tagGroup SexYou're Mine! Ch. 10

You're Mine! Ch. 10


Recap: As far as I can determine, it must have happened the day I was caught in the rainstorm on the golf course. It was a gorgeous day when I teed off but by the time I was on the fourth hole, the clouds began to gather and the thunder started. I could see lightening flashes in the distance and just then, the heavens opened and it began to pour. Without thinking I headed for the big willow tree off to the side of the fairway and ducked underneath to get out of the rain. The next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital emergency room with a terrific headache.

It seems the tree was split right down the middle by lightening and part of the bolt reached out and hit me also! I had minor burns from my head all the way down my back to my waist but was unhurt otherwise. They released me a few hours later and I went home thinking about how lucky I was to still be alive! At the time, I had no idea of the powers that became mine because of that experience but I soon found out that by looking into a person's eyes and saying the words "You're mine", they would be completely in my power.


As soon as we walked into the apartment, I asked D to remove her clothing so that we could thoroughly examine our property. When she was naked, I asked her to come over to the couch, face away from us and bend over and grasp her ankles with her hands. She complied immediately and displayed a gorgeous ass framing a magnificent pussy and asshole. Her cunt lips were a dark brown and the moist, pink flesh of her vaginal opening was in perfect contrast. I could see that Tyko couldn't wait to taste her new acquisition so I told her to go ahead and enjoy herself first. As soon as my wife buried her face in the sweet meat, I moved to the floor in front of her and offered her my already stiff tool to suck until it was my turn to taste her. She knew exactly how to suck a cock and naturally loved every minute of it herself which showed in the intense and skillful way she sucked.

I regretted stopping her but Tyko was finished tasting and I wanted to have some desert myself so I told her I was shifting position and Tyko took my spot when I sat down on the couch and leaned forward to kiss the beautiful cunt before my eyes. As i licked her thick, outer lips, she began to moan softly and leaned forward slightly to kiss my wife's gorgeous cunt which was being offered for worship. I loved her taste and smell and covered every inch of her pussy with my lips and tongue as I got more and more turned on by her wonderful cunt. I drove my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy hole and tasted my way up her delicious channel sucking up all the sweet juices I could find. Then I moved down and licked her rigid and ready clit which caused her to jerk and buck as I teased it. When I took her large, throbbing clit between my lips and began sucking it and running my tongue lightly across the tip at the same time, she was gasping in passion as she sucked on Tyko's pussy even more.

She was getting ready to come and from listening to my wife's comments about the way she was being eaten, I figured Tyko was close to coming also and I tried to time it so that D would come while my wife unloaded her love juices into D's hungry mouth. I slowed down a bit and just teased her for a while until I could hear Tyko getting ready to come and I went back to sucking her clit and tonguing it and it wasn't long before she gasped into my wife's cunt and released a torrent of come juices on my nose. I moved up to the source and licked up and sucked up every drop I could find in and around her pussy hole. Tyko let go then and D began to moan again as she sucked up the delicious juices in my wife's cunt.

She didn't remove her mouth from Tyko's pussy until Tyko got up and suggested that we go into the bedroom and get on the comfortable bed and continue the fun. I was horny as hell from sucking D's fantastic cunt and told her to suck on my stiff shaft for awhile before I fuck her. She was lying on her stomach sucking my shaft and her pussy and asshole were at the edge of the bed which gave Tyko the opportunity to sit on the floor and eat her delicious pussy meat. D did wonders on my cock. She licked every millimeter and sucked it into her mouth and down her throat as far as she could go. She worked her mouth and throat in turn massaging the shaft with her tongue as she sucked and was desperately trying to suck my juices out of my balls.

D was moaning as she sucked me because of Tyko's searching tongue in her cunt hole and she redoubled her efforts to drink my come. Before long I felt it approaching and told her to get ready for her first taste of my juices and not to waste a drop. Then it hit me and my cock jerked in spasm deep in her eager throat as I shot load after load into her sucking mouth and she swallowed every drop and squeezed it to get more out of the tip.

After we rested for awhile and had some refreshing cold drinks that Tyko brought to us, I asked D if she enjoyed being fucked in the ass since that would definitely be on the agenda this week. She smiled and said it was one of her favorite things in sex. I told her she would have to wait until the next day to experience it because Tyko and I were exhausted from the weekend and just wanted to go to sleep right now. I told her to stay in between us and go to sleep also since we had a lot of activities planned for the next week and wanted her in good shape for them. I also told her that I would like her to go to sleep with my cock in her mouth and when she turned around to do it, my wife snuggled up to her gorgeous ass which was right near her face and went to sleep with her tongue buried in D's pussy.

We slept late next morning and I woke up to find D deep throating my already enormous shaft. It was a great way to wake up and I was ready for sex immediately. My wife was underneath D sucking away at her pussy while she ate me and I told D to get on her hands and knees and tongue Tyko for a while while I worked my tool into her cunt and asshole. First, I entered her warm, wet pussy and she raised her hips higher to get more cock as I slid in, without missing a beat in sucking Tyko's hot cunt. After fucking her with long, deep strokes for some time, I told my wife to get underneath her again and suck her clit as I pulled out of her cunt and pressed the tip of my organ to her rosebud asshole. I smeared some KY in her tiny hole and worked the head of my shaft inside slowly and sensuously until my whole cock was buried deep in her ass.

Then I stroked in and out slowly letting her feel every inch of my tool and drawing gasps and moans of passion from her lips as my cock filled her void. Tyko was drawing firmly on the hard clitoris in her mouth and D was going wild from the sensations she was experiencing. It didn't take too long before D screamed out in orgasm and held herself rigid until it was over and she collapsed on the bed with a big, satisfied smile on her face.

Tyko was horny as hell from sucking D's juicy cunt and being sucked by her also and when she saw my huge tool waving in the air in front of her face, she reached for it and wiped it clean with a wet towel before taking it in her mouth. She sucked the head lovingly as D played her fingers up and down her wet slit and watched her suck my shaft. Whenever Tyko took my tool in her mouth, she owned me completely! I love the way she sucks me and she has never failed to arouse me this way no matter how much sex I may have had. D noticed how turned on I was and she got that sexy look on her face as she moved around behind me and began licking my asshole and playing with my balls. I was in heaven and it wasn't long before that old feeling came over me and I knew it wouldn't be long before I erupted.

My wife sensed its coming also and sucked firmly on the shaft as she took it deep down her throat and then worked her way up to drawing hard on the head with her lips. I started pumping my load of cream while she had my shaft deep down her throat and she almost gagged for a moment until she swallowed and then concentrated on sucking firmly on the head as I pumped my juices in spasms into her searching mouth. D had her tongue in my asshole at the time and it really helped trigger me off I fed Tyko all the come I had and she gobbled it all up and looked for more. She claimed that my come kept her young and healthy and she had to drink from my fountain once a day at the minimum in order to stay in good shape.

She also added that she loved the taste of my come and looked forward to her supply every day. I told D that I was a lucky man to have a woman like Tyko as my wife and that she has every right to my cock and it's juices whenever she wished. Of course, since I felt the same about her pussy and it's juices, I had every right to have her anytime, anywhere also, so we had a great relationship going. The addition of some spice, like owning her for a week, was icing on the cake

I told D that Helen and John would be over later this afternoon and that she was to obey their every desire just as she obeyed us because I wanted all of us to have a wonderful time. I also suggested that we all abstain from sex until they arrived to guarantee we'll all be raunchy and ready. By the time Helen & John walked in, I was ready for action mainly because D had been discreetly exciting me all day long with sexy glances, glimpses of various parts of her magnificent body from time to time and every conversation guided into something sexual. She asked how big John was and what she should look forward to as far as Helen was concerned. Did she have a tasty pussy? A big clit? Nice breasts? A big ass? We told her that she would love both of them and she should look forward to having a great time. I introduced Helen & John to D and told them they had complete use of her also.

I removed my bathrobe and suggested that all of us get naked so that we could make "proper" introductions. I asked D to display herself and all her charms to her new masters so that they could see exactly what they owned. D turned her ass towards Helen & John and bent way down grasping her ankles and displaying her sensational cunt and asshole to the aroused couple's rapt gaze! Helen couldn't control herself and leaned forward to kiss the gorgeous pussy in front of her eyes. She kissed the thick, wet lips lovingly and breathed in deeply the sexy scent of her cunt. Then, she tasted the juices and moaned out loud when she realized how delicious they were. She ran her tongue down the slit until it reached D's enormous, rigid clit and she gasped when her tongue brushed up against the miniature penis.

She pulled her face away reluctantly and told John to see how delicious this pussy was. John needed no prodding and buried his face in her sweet cunt as he licked her pussy lips, clit and cunthole before going up to her rosebud asshole and tonguing it lightly with the tip. He tasted her like a connoisseur tasting fine wine and came away with the same decision as his wife. John told D to get up and meet his cock. She turned around and dropped to her knees between his legs and lovingly fondled the massive penis and full balls that were presented to her for sucking. She licked at his tight balls and then took each one in her mouth in turn before kissing and licking from the base of his huge shaft all around and up to the head where she put her warm mouth around his cock head and sucked it gently while running her fingers over his balls and asshole. Then John told her that he was looking forward to introducing her to his wife's pussy and suggested that she shift over and meet Helen's fabulous love box.

As soon as D buried her face in Helen's moist pussy, she knew she was going to enjoy this woman and she investigated every crevice, every fold and sucked up the juices she found in the hole and breathed in the sexy scent of the cunt she was sucking. After a few minutes, Helen began to breathe heavily and she raised her hips so that D could get any part of her cunt that she wanted. D worked the fabulous pussy like an artist. She licked and sucked on each quadrant slowly working her way into the wet hole and then up to the erect clit peeking out above the inner pussy lips. When she began to suck firmly on the clit, Helen started moaning that she was going to come any minute and that D shouldn't stop what she was doing to her. She took D's head in her hands and held it tightly to her cunt as she came and D lapped up every drop of it and searched in the hole with her tongue for more until Helen's spasms subsided.

I told D to come over and suck my penis for a while while John takes care of her other end and, at that, John dropped to his knees, fit the head of his massive shaft in her moist hole opening and slowly and sensuously inserted it into her hungry pussy. She moaned as he filled her cunt with his huge pole and sucked my cock ravenously as she got more and more turned on. I was fucking her mouth as if it was a cunt and she was totally into it and accepted my shaft wherever I probed and kept sucking firmly on the head whenever she could. After some time of extremely pleasurable sexual highs, I asked John to switch with me as I wanted to fill D's sweet pussy with my come. He withdrew his substantial tool from her dripping cunt and it was glistening with her juices as he presented it to her for sucking. She took him into her mouth with loving care as I fed my shaft slowly into her hot pussy.

She was so wet and warm and fuckable and I gave myself up to the sensations I was experiencing and concentrated on fucking her and touching every part of her insides with my cock. I saw that John was totally lost in being sucked by such an experienced and loving mouth so I asked Tyko to sit on his face and give him something to suck on also. Then I felt someones hands stroking and pulling on my balls and realized it was Helen as she pressed her body tightly up against me as I stroked in and out of D's wonderful cunt. Suddenly, Helen dropped down and began sucking my balls as I stroked and worked a wet finger into my asshole. I was getting sexier and sexier by the minute and then I cried out as I shot my load into her with my shaft buried as deep in her hole as I could go and followed that up with a series of spasms that deposited my come in her pussy.

I left it buried inside her long after I came because it was so comfortable there that I didn't like the thought of pulling out. Meanwhile I heard John getting ready to come and watched him raise his hips off the couch and drive his thick shaft deep down D's throat as he pumped his cream in spasm after spasm until he couldn't pump any more out of his throbbing penis. D kept sucking firmly on his tool drawing out the last drops of his orgasm and licking them up greedily as she searched for more. Tyko was fucking John's mouth and Helen was still licking my balls when I suggested that Tyko and Helen work on each other while we watched. Helen lay down on the carpet on her back and Tyko crawled over on top of her and buried her face in the sweet pussy as she presented her hungry cunt to be eaten also.

The two of them were beautiful to watch. They were exactly the opposite in looks. Tyko was small with long jet black hair and Helen was over six feet tall with long blonde hair. Both had beautiful bodies but Helen was huge compared to my wife and her massive, firm breasts were almost three times Tyko's beauties. Tyko loved sucking Helen's cunt and it showed the way she lovingly sucked it. She new exactly where Helen loved to be sucked and she let her tongue wander to all the special places the two of them shared many times before. Meanwhile, Helen was licking and sucking, with reverence, the beautiful pussy being offered to her and lost herself in the sensations of the moment both giving and receiving.

It was a turn on to see the two of them totally lost in each other's pussies completely oblivious to the rest of the world. They searched out every corner, every crevice in their pussies and licked and sucked each other from their clits to their puckered assholes and back again. Then I heard my wife groan and, without removing her mouth from Helen's cunt, she began her chant to orgasm. She started talking between licks telling Helen how much she loved her tongue and that she was going to come soon if she continued what she was doing. Helen concentrated on sucking Tyko's clitoris firmly and it wasn't long before my wife started to orgasm and went into the throes of total release.

She never stopped sucking the sweet cunt her mouth enveloped and it wasn't long before Helen rewarded my wife's efforts with a beautiful orgasm of her own. Watching this huge, gorgeous woman rubbing her hot pussy against Tyko's experienced mouth as she came, had the rest of us enthralled and turned on as well. The two of them collapsed in each other's arms and rested.

I told D to come over and suck me hard as I felt like fucking again. She settled herself on her knees between my outstretched legs and began to lick my balls and then up my semi-hard shaft until she reached the tip. Her lips surrounded the head of my penis and she started to suck firmly on it as she ran her tongue all around it. Then she swallowed my meat totally and worked her throat muscles around the shaft buried deep down her throat. My cock began to respond and fill with blood. She had to back up some and settled on sucking as much as she could get down her throat as it grew to it's full proportion. John, meanwhile, had settled himself under D's ass and was licking and sucking on the gorgeous pussy before his eyes. Tyko rolled over and took his rising cock in her mouth and sucked it lovingly as he ate D. Helen came over and stood on the couch with her pussy against my mouth and began to fuck me slowly and teasingly.

She'd offer me her clit and then take it away just as I got my lips around it to suck it. Then she'd give me access to her juicy hole and as soon as I drove my tongue into it, she'd take it away again. Having this beautiful and sexy amazon fuck my mouth was a tremendous turn on. When I looked up, I could see her enormous, firm breasts with those huge hard nipples and the look of ecstacy on her face as she rocked back and forth. I was in heaven! D was doing an absolutely magnificent job on my cock and Helen was feeding me an absolutely delicious pussy at the same time. I heard someone having an orgasm but couldn't be sure which of the girls it was. We stayed like this for a long time since everyone was enjoying themselves so much and I concentrated on sucking Helen's sweet cunt and going wild from the sensations D was giving me with her mouth, lips and throat.

Then John announced his impending orgasm as he licked D's juices and filled my wife's mouth with a flood of cream which she drank like it was the nectar of the Gods. He never stopped sucking D's cunt, all through his orgasm, and she was beginning to feel like she wanted to come also. She started sucking my shaft firmly and alternating between swallowing as much as she could and licking it all over with her tongue and just sucking hard on the head trying to draw out my juices. Every once in a while she stopped sucking it and squeezed up the pre-coital juice and licked it off the tip telling us how much she loved the flavor of these juices. She was managing to get quite a lot of juice out of my shaft and was enjoying herself immensely when I casually mentioned that I was ready to feed her my come and asked if she was ready for it.

She moaned in answer and sucked more firmly on my rigid penis while pulling gently on my balls. I started to pump come and she sucked up every drop. She wouldn't take her mouth off my shaft until she drank every last drop and went into her orgasm while still sucking on my shrinking cock. She kept sucking me firmly as she bore into John's face and gave him access to licking and sucking every area of her cunt and asshole that he desired and, as soon as he grasped her hard clit between his lips, she let go and experienced a tremendous orgasm while sucking on my now half hard cock. All during this, Helen had her pussy fastened to my mouth and I was nibbling, licking and sucking on whichever part she gave me access to.

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