tagLesbian SexYou're Welcome, My Pet Ch. 01

You're Welcome, My Pet Ch. 01


Introduction: although my Master is a woman, She has requested me to call Her Master and not Mistress.

Tonight's the night.

The thought gave me delicious chills, apprehension, anxiety, a thrilling fear.

Fear? Yes, fear, that was sexual in the most basic way, a kind of fear that started a pulse between my thighs.

Usually, I'm impatient, self-willed, and stubborn. But today, I'm full of patience, completely content, and willing and waiting to serve Her.

The hours before she was supposed to arrive were filled with preparation: my body, my hair, my make up, my room, my mind, everything must be absolutely perfect for Her. I found everything I thought She'd want for tonight and laid it across my dresser. She had told me to be waiting for her naked, except for my beautiful collar. I took it out and caressed it lovingly, the sign of my servitude, before putting it on.

I'd worn it many times before, playfully, but never had it carried the significance of tonight. Because tonight was when I gave Her complete and total power. Anything and everything She wanted would be Hers -- including me, in any and every way. Giving her control felt so right to me, so in tune with what I was feeling. This was extremely odd, given that I am generally a control freak. But this was all-new and encompassing. To willingly submit myself wholly and completely to another, not knowing what She would do.. the pulsing in my clit grew more insistent at the thought.

Although I had been granted permission to cum, I refused. Trying to embrace my role as a total submissive more completely, I ignored my pussy, even though as the minutes ticked by it became more and more wet in anticipation. I was new at this, but already I was feeling the satisfaction described by so many other slaves that comes from serving your Master well. I knew without any doubts that this was what I wanted.

Finally, I hear Her coming down the stairs. My heart races up into my throat as I walk out to meet Her. My beautiful, amazing, perfect Master, my whole world. She greets me, looking me up and down in satisfaction. I can tell how pleased She is, and my heart beats harder in accomplishment. She reaches out and takes me into Her arms, kissing me hard, pushing me against the wall, leading me to the bedroom. I revel at Her touch, the newfound insistence in Her grip, the aggression in Her stride, and I am aware of how wet I am again. Any fear I had disappears at Her kiss, replaced by a warmth and an excitement. I already desperately want Her to take me, to fuck me, to ensure I know I am Hers. But again I ignore it, turning to focus upon pleasing Her, and nothing else.

She has me climb on top of Her, and I kiss Her passionately, exploring Her neck and chest with my lips as Her hands grip my ass and smack it playfully. I lift up Her shirt and continue my exploration over Her stomach. She seems so pleased with my servitude that I almost cry out in grateful delight.

I can hardly believe it when She doesn't object as I start to pull Her jeans off. She knows how bad I want Her pussy in my mouth. I have the sweetest, most giving and generous Master in the world, I muse, as She lets me pull them down over Her long, sexy legs.

I see Her smile down at me, and again Her approval means so much to me that I could have cried with happiness. But this thought is soon lost as She puts Her hand in my long hair and brings my mouth to Her pussy, and I'm immediately licking it gratefully, letting my tongue dart inside Her to taste how wet She is, and then gently lap at Her clit, slow at first, but then faster and faster. She tastes so good that I feel my pussy get even wetter appreciatively.

"Mmm... what a good girl you are," She moans. I love to be Her good girl. That's all I want. I want to be good for Her. Soon She tells me to fuck Her, and I slide my fingers into Her tight, wet pussy. It feels so good that I moan as I fuck Her, and Her moans get louder, telling me how She wants it, calling me Her slut, Her bitch, and I eagerly agree with each one. I am Her slut, and I love to be.

She tells me to fuck myself, and with my other hand I bring my fingers to my pulsing clit, rubbing lightly at first, but then plunging them into my dripping wet pussy. It feels so good to finally have something inside me. I can tell She's watching my fingers slide in and out of me, and I try hard to keep my fingers and tongue going strong on Her pussy. But my Master tells me it's okay to slow down, and to just enjoy my fingers inside me. I lay my head on Her stomach, my fingers at rest inside Her sweet pussy, but still fucking myself as She watches approvingly. I stare up into Her eyes, lost in lust and desire. Soon, though, I return to my job. I fuck Her as fast as I can, keeping my tongue moving just as quickly, as Her demands keep coming. Then, She pulls me up by my hair. "Talk to me," She tells me, and I comply.

"I want You to cum," I beg Her breathlessly.

"Where do you want that cum?" She responds, quite matter-of-factly.

"I want it on my face," I say desperately, breaking eye contact with Her to look back down at Her sexy pussy, still taking my fingers as they pump in and out of Her. I start to bring my mouth back down to Her clit, but She grips my head firmly. "No," She says, "watch." I'm forced to do nothing, I want Her in my mouth so bad, but every time I try I am only held more tightly. I tell Her how sexy Her pussy is, and how much I like to watch Her take my fingers, but soon this gives way to begging to be allowed to lick Her again, and finally She releases me, pushing my head down against Her. As She gets closer and closer to Her orgasm, my pussy gets wetter. I want Her sweet cum in my mouth so bad, I fuck Her faster and faster, whining like Her cumslut, desperately trying to bring Her to orgasm so I know I please Her. Finally She tells me She's cumming, Her entire beautiful body rocking with the pleasure.

"You want that cum baby?" She asks me.

"Yes!" comes my eager reply.

"Get it on your face baby." She allows me to pull my fingers, drenched with Her cum, out of Her to replace it with my tongue, licking up all of Her cum and pressing my face to Her pussy to get it all over me. As She rolls over, I lay back, ecstatically sucking Her cum off my fingers, til She pulls me into Her warm, protecting arms.

"Thank you Master," I say sincerely, still breathless.

"You're welcome, My pet," She replies.

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