tagLesbian SexYou're The One Ch. 03

You're The One Ch. 03


Thanks to all my faithful readers for waiting so long for my new story. It was a bit lengthy, so I split it into three chapters. I hope you all love this story. It took me a very long time to write. I would like to thank my editor for his patient editing and his helpful hints. Enjoy.


Seven months later (June, the next year)

We had to go to court to face Tim one last time. He was already eighteen when he committed the crimes, so he was tried as an adult. A lot of girls came forward once Elise and I started our case against him. They were all willing to testify against him, now that he couldn't hurt them anymore. One of them was Alex, who turned out to be his last rape victim a week before he had attempted to rape Elise. She had told us everything in December before we met up with our lawyer, Danielle. Danielle was one of my friends from college, part of Sam's group of friends. We all still got together now and then, despite our busy schedules.

I had lost my job as a teacher; the department of education had me fired a month earlier. They decided that I'd abused my position by having sex with one of my students. They were right. It was the price I paid to be with my Elise. I decided to take the package they offered me and spend more time at home for a bit. My mother paid me for the days I helped her in the restaurant, which helped a lot. Elise and I didn't have to use the money that we had saved in our trusts.

Danielle was a short, busty woman, shorter than me anyway, not overweight but enough for someone to hold on to and she loved it that way. She had long thick curly black hair that reached the middle of her back. She had an almost baby face, but don't be fooled by those sweet cute looks. She was a woman who didn't take anyone's crap. She could put you in your place very quickly if she felt you needed it, which made her an even better lawyer.

My mother was working with the college as a Chef Lecturer. Her restaurant was her lecture hall and she had Elise and Alex in her classes. Elise and I both agreed to help Alex pay for her college fees. It's only a twelve month course after all. After her family found out she was pregnant from a guy who raped her, they kicked her out because she couldn't get it in her heart to get rid of the child. She never told us why her family disowned her and we never asked but we all had our suspicions.

"Come on Angel, we're going to be late. We have to be at court in an hour. We still have to meet up with Danielle and the girls." Elise was in the kitchen, waiting for me to get ready. We overslept this morning. I forgot to set the alarm on my phone to wake us up.

"I'm coming, Honey. I'm almost done." I stumbled into the kitchen. I tried to pull up the zipper of my pants. I had a suit on. "Honey, can you please help me with this zipper? It got caught on my shirt." I stood in the door, frantically trying to pull the stupid thing down to release my shirt.

"Hold on before you strip your zipper." Elise walked toward me. She stuck her fingers in the waistband to hold my pants up and grabbed the zipper with the other hand. I braced myself with a hand on either side of the doorframe.

She gave one hard tug downward. The zipper released my shirt. Then she smoothly pulled my zipper up all while staring into my brown eyes with her blues. She grinned widely at me. Elise cupped my pussy with the hand that was on my zipper. Her other hand travelled up my body, settled behind my neck then pulled my head down for a kiss.

"That wasn't so difficult, was it, Angel? You get agitated very quickly these days."

"I know, Honey, it's this court case. I just want to get it over with so we can move on with our lives. I can think of a lot more fun things to do with you instead of sitting in a courtroom the whole day."

"We started this; we have to finish it. If we let him get away with what he has done, he will keep doing it."

"You are right as always. We have been preparing for this day for seven months now. All those girls want justice and they are counting on us." I placed my hands on her hips and kissed her again.

We met Danielle and the girls at my mother's restaurant for a quick preparation. The courthouse was just across the street, so we could just walk over. Elise and I sat next to each other; Danielle had another girl next to her. Alex stood nearby next to my parents, who took the day off to support us. The rest of the girls sat, huddled up next to each other, on a long brown leather booth seat. Everyone looked nervous and anxious, maybe a little scared too.

Danielle was busy preparing each one of us individually for court. She took one of us, sat at a separate booth and came back for another, when done. Finally finished with each of us on our own, Danielle took a stand in front of us all. She looked ready to take down a whole army. She was on her game and I knew we would win this case with her on our side. Tim had no chance at all. He would never get to rape any woman again.

"Alright girls, all you have to remember is to tell the truth. If any lie comes out we will lose this case. Tim's lawyer will try and turn anything against you. If there is anything that could be used against you, you have to tell me now. Once we're in that court room, there is no turning back." Danielle looked each of us in the eyes.

"There is one thing that all of us have in common that we can use against him. We all had one drink with him; he drugged us; he used roofies. I have my full med report right here." Alex handed a sheet of paper over to Danielle. Danielle took a look at it, and then looked up at Alex. Something else showed in her blood.

"Great, I have been waiting for this. I'll just make a copy at the front desk and submit it as new evidence in court. Besides Elise, you are the most recent victim. The other girls' blood would be clean already. This is crucial." Danielle put the sheet of paper in front of her in her file.

"I could make a copy for you in my office at the back," Vanessa said to Danielle. She stepped forward.

"Please, if you won't mind. Alex, why don't you take it and go with her? Do hurry, we have five minutes and then we have to leave." Danielle handed Alex the paper.

After Alex and Vanessa left, Danielle covered her face with her hands. She looked serious. "This is going to be a long day." She slid her hands down her face and covered her mouth with her fingers. I leaned toward her.

"What's wrong Danielle? You took one look at that paper, then turned white," I asked her, seriousness evident in my own voice.

"Come with me, I need a smoke before we get to that court." Danielle and I headed outside.

We stood in front of the restaurant and talked while she lit up a cigarette. She offered me one but I refused.

"Shannon, Alex is pregnant with Tim's child. She is now seven months." Danielle took a long drag of her smoke.

"I didn't even know. She likes to wear loose and baggy clothes, so she has been hiding it very well. Why do you look so serious about this?"

"You asked me to let her stay with me for a while. I like her, but I don't like her, you know? She sleeps on my couch, for Pete's sake. I live in a one bedroom apartment. She needs a proper room or place of her own and her family kicked her out, remember. I can only guess that her pregnancy is the reason for their actions."

"Yes, you're right. You know what, Danielle? Let me talk to my parents. Maybe they will let her live in the pool house. I'll talk to them after court. We are all having a barbeque at my house anyway."

"That environment will be perfect for Alex, especially in her condition, and your parents will be there if an emergency arises. I'm never at home."

Danielle stomped her cigarette butt out and looked at the crowd in the restaurant. She stood in the door and motioned for them to come along. It was time for us to get a move on. Vanessa and Alex walked in through the kitchen; both smiled wide. Vanessa had her arm around the young woman and talked about something. Anthony came in right behind them.

We headed across the street to the court room. The court was packed with people who supported the girls. Each one of us was called up to the stand to testify against Tim. His lawyer tried to use my and Elise's relationship against us, but failed miserably because she was already eighteen at the time and an independent woman. It was wrong of me as a teacher, but I'd already lost my job over that. Our relationship didn't harm our credibility. Danielle used the photos I asked the nurse to take of Elise's injuries against him. She also used the medical tests, showing the use of roofies at the time Alex was raped.

During the short recess we all sat outside the courtroom on a bench. We talked about everything else but the case. We nervously waited for the verdict to be decided. Elise looked shocked when I decided to take a few drags of Danielle's cigarette to calm my nerves. My parents looked like they could kill me. I had to take a breath mint before I could kiss Elise again. Finally the bailiff called us after half an hour.

Everyone sat in silence while the foreman of the jury read out their verdicts. He was found guilty on all counts. Tim was sentenced to serve seven counts of ten years in prison with the chance of parole after five. We all prayed against the parole, but the verdict was good enough for us. Fifty years in prison was enough cause for a celebration for us.

We all headed to my and Elise's house for a barbeque. The rest of my friends from college came to celebrate with us. It was finally over. We could all move on with our lives now.

Elise and I were in the kitchen. We prepared salads and garlic bread to go with the meat. My parents, Alex and the others played pool and darts. Sam and Danielle sat at the kitchen table, catching up. Jasmine and her wife, Rebecca, sat with them. Her sister, Meagan and her girl, Carrie, stood beside Elise and me. They had a short break from medical school. Those two girls were old students of mine and good friends.

"That's alright, when his parole comes up, I'll just appeal against him on behalf of my clients." Danielle took a sip of her drink.

"I would have done the same thing if I were any one of these girls. The world's better off without a creep like that." Sam took several short sips of her drink then set her glass down.

"I'm just glad it's over. It was the worst six months of my life. I actually got upset at any little thing." I faced my friends.

"Should I tell them what happened this morning before we left, Angel?" I gave Elise a lopsided smile as she turned to face the others. My parents joined us in the kitchen. "She came stumbling into the kitchen this morning, agitated, because her zipper caught on her shirt. All I did was hold her pants up with one hand and tug her zipper down with the other and pulled it up again." Everyone laughed at that as my face went red with embarrassment.

"What? We overslept; we made it just in the nick of time. You know me... I hate being late for anything."

"Yes, we all know you, Shannon, especially how silly you get when agitated." Sam laughed out loud.

"Yeah, yeah... let's change the subject. Mom, Dad, we need to talk to you about Alex."

"What is it my girl?" my Dad asked. He leaned his back against the counter with his arms around my mother.

"Well, Danielle and I have been talking and we think it will be better for her, if she stays in the pool house on the farm, if it's alright with you of course. Danielle has helped her for as long as she can but in Alex's condition, she needs a proper room. If I had known that she was pregnant, I would have suggested it long ago."

"Actually Shan, your father and I have already spoken to Alex, this morning before court. She is going to stay with us in the house. I just had to help her when I read that report."

"Where is she going to sleep Mom? You turned my room into a gym. The only room left is Dad's home office."

"That's actually why I am here. Your parents called me and asked me if I could draw up some plans. I've been to the farm before, so I know what the house looks like. They want me to add two rooms to the house. I have my electronic sketch pad here." Sam stood up from the table and downed the last of her drink. "I'll be right back."

"Okay, I knew something was up when I saw the three of you talk this morning before we left the restaurant. Mom sure looked happy."

"Let's just say we made her an offer she couldn't refuse. Besides, it's going to be fun to have a baby in the house again." My mother looked back over her shoulder to look into my father's eyes.

"Yeah, Alex told me earlier about your offer. She seemed very happy about it." Elise wrapped her arms around my waist. I looked down into her cerulean blues, quizzically. She gave me a lopsided smile and wiggled her eyebrows at me. Danielle had a knowing smile on her face. She and Sam both knew what happened with Charlotte and my mother that time but they agreed to keep it to themselves. They had been my only shoulders to cry on at the time.

"Oh... Oh... alright I get it now. Ewe... gross... now I'm stuck with an image. Quick Honey kiss me, I need a different image." More laughter erupted. Elise put her hand behind my neck and pulled me into a kiss.

"She told you about it?" both my parents asked at the same time.

"Yes, we tell each other everything." Elise looked up at me. "Well... almost everything," she added and blushed wildly.

We burst into laughter again. Sam returned with her sketch pad and sat down at the table. Alex came into the kitchen with the barbequed meat and set it on the counter next to my parents. Alex turned to leave the kitchen but stopped when my mother called her back.

"Wait Sweetie, don't go anywhere. Sam wants to show us a few suggestions she has for your and baby's rooms." My mother held her hand out to Alex. Alex looked at all of us, blushing wildly. Her eyes settled on me, as if asking me if it's okay. I smiled at her gently and nodded to my parents.

"Its okay, Alex, only the few in this kitchen knows about my mother." I wrapped my arms lovingly around Elise and settled my head on hers.

Alex reached for my mother's hand. She expected to stand next to her, but my mother pulled her into her arms instead. She settled her back against my mother, my mother's arms wrapped around her and my Dad's arms around my mother. We all waited for Sam to start. Sam and Danielle looked at each other and then at all of us.

"Okay, now I've seen everything. Let's get started so I can get home to my girl and... well you get the picture." Sam elicited more laughter, breaking the ice. We all knew she was single. She took the stylus from its side pocket and started drawing.

Elise had noticed that something was happening between Vanessa and Alex. She saw the two of them hug and kiss. Then my father joined in, kissed Vanessa and hugged the both of them. Elise told me about it, so I knew about them beforehand of course. The three of them looked happy together, Elise said to me.

We all stood by, watched what Sam was doing and listened while she explained what would work and what wouldn't. By the time she was done, my parents and Alex were happy with her final sketch.

"Alright... so if you're all satisfied with this final draft, I will get my builders ready tomorrow so they can have it finished by the end of this week. Who do I send the bill to?"

"Send it to me, Sam." My parents and Alex looked at me, stunned. Before my parents could protest I added: "It's a gift from Elise and me. I've known about you three for quite a while now, so you don't have to hide it. Honestly... I still think it's gross but I also think you look great together. Let's go party before the rest of the guests think we're being rude." Elise entwined her fingers with mine and led me to the bar with the others right on our heels.


My parents and Alex stayed in the kitchen for a while and talked.

"They're all taking this better than I thought they would, especially Shannon." Alex turned in Vanessa's arms to face both her and Anthony.

"We're an open-minded family but family members are off limits. That's our only rule." Anthony stood next to his two women and wrapped his arms around both.

Vanessa trailed her hands up Alex's sides from her hips to her shoulders. Alex closed her eyes and revelled in the gentle caresses. She felt Vanessa's soft wet warm lips against her own. Alex broke their kiss and felt her tummy bulge on the one side.

"Oh, feel that, he moved." She took both Vanessa and Anthony's hands and placed them on her stomach. They waited patiently then felt the baby kick against their hands.

"It really is fantastic feeling something so special move in a woman," Anthony said as a warm smile grew on his lips.

"Oh yes, and I find pregnant woman so sexy. That natural glow they have about them just turns me on. Did you feel that? He kicked again." Vanessa's smile grew wider as she gazed into the young woman's eyes.

"You two have been so loving and caring. I don't know what would have happened to us if we never met you." Alex softly caressed her tummy with her hands. Vanessa looked at Anthony and smiled brightly then returned her gaze to Alex.

"We have been searching a long time for someone like you to join us. We love you, Alex." Vanessa smiled lovingly at their young lover.

"And I love you." Alex and Vanessa's eyes locked onto each other for what felt like minutes.

Alex placed a sensual kiss on Vanessa's lips, and then looked up at Anthony. He kissed Vanessa affectionately, and then looked at her as if asking permission. She looked lovingly at him. Her eyes told him that she knew what he wanted to do. She nodded her answer at him and kissed him. He looked at Alex, bent down a little, softly pinched her chin between his fingertips and kissed her the same way he kissed Vanessa.

Alex's eyes went wide and locked onto Vanessa's, searching for any anger. Vanessa gave her a warm smile that let her relax into the kiss. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. Anthony broke the kiss and looked lovingly into both his women's eyes.

"Let's go join the others." He took a hand of each woman in his and led them to the bar to join the others. He joined some of the others in a game of pool while Vanessa and Alex joined others and danced to the music.

After all the guests left, Elise and I went up to our room. I removed my shoes, stood in front of the closet and thought to myself. I felt two warm arms wrap around my middle. I turned to face my love, her naked body and hair was wet from her shower. She took my hands in hers and led me to the bathroom without breaking our gaze. She had the shower water running. The steam rose from it and filled the room.

Elise tugged on my pants button and zipper then sank to her knees. She pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles. Elise looked up at my now super wet pussy and licked her lips. I revelled in feeling her fingertips trace up my legs and settle on my ass cheeks. She leaned forward and kissed my mound then labia. A deep guttural groan erupted from my lips. She stood up and settled her hands on my stomach. She undid my buttoned shirt and pushed it over my shoulders to the floor.

"What's gotten into you, Honey?" I pulled my sports bra off over my head.

"I was thinking about the conversation we had the day after my birthday last year, the one about role play." Elise wrapped her arms around my naked body. Her cerulean blue eyes turned violet.

"Oh yeah, what exactly were you thinking about?" I passed her a lopsided smile. Elise blushed furiously.

"Do you remember that one night we made love and you went to grab my ass cheeks but slapped them instead?" Elise watched my face turn red with embarrassment.

"Yes, I remember. I said I was sorry. I didn't m..." Elise put her finger on my lips to silence me. She smiled shyly.

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