tagRomanceYou're Not Finished Yet Ch. 02

You're Not Finished Yet Ch. 02


Thank you for the responses on the first chapter of this tale. Most all of them were very helpful and nice, and then again some of them weren't, but I could care less about those anyway. However, for those kind and gentle souls who continue to give me the very sweet and very nice comments, as well as the wonderful constructive criticism and encouragement, you're the people that I write for. But because I'm above all of the petty crap, I'm going to continue to pray for everyone, nice and/or otherwise so, I hope that God blesses you each and every one.


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"I'm so sorry about this, Mark," Jennifer painfully wept, "I don't know what happened."

"Shh...it's okay, my love," I softly told her, tenderly holding her head to my chest, "It wasn't your fault, it was an accident."

"But I feel like I've failed you guys," she cried, "And I'm so ashamed."

"You have nothing to be ashamed about," Lynn softly replied, stepping between us and then taking Jennifer into her arms, "We'll deal with this together, all three of us."

"She's right Jen, and I love you two very much," I told her, taking them both into my arms, "And nothing is ever going to change that...."


Chapter One

I woke up early the next morning with my two angels still asleep in my arms; both of them not only lying naked beside me, but also cuddled firmly against me. Jennifer had her head on my right shoulder with the front of her body pressed against my right side, while Lynn had her head on my left shoulder, with the front of her body pressed against my left side. Trust me when I tell you, I could've lain there forever, but my bladder was screaming for some much needed relief so; I gently eased from the bed without waking my girls and headed straight for the bathroom.

Once I finished emptying my bladder, I washed my hands and face, and then brushed my teeth. And after walking quietly back into my bedroom, I threw on a pair of shorts and then made my way to the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee.


As I stood at the sink filling the coffee pot with water to dump into the coffee maker, I thought about what my beautiful Jennifer had told Lynn and me the previous day. She'd not only given me the sweetest gift of love that a woman can give a man, but also a reason to let go of the past, and hopefully putting an end to all of the terrible nightmares I'd been experiencing for a long while now. The only thing left for me to do now was deal with it and move on with my life; thank God for Dr. Barnes offering his wide council. I knew I was going to need it in the not too distant future.

Once I'd poured the water into the coffee maker, I had just put the filter in the machine and was scooping the coffee into it, when I suddenly felt a pair of bare breasts, Lynn's, against my back.

"Mmm," she softly purred, her arms snaking their way around my waist as her hands came to rest upon my chest, caressing my pectoral muscles, "Good morning, baby. I slept so good lying next to you last night."

"Good morning to you, too, my raven haired beauty," I smiled, gently caressing her hot little ass as I pulled her around my body to face me, enjoying the fact that she was naked. Then after tasting her soft and gentle lips, I smiled and told her, "I love having you and Jen next to me when I sleep."

"Does that mean we can move into your room now?" Jennifer unexpectedly giggled from behind me, also naked, and standing in the kitchen door as I turned to look at her.

"Jeez," I chuckled, "Don't you two ever put clothes on when you first wake up?"

"Only if we have a morning class," she smiled, and then came to us, giving first me, then Lynn, sweet kisses on our lips, "Good morning, my lovers. I love you two so very much."

"And I love you," Lynn softly replied, kissing her again.

"As do I," I smiled kissing the both of them.

Kissing them and watching them kiss, as well as having both of them naked while pressing their bodies against me was beginning to make my cock hard. And after placing her hand on the growing bulge in my shorts, Lynn looked at Jennifer and playfully said, "He walks around with a fucking cobra in his pants and he bitches about us being naked," and then both of them fell into a fit of girlish giggling.

"Damn," I chuckled, "You two girls are crazy."

"Maybe so, baby," Jennifer purred, rubbing my bare chest with her hand, "But we're crazy about you."

"She's right ya know," Lynn softly replied, "We love you, Mark."

"I love ya'll, too," I smiled, "But I need to finish making this coffee."

"Of course you do," Jennifer replied, with a knowing look at Lynn, "But you still haven't answered my question."

"What question is that?" I asked, mindlessly pushing the button to start the coffee maker.

'That would be the one about us moving into your room," Lynn coyly smiled, "Am I right, Jen?"

"Yes," Jennifer smiled.

"Aw, hell," I asked smiling, "Do I have a choice?"

"NO," they both replied in unison.

"I guess that settles it then" I chuckled. "Go get your stuff."

After squealing like kids on Christmas, they both went to their rooms to get their clothing ready to move into my room.


It was Sunday, which meant we had no classes that day; and after I'd had my morning coffee and was alert, I decided to go for a swim. So, I simply pulled off my shorts and dove into the pool, naked, enjoying the way that the water felt on my whole body.


I'd been in the water for about thirty minutes, and was floating on my back with my eyes closed when I felt two pairs of hands touching both sides of me. I opened my eyes and raised my head to find my two beautiful angels naked beside me in the pool.

"We were beginning to wonder about you, my love," Lynn softly replied.

"Yeah," Jennifer smiled, "We didn't want you to shrivel up like a prune from being in the water for too long, baby."

After placing my feet onto the pool floor, I stood up and hugged my beauties against me, telling them, "I love you two very much."

"Aw, that's so sweet," Jennifer giggled, softly kissing my throat, "We love you, too, Mark."

"You need to listen to Jen," Lynn tenderly smiled, "She knows what she's talking about."

"I know that," I grinned, quickly kissing Lynn's soft lips.

"I'm hungry," Jen told us, "Can we go back inside and make some breakfast?"

"Of course we can," I replied, caressing her cheek with the back of my hand, "Besides, you're eating for two now." And then I gave them an impish grin, and because we were standing in the shallow end of the pool, I quickly reached behind them and lightly smacked both of their pretty little asses and said, "Come my beauties, I'll make us something to eat."


"Wow," Jennifer smiled, eating one of the three Western Omelets I'd made for us, "This is good, Mark. Why didn't you tell us that you cooked so well, silly boy?"

"I'm glad you like it," I grinned, "What do you think Lynn? I haven't heard a single word from you since you started eating."

"And there's a reason for that," she chuckled, after swallowing the bite she'd just taken, "This is damn good, and I'm not about to waste time talking when I can be eating."

I didn't say anything other than to tenderly caress her shoulder. I really enjoyed watching the two of them eat, and even moreso because they were enjoying something that I'd made for them, as well as because of the love I felt for them.

And when we were finished, I began clearing the table of the dirty dishes when Jennifer and Lynn informed me that I was not to lift a finger, because they were going to do the clean up, as I had done all of the cooking that morning.


After breakfast was finished and the kitchen was cleaned up, we decided to go to the local park, for the purposes of simply relaxing and enjoying being with one another. We'd all been so busy since the girls moved in that we hadn't had the time to sit down and truly get to know one another, not really.

Besides, I had some homework that I needed to catch up on, and after Lynn suggested that we also pack a picnic basket; I gathered the necessary items I would need while the girls made and packed our lunch. Because there wasn't another seat in my van, we took everything we would need and put them into Lynn's car.

"I think it would be so cool if we took our instruments to the pavilion at the park and jammed together," Jennifer suggested, as we were getting ready to leave, "What do you guys think?"

"I think that's a great idea," Lynn smiled, "I know you've got plenty of room in your van, don't you, Mark?"

"Well, yeah," I replied, "But where are we going to plug everything in, we're going to need electricity, remember?"

"I know that, silly boy," Lynn sweetly giggled, as she picked up the phone and began dialing, "Leave everything to me, okay baby?"

"Alright," I laughed.


Once we'd set up my keyboards, Lynn's piano, and placed a microphone on Jennifer's cello, as well as after getting our public address or, P.A. system, as it is commonly called, set up and tested, we began to play. After deciding to start off with a classic piece, we began with Pachabel's Cannon in the key of D. Lynn started off on the piano, playing a soft introduction, before Jennifer joined in with the cello. And then I joined in with my electronics, which, by this time, people were beginning to gather round to watch as well as listen to us play.

As we progressed further into the musical piece, all of a sudden a look came over Lynn's face that was the same look she would get on her face when she was horny. However, having played before and in front of large groups of people in the past, I knew that the look on her face had nothing to do with sex. She was, instead, beginning to experience the same adrenaline rush that I got the very first time I played in front of a crowd.

And right behind her, almost as if on cue, I saw that my beautiful Jennifer was quickly becoming overrun by the same rush as my darling Lynn. To say that I was surprised would certainly be a lie. I was, in fact, overjoyed that the two people that I loved the most in the world were now, in a sense, becoming more like me. And I simply continued playing while smiling from ear-to-ear, as I enjoyed watching my beauties perform, even more so because they were performing with me.

By the time we came to the end of the piece, it was safe to say that there was now a crowd gathered that numbered somewhere in the vicinity of a hundred people, and the applause was extremely overwhelming to the girls. And as the crowd applauded us, both Lynn and Jennifer had become so excited that I could see their nipples hardening beneath their shirts.

"Are ya'll alright?" I asked, grinning like a Cheshire cat, "Do you wanna play more?"

"Hell, yeah," Jennifer wildly smiled, "Pick up your guitar and play 'Everything I Own' by 'Bread', Mark. We both know the song."

"Ooo, Yeah," Lynn giggled, "Sing it, too. We'll cover you, baby."

So, within a matter of a few short minutes, I began the intro to the song; and as I began to sing the lyrics into the microphone, a silent hush came over the crowd as they stood listening to us play. I was even more shocked when Jennifer and Lynn covered the background harmonies on the chorus without making a single mistake, all the while looking into my eyes, lovingly while they sang.

We ended up playing another eight songs before we decided to take a break; and right before we left the stage, Jennifer, into her microphone, told the crowd, "You guys stick around. We'll be back in about thirty minutes, okay?" and of course the crowd, which, by this time, had increased by almost half, graciously applauded us.


"Holy shit," Lynn smiled, with a wild look in her beautiful blue eyes, "Look at that crowd, oh man. This is great."

We were standing off stage on the small pavilion, and it occurred to me what Jennifer had said right before we left the stage, making me ask her, "What did you mean when you said that we'd be back in thirty minutes, Jen?"

"Trust me, baby," she grinned, kissing my lips then walking over to the public phone booth that was nearby.

"What is she up to?" I asked Lynn, who was hugging me fiercely.

"I don't know," Lynn giggled, kissing my lips, "But I love you, Mark...I love you with all my heart."

"Aw, I love you, too, baby girl," I smiled, hugging her in return, "And by the way; you played your beautiful little ass off up there just now."

"I'm glad you think so, Mark," she sweetly replied, "And I think you have the most beautiful voice I've ever heard."

"Is that right?" I asked, while she nodded her head, "You do, too, both of you."


Ten minutes later I saw two pick-up trucks pulling up next to where my van was parked, as Jennifer squealed, "They're here, they're here!"

"Who's here," I asked, "What're you talking about, Jen?"

"You'll see," she giggled, "Trust me, baby."


It took about fifteen minutes for the three people that my darling Jennifer had called, all of whom I'd seen, as well as knew from school, to get their gear set up on stage. There were the Mackey sisters, Lisa, who I soon discovered played a mean bass guitar, and Tonya, who is as fine a drummer/percussionist as I've ever seen and/or heard. Then there was Eddie Owens, whose reputation as a smoking guitarist preceded him. And after the introductions were made, the six of us put our heads together and came up with twenty songs that we all knew. Then with the set list lists in hand, we all took the stage.


Having discovered that Eddie and Lisa also sang I broke out two more microphones and stands, and then got them plugged into my twenty-four channel mixing board. I was especially thankful that Eddie brought two more stage monitors with him, as I only had three. And after making sure that everyone could hear, as well as being mixed properly, we all took a moment to get some songs together, about twenty-five in all; then took the stage...again.

We started off with a song called, "Biggest Part of Me" by the group, "Ambrosia", in which Eddie sang the lead. Our harmonies were, every one, in perfect sync as well as on pitch; and of course, the crowd went nuts when we were done. And looking across the stage at the five other musicians whom I was playing with, I took satisfaction in the sound we'd come up with. Everyone was grinning from ear-to-ear just like I had done earlier when it was just Jennifer, Lynn and me.

Then Eddie and I did the duet "Summer Breeze", by "Seals & Crofts", and I was very pleased with the improvisational licks that Jennifer played on her cello, making it sound as good as, if not better than the original. However, one of the songs that rally sent the crowd, which had now easily swelled to a good three-hundred people, into a frenzy of applause, was "Magic Man", by "Heart". Lisa and Tonya took the lead vocals on that one; and I have to say, the hair on the back of my neck literally stood on end as I listened to them sing, knowing that the Mackey sisters could sing just as good as the Wilson sisters ever did, no disrespect intended. And after playing for about forty minutes, which was roughly fifteen songs, we took another short break.


"Oh, baby," Jennifer giggled, launching her self into my arms as soon as we were off stage, "We sound great, even if I say so myself."

"Yes," I chuckled, "I believe you're right, my love."

It wasn't two seconds later that Lynn threw her arms around the both of us wildly giggling, "Oh, my God, Mark! I never believed that we could all sound as good as we did."

"You've got that shit right, girl," Tonya smiled, walking toward us, "Man, you guys played so well; and you, Mark, have a fantastic voice."

"Thank you," I humbly replied, "But don't sell yourself short. You and your sister made the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up when you two did "Magic Man"."

"They did sound," Eddie added grinning, "Didn't they?"

"You're damn skippy, we did, boy," Lisa teased, giggling as she came up behind Eddie and smacked him on the ass, making not only him blush brightly, but the rest of us laugh like fools.

"Listen, you guys," I grinned, "How about we seriously consider putting this thing together for more than just tonight, what do ya'll say?"

Needless to say, everyone whole-heartedly agreed, and that was the moment that we, as Pegasus, became a group.


When we took the stage again, we opened with "Free Ride" by "The Edgar Winter Group". With Eddie on vocals this time, we took the crowd to heights that no one in our town had ever seen before. You have to understand, dear readers, that hearing, as well as being a part of live music, which, when played at its purest perfection, brings on a rush that is literally better than sex...if you can imagine that...lol.

We did a few more songs like "Roundabout" by "Yes", and "Lucky Man" and "From The Beginning", both by "Emerson, Lake, and Palmer". Of course when we did "Blackbird" and "Come Together", by "The Beatles", the crowd went absolutely crazy. However, we ended up closing the set with a song named "Without You", by "Harry Nilsson", which has been since covered by artists like Mariah Carey, Trisha Yearwood, just to name a few, and when we were finished, we left the crowd wanting more.


As we were breaking down our gear imagine my surprise when Tom Hanson, Lynn's main boss, as well as the owner of Jericho's, approached me and said, "Hey, Mark, you guys sounded great."

"Well, hey Tom," I smiled, shaking his hand, "How in the hell are you?"

"I'm fine, thanks," he smiled, returning the handshake, "What would you charge me to come and play down at Jericho's next Friday and Saturday nights?"

"Jeez, I don't know," I honestly replied, "I'll have to talk about it with the rest of the group. Can I get back to you?"

"Sure," he excitedly grinned, "But just so you know, I don't care what it costs. I absolutely have to have you at my place. You guys have a great sound, and I want to you to make your professional debut at Jericho's."

"We'd love to," I told him, "I'll call you no later than Wednesday with a price. Would that be alright?"

"I look forward to it," he chuckled, "I'll talk to you then," and then he turned and walked away.

"We heard that, Mister Keyboards Extraordinaire," Lisa laughed, from behind me making me turn around to see everyone standing there grinning.

"So, what do you guys think?" I asked, "Would you be interested in taking the gig?"

"Hell yeah," Eddie grinned, "At least I would."

"The same goes for us," Tonya smiled, Lisa nodding her acknowledgement.

"You know that we're going wherever you do, baby," Lynn smiled, kissing my lips.

"She's right, my love," Jennifer purred, also kissing my lips.

"Uh...can I ask you a question with out pissing you off, mark?" Eddie inquired.

"Yes, we live together," I knowingly grinned, "And yes, the three of us sleep together, too. Do any of you have a problem with that?"

"No, not at all," Eddie lightly chuckled, "You lucky dog."

"You girls are the lucky ones," Lisa giggled, her and her sister looking me up and down, "I wish more people were that open minded, because the world would be a better place, that's for damned sure."


We put a rehearsal schedule together for the next three nights at our house, as well as asking everyone to write down the names of the songs that each wanted to play. We also deciding that we, as a band, would put every song to a vote, so as to make certain that Pegasus would have a sound like no other band before us.


Chapter Two

When we got home that afternoon it was around three o'clock, and after I got our gear loaded out of my van and back into the garage, or what was now the rehearsal room; Jennifer looked at me with smiles on her beautiful face said, "We're hungry, baby."

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