tagGroup SexYou're Mine! Ch. 11

You're Mine! Ch. 11


Recap: As far as I can determine, it must have happened the day I was caught in the rainstorm on the golf course. It was a gorgeous day when I teed off but by the time I was on the fourth hole, the clouds began to gather and the thunder started. I could see lightening flashes in the distance and just then, the heavens opened and it began to pour. Without thinking I headed for the big willow tree off to the side of the fairway and ducked underneath to get out of the rain. The next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital emergency room with a terrific headache.

It seems the tree was split right down the middle by lightening and part of the bolt reached out and hit me also! I had minor burns from my head all the way down my back to my waist but was unhurt otherwise. They released me a few hours later and I went home thinking about how lucky I was to still be alive! At the time, I had no idea of the powers that became mine because of that experience but I soon found out that by looking into a person's eyes and saying the words "You're mine", they would be completely in my power.

The Nail Salon

A few days later, on the way to the station, I glanced into the new nail salon that had just opened about a week ago, and saw a very attractive Oriental woman standing near the window. She looked potentially promising so I decided to go in and meet her. I introduced myself to her and, as she looked into my eyes, made her mine. Her name was Kim, she was forty years old, widowed with a daughter, Su, who was 21 and was standing in the rear of the salon with another young girl. Both of them were attractive and very well built. Su's friend, Pam, was working for them since Kim owned the shop. I walked over and introduced myself to the two young women and put them in my power immediately.

I told all three of them the usual preamble to any activities, such as the wonderful feeling of comfort and security they would feel everytime they did what I asked of them and that they will answer every question honestly and without any feeling of embarrassment. Then I asked Kim when she had sex last and with whom. I reminded her that she will not have any feelings of embarrassment in her answer to me and she said that it was a week ago with her daughter. She added that when they arrived here, they knew no one, and with the AIDS epidemic so rampant, they reached for each other one night and have been having sex regularly since. I asked if Pam had ever joined them and she replied in the negative but added that she wished she had.

Kim and Su lived around the corner from the salon and Pam lived in Queens. I asked Kim if she had a private office somewhere and she opened the back salon door and led me to a small office with a couch a few chairs and a desk. I asked the two girls to wait in the salon until we returned and told Kim to remove her clothes as I wanted to thoroughly examine each of them in turn. As she removed her clothing, she began to reveal a magnificent body with gorgeous full breasts, a sensationally sexy ass and thighs and a swollen mound covered with a mass of black curly hair. I told her to assume the examination position and, as soon as she had her hands around her ankles, I leaned forward to examine her gorgeous pussy and rosebud asshole. As soon as I buried my face in her cunt and tasted her juices with my tongue, I knew she was going to be perfect for sex. I had her straighten up and turn around so that I could examine her breasts and noticed that her nipples were very large and already hard.

I sucked each one into my mouth and found the experience exciting to say the least. I told her to get dressed and send her daughter in. Su was a doll! Not only was she a mirror image of her mother but in some ways her body was even sexier. That proved to be very true as soon as she was naked. I had her assume the position and as soon as she bent over noticed the swollen pussy lips framing her moist, pink hole and when I tasted her juices, found them to be as delicious as her mother's and when I ran my tongue over her rigid clit, she groaned in passion which was a tremendous turn on for me. I had her straighten up and turn around and buried my face between her huge, firm breasts and closed her mounds around my head so that I was practically smothered in her boobs. Then I came up for air and sucked her swollen nipples for a minute or so and told her to get dressed and send Pam in.

Pam had a slight smile on her face when she walked in so I assumed that Kim had told her what to expect. I asked her to remove her clothes and get into the examination position and as she stripped, she began to reveal a beautiful body. Her breasts were small but nicely shaped with very large, dark nipples which were already hard. Her ass and legs were solid but sexily shaped and her pussy was quite large with dark fleshy lips flanking the entrance to her opening. Then I noticed her clitoris!! It was a miniature penis with a tiny head crowning the top and it was fully an inch long. I buried my tongue in her wet hole and licked up some tasty juices and inhaled her sexy body aroma before taking that gorgeous clit between my lips and sucking on it. She started to go wild and held my head tightly to her cunt as she fucked my mouth with her clit.

It wasn't long before she cried out that she was cumming and her clit jerked in my mouth as she experienced one spasm after another for quite some time before she calmed down enough for me to have her get dressed and join us in the salon. When she came in, you'd never know that she had just experienced such an orgasm a scant few minutes ago. Totally composed, neat, not a hair out of place, she smiled as she approached us. I asked her why she was smiling and she replied that she truly enjoyed what I did to her inside and was feeling wonderful because of it.

I told them that this was only scratching the surface of the sexual experiences we were going to have together and told them that I wanted them at my apartment at exactly 8 pm tonight and gave them my card. I told them that they would be looking forward to this evening with great anticipation and that they were going to have a fabulous time, especially when I introduce them to my wife, Tyko. Then I left and did some business for a few hours before going home.

Tyko wasn't home yet so I decided to shower and relax for a while since I knew I would need all my strength for this evening. I awakened with a warm, wonderful feeling in my cock and opened my eyes to see my wife deep throating about 3/4 of my thick, hard shaft. When she saw that I was awake, she lifted her head from my member and asked if that was my favorite way to wake up and I just smiled in answer and then told her not to work on me any more because of the plans I had made for tonight. When I described what each of them looked like, Tyko's eyes were glazing over in anticipation. I told her that I wanted to save all my energy for tonight and suggested that she do the same. We spent the rest of the day relaxing, reading, listening to music and having an early dinner so that we would be ready for our guests arrival.

The bell rang at eight sharp and I met the three of them at the elevator and brought them into the apartment to meet Tyko. I saw my wife's eyes light up as she appraised the three beauties before her so I told them to remove all their clothing as Tyko wanted to examine them also. When they were totally nude, Tyko asked each in turn to bend over in front of her so that she could see the genitals clearly and then leaned forward to taste and inhale their aromas. With each one of them, she was in heaven burying her face and nose in their cunts and loved the taste of their juices also. When she was finished with all of them, I suggested we go into the bedroom and get into bed. Tyko and I removed our robes and the three of them gasped as they saw my rigid member cleaving the air in front of me. Kim was hypnotized by my huge shaft and found herself crawling to the edge of the bed to meet me as I approached.

She took my throbbing penis in her hand and bent over and took the entire head in her mouth and began to suck it gently but firmly so that she was milking it with her mouth. I saw Su watching her mother suck me as she played with her clit. Tyko had moved in on Pam and had her head buried between Pam's gorgeous thighs just as Pam was busy licking and sucking my wife's juicy pussy. I told Kim to keep sucking as I maneuvered to get on the bed and bury my face between Su's outstretched legs. I told Su to sit on my face as I lie on my back so that Kim could have complete access to my genitals. When Su lowered her wet pussy to my lips and I breathed her sexy aroma, I gave myself up completely to sucking every area of her pussy and asshole while Kim was giving me untold pleasure as she sucked me and licked me everywhere.

She was deep throating me as far as she could go, which was only about half way, but she knew just how to suck a cock and was really turning me on. Su was fucking my mouth and moving her hips around so that she kept presenting me with different areas of her cunt and ass to lick and suck. When she wanted my tongue to go inside her as deep as possible, she pressed her aroused hole against my tongue until I inserted it and began to tongue fuck her. She was like a wild woman as my tongue dug deeper into her wet hole and she began to writhe and grind her pussy down on my mouth. I stretched my tongue as far as it would go trying to get as deep as possible when suddenly she pulled away and pressed her erect clitoris to my lips. I sucked the erect beauty between my lips and tickled it with the tip of my tongue as I firmly sucked it back and forth.

Su began to shiver and moan that she was ready to cum. Suddenly she tensed and pulled my head tight to her cunt as she went into orgasm and flooded me with her juices. Kim was working her mouth over my shaft like an expert and knew just what to do at the right moment to keep me horny as hell but not let me cum too soon. In spite of her efforts, I felt like I was ready to empty my balls and told her to work at sucking all my juices out of me as I wanted to cum in her mouth. I told her that she was going to love the taste of my juice and would become addicted to it from now on. She redoubled her efforts and began to suck hard on the head as I felt the first spasm hit and I pumped a huge load of cum into her hungry mouth. She swallowed each load as it spurted into her mouth and squeezed more up from bottom to top after my cock stopped pumping cum. She kept trying to squeeze out more even as my penis began to shrink.

Su lifted her pussy off my mouth and rolled over next to me. I saw my wife on top of Pam in a 69 position and the two of them lost in sucking each other's wet pussies. They were both moaning as they sucked and looked very close to orgasm. Pam switched her concentration to my wife's rigid clit and as soon as her lips closed over it, Tyko did the same to her and both of them came sucking hard on their respective clits. As soon as we all relaxed and refreshed ourselves, I told Pam that I wanted her to take care of my needs until I relieved her of her duties. She sat at my feet and toyed with my cock and balls until my member began showing signs of life. Then she leaned over and licked the head and the sensitive underside before taking it in her mouth and sucking gently but firmly on the huge shaft.

She pulled down on my balls as she sucked deeply on the head and I told her to change positions so that I could eat her also. She got on top of me and presented her fabulous, meaty pussy for sucking and I lost myself in her sexy aroma, warm, wet cunt flesh and moist opening with the sweet pink meat beckoning my tongue. As I slipped my tongue into her hole and drove in as deep as possible, she gasped and pressed her cunt tight to my face to get as much of my snaking tongue as possible. I felt her wet tongue licking my shaft from the bottom up and then I felt her mouth around the head as she began sucking it in earnest. I loved the way she was sucking me. She took the entire head into her mouth and drew on it deeply trying to suck the cum out of me and, at the same time, her wet, middle finger slipped gently into my asshole and worked its way in and out as she sucked.

I tried to take as much of her cunt in my mouth as possible. I licked and sucked every part of it and drove my tongue deep inside her pink slit to taste her juices as they flowed down her wet passage. It was heaven sucking her delicious pussy and being sucked so beautifully at the same time and it wasn't long before I was ready to blow my load. I felt it coming and groaned into her cunt flesh as the first spasm hit me and cum pumped out of the head into her waiting mouth. She suddenly pushed her pussy down on my mouth and moaned, with her mouth still around my cock, that she was coming and my face was covered with her juices as she fucked my mouth until it was over and then collapsed alongside me still sucking on the head trying to get more cum out of it.

Her warm, wet mouth felt wonderful around my cock and it didn't feel great when she rolled over and my half hard shaft was bathed in the cool air of the apartment instead of its comfortable refuge. Kim appeared alongside me with a warm damp cloth and began to wash my cock and balls and then dry them with a towel. She asked if she could play with it with a pleading look in her eye so I smiled and told her to go right ahead and enjoy herself as I lay back to relax for a while.

Kim was a natural cocksucker. She knew just what to do at the right moment and it didn't take her long to get my shaft standing tall again. Then she began to suck it in earnest and I closed my eyes and gave myself to her completely as she managed to get about three quarters of me into her throat. I was lost in pleasure when suddenly I felt something and opened my eyes to see Su just getting into position over me and lowering her pussy to my mouth. Her juicy pussy lips descended to my mouth and I began kissing them and then licking them with the tip of my tongue as she moved slightly back and forth in concert with my tongue. Then she moved so that her wet, open vagina descended upon my tongue and I fed it in slowly and she gasped as it entered her and I tasted her innermost juices.

I began to tongue fuck her as deep as I could go as she fucked my tongue and groaned that she was in heaven and that I shouldn't stop what I was doing. A few moments later, she cried out and ground her clit down on my mouth as she experienced a wild orgasm and covered my face with her juices. Kim was concentrating on the head of my throbbing organ and was sucking on it firmly in a slow, sensuous back and forth motion while her tongue moved all around the shaft. I felt wonderfully sexy and was really enjoying everything that was going on and knew I had reached that point where I was horny as hell but not quite near an orgasm so I told Kim to come up and take her daughter's place over me as my wife would see if she could suck any more juice out of my balls.

Kim lowered her beautiful pussy to my mouth and I started to lick it lightly as she moved it around teasingly so that I could get at every part of it. She pressed her rigid clit to my lips and I took it between them and sucked it in and out slowly. Meanwhile, Tyko was owning me with her mouth and I was totally lost in the pleasures I was experiencing. Kim's cunt was a pleasure to suck and to feel, at the same time, the fabulous sensations my wife was giving me, was heaven itself. I concentrated on the tiny penis shaped clit and sucked it, licked it and nibbled on it gently as she moaned in passion and gently fucked my mouth. Tyko was beginning to stir my balls with her sucking and I knew I would be ready to cum very soon. I took Kim's clit between my teeth and bit down gently as she gasped in passion and pressed her clit closer to my teeth and ground it to me as she went into orgasm. After her initial spasm,

I shifted to her opening and drove my tongue in deep to receive her juices and then suddenly felt my orgasm approaching. I had my tongue buried deep inside Kim's cunt as cum burst forth from my thick shaft into my wife's hungry mouth. Tyko kept sucking deeply on the head to get as much juice as she could and greedily swallowed each load as it burst forth into her mouth.

We all decided to take a short break and freshen up and, during the ensuing conversation, the subject of large penises came up and Kim and Su told us about Jorge, a friend of theirs, who had a ten inch shaft that was almost three and a half inches thick! Kim said that she never felt as full of cock as when she sits on his telephone pole and Su raved so much about how she enjoys trying to suck him off that I asked if it was possible to get in touch with him now and ask him over. Kim went to the phone and, after a few minutes, came back and told us that she got him in and convinced him to hop a cab over right away.

She told us that Jorge was from Rio, was very good looking and well built and had never been able to find a woman who could take all of his meat to the hilt. He had never ever had the pleasure of sinking his cock into a pussy all the way to the hairs and chides about fucking a cow someday just to see how it feels to really fuck. About fifteen minutes later the intercom rang and I told the doorman to let Jorge up. I put on a robe and opened the door to find a very good looking, tall, muscular dark haired guy smiling at me in greeting. As soon as he looked at me, I put him in my power and told him to come in and join us. I showed him the dressing room and told him to remove his clothes and join us in the bedroom when he was ready.

I went back into the bedroom and found the four of them sitting up with their backs propped on pillows against the headboard and their knees up and thighs open. The sight of those four gorgeous pussies all in a row was fantastic and, as I stood there admiring the scene, I felt Jorge brush up against me and murmur how great it looked. I glanced down and saw that his cock was slowly filling with blood and gasped at the size of it even now when it was not really hard yet. I told him to come over with me and introduced him to Tyko, whose eyes were glazed and riveted to the enormous penis growing before her eyes. She reached out and touched the massive organ with reverence and then held it in her hand as she drew him closer to her mouth.

She licked the huge wide shaft from the base to the tip and then took just three quarters of just his head into her mouth before she had to stop. She hadn't had a really huge cock in a long time and was looking forward to sitting on it and seeing how much she could get inside her. She held the huge shaft in both her hands as she sucked on the head and licked the underside at the same time. Jorge had reached down and was playing with her cunt lips and teasing her clitoris. She stopped sucking him suddenly and told him to lie down on the bed as she wanted to feel him inside her.

She straddled him and lowered herself down on the fantastic organ, wet her pussy with saliva and fit the tip of the pole to her wet opening and sank down slowly feeling as though an elephant was trying to fuck her. She gasped as his organ filled her cunt and managed to stuff almost half of it into her before she couldn't take any more of him. She began a slow in and out motion fucking as much of the shaft as she could and was moaning in passion as she fucked him. Su and Pam started sucking her nipples and Kim came over to me and began kissing my genitals and licking my half hard cock until it was standing tall.

Just the look on my wife's face was a turn on as she moved around on that fantastic member and fingered her clitoris at the same time. Kim was drawing my shaft in and out of her mouth sucking firmly on it and running her tongue all over the underside. I took one more long look at my wife before I told Kim to get on the bed on top of me so that we could eat each other. Tyko was in heaven with all that meat inside her and I could see that she was almost ready to cum. Then Kim's sweet cunt came into view and I concentrated on it exclusively as I gently licked and kissed her swollen outer lips and then slipped my tongue into her hole and licked my way inside her. My cock felt wonderful inside her mouth as she sucked voraciously on the swollen shaft. I loved the taste of her juices and was sucking as much as I could from her pussy lips and inside her hole. Kim lifted her head and told me to stop for a minute and look at what was going on with the others.

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