You're Mine! Ch. 07


I had Gay assume the position and Tyko lowered her mouth to this new offering. She ran her tongue up the wet slit from the bottom to the erect clitoris at the top and then began sucking on each pussy lip in turn before sliding her tongue into the inviting, pink hole. I told them their time was up and had them switch positions. Gay was bi-sexual and loved pussy, so when she saw the beauty spread out before her, she began sucking it immediately and moaned in pleasure as she ate away. I hated to part them since they were both in a different world but I wanted the introductions to be over so we could mix it up together and told them to break it up and had my wife move in front of Machiko to get properly acquainted.

After a minute or so of sucking Machiko, Tyko looked up at me and told me how fabulous this pussy tasted and then went right back to sucking again. Machiko was in another world when I had them switch and went at my wife's cunt without hesitation. She lost herself in the hot, wet pussy and was frantically licking at the hole when I told them to break since their time was up. Next was Martha, who already had her feet up on the couch and legs splayed wide so that Tyko could suck her. Tyko got down and enthusiastically began to suck the beautiful cunt spread before her eyes. She fastened onto Martha's huge clit and spent most of the time sucking it back and forth between her lips. When time was up, they switched and Martha buried her face in Tyko's cunt and drove her wild with her experienced tongue.

Next was Milly, the cute blonde with the great body who loved sex like few women he had ever known. He remembered once, years ago, she had been sick with pneumonia and had a temperature of 104 but insisted that she wanted me to eat her and fuck her anyway. Tyko settled herself between her legs and started licking and sucking on the swollen lipped pussy that was already oozing juices. Milly loved every minute of it and was stroking Tyko's head in approval as my wife lost herself in the sweet cunt. Again, I hated to break them up but when I reminded Milly that now she had the opportunity to suck one of the sweetest pussies in the world, she jumped up!

Tyko was surprised and delighted with the energy that Milly brought to sucking her cunt. It was a terrific turn-on to have this good looking blonde sucking her so voraciously, with such obvious delight. He hated to break them up but Suki was the last one and she was already in position playing with her clit as she watched Tyko's face and imagined the pleasure she was about to get from her mouth. Tyko dropped to her knees and licked her way up the magnificent thighs until she reached the waiting pussy which was already swollen in heat and wet with her secretions.

She moaned in pleasure as she put her mouth around the entire cunt and sucked it into her mouth. Suki was heaving her hips in passion when I told them to switch and immediately lost herself in my wife's pussy the moment her lips touched it. Tyko closed her eyes and offered her cunt to Suki to do with as she pleased and took a few minutes to come down when I had them stop at the end of the time. Now that everyone had been properly introduced, I asked Tyko what she thought of my taste in pussies. She complimented me and told me that every one of them was delicious and she hated to stop each time I asked her to. Now I told them that we

would retire to the master bedroom where all of us could easily fit on the super king size bed.

As soon as we got there, I lay down on my back in the middle of the huge bed and told them that they each had five minutes to suck on my cock and they should do it in the same order as before. I told Suki, who was last, to play with Nina's pussy and breasts as she sucked me and then change off with someone else when the next turn came up. Nina hadn't had my cock in her mouth for years and sucked it like she never wanted to stop. Suki had her fingers in her cunt and was playing with her clit as she deep throated the thick shaft that she always loved. The five minutes were up in a flash and Gay settled herself down on her knees and took his huge member in her mouth as Nina buried her face between the cheeks of her ass and started licking her from the asshole to the clit.

Gay loved to suck cock and had him crawling the walls by the time the five minutes were up. Machiko couldn't wait to get down and suck that thick penis. She leaned forward and took the head in her mouth as she pulled gently on his balls the way he liked. She was in the middle of milking him with her throat muscles when the time ran out and she reluctantly pulled her mouth off the throbbing pole and relinquished it to Martha, who was licking her lips in anticipation. Martha was the one that used to suck his cock all through an entire baseball game on TV! He remembered how she used get comfortable sitting on a pillow at his feet with her head in his lap and his cock in her mouth, sucking away beautifully as he watched the game.

Oh yes, at the end of each inning, they would switch and he would suck her during the commercials. She took him into her mouth and began to suck him lovingly as she felt a tongue enter her hole and lick around her insides. Machiko was doing a superb job on her cunt and she hated to stop but Milly was getting in position and she moved aside to allow her to suck on the beautiful cock also. Milly moaned all through sucking his member until she had to move to make way for Suki, who took his balls in her mouth and sucked on them gently before taking the fat head between her lips and drawing on it trying to suck out his juices. When her time was up, he had them draw numbers from a vase. Whoever got the number 10, won the right to suck out his juices since he was so horny from all the sucking the past half an hour. Tyko was not involved since she sucked him practically every day and Gay turned out to be the winner when they opened their slips.

She approached him heavy lidded with passion from the excitement of the evening and held his huge, throbbing penis in her hand as she licked all around the head and slipped the tip of her tongue into the tiny hole before taking it in her mouth and sucking it like she needed his come to survive! She was an expert and it didn't take too long before he felt his orgasm approaching. He asked someone to sit on his face as he was about to fill Gay's mouth with his juices. A hot, wet cunt descended and smothered him in glorious pussy as he breathed in it's sexy scent and poured come into Gay's hungry mouth. When his spasms were over, Tyko brought hot towels and they all refreshed themselves and relaxed waiting for the next event.

I told them that this would be a perfect opportunity for Tyko and Nina to finish themselves off since they enjoyed each other so much earlier. Both of them squealed in delight and got in the center of the bed as we all gathered around them. Nina reached for Tyko's big, hard nipples and pinched them lightly as she squeezed each breast lovingly before taking them in her mouth one at a time and licking them in turn. My wife was pulling gently on Nina's small, perfectly shaped breasts and then ran her hands down to her stomach, hips and finally, her crotch. Nina swung around on top of her and dropped her pussy on her mouth as she bent to suck the sweet cunt before her and they began a sensuous dance as they licked each other's pussies.

They were a beautiful sight and everyone watched in rapture as the two beauties, one blonde, the other brunette, lost themselves in each other's cunt. Suki moved over to me and took my half hard member in her mouth and began to suck it gently as I watched my wife and former wife eat each other. The two of them were dancing to the same music and moaning at the same time as they sucked away at each other. Tyko was the first to announce her orgasm and stiffened as it hit her hard! She thrust her cunt forward into Nina's mouth and released her juices just as Nina went into her throes of pleasure. Tyko sucked at the juicy pussy for some time after Nina's spasms ended and then the two of them collapsed on each other with sighs of satisfaction.

Just then the inter-com rang and it was Jo at the desk downstairs. I told the concierge to send her up and told the group that I had a very pleasant surprise for them and that they were going to have a wonderful time tonight. I slipped on a robe and answered the doorbell. Jo looked sensational and, after we held each other close and kissed hello, I led her into the bedroom and introduced her to the naked women on the bed. Jo looked at them very approvingly as did they. She was a gorgeous woman with a very sexy body and great legs and I could see the admiration reflected in the eyes of each one of them. I suggested that Jo remove her clothes and join us. She went over to the chair in the corner of the room and started to take off her clothes.

When she removed her dress, she faced away from everyone and totally stripped and then, very dramatically and sensuously, she turned and faced the group. There was a gasp of surprise from everyone as Jo's magnificent, huge penis stood out in front of her as she advanced to the bed. When she reached the foot of the bed, she lifted one foot up on the bed so they all had a clear view of her crotch and there was another gasp when they saw her gorgeous pussy! Jo got down on the bed on her back with her knees up and legs spread wide and everyone gathered around to touch her body and try out her unusual and magnificent equipment. Nina couldn't resist the huge, thick shaft cleaving the air and leaned forward and licked the massive head before taking the head in her mouth and sucking firmly on it trying to draw her juices out.

Martha was lying flat and sucking the beautiful cunt as she played with her own clit and Milly and Suki each were licking and sucking a breast and nipple. Machiko planted one foot on each side of Jo's head and squat down lowering her pussy to the waiting mouth which sucked at it voraciously. Gay worked her way in and shared sucking Jo's massive organ with Nina and they passed it back and forth from time to time and wondered who was going to be the lucky one who was sucking it when she came.

I decided they had enough of working on Jo for the present and told them to line up in the same order as before since they were going to experience being fucked by a beautiful woman with a cock that most men would die for. Nina was first and I asked her if she wanted my thick shaft in her ass or mouth while Jo was fucking her and she chose her ass since she had never experienced having two cocks in both her holes at the same time. I told her to get on her hands and knees on top of Jo and fit her massive organ in her pussy. Once she was comfortably settled with Jo's huge organ inside her, I approached her from the rear and fit the head of my lubricated shaft to her asshole and slowly and gently worked it in. As I went deeper, I felt Jo's hard member through the walls of her cunt and both of us started a slow, sensuous in and out motion filling both her cunt and ass with cock and driving her up the wall with


She was moaning and whimpering with unrestrained passion as she felt both huge members stroking in and out of her holes and began to beg us to give her even more cock. I had asked Gay, who was next in line, to time us and let me know when ten minutes were up. She told me the time was up a few moments later and I withdrew my hard shaft from my ex-wife's ass and had her get off Jo so Gay could have her turn. I told her to bring some soap, a basin of water and a towel and had her wash my cock thoroughly before I inserted it into Gay's gorgeous ass. Gay was riding Jo's shaft beautifully when I slipped the head of my penis into her waiting asshole. I didn't even have to ask her what her preference was, I knew from past experience how much she loved having her cunt and ass filled with cock at the same time.

In fact, knowing her, I'm sure she missed having a cock in her mouth also! Her asshole was smooth and tight around my shaft as I stroked in and out and was turned on even more feeling Jo's thick organ filling Gay's hungry cunt. Machiko tapped me on the shoulder when time was up and I pulled out of Gay's sweet ass and let her wash my cock and dry it before I kneeled down . Machiko was next and asked to suck my cock while Jo fucked her but requested that she would like to sit on Jo's cock and have me stand in front of her so she could suck my shaft at the same time. As soon as she settled herself on the massive organ, I stood facing her with both feet on either side of Jo's body and my throbbing penis brushed across her lips. She licked it from the base up, all around, and then took the head between her lips and sucked it gently.

She had Jo's massive cock buried deep inside her and was moving her ass around sensuously as she fucked and began to take more and more of my cock down her throat. Time was up and Martha was shaking me before I came back to Earth and stepped back as she kept leaning forward reluctant to give up the fat cock that felt so good to suck on. Martha wanted her cunt and ass filled so, as soon as she got Jo's pulsating organ inside her, he slipped his thick tool inside her asshole slowly and gently, feeding her a little more cock with each stroke until he had it buried as far as it could go. He loved the feel of Jo's cock through Martha's cunt walls and stroked in and out of her ass mainly seeking the gorgeous hard penis on the other side. It was like two cocks masturbating each other while fucking!

Milly tapped me in what seemed like only one minute and I reluctantly pulled out of Martha's hot ass and had her clean me thoroughly before turning to Milly, who wanted it the same way also. I fit the tip of my penis to her sweet asshole, which she had already lubricated with KY, and fed it in firmly, the way she liked it. When it was buried to the hilt, I started to stroke in and out seeking the thick organ on the other side. Every time their cocks rubbed against each other through the walls, Jo would moan aloud so I realized she was being turned on by it also. Suki interrupted our reverie by tapping my shoulder and I pulled out of Milly's very fuckable ass and turned to her as soon as I was cleaned up. She wanted to suck me so I straddled Jo's head and had her suck my balls while Suki leaned forward and took my swaying shaft in her mouth as she moved her ass around grinding down on Jo's stiff penis.

I loved the feeling of having my balls sucked gently in a warm, wet mouth while my cock was being expertly sucked and licked by Suki's eager mouth. Nina brought us back to the present with the announcement that the ten minutes were up and I withdrew my tool from Suki's ass and had Nina clean it before gathering everyone around me for the raffle. I told them that the one who drew the number 10 from the bowl would win Jo and I as their personal sex slaves for the next hour while everyone else would watch.

Machiko was the lucky winner and immediately assumed control over us as our Mistress. She was horny as hell since she had Jo's huge member inside her while sucking me and then was so rudely interrupted before she could reach orgasm. Now she planned on using us for her own pleasure for the next hour. She lay back on the

bed with a pillow under her ass so that her pussy was elevated. Then she told me to get on my knees on the floor and suck her cunt while ordering Jo to climb on top of her in a 69 position so that she could suck both her pussy and cock. It wasn't long before my face was buried in her hot pussy and I was lost sucking her sweet cunt. I watched Jo get in position and saw the look of complete rapture come over her face when Machiko took her huge penis in her mouth and began to suck it firmly while gently playing with her erect clitoris.

I concentrated on the hard clit after spending some time driving my tongue deeply into the wet channel and licking up her excretions. I had her clit between my lips and was sucking it back and forth while licking it with the tip of my tongue when she suddenly groaned and stiffened her body as she came. I drove my tongue deep into her hole and licked up her juices as they flowed down. When she calmed down, she told Jo and I to switch positions since she wanted Jo to bring her to another orgasm while she sucked my throbbing penis. When I was in position and Machiko's hungry mouth was chewing on my shaft, Jo started to kiss the thick pussy lips and run her tongue into the slit.

Machiko was always turned on a little bit more when being eaten by a woman and she was totally aroused in a short time. Her hips were thrusting forward as she fucked Jo's face and she was sucking hard on her thick member, trying to draw out her juices. They were at it this way for some time when suddenly Machiko began to moan and told us she was about to have another orgasm. She ground her pussy into Jo's eager mouth as she orgasmed while my cock was buried deep in her throat. After she came down to Earth again, she told Jo and I that, while she relaxed and got ready for action again, she wanted Jo and I to circulate around the group of very horny women and satisfy as many as possible until she was ready to have us service her again. We turned to face five very horny gals who immediately advanced upon us with a mad gleam in their eyes.

Machiko ordered us to obey the women and do anything they wished without question. They had both of us spread-eagled on our backs next to each other on the bed and they each selected a position and assumed it without hesitation, as if it was planned. Gay straddled my face and lowered her dripping cunt to my mouth and told me to suck her to orgasm. Suki was licking my balls and working her way up to my throbbing shaft which she wet thoroughly with her mouth before getting up and sitting on it until it was deep inside her. Milly was sitting on Jo's face with a look of rapture on her face as the expert tongue worked it's magic. Martha was sucking on Jo's massive cock and was in a different world while Nina's eager tongue was doing wonderful things to her pussy.

Gay was the first to come and shuddered as she bore down on his mouth and released a torrent of juice on his waiting tongue. Suki came next and went wild as she ground down on my cock as hard as she could and totally lost herself in pleasure. Machiko told us to stop and come over to her immediately. Gay, Nina and especially Milly were rudely interrupted since each of them was in their own world enjoying what they were experiencing. Machiko told them to be patient and they would have them again shortly. She got on her hands and knees and told Jo to fuck her and told me to fuck Jo.

Then she asked Tyko to bring a dildo and fuck me with it. I asked Jo where she would prefer my cock and she chose her ass. As soon as the head was inside her and I was slowly lubricating my way into her, Nina slipped the vibrating dildo in my asshole and worked it inside gently. We fucked each other like this for quite some time when suddenly Jo screamed out she was going to come and began pumping load after load of cream into Machiko's cunt.

Machiko had never felt so much cream come out of a cock and was surprised and delighted as Jo kept pouring more and more into her. Jo kept her cock buried deep in Machiko as she lost herself in the pleasure my cock was giving her. I reached under her and pinched her clit between my fingers gently as I stroked in and out of her slippery asshole. Tyko had turned the vibrator on full and the sensation in my ass heightened the feelings I was experiencing from fucking Jo's

gorgeous asshole. I felt the orgasm approaching and told Jo to get ready for my juices as my cock swelled and erupted in a long series of spurts flooding her insides with my come. This seemed to trigger her off and she suddenly went into a vaginal orgasm with her half hard penis still buried in Machiko's pussy.

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