tagIncest/TabooYou're My Cousin?!

You're My Cousin?!


"What are you looking for?"

"Mermaids," the young woman replied without hesitation, without even lowering her binoculars. Her Irish accent matched the fiery mane of curly red hair that had first caught my eye. She was currently leaning against the railing at the bow of the ferry, scanning the horizon, her plump bottom pushed out behind her, an attractive target for the flat of my hand, but I resisted the temptation.

"Do you believe in mermaids?"


"No? Why bother looking, then?"

She lowered the binoculars and let them dangle from her neck, framed on either side by a cascade of vermilion. She looked at me with eyes of tanzanite, large and clear and began to count off on long, elegant fingers. "Well first off, other people think they see them. I'm hoping I can make the same mistake and analyze it better. Secondly, this trip is always dull, and even if I don't see a mermaid, I sometimes catch seals or the rare lost dolphin. And lastly," she shrugged, "maybe I'm wrong and there are mermaids. I might be disappointed in the end, but until then, I've had a good time and made a good story, and that's worth it to me." She looked me up and down briefly with narrowed eyes. "And what are you looking for?"

"Angels. But I think I just found one."

She giggled, hiding her face behind both hands. Peeking out from over then, she replied, "Oh, that was awful! Please tell me that was a joke, please."

I smiled. "It was. I promise I'm not that corny usually. But you started it with your mermaid talk." I held out a hand. "My friends call me Fritz," I said, giving my nickname. "And what's the name of The World's Foremost Mermaid Hunter?"

"Sisi," she said, shaking my hand firmly, her grip lingering a moment longer than necessary. "Nice to meet someone else my own age on this ferry. Doesn't anybody under fifty live out here?"

"I doubt isolated New English islands really appeal to many young adults as a summer destination. Where are you headed?"

"Woonasquatucket. My family has a summer home there, and I just wrapped up my thesis, so I'm heading there for the rest of the summer to be with them."

"Really? I'm going there, too. Just a quick vacation with my parents. What's it like?"

"Small," she said. "Too cold in the winter for anyone to bother with, but it's nice in the summer if you don't mind being in the middle of nowhere. There's only about a dozen families there in the summer, so you've got to make your own entertainment. Beautiful beaches, though. Do you like to swim?"

"I love it. There aren't like, sharks or anything, are there? I've never swum in the ocean before."

She laughed before catching my expression. "Oh my goodness, you're serious, aren't you? No, the beaches are too shallow, and without any seals around, the sharks have no reason to visit. You'd have to get out pretty far to find anything that might want to take a bite out of you. It's all perfectly safe, unless you're afraid of seaweed. Do you think you can handle that?"

"I might need some moral support."

"You're hopeless." She sighed, but I noticed her hand move an inch closer to mine on the railing. "So...have any plans for tonight? We should have some time to swim right after the ferry drops us off."

I knew my parents would want me to meet my aunt, uncle, and cousin as soon as we arrived, but that couldn't take too long, could it? Just a quick hello, and then I could be cavorting in the waves with this gorgeous siren... I glanced down at her comfortably full chest and imagined how she would look in a skimpy bikini. Her skin was a light pink, with freckles populating either side of her nose. Her persimmon hair reached down to her breasts, hidden behind a sky-blue blouse. She was zaftig, with a touch of plumpness in all the right areas, giving an irresistible softness to her features. And that round ass of hers...when I had seen it wiggling in the air as she scanned the sea, I knew I wanted to get to know her better.

"I'm free tonight. I'll just need some time to drop my things off, and then I can meet you anywhere."

"Perfect. Here, give me your phone; I'll put in my number. Hm, hm, hm...and...there! There's a beach on the western side that's absolutely perfect. Meet me there as soon as you can. If I'm not there, call me, okay?"

"Sounds good, Okay. Is it...is it safe to swim at night in the ocean?"

"Hopeless!" she laughed with a dimpled smile. "I'm going to tell the mermaids to kidnap you as soon as you're ankle deep. Maybe they can put up with you better than I."

"I'm not that bad, am I, Sisi?"

"You are, but you're cute, so I can tolerate it," she grinned.

I wasn't sure whether that was an invitation, but it was close enough for me. I slid my hand across the cold, metal railing to her warm, soft hand wordlessly. She looked up at me in surprise, just before I leaned in quickly and kissed her full, rosey lips deeply. After a second of passivity, she kissed back, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling my lips to hers. When we finally pulled apart, her cheeks were a deep red, and her indigo eyes tried to avoid my own. "W-well," she stammered, "I guess I can keep you around for a while longer before giving you to the mermaids..." She sidled up against me, and we continued our conversation until the sun set and Woonasquatucket came into view.

I checked my watch. "Damn, I think I need to find my family..." I lamented.

Sisi pouted. "I'll see you soon, though. Remember, the west side of the island. It's easy to find, just look for the long beach with the beached Beluga whale flopping about."

"Oh stop it," I said, pulling her against me, wondering whether she could feel my hardness pressing against her thigh, and hoping she could. Her firm, pert breasts pressed eagerly against my chest. I kept my hands just inches above her ass, holding the small of her back, pulling her towards me. "You're not that big or that pale," I reassured her.

"Oh, but I am. That's why I'm swimming at night. If I went during the day I'd blind pilots flying overhead. Planes would crash. Farmers would report UFOs. If I'd been in Syracuse, Archimedes would have used me to reflect the sun at Roman triremes and the city would have been saved. It's really quite tragic I was born twenty-two hundred years too late."

"Okay, okay, I get it." I kissed her forehead tenderly. "I'll see you tonight, Sisi."

"See ya, Fritz."

I found my parents milling about the ferry's cafeteria, watching our suitcases. "William Frederick! Where have you been?" asked my mother. "It's nearly time to dock."

"I'm sorry. I was...looking for mermaids."

"Did you find any?" asked my father.

"Don't encourage his sarcasm," my mother rejoined. "Come on, grab a suitcase."

I sighed. "Yes, mom." She kept talking, but all I could think about was Sisi: her beaming smile, her long, wild hair, her deep eyes... I just hoped I could avoid my cousin as much as possible this vacation. The last thing I needed was relatives around while I was enjoying my time with Sisi.

My mother was still talking by the time we docked. Through the window, I saw Sisi get off first and hop on her bicycle with a full backpack, peddling off to her destination. By the time we reached the docks, she was long gone. We had to wait while my mother called her sister, Aunt Morgan, for a ride. About ten minutes later, a large golf cart pulled up, driven by a tall, blonde man I didn't recognize, but whom my parents did immediately, as Uncle Stephen.

Actually, I had never met these relatives. Not since I was five or so, anyway, and I certainly didn't remember them. My father had a large family who all lived near us, while my mother's only sibling had until recently lived in Ireland, where my mom had grown up before coming to America for college, meeting my dad, and settling down here. The last time they visited, I was too young to remember. Heck, I had had to ask my mom for their names before we left: Aunt Morgan, Uncle Stephen and Elizabeth.

"No car?!" I asked incredulously.

"Ah, and this must be Will," Stephen said. He gave me a hug that lifted me off the ground and set me back down. He had to have been at least 6'5", and with his thick blonde beard and shoulder length hair, he looked like a Viking warrior.

"It's very nice to meet you, Uncle Stephen."

"Ach, so formal! What kind of son are you raising, Ada?"

I cringed and gave Stephen a hearty embrace. "Good to see you, uncle!"

"Much better," he said, punctuating his sentence with a slap on the back that knocked the wind out of me. He picked up both our suitcases and placed them in the back. "Let's go, Morgan's waiting anxiously for you. Elizabeth should be home by now, too." We climbed in, the engine whirred to life, and we took off down the road at the blazing speed of about fifteen miles per hour.

It was too dark to make out much of the island. The streets weren't even lit, except at the one intersection we passed, and without the cart's headlights, we'd have been plunged into total darkness. But off the road, it was lightly wooded, dotted with trees, but mostly covered with tall, thick grass. The shoreline was dark and rocky near us, and I hoped Sisi's beach would be sandier. The waves softly crashed as my parents and uncle caught up on things without me.

Eventually, we arrived at a two-story, white, Victorian home. Stephen parked the car on the lawn and carried in our bags for us. As soon as the door opened, a broguish squeal and a rapid-fire staccato of heels-on-hardwood pierced my eyes. "Ada!"

"Morgan!" my mother squealed back, hugging her sister tightly. They descended into a series of high-pitched "I've missed you so much"es and "How have you been"s while my father, uncle, and I stood off to the side awkwardly. My aunt looked a lot like her older sister. Both were shorter women, medium-sized. While my mother had burnt auburn hair, though, my aunt's was a bright orange-red.

Finally, Aunt Morgan noticed me. "Oh, Ada, is this little Billy? He's grown up so much!" She gave me a quick hug before pulling away to examine me more. "He looks just like you, Ian, and handsome as the devil. Do you have a girlfriend yet, Bill?"

"Well, no..."

"I hear a 'but' in there," she teased.

I blushed. "Well, there's a girl I met on the ferry over. She said she'll be here for the summer. I was actually going to go meet up with her for a bit." I looked over to my parents, "If that's okay..?"

My father smiled, but my mother's mouth crinkled with annoyance.

"Oh, let 'im go, Ada. Elizabeth isn't here anyway. We'll spend the night catching up and tomorrow the whole family can meet properly," Aunt Morgan said.

"Well..." my mother wavered.

"Thanks, mom!" I interrupted. "Thanks, Aunt Morgan!" I said, giving her a tight hug. "I'll see you all later!" I cried out as I ran out the door, pausing only to hurriedly yank my trunks out of my backpack.

I took out my phone as a compass and went west. Fortunately the moon was out, even it were only a thin crescent, and I had enough light to see by. The island was small, but it took me about twenty minutes before I could hear the susurrus of crashing waves. I walked out of a small grove of trees, and before me stretched a wide swath of ivory sand. The ocean was so dark it couldn't be distinguished from the night sky; only the white tips of the surf showed where the water was. Brisk, salt air blew off the sea, cooling the warm summer night. About thirty feet into the ocean, I saw a pale figure diving through the waves.

I made my way onto the sand and took off my shoes. The sand was as soft as clay beneath my feet, and we were so far away from any other light that I could see every star in the galaxy. I was dazzled.

"You made it!" yelled Sisi from the sea, waving at me. Her wet hair floated in the water in front of her, and the waves pushed her gently to and fro.

"I did! And I found a mermaid, too!"

"Are you always such a playboy?"

"I'm just honest. How's the water?"

"Fantastic! Come on in!"

I looked around and realized there was nowhere private to change. Would she think I were a pervert if I just whipped it out? "Turn around!" I demanded.

She smiled and rolled her eyes, but she did it. I hurriedly stripped off my clothes, tugged my swimsuit up around my waist, and made my way into the water. At first touch, the water was cold, but I soldiered on, led on by the knowledge that out in the dark waves, a gorgeous, redheaded mermaid was waiting for me. The icy water enveloped me as I walked towards her. The horizon was invisible; sky and sea mixed together as a solid sheet of blackness, and the only indication of which was which was the stars in the sky. I knew Sisi must have heard my awkward splashing, but she continued to keep her back to me until I had reached her. The water was up to her collarbone almost, but I could still see her porcelain shoulders, and the soft nape of her neck, as her wet hair clung to her chest.

"You can turn back around now," I whispered.

"How is it? Isn't the water great?"

"It's...it's brisk..."

"Oh, it gets better once you've acclimated. Then it's absolutely invigorating! I love swimming at night here. No one else is around. No need to bother with superfluities..."

"It's certainly relaxing..."

She slowly spun and fell into my arms. I just barely caught her in time and kept my balance. "Aren't the stars lovely?" she asked, her head nuzzled against my neck.

I looked up. The night sky looked like someone had detonated a bag of sugar inside an angsty teenager's room. Huge swaths of stars spread across the sky, rendering the few constellations I knew indistinguishable through sheer numbers. We sighed deeply together.

I adjusted my hands up from her stomach slightly, inching closer to her breasts. She cooed softly in my arms, a charming invitation. My thumbs reached the curve of her breasts, and my heart stopped.

"Sisi...? What are you wearing right now?"

She tilted her head to stare into my eyes, her dazzling indigo eyes visible even at night. "Nothing. Why? What are you wearing?" she asked with a dimpled smile. I lost my grip for a moment, surprised, but quickly recovered. My hands wrapped around twin pleasant, firm, soft peaks. "Ooh, aggressive..." she teased, covering my hands with hers, keeping them in position.

"Sorry! Um, I didn't realize you were skinny-dipping..."

"You mean you're wearing a swimsuit? How bourgeois... Why don't you try it the natural way with me? I promise I won't judge and point and laugh because the cold water made you shrink up..."

I averted my eyes and tried to ignore the electric sensation of my fingers gripping her smooth flesh. The cold water had done its job well, and her nipples sharply poked against my palms. "I mean, I just met you a couple of hours ago..."

"And? I just met you a couple of hours ago, and I did it."

I glanced downwards at her bare chest, the water hiding anything below her navel in inky blackness. Our hands covered the lower half of her breasts and I gave them a tentative squeeze. Adorable freckles dotted her chest. "I can see that..." I can see everything, I thought to myself.

"You'll see a lot more if you join me," she promised.

I scanned the beach behind us. It was still deserted, without a soul in sight. "I guess I can try..." I mused, as her smile beamed.

She released my hands and swam further into the water. The waves lapped at her breasts, just barely covering her nipples, each wave briefly revealing two small, pink areolae. Her pert, plump, pearish breasts bobbed as she bounced in the water like a playful porpoise. Brown freckles dotted her whole chest. I stood there transfixed at the sight, until Sisi brought me back to earth with a "Well?"

"Sorry, I was admiring the view." I reached beneath the waves, and with a deep breath, slid my trunks down, stepping out of them gingerly. Instantly, I knew what Sisi had been talking about. I hadn't realized how uncomfortable swimsuits were... I felt so much freer, so much better without mine. "This is...this is nice."

She deftly removed my trunks from my hands and slipped them over one arm for safekeeping before wrapping her arms around my neck and hugging me, her proud breasts pressing eagerly against my wet, bare chest. "Isn't it, though?" She stood up on her toes and kissed me strongly, the only witnesses the moon and the stars.

We swam for a short while, but it wasn't long before both of us began craving a different activity. She slowly made her way to shore, and I, her lost puppy, eagerly followed. She emerged from the water as a Venus. Her long, wet, curly hair, now a burnt orange, hugged her body. Freckles dotted her entire form. Her round, tight ass wiggled like a metronome as she walked onto the sand. Her pinkish-white skin was flawless and clear. I embraced her from behind, pressing myself against her behind, and kissed her neck, her earlobes, nibbling and sucking her skin. She surrendered to me, letting us fall softly onto the sand together.

She looked up at me from the sand and kissed me wordlessly. We tumbled about in the sand, coating us both, kissing, sucking, and licking each other's lips. My cock, free of the cold water, hardened quickly, and she rubbed her crotch against me as she moaned and mewled. Her hard nipples grazed against my chest as we grinded against each other. My manhood was throbbing, aching. She straddled me, sitting on my lap, her white body glowing in the moonlight. Her pointed breasts jiggled as she humped my crotch, savoring each Newton of friction. A flush of red had spread across her chest and cheeks. Her thick thighs met at a beautiful bush of fiery pubic hair, beneath which my hard, thick shaft vanished. I grabbed her full ass and helped her rock back and forth against my hardness as she moaned louder and louder into the night sky.

The thrill of being outside, the danger of discovery, the sight of her amazing, freckled breasts, the sound of her moans, the moist caresses of her pussy against my cock, they all combined in my body. Waves of pleasure crashed through me, getting larger and larger, tsunami-sized, until I felt I was going to cum right then and there on the sand. My cock buzzed, tingling angrily, desperate for release. I bucked my hips, hoping for more sensation against Sisi's pussy, hoping to cum with her on the beach.

"Oh my god, do you see that?!" a girl screamed.

I turned over in a panic, knocking Sisi off of me. About a hundred yards away stood two girls, one of whom was pointing an accusatory arm at us. "Shit!" I hissed.

I got onto my feet and helped Sisi upright. "Let's go. Can we hide anywhere?" I asked, grabbing our twin piles of clothes before taking off with her.

"This way!" She took the lead, guiding me by my hand across the sand. Behind us I heard our voyeurs' muffled yells. I hoped they hadn't gotten a good enough look to identify us. Otherwise, this was going to be a very awkward vacation on a very small island.

"Here!" Sisi whispered, pushing me into a thick grove of trees and taking a few clothes from me. She scattered some socks and my boxers past the grove before rejoining me. "Now they'll think we kept going. Just lie down and be quiet." I got onto my stomach in the grass, ignoring the sharp blades of grass, and waited. Sisi got down next to me. Despite the danger, I couldn't help but notice her plump bottom wiggling in the air as she made herself comfortable.

I held my breath, not daring to make the slightest sound. We were hidden by a row of trees in front of us and to the right, hidden by tall grasses. A small shrub almost directly in front of us hid everything from us above a few feet. So long as our followers stayed on the sand, we would be invisible, but if they came over the grove, we had nowhere to hide. I took Sisi's hand in my own and held it tightly.

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