyes had adjusted to the darkness she could make out the sharp features of his jaws, cheeks, and brow. His nose sloped down over thin, pallid lips, over which his black eyes stared upon her intently, boring through her form. Wincing gently under his scrutiny her eyes continued to devour him. His broad shoulders and muscular torso were lean, with attractive definition. And his biceps just painted her mind with so many sinful fantasies, ones which she should not even be considering.

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