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You're My Type


I hate today. I just hate it. I walked to the storage area and pushed on the door which served as the employees entrance and exit. I fished around my pockets looking for the last cigarette. I knew I had somewhere. I've already used all my breaks for the day, but I think this is a good reason for me to blow off some steam.

Why is Friday always, and I mean always getting all the good shifts? And don't tell me it's because she has the perfect figure, or that she is beautiful I especially hate the way her long black hair is all over the place.

The way she is always smiling just irks me, like 'oh look at me, happy go lucky. La dee da., that's Friday all right.

What is up with the name Friday? For the umpteenth time today a customer asked her that, and do you want to know her answer she would smile, shrug her shoulder and simple say 'That's my moms' favorite day.' She was featured in 'Toys Galore' the store monthly magazine for the fourth friggin time. I'm not angry, well maybe just a little, and mad jealous.

I really wanted the day shift on Christmas Eve, but this business has nothing to do with seniority, hell, this is a right to work state, but the pay is so damn good. Fourteen dollars to supervise, it's just right for a frugal girl like me. There is nothing wrong being cheap and single and you have to be single if you WANT to make the most of the 'What happens here, Stays Here' in Las Vegas. Where else can you gamble, wine, dine, sleep with a good-looking tourist, wake up the next day and move on.

I'm not that bad looking, let's start with the top. I have black hair, its short and extremely kinky. I refuse to process my hair I take better care of it in its natural state. Dark brown eyes, and a very good nose, I need to thank my doc for that. Full lips, good shoulders, nice arms, big tits 36D and they're real. Very curvy below, no flabby stomach, my secret, suck it in girl, Suck. It. In, oh yeah and the gym. Strong legs, all this running back and forth, up and down in this place is crazy. I will not talk about the back, where the front is good it suffers in the back. My sibling would make fun of me.

"Taffy!" I heard the shout before I saw the face but why should I be surprised

"What is it Friday?" I asked as I lite the cigarette I watched her head popped out the door, "Oh there you are, she paused, didn't you just had your last break?"

I took a long drag from the cigarette before I answered, "And?"

"Oh nothing. The guy that Brian hired is here, so if you can show him what to do, that would be great."Friday said with a smile

I wanted to tell her where she and Brian can take this new guy, but I held my tongue, not because she is the manager, but because she is 'doing' Brian the boss, and everyone knows this. How else is everything so 'Hands Down' (no pun intended) for her?

"I'll be there in a moment." I said.

I know she wanted to say something else, but decide against it and closed the door instead. I had about three more drags, but I dropped it to the pavement and mashed it and walked back inside. I caught Friday's eye when I entered the front and she pointed to a tall guy to her left. She said something to him and he turned around.

Okay, he's cute, I hope he has a brain under that wavy head of his. I don't want to train a moron. This is the guy they hired? I purposely took my sweet time walking up to them. Friday was laughing at something he said

"Hello." I said They turned around

Friday quickly made the introductions, "Taffy, this is Alex, Alex, Taffy. Okay great. Now Taffy teach him everything." And then she was gone, I'm sure to go look for Brian

He looked taller, "Okay Alex I hope you're ready to work." I said with one of my best smile

Alex nods his head

I quickly gave him the history of 'Toys Galore': The seventh best place in the world where you to buy, and order adult toys. I made sure that he always answers line seven and twelve because those are the other stores in California and Florida, and they come first because they might need something we have. I showed him where the smoking area is. He doesn't smoke. How the breaks and shift worked out. I made sure Alex know where to clock in and out and how to work the register and fill orders that needs to be shipped out.

After the tour and the protocols the guidelines and policies I welcomed Alex to the family, "So Alex are you going to be okay?"


"Great." I said

In the next few weeks, Alex held onto his own really well. What a fast learner. He knew I was all business so he was always professional with me, but sometime when he thinks I wasn't looking I would catch him steal a glance or two at me.

A few of us were going to the bar around the corner to chill so I asked him if he wanted to come, he was surprised and gladly accepted the invitation. As we all made our way out the door, Casey another employee told him that it is a smoking environment.

Alex smiled, "I said I don't smoke. I'm okay with that. I'm not stopping anyone from filing their lungs with the nic."

"Nic?" Casey asked

"Yeah, nicotine."

"Oh." She said slightly embarrassed

"Are we going or are we going? ." I said impatiently at the door

Everyone got their stuff together and followed me out the door. The place was packed for a Wednesday night. It was fun, Casey got drunk and started to get crazy all of us shouting how much she loves us all over and over again. Everyone was paired off with other patrons in the bar so it was just Alex and I at the bar

"So Taffy." Alex said

"So Alex." I said

"What's your story?" He asked I was feeling really good, "No story."

My head felt heavy all of a sudden and I don't know why I did it but I leaned over and rest my head on his shoulder.

"You smell good."

I think he laughed

"Todd, I pointed to my empty glass, another one please."

Todd shook his head, "Sorry babe you had your limit, want some soda instead I can put a lime in it?"

"Really I only had two."

"Yeah and four Christmas nogs, Taffy you're wasted." Todd said shaking his head

I was surprised," Oh, well I guess that's it for me, Todd can you call me a cab?"

"It's been done babe, your sharing a cab with Casey, she's just as bad as you are, except you're a silent drunk

"Todd I'm not drunk. I'm just carefree." My head was still on Alex shoulders, "God Alex you really smell good."

"Thanks" He said

Then I drew a blank from there

The next day Casey and I both were nursing our coffee in the break room when Friday and Alex walked in

"I heard about your wild night." Friday said

"From whom?"Casey asked

"Well from everyone." She said

I eyed Alex and he shook his head behind her back

"Well I wasn't told about this."

"Why, you weren't even invited." Casey said in her coffee cup

The room was silent, so silent you could even hear the soft hum from the water cooler, Alex cleared his throat

"Taffy the shipment you ordered is here." Friday said and walked out

"Casey that was not nice." I said

"I know, but she is so damn fake, she really needs to get laid."

I crossed my brow, "Laid? I thought she was sleeping with Brian."

Casey bursted out laughing, "Who told you that?"

I quickly glanced at Alex

"He's okay." Casey said

"Well Maria said that she saw his hands under her skirt at the Christmas party last year " I began but I was quickly cut off from Casey

Casey had her hand out in my face, "Maria! Maria! O.M.G. Taffy"

"O.M.G?" Alex asked

"Oh my God. Casey said, Look Taffy please don't start a sentence with Maria. That girl always gets her stories mixed up."

Casey bursted out laughing again. "O.M.G. Taffy Brian is gay."

"No" I said in shock

Casey nods her head, "Oh yeah. Saw it with my very own eyes. The guy Brian is with is so fine too"

"Then why is she always getting the better shifts, and her face all over the 'Toys Galore' Magazine?"

Casey shrugs her shoulders. Alex expressive was unreadable.

I glance at the clock, "Alex you want to help me log the items that came in?"

"Sure." He said

"Hey wait a minute this conversation was just about to get really sweet." Casey said

"Sorry girlie I have to set the example as your professional super, so go. Go get to work."

Casey gave me a mock salute, "Yes, ma'am"

"Let's go Alex" I said

We walked to the storage room, "You want to call it while I log it?" I asked

"Sure" Alex said

The boxes were already opened and we dug right in. Looking and holding at pink and black dildos and vibrators never bothered me, but I wondered what Alex was thinking. We worked in perfect unison. We were at the bottom of the last box when Alex pulled out the Santa suit. Not the good ole jolly Saint Nick's suit. This was a special suit. It was a bright red boxer brief, a red hat and a red robe. I only ordered one, the person who was going to wear it had to be nicely fit on the top and on the bottom.

Every year one of the guys in the store play Santa and he would go around and hand out something extra special for all those who were especially naughty for the year. I decided that they would be anal beads, anal lube, a booklet 'Anal One on One' and a very small vibrator, just small enough for the rear. So you know the kind of theme I was going for. Alex excused himself to the restroom and when he returned I thanked him for the help

"Sure, oh yeah, here, Alex reached into his front pocked of his jeans and pulled out my earing, I figured you might need this."

"Thanks, I figured it might turn up, but why did you wait to give me this?"

"I was going to give it to you but Friday caught up with me in the hallway and I guess I forgot."

I groaned, "Oh Friday."

So what you have against Friday?" Alex asked

I avoided the question

"So what is the big deal. It's just the cover of 'Toys Galore'?" He asked

"She isn't the only pretty one that works here." I simply said

"So what your saying is that your better looking?"

I log in the last item he called out, Yeah I think I look good."

"Well it's not sex or favoritism. Casey set you straight on that one."

"Yeah she did, but I know something is up."

"She's okay."

"Yeah I guess she is, If you like girls like that." I said

"She's not my type." Alex said as he watched me

I turned off the computer and got up from the desk and stood at the door and faced him "Funny, she seems more your type, long hair, beautiful face, nice teeth, a glow."

"Yeah Friday has all that but she is still not my type." He followed me out the door

Now I'm curious, "So what is your type?" I asked

"I really can't say."

"Come on Alex we were just holding cocks together. You should be comfortable with me by now."

"Too comfortable, He mumbled, then he stopped us both in the hallway, look Taffy let's cut around all this, you're my type."

I crossed my brows. I wasn't impressed, "So what is this now, make friends with the black girl, then stack claim, bed her and move on. What is this, some kind of fantasy realized?"

"Wow, how quickly people forget, Alex said in a whisper, you were very warm and fuzzy with me last night. 'Oh you smell so good Alex, wow you have some really nice arms Alex, I could just eat you up Alex.' Does any of that ring a bell? Oh what a minute, Alex mockingly scratched his temple, how about that kiss you gave me, and the flashing of your tits outside the bar after pulling your bra off. Does any of that ring a bell?"

O.M.G! "No."

Was that a smirk on his face, "Come here." Alex pulled me back to the storage room and he closed the door behind us

"What are you doing? I'm the super."

"Don't even try pulling ranks here."

I watched him as he began to take his shirt off, "Alex what are you doing?" I need to be the one to set the example. Hmm, a nice chest, I thought to myself. A very nice chest. I motioned for the door.

"Where do you think your going?" he asked taking a hold of my hand

"Out of here." I said

"That's what you think. For someone whose around sex 24 seven sure is frigid all of a sudden."

I stopped, "I'm not frigid."

"Prove it." Alex had me against the back of the door his face inches from mine. I guess you can figure out who was pulling the strings here. I looked away

"I heard things about you, Taffy your no different from me."

I turned to face him, "And how are we the same?"

Alex smiled, "You don't remember me, do you."

"Alex enough of the mind games and let me go."

"This is just so rich. Three years ago we met at 'Studio 54' and you were smashed, but I was sober. You asked me to dance. I said no, but it was Vegas, so I asked for your phone number and you gave me your house keys instead."

I had on a sweater and jeans and although it's an appropriate assemble for the cold weather I was burning up. I watched his hand moved down and across my sweater and fondled my breast until he felt a rise from my nipple, he pinched it. Alex did that for a few moments before wondering to the top button of my jeans

"I offered to pay for your cab and you took me home instead. I couldn't understand why you had so much toys, but I can see now."

Alex unbutton my jeans and pulled down the zipper, his fingers were surprisingly warm, "You didn't even recognize me when we met the first day here. History was going to be repeated itself last night but then it hit me, you are a lousy drunk and Vegas is Vegas, but I know you now and I didn't want to take advantage of you or the situation, but Taffy, Taffy, Taffy, you really haven't changed, have you?"

I was really trying to remember him. I jolted, Alex moved my panty aside "So you still shave. I should be really pissed off because you didn't even know who I was."

"Sorry" I said as I bit my lower lip

"Are you really?" Alex asked

He pressed his finger on my clit and gently rubbed it, "Taffy how welcoming you are."

My damn body betrayed me. I didn't realize how wet I was until his finger went in so easily

I tried to push him off me but with the other hand he hold of my wrists and raised them both over my head

"You really want me to stop?" Alex ask as he rubbed my clit faster

I shook my head, "Yes, no, no."

He smiled, "Well which one is it, Alex pulled his fingers out and place it under his nose, then under mine, this says no to me Taffy." He placed his fingers in his mouth, "Nice"

He let go of my hands and pushed my jeans down, off, and aside. His face was inches from my crotch and I didn't have to wait long to see or feel what he was going to do next. Alex took his sweet time touching it, flicking it, rubbing, blowing. Then he spread my lips and made contact with his tongue. My hips were moving back and forth as his mouth covered my clit.

Alex stood back up and took hold of my wrists again and raised them above my head.

"I told you you're my type. Now wrap your legs around me." "But you still got your jeans on." I said in disbelief more so because we are at work doing what I know we were about to do and I had sex with him before and I don't even recall it.

"So you want me to continue?"

My answer, well why deny it. "Let my hands go."

Alex did and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He lifted me as I wrapped my legs around his waist and trust my hips forward. I watched as he unbuckled, unbutton, unzipped, and pulled down.

Then I remembered something when I saw his 'The Lucky God' tattoo, "Alex are your parent's Greek Irish?"

"Yeah, why? Do you remember me now?"

"O! M! G! I do remember you." And I was so relieved

"What made you remember?" he asked

"You tied me up. I had ropes hanging from the wall I tried to convince you that they were part of a swing set that got awry, but you didn't believe me. You knew what you were doing that night and that." I pointed to his tattoo on his lower stomach

Alex sighed, "And here I thought you just pulling my chain."

I smiled, I tapped his shoulders and gently pushed down on him I could just feel the tip of his cock on the outside of my pussy, it should be there. Alex moved back a little.

"Oh God Alex. Stop taunting me." I moaned as I squirm in his arms I was caught off guard when he pushed forward, I may be wet, but I was tight. It's been a while.

"Oh yeah, Alex said, you're so damn tight."

I was practically screaming from pleasure with each thrust, but I tried to be silent, I really tried, but he was deliberately slow. Alex placed his mouth over mine and gave me a long passionate kiss and to silent me as well. Then he was moving faster and harder.

"Alex. Stop taunting me." I groaned in his mouth I dung my nails in his shoulders as I felt what I knew was coming, I came with a muffled cry out since his mouth was still over mine

"Oh yeah, Taffy you're so damn tight and warm." I heard him groan rather loudly as he gave me a final thrust before pulling out. Alex shot hot come all over my crotch and stomach.

He helped me clean up and as we put our clothes back on I couldn't help but wonder who heard us behind the door.

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