tagNonHumanYou're the One for Me Ch. 04

You're the One for Me Ch. 04


This chapter is short, I know. But, it's the build up to the next two chapters, where you will find the sex. ;) Bear with me and hopefully they'll be out soon. And let me know what you think.


A few days before Halloween found the twins at their mates' abode once more. There hadn't been a day that they hadn't seen the two of them and it was enough to drive them crazy. Caden could only wonder how long they could hold on to their wolves when they were constantly fighting them for dominance when it came to the mating process. They had long grown tired of the human way of doing things. They were ready to take their mates as their primal nature demanded. Caden felt Austin's internal struggle just as strongly as his own. The constant tension in his body was mirrored in his brother's identical form and it was only a matter of time before they snapped.

Austin knocked on the door and as his mate opened it, his friendly grin morphed into something far more predatory. "Why hello there, my pretty kitty."

Ben smirked, rolling his eyes and stepping back to allow the twins in. Austin lurked in the shadows of the foyer, waiting for Ben to close the door, while Caden proceed into the kitchen where Elise was cooking dinner for the group.

Ben steadied himself, as being around Austin unmated always left him off-balance and achy. He had to talk himself through the night, demanding that his cougar behave itself so that he an Austin wouldn't tear up the furniture or break holes in the walls. He was so caught up in his self-coaching that he hardly gave a thought to the shadows, believing that both Austin and Caden had walked into the kitchen.

The hand that gripped him startled him out of his thoughts, and as he was forced up against the wall and the weight of his mate settled on him, he became totally focused on the things that were happening right in front of his face. If he wasn't careful, hole in the wall number one would be created right then and there.

Austin continued to rub himself against Ben, feeling every ripple and ridge of his body. There was one in particular that he was concerned with and it never failed to disappoint. He moaned, feeling Ben's hard cock pressing against his own. What he wouldn't give to rip off his pants and suck that hard cock into his mouth. "Ben..." he groaned.

"Austin," Ben answered breathlessly, "what are you doing?"

"I want you covered in my scent, kitty cat. You belong to me," he replied, proceeding to redouble his efforts to drive his mate insane.

Ben could hardly form words at that point. He was too caught up in the constant pressure on his cock that was bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. He was quickly approaching the peak, only to be jerked out of his orgasmic haze. Ben mewled desperately, gripping Austin's ass and trying to reestablish the connection that had been broken.

"No, no, kitty cat. You don't get to cum with my help until you give yourself to me. Just think of this as a little incentive."

"You are such a fucking bastard."

"And you, love, are a sexy beast. I can't wait to see your cougar properly...I bet you're just as sexy in Were form as you are in this one."

Ben chuckled mirthlessly, looking up at his darkly handsome mate. He could barely refrain from giving in to the desires of his cougar. His will to be mated was strong. It was his human side that held him back. There was some baggage that he was dealing with that kept him from surrendering when Austin overwhelmed him, but it was only a matter of time before his cougar took matters into his own...paws.

"I guess you'll have to wait and see won't you?" Ben teased, brought back into the moment by the tongue that darted out to taste the beads of perspiration on his neck.

As he sampled Ben's flavors, Austin knew without a doubt that he was supposed to be there, immersed in his mate's scent and loving him into oblivion. He would find a way to break through Ben's defenses and claim what was rightfully his, of that there was no doubt. "Oh, kitty cat, there's so much that I want to see, but there is also much that I wish to show you."

"Yeah, like that monster in your pants."

"Among other things," Austin laughed.

"Well, continue to be patient with me and we'll see."

Austin nodded. "I can try, but my wolf is near desperate. You must know that we yearn to surround you, to be inside of you, and to feel you inside of us."

Ben's eyebrows rose in surprise as he sputtered, "Wh-what? In you? But I thought..."

"Yes, I want you inside me. We are mates and as such we should share in the pleasure of being brought to orgasm in every way."

Ben shook his head. "I don't get you. Sometimes, you seem like the quintessential bad boy and other times, you're so sweet and loving that I don't even know how to respond... You are ridiculous and amazing and...I love you."

Austin sucked in a breath, reeling from hearing the words that he had spoken so long ago finally being returned. His smile told of his joy. He dropped a quick kiss on Ben's upturned lips. "I love you too, kitty cat. Now, let us go and enjoy that good food I can smell cooking."

Austin walked into the kitchen, Ben in tow, only to find Elise wrapped up in Caden's embrace, her back pressed against the wall, and her mouth being plundered, take-no-prisoners style. He debated breaking in on their moment, but his thoughts were interrupted as Ben tugged him back into the living room.

"Leave them alone. I'm sure we can find something to entertain us while they are preoccupied," Ben murmured.

He sat back on the couch, his blond hair tussled, his green eyes glazed over in a passionate haze, and his tongue darting out to soothe his suddenly dry lips. Austin felt his wolf rise to the surface, unable to keep him from coming forward to claim his other half.

Ben watched the takeover, oscillating between being incredibly aroused and being scared out of his mind. He counted on Austin's control to help him keep a handle on the situations that they often found themselves in, now he was left with the wolf who probably wasn't interested in waiting or stopping. And it made his asshole tingle.

"Mine." Austin's voice was at least an octave lower now that his wolf was in control. He spoke softly, but firmly, the statement not being up for debate.

"Yes," Ben whispered.



Austin looked downright murderous as he strode over and positioned himself in front of Ben, his hands propped up on the couch on either side of his head. Ben closed his eyes momentarily, opening them to find Austin's face an inch from his, his breath hot on his face and his eyes glittering with his intent. "Say that again. I want to be clear."

"Austin, please."

"I did not ask you to beg...yet. You are mine, are you not?"

"Yes, I am. I'm just not..."

Ben's words were cut short by lips descending upon his own, ramping up his arousal. He obeyed immediately when Austin commanded him to lie back on the couch in between their passionate kisses. He arched up into Austin, feeling his nails sharpen into claws as his cougar decided to join his mate for some playtime. The shreds of Austin's red polo shirt fell around their bodies as they ground against each other, spiraling higher in their passion, their desire for each other.

Ben yowled loudly as Austin's clawed fingers ripped through his jeans and boxers to grab his cock. His pleasure continued to build until he heard a gasp. His eyes shot open and he couldn't have been more embarrassed, his cougar retreating to let him deal with the situation on his own. Once again, Caden and Elise had walked in on them getting down and dirty. At least, this time, they were on the couch, but his pants had a huge hole in them and Austin's shirt was in tatters. Ben forced Austin's hand away from his cock, pushing him backwards before he made his get away out the front door.

Caden was more than a little miffed with Austin's inability to find a private place to become intimate with his mate. It was fine before, but now Benjamin's inability to keep it down was cutting in on his time with Elise. But, then again, cougars were sometimes referred to as mountain screamers, so it was to be expected that he was loud in bed.

As Caden watched his brother struggle with his wolf, he realized that they seriously tread on thin ground now that his wolf was at the forefront of his consciousness. He would rip Austin's throat out before he let him put a hand on Elise, but the possibility of an attack was there. He moved, positioning himself in front of Elise, to shield her from attack and from seeing Austin in his current state, in case any more of his wolf manifested.

Austin took in a deep breath, wrestling with the urge to give chase. How could his mate run away again? Austin found himself wishing that he had beheaded Caden when he had a chance. Every time he thought he was making progress with his love, or at least going to get some kind of sexual gratification, Caden came along and ruined things for him.

A few moments before, he had lain between the thighs of his love, feasting on his lips, caressing his body and making him writhe. Now, he was breathing in the musty smell of the couch cushion his face was currently buried in, fighting the urge to break the piece of furniture that supported him. In fact, if his dick were any harder, it would have split the couch in two on its own. He was Pepe LePew, there was no doubt about it now. The only thing that was missing was the fake cartoon cloud in the shape of Ben.

Austin raised his head from the cushions and took another calming breath, making his wolf back down. Then he rose from the couch, stretching. He regarded Caden carefully and saw that his brother's wolf was also close to the surface. He knew that Caden was regretting spending so much time with his mate, torturing himself. He knew because he felt the same. They were masochists, the pair of them. And to think, they were raised to carry the name of Alexander proudly. They were meant to take what they wanted, not play at it.

Just as Austin would have said something to his brother, he became aware of another train of thought. His wolf had decided that it was time; there was no other way. He would have his mate bound to him that night, and if his wolf had anything to say about it, Caden would do the same. They were done waiting. A nod, then both wolves burst to the forefront, wrenching control away from their human counterparts.

With nothing more than a cocky smile to the pair standing in the kitchen doorway, Austin ran out the door after Ben. He had let him get away before, but Ben, of all people, should have known not to run from a predator. Austin was ready to give chase and when he caught his kitty cat, he would take that ass and bury his cock deep. He even had the lube in a little pouch that he slipped around his neck as he ran so if he shifted, he would be able to carry it with him. He would be using that lube one way or another and Ben would be making many more aroused kitty noises before the night was done.


Caden slowly turned, his eyes conveying the lust that he had been battling. "Elise, it's time."

"Time for what?" she asked with a tilt of her head.

Caden watched as more of her hair slipped out of the messy bun she had thrown it in while she was cooking. Her delicate neck was exposed, calling to him, urging him to sink his teeth into it as he took her hard and fast from behind.

"Time for me to show you what I can do. You are mine, sweet Elise. You're the one for me, there is no one else. There can be no one else now that I've found you."

Elise found herself backing away as he advanced. Something had changed and it was more than the deepening of his voice, though that alone made her pussy cream. He was more intense, somehow, and there was no doubt in her mind that he was really going to show her something that she would never forget. It would be imprinted on her pussy and on her heart. He was about to put it down like an all-star.

"Bring it on then, if you think you're all that. I'm ready."

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