tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou're Not In The House Alone

You're Not In The House Alone


It was late when Angel stumbled in her front door from a long night at work. Of course she had stopped to smoke a joint with Christine a good friend she worked with and that took a good hour, but she was glad to be home. It had been a long day with the stress of shift bid and her fellow employees had been pretty somber through the day, and the customers seemed to all be irate. Angel took off her coat and boots then moved in front of the hallway mirror to get a look at herself, she stared for a minute. She was a good looking girl standing about 5"8" and most of it was leg, her red hair hung down almost to her ass and she had green eyes that men loved to stare into. She lived alone, except for a loving black lab named trouble. It was at this point Angel had the feeling of something wrong wash over her. Where was Trouble? "She always meets me at the door" she whispered.

Angel was still for a moment trying to think. "Trouble" she called, at first quietly and then again a little louder. The stupid bitch probably got herself locked in the bathroom again she thought to herself and with that she moved into the living oom and started for the back of the house towards the bathroom. As she entered the kitchen Angel felt the hair go up on the back of her neck with an incredible feeling that she wasn't alone, and it was not a dog she was sensing. Suddenly she heard something in the bedroom and just as she turned to see what it was someone grabbed her from behind with a hand over her mouth and something pointy at her back.

"You are going to be real quiet for me and my friend aren't you?" he whispered in her ear, but there was no question in the tone he used. The tall redhead nodded her head in agreement and went slightly limp in the strangers arms and found herself being pushed towards the bedroom where she had heard the noise. As she was pushed through the door someone in front of her in the dark propelled her onto the bed and she landed in a sitting position staring at a fairly tall man with an average build and a belaclava over his face. The other guy entered the room and she could see he was about the same height as the first one but thinner and wearing the same mask over his but she couldn't see any more than that because the lights were still out in the bedroom with only the light down the hallway to shed some light in the room. The one closest to the door flicked the switch and the room flooded with light, and Angel watched both men approach the bed.

Tears ran down Angels face for she knew what these men wanted and there was nothing she could do but accept her fate and cooperate so that she made it through the night hopefully unscarred and alive. "Take off your clothes bitch" the bigger of the two men ordered. Angel slowly removed her blouse and skirt without looking at the men, she was left with only her black lace bra which showed off her cleavage quite nicely and her black thong underwear. The other man smiled and said " you can get rid of the underwear to slut" then he leaned forward and whispered "you won't be needing them for the rest of the night". With shaking hands she slide the black material down her thighs and then the rest of the way off as the two men watched smiling.

"Lie down and spread your legs wide open for us baby, we both want a taste of that" one of them murmured and Angel did as she was told spreading her legs wide so they had full access to her shaved pink pussy. she felt someone climb on the bed and move between her legs, then a finger slid between her pussy lips to gently spread the lips of her pussy, "Oh god nooooo" she whispered, but it fell on deaf ears and she felt the mans warm wet tongue slip inside her massaging her clit. Angel felt a shiver run up her spine as The mans tongue made slow gentle circles around her clit and then would flick it lightly making her squirm, she felt his tongue snake inside her hole and move around inside her and she tried to move away but he was to strong and pinned her to the spot. "You are going to cum for us slut, in fact I think I'll let my buddy here finish u off with his tongue while I give u something else to do."

The man was on his knees between Angels legs unzipping his pants and releasing his huge stiff cock, watching the fear in her eyes as she realized what he wanted. He took his pants the rest of the way off and straddled Angels chest so that his cock was right there for her to have access to with her mouth and she felt his hand on the back of her head forcing her forward "lick me" he growled in excitement. She stroked his cock gently as she was told to do and she could feel him get harder with each stroke, he made her lick his balls and kiss the tip then he rubbed the head on her lips covering them in precum lubricating them so he could push himself between her lips and fully into her mouth. She could feel her legs being forced farther apart and a tongue slid inside her applying pressure to her clit and she tried to cry out but only a muffled sound escaped around the large cock that was pumping away at her mouth.

Angel fought off the orgasm that was building up inside her from the strangers tongue but it wasn't any use, and her whole body felt like it was exploding and her cum squirted into the guys mouth. She couldn't swallow and her saliva was filling her mouth making her mouth more wet and pleasurable to the cock that was abusing her mouth, she found herself using her tongue to stroke the throbbing cock that was sliding back and forth inside her mouth, she heard the stranger moan when her mouth squeezed around his cock as she orgasmed for the one licking and massaging her clit, then his hot salty cum began to fill her mouth. Angel tried to pull her head away but the man pinned her there with his legs holding himself deep in her mouth forcing her to swallow all of it " keep sucking baby, I am far from done yet" he moaned and then he added "mmmmmmm, your mouth feels so good I bet u can get me hard again in an instinct." He began to move his hips back and forth again, and her eyes widened as she felt his cock start to grow hard again in her mouth.

Once he was hard he pulled out of her mouth and ordered the leggy redhead to get up on her hands knees at the end of the bed facing the floor, Angel did as she was told not only out of fear but also because oddly enough this was not all that unpleasant in fact it was exciting. She could feel her own cum running down the inside of her thighs as her legs were pushed apart, opening her pussy wide open, then she felt a tongue start at her asshole and run down her crack making a slow steady trail to her clit. Angels body trembled at the wet soft feeling between her legs caressing her clit gently and a small moan slipped past her lips as the man inserted a finger into her pussy and started fucking her as he licked her.

The other man moved in front of her holding his big cock in his hand "Oh baby, I want you to give me a tongue bath and then suck me real good as I fuck your face" he said this as his other hand entangled in her hair and pulled her face towards his cock. "Come on slut, lick me all over down there" he growled, Angel closed her eyes and started stroking his balls all over with her tongue, then she took one of his balls fully in her mouth and sucked on it gently. "Oh fuck bitch, ya I like that don't stop" he moaned, so she turned her attention to the other one and then moved up along the shaft making long wet strokes with her tongue working her way up to the head. His cock got harder and harder as she got closer to the tip of it, she reached the head and licked it all over and made little circles with her tongue tasting his precum. Suddenly she slid his cock in her mouth and she felt him jump and heard him suck in his breath as she began sucking on him.

Angel could feel her body almost ready to explode again from the licking she was getting when the man stopped, she tried to beg him not to but couldn't because the one fucking her mouth held her head with his cock deep inside her mouth. The guy behind her was now on his knees and she could feel him rubbing the head of his cock on her clit, she shook her head and tried to pull away but he grabbed her hips and held her there while he played some more, the redhead shivered as the man forced the head of his cock inside her then pushed hard so that he could bury himself deep inside her right up to his balls. The movement of her head and the vibration of her moan around the strangers cock made him cry out as his cum shot into her mouth, he pulled out shooting the rest all over her face then pushed back in to pump some more in her mouth.

The huge cock inside Angel was throbbing, and because the mans cock was so big, the feeling drove her into another orgasm making her legs shake. He started moving slow at first but then he groaned and moved faster and harder making Angel cry out as her body orgasmed again. "Fuck me, she likes it friend" she heard one of them say, then they both pulled out to stand there and watch her squirm on the bed, then the slimmer of the two whispered to his friend "want to make a redhead sandwich?" the heavier of the strangers laid down on the bed and told her to straddle him and push his huge cock inside her, as she did this the other man moved behind her and she could feel his finger play with her ass.

The stranger used Angels own juices to lubricate her asshole and then she could feel his finger slip inside her ass and move in and out fucking her, then he slid in another one in fucking her now with two fingers, and at the same time she could feel the huge cock inside her pussy still and throbbing waiting for his friend to push inside the redheads tight virgin ass so they could fuck her at the same time. Angel screamed when the man pulled his fingers out and replaced them with the head of his cock, pushing in slowly making her body get used to his size, inch by inch he pushed in deeper until he filled her ass with his hard cock. He was all the way in and both men were still for a moment.

The man who was in her ass began pumping slowly forcing her movements on the other man inside her cunt, they both starting pumping faster making Angel's body climb to an orgasm like she had never felt before, both men were suddenly still and she could feel their cocks pulsating inside her and then she felt their hot cum shooting inside her and they started pumping again pushing her over the edge and she came hard, her cum gushing and leaking out around the huge cock that filled her. "Oh God" she moaned in pleasure, both men pulled out of her and they began getting dressed while they watched Angel trembling on the bed. "You were a good fuck baby" one said as he zipped up his pants, and the other added "And I somehow don't think you'll mind if we come back sometime for another visit?" Angel hung her head and nodded knowing that she would.

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