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You're Missing the Point


I don't understand why we're even talking about this. "First" it's a stupid movie made by a stupid director written by a moron. I can't and won't understand why you could find that crappy movie romantic. For some reason, I though, "all though I could be wrong" that you where a man, you know, one of the guys? I am I mistaken on this. Come on Gary, your saying that, "SEX" with somebody other than your wife isn't wrong as long as you're not putting any emotion in to it. That just fucking stupid, so if Marge got some strange you'd be fine. Gary looked like he wanted to hit me, then he turn and walked out slamming the door.

Matt Moreau may be a talent writer, but he sucks as a movie maker. As a director, he did a movie where the wife got gangbanged by 14 members of the Russian mafia. In the end of the movie, she finds out she is pregnant and the movie goes off with them holding the baby smiling.

I still remember the fight that Kasey and I got into over that. We still fight over that.

OMG, sorry about the rant Literotica readers, my name is Harrison Henderson. But my friends call me, "H". My middle name Hank, I personal think my dad was on LSD when he named me but what do I know. My wife of 14 years is Kasey and my pussy whipped buddy is Byron.

What started all these interesting arguments was a screen play I'd written. It was an answer or a part to a movie called, "The Millers". It was written and directed by this famous executive producer named Matthew Moreau or Matt Moreau for short.

The story was about Gillian and Herbert Miller. The critics said it was a sad and perverted version of "When Harry met Sally." Gillian was played by Megan Fox and the husband was played by Ed Harris. In the movie, Herbert gets Gillian a computer. She spends most of her time on the computer chatting. When Herbert gets pissed and tells Gillian he doesn't like it. She basically tells him to fuck off.

Well that's how I took it.

Then Herbert just gives up and moves out. You find out later in the movie after Herbert comes back is Gillian has been meeting with the prick Michael that she met online. Michael was played by Billy Zane.

Over the two hours you learn that Gillian fucks Michael in their house, their bed. Then Herbert leaves her but continues paying the bills and generally taking care of her. Over the next two years Herbert continues to pay the bills and take care of her financially while she fucks and lives with Michael. In the end she even has Michael's baby. Herbert never files for divorce. Then Gillian gets mad at Michael and dumps him. Goes and finds Herbert. He takes her back and then adopts Gillian's bastard child. And they become a family and lives happily ever after.

That was just a brief summary; there was too much disrespect in the movie to summarize. Over the entire movie, the husband looked like a pussy and she walked over him like a door mat.

For some reason my wife though this was the most romantic movie of all time.

"H", how can you hate this movie? He showed his wife true love. If you think about it, he sacrificed everything for her to be happy. He showed her that no matter the mistake he would be there for her. And when he adopted the baby, I have never seen such a loving gesture in all my life.

I looked up at the ceiling, then ran over and looked out the window. Kasey asked what I was doing.

I said just checking, to see if any pigs are flying.

That's not funny "H" said Kasey.

Neither is finding anything about that movie, "ROMANTIC"!

You know what said Kasey, why you don't write you own fucking story she shouted!

Then you can mess up the fucking story by having him dump her and fuck up their lives over some dumb belief, that people don't mess up or make mistakes said Kasey. No one perfect "H", not even you.

I've never said anything about making mistakes or being perfect, she fucking cheated for over two years, where's the mistake? She had another man's baby, where's the mistake? You saw the same movie I did, how do we seem so far apart? You talked about sacrifice, where's hers? I can see where getting fucked by her hot young stud would be so hard on her. Oh, let's not forget how she put in all that overtime to pay the bills.

"FUCK", Kasey did we watch the same movie?

Needless to say, I didn't get any sex that night.

Kasey watched the movie two more times and cried both times. I was glad we didn't have kids because a DNA test would be in order.

Once again she tried to explain to me how much his sacrifice showed the greatness in his love.

So what you're saying Kasey is that true love can only be shown by the man's sacrifice. And a woman's love is shown through her willingness to let him to make the supreme sacrifice for her.

Yes, that's what true love is about, sacrifice, physical and emotional well being of your wife said Kasey.

Kasey does you idea of love go both ways?

Of course "H", I would die without you said Kasey.

I knew it was wrong but I plan to put her ideas to the test. I was going to write my own version to Mr. Moreau's Movie. It might never get published or made in to a big screen block buster but I would prove my point.

The next morning I sat at my desk trying to figure out how to prove the Kasey was full of bullshit. There wasn't any way of fooling her but she was at her most vulnerable first thing in the morning. Put how to pull it off, how to fuck up her bullshit without destroying the marriage. Then it hit me like a lightning bolt, it would work but boy would she be pissed. I started making calls. After two hours of call it was sick and demented but it should get her to see my point.

That night at home, Kasey and I made up. I brought her some flowers, candies and card declaring my undying love. I opened up a bottle of our favorite wine and we had the best night in a long time. We went to bed around 1:30 am. It was 2:30 when Kasey heard a baby crying.

She elbowed me, "H" do you hear a baby crying?

I rolled over with my eyes closed and said Damn Kasey I got him last time, it's your fucking turn. Kasey stiffen up, looked around, then at me. She looked at the window, and then she got up and went to look in the computer room. Then she ran back in our room, pushed me out of the bed and pointed toward the computer room. Kasey was pale and pointing like it was a spider in the other room. I got up went in there picked up the baby and came back.

Kasey what in the hell is wrong with you? You scared Harvey to death.

Kasey kept looking around, she looked in the closets, under the bed, and she even took down the smoke detector.

Kasey what are you looking for?

"H" whose baby is that asked Kasey?

What's wrong with you Kasey, you know this is our baby. I had him with Janice and you said you would love him just like he was ours. Are you feeling ok, do I need to call Dr. Stevens again.

Kasey face turned three different shades of red.

What the fuck do you mean "had a baby with Janice", you fucking cheated with me with my 22 year old niece.

Kasey are you okay, we went over this last night. You were fine with everything then.

That's why you got me fucking drunk last night so you could break this to me. Go put the baby down and come pack your shit then take your bastard child with you said Kasey.

I'm confused Kasey, what happen to showing your love through the sacrifice and the joy in being there for you spouse.

If I'm not mistaken you said, "You said that true love can only be shown threw the man's sacrifice. And a woman shows her love through allowing him to make the supreme sacrifice for her.

Yes, that's what true love is about, sacrifice, physical and emotional well being of your wife is what you said.

Kasey does you idea of love go both ways I asked?

Of course "H", I would die without you is what you said.

So now that wheel's have hit the road, you're pissed. Remember we all make mistakes, bad choices but there has to be room for compassion in life. Isn't that what you said Kasey.

So now where at the fork in the road Kasey, the stories out and the deed has been done, which path do we take? Kasey I love you and I want to be with you. But this is a choice you'll have to make.

I don't think Kasey batted an eye, "Harrison", get the fuck out of my house you cheating bastard!" You'll hear from my attorney soon said Kasey. Then she headed for the guest room.

I started laughing, because I knew what and who she would find. It was a good thing, I her gown on her before she went to bed.

Kasey screamed and ran back into the room. The reason she did recognize the baby, was because Janice doesn't have a kid and the baby belonged to Kelly.

Kelly is Kasey's twin sister and they haven't seen each other in 3 years. Kelly's husband is in the Army in Germany. The call was to let Kelly know that Janice would be picking her up. Janice also filed Kelly in on the joke. Kelly had always said Kasey was stupid when it came to Hallmark movies.

Needless to say, Kasey was happy to see Kelly but was pissed at me for weeks to come. I for one found out that Kasey isn't forgiving about cheating. She never told me but she told Kelly, if this would have been his baby, I would have died. I finally understand what he means; it just isn't the same as it is when it's you and him against the world.

In time we did have a couple of rug rats. Life was good and worth living, we grew together and so did our kids.

Then one day," The Miller" came on Turner's Classic movies. Before I could say anything Kasey said "will someone turn that shit off!"

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