tagNonHumanYou're the One for Me Ch. 05

You're the One for Me Ch. 05


Caden flashed Elise a quick smile of his own, suddenly scooping her up and carrying her towards the bedroom. He was more than ready now. In fact, he had been biding his time from the moment he had entered the kitchen and became immersed in the delicious aromas of the food and his mate.

Beads of sweat formed and fell down Elise's face as she moved efficiently from burner to burner. Watching her work made Caden's mouth water and it had nothing to do with the roast she was making or the side dishes she planned on serving up. Too bad all that effort was going to go to waste. Caden had decided to take Elise right there in the kitchen, his mind made up before the food had even finished.

He gave her time to turn off the burners and the oven, remove the pot roast, and get everything set up on the counter. As soon as she had finished that though, he was on her, pressing her into the wall with his body, his cock leading the way. He would have continued, consummating their relationship on the still clear end of the kitchen table, if Ben hadn't broken into their moment with his loud shrieks. Elise, caring friend that she was, broke away, concerned for her best friend, only to find him being mauled by Austin.

His wolf was in league with Austin's and it seemed as if they had timed their take over to the second. There was nothing that would stand in his way now. All distractions were gone and he was taking Elise to somewhere private, where he wouldn't have to worry about interruptions, unlike his over-eager brother.

When they reached her room, Caden sat Elise's feet down on the floor, letting her get her bearings. Scanning her room for the best place to start to get down to business, Caden settled on the wall next to her closet. From there, they would both be able to see what was going on with the help of her full-length mirror that hung on the door.

His wolf had almost total control of his body at that point, but they both knew that there would need to be conversation before he would be allowed to truly mate with her and make her a wolf as he was. He could only imagine what her wolf would look like. Perhaps she would be a warm brown or a rich auburn color. Whatever she looked like, he would love her, there was no doubt about that.

Caden led her over to the wall and pressed her palms against the hard surface. He let his hands skim over her body, running a quick finger over her nipples, feeling them harden and beg for more of his touch. He continued down over her ample breasts to her trim waist and round ass. He crouched, taking in the smell of Elise's arousal and running his eager hands over the long legs that he loved. His hands spread her legs farther apart and as he stood up behind her, he pulled her ass towards him.

"Don't move."

Elise sucked in a breath, incredibly aroused by Caden's change in demeanor. Gone was the wickedly funny man that she had grown used to, replaced by a much more intense and darkly sexy Caden. His voice was like honey flowing sweetly over her ears and pooling low in her belly, and his tone, which brooked no argument, made her hope that her panties weren't completely soaked through. It would be embarrassing if the first time Caden got to see her in her underwear, they looked as if she had wet herself, in the bad way.

"Caden," she softly moaned as his hands stroked over her body once again.

Caden huskily chuckled while working open the buttons that held her dark green shirt closed. "You may whisper now, but soon I will have you screaming out my name. And with any luck, I'll be hearing you do it very often."

Elise bit back a moan. She didn't want him to know just how much he was affecting her yet, it would give him a big head, and he had to earn his accolades. She wasn't about to let him in on the fact that he was making her pussy cream just by speaking to her like that.

Instead, she focused on the way he toyed with her body. She arched into the hands that were cupping her breasts, continuing to tease her nipples through the lacy black bra that she wore. His fingers pinched and pulled the nubs, making her cry out sweetly, it felt so good. One hand made sure to move from one fleshy mound to the other, while his other hand trailed down her stomach, circling the navel, and coming to rest on the button of her jeans.

Caden buried his face in her dark hair, smelling that earthy lavender scent that was synonymous with his love in his mind. He pressed his hardness against her ass, rubbing it over the generous curves and stoking his own fire. He backed away, yanking down her pants and pulling off her shirt, leaving her clad in nothing but the lacy undergarments that she had worn that night.

"Are these for me?" Caden rumbled.

"I may have dressed with you in mind."

"Have you touched yourself with me in mind?"

Elise's cheeks burned, but she threw a cheeky look over her shoulder as she answered, "Maybe, but that's none of your business."

"Well, touch yourself for me now. Show me how you take your pleasure."

Caden removed a hand from the wall and placed it against the outside of her panties. He pressed her fingers against the slick spot over her clit. The moment of contact shot bolts of lightning through her body. Her head flew backwards, her eyes pointed to the ceiling before squeezing closed once again, her ass moved back into his crotch, increasing the pressure on his throbbing cock.

There was a moment where Caden almost ripped his pants off and plunged into his lady, but he knew that if he were to do that, the mating would commence with or without her consent. Caden forced his wolf to take a step back and calm down. With a few deep breaths, he resumed his play, moving Elise's fingers quickly over her clit and watching her body jerk as her panties became increasingly soaked and her orgasm crept nearer.

The moment she cried out her pleasure, he ripped the underwear from her body and dropped to his knees so that he could collect her nectar on his tongue. He crouched behind her, not minding the way his forehead pressed into the rounded cheeks of her ass, because he was preoccupied with her taste, which confirmed for him that she was just what his wolf was craving. Especially the way she reacted when he pushed her legs even farther apart so that his tongue could dip inside of her.

His neck soon protested the angle and so he was left with no other choice. "Get on the bed. Hands and knees, ass up."

Elise cracked an eye open and looked down at Caden on the floor, his mouth ringed with her juices and the intensity of his gaze piercing through her. She was going to give him an earful, couldn't he see that she was practically a blob of jello at the moment? But, then she thought of what his might have in mind and that was enough motivation to have her push herself off of the wall and stumble to the bed, her ass high in the air as she practically fell on her face.

Caden watched as her sweet snatch was displayed for him. What was he going to do now? Oh, he knew. He ran his fingers lightly over Elise's ample bottom, squeezing lightly before moving up to remove her bra. It fell from her body, landing around her hands. She lifted her hands, flinging the bar across the room and returning to her previous position.

He rubbed her back soothingly, easing her into a state of relaxation, his hands dipping to brush across her breasts occasionally. As his eyes fell upon her upturned ass, he had a thought, one that had been festering in his mind since Austin had mentioned it.

Smack! Smack! A thick hand fell upon each cheek and a few more rained down in succession. Elise jumped after the first blow, not expecting the playful spanking that Caden was providing, but she loved it. Her ass leaned into each thwack of Caden's hand, making her moan loudly. Caden's answering groan only served to make her hotter, her wetness was now seeping down her thighs and she couldn't quite bring herself to care.

Caden massaged the reddened cheeks before slipping his hand lower and toying lightly with her nether lips, feeling the light sprinkling of trimmed hair before easing his fingers into her waiting hole.

"Caden!" Her breath hitched and her ass pressed back against his hand. She could barely contain herself and if he didn't give her more soon, she would throw him down and take what she needed from that log that hung between his legs.

Her pussy was tight, warm and welcoming. His finger was joined by two more before long and she was begging for him to enter her, to fuck her right. And oh, how he was going to enjoy doing just that.

Caden felt his human side urge him not to take her as she was, knowing that he would be unable to prevent himself from mating with her like that. It would be a severe shock to her if she turned around and a half turned wolf was thrusting away behind her. She would run and that would be even worse, because he would give chase. It would not end well for either of them and their chance at mating would be over.

His hands slipped up and gripped her hips, pressing down on her slightly until she got the hint and laid down on the bed. He rolled her over and watched as her chest heaved with the heavy breaths that stemmed from her arousal. She was so damn sexy and all his. His lips swooped down, capturing a dark brown tip in between them and pleasuring her orally. Her body arched against his, making him aware of the fact that he was still clothed.

As he worked both of her hardened peaks, he made short work of his clothing. He flung the items carelessly, consumed as he was by the pleasure that he was bringing his woman.

"Caden...more. I need more."

Caden bit down lightly on the nipple that was in his mouth, pulling on it with his teeth, making Elise cry out, her back curving upward to keep it in his mouth and to ease the slight pain that was soon overshadowed by pleasure. His fingers had resumed their thrusting in and out of her and she could barely string together a comprehensible sentence.

"Ooh, ahh...baby. Please. Oh shit. Fuck!" Caden had to admit, he liked the fact that all she could manage was a string of curse words. It confirmed that he was bringing her closer to orgasm and doing it well.

Before she reached her peak again, he pulled his fingers all the way out, sticking them into his mouth, tasting his mate's tangy sweet flavor. He listened absently as she pleaded with him to fuck her, distracted by another voice, though this one was coming from inside his head. His human side was busy trying to coach him, but he wasn't really interested in what he had to say. Caden wanted to claim his woman and if he couldn't mate with her that night, he would fuck her hard and fast, branding himself on her soul and in her mind.

Making love? That was for the human side of him. He was going to take his woman and he was going to do it right then. She was primed enough. He spread her legs and lay between them, first stopping to lap at the juices that had ran down her legs. He made his way up her body, nipping at her hips and slim waist, nibbling on her breasts and collarbone. He sucked on her neck, marking her, though it was not the mark that he wished her to bear.

Elise was so responsive, in constant motion underneath him. He pressed a kiss to her lips as his cock began its entrance into her slick snatch. Her pussy enveloped him, welcoming him like a long lost friend, hugging him tight. He swallowed the moans that his cock pulled from her lips and fed her his own.

Elise could hardly believe how amazing it felt to be entered by Caden. His cock was more than the log that she had thought it to be. It stretched her to new limits, pressing against and stimulating places in her pussy that she never knew existed. Her nails dug into his flesh, making little half moon marks in the skin of his shoulders, and her legs wrapped around him, urging him to keep going until she felt the jet-black hairs that surrounded his cock tickle her nether lips.

"Damn, your cock is so big, Caden."

"The better to fuck you with, my dear," Caden breathed into her ear.

Elise laughed, smacking Caden on his shoulder. "Be serious, we're in the middle of sexing each other."

Caden groaned into her ear, the undulations caused by her laughter made her pussy grip him deliciously. "Be still or else I'm going to shoot before I get to move properly."

"Well, let me help you with that." Elise began to move again, her rhythmic gyrations against him causing Caden to lose the loose grip he had on his control.

His wolf firmly in the driver's seat now, he grabbed her hips and slammed into her, causing a scream to pierce the air. He grinned down at her, licking his lips. "You look stunning, sweet Elise, when you let go. Now it is time to show you the pleasure I promised you before."

Elise didn't even get a chance to reply. All she could manage to do was hold on while Caden pounded into her, hard and fast.

Caden watched her tits as they jiggled in time to his thrusts, dancing for him. He changed his tempo and angle, making Elise trip into an orgasm that seemed to continue for a long while, her pussy pulsing around his member as it plundered her depths. Faster and faster, he sped up until his cock was little more than a blur and the slap of his balls against her fleshy ass was a quick staccato beat.

Elise couldn't stop calling out Caden's name or cussing as she fell over the edge again and again. His cock worked her long and hard and it wasn't until she lost track of time and orgasms that Caden finally found his release. She felt the powerful pulses push her into a final orgasm before everything went black.

Caden woke up with Elise sprawled across his body, her face nuzzled in his neck. He wrapped his arms around her body and squeezed her tightly. She groaned softly and Caden immediately felt remorse. He was so rough with her. He wished he had been a little more in control of himself, so their first time could have been a little more tender and loving.

"Caden, shut up. I'm trying to sleep."

Caden's eyes darted to the cranky face that pouted up at him. "What are you talking about? I haven't said anything."

"Don't play. I could hear you clear as day worrying yourself to death about being too rough. I'm fine and, to tell you the truth, I loved it."

Caden looked at Elise and frowned. "Are you sure? I was a little out of control."

"Every once in a while it's nice to have a change of pace. We can be slow and loving later. You made me feel things I never knew I could. You definitely claimed this pussy in the name of Caden Alexander."

Caden laughed. "Well, good, because it's mine. Now and always."

Elise threw him an annoyed look. "Only if I say so."

"Maybe...or maybe I should just take you again and prove to you that it's mine."

Elise giggled as Caden rolled over on top of her. As he placed a kiss on her lips, his eyes fell on her neck. Oh shit.

"Oh shit what?" Elise asked when he broke the kiss.

Caden peered at Elise and frowned. "How about we eat a little something and then I think we need to talk."

Elise was about to respond when Caden swooped down and kissed her again. Even though she was probably going to want to kick the living shit out of him after the little talk they were going to have, he was still hungry for her. He wanted more.

"I changed my mind. Sex first, then food."

"What about that talk?"

"Mm...less talking, more fucking, my sweet love." Caden silenced her once again and began claiming every inch of her body as his own.


Caden watched Elise sleep, cradled in his arms, her legs wrapped around his. His could barely take his eyes off the mark on her neck. How could that have happened? He closed his eyes and focused on his wolf, who was mighty proud of himself at the moment, having made Elise pass out from the pleasure he gave her.

"What the fuck?"

His wolf growled. "Don't take that tone with me, pup."

"You bit her. What the hell is the matter with you? You knew we were supposed to wait to talk it out with her, now when we talk she's going to try to take our fucking head."

His wolf smiled, as much as he could in that form, and replied, "And we're going to like every fiery millisecond of it."

Caden sighed. "Well, be that as it may, why did you bite her?"

"Instinct, pure and simple. She is our mate, she should bear our mark. There is nothing complicated about that. You're not as smart as I give you credit for, human."

"I'm seriously doubting your mental capacity as well, wolf. You must want us to die a premature death."

"You don't give Elise enough credit. She may be upset that the choice wasn't given to her to have a telepathic link established, but she won't shun or maim us. She will continue to love and understand us as she has from the start. She will choose to become our mate, despite our rash decision. Our pups will be strong and they will continue the Alexander line for generations to come. There is no other for us, for her strength of will and character compliments our pensive nature and quiet strength. None will doubt our status as Alpha while she is by our side."

"You sound much more rational now that you got your rocks off. Before you were all graphic sexual content, now you're wise and all knowing?"

"I felt it through the connection we established with our mate as our bodies became one."

Caden stared at his wolf, with its midnight-hued fur and deep blue eyes, eyes that were so different from his own and held so much more wisdom, well when he wasn't being a horny devil. His wolf was right, he knew that Elise wasn't going to shun them. But she was going to be pissed off and he was going to get an earful.

"Fine. You handle her when she's threatening to come across the table at us since it is your fault we're in the shitter. I'll make sure to hold my 'I told you so' until after we're safe again."

His wolf chuckled. "You'll see who is right soon. Don't doubt me. I would not mislead you because that would cause me to suffer as well."

"Yeah, I'm sure you were really feeling my pain when I had that case of blue balls."

His wolf nodded. "You were the one who was suppressing me. Were you feeling my pain? My restlessness? If I had free reign, it never would have happened. Our pain is why I took over last night. I was tired of our frustration and now we are no longer suffering. Go to our woman and make things right. Show her that we love her in the way that she needs and I assure you we will no longer be without our mate in our arms every night."

Caden huffed. "You make it sound so easy."

"It won't be, but I will enjoy watching you try."

"Shut up. You're as bad as Austin sometimes."

"He is our twin brother. There have to be some similarities."

"Yeah, don't remind me. I'd rather pretend he was adopted than admit that."

His wolf laughed, an odd sound, but it was one that he knew very well. He was his wolf and vice versa. Caden bowed slightly to his wolf and was rewarded with a small head nod.

"If she gets really violent, you're in charge of running away," Caden joked. And with that, he emerged from his state of deep concentration to find Elise staring into his violet eyes with her deep gray ones.

"Caden, I think we really do need to talk."

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