tagLesbian SexYou're Welcome, My Pet Ch. 02

You're Welcome, My Pet Ch. 02


"Go into My coat pocket, and bring whatever is in there to Me," You direct me. I nod and leave You in the bedroom to retrieve what turns out to be a blindfold. You meet me at the entrance to my bedroom, taking it from me and kissing me deeply, as You push my shoulders down to force me to my knees. I eagerly open my mouth as You press Your pussy to my lips, still wet from Your orgasm. I trace the outside lightly, then push my tongue deep inside You. You hold my head firmly in place by my hair, pushing Your pussy onto my tongue hard, as I get as deep as I can. Finally, You pull me upward, and motion to the bed.

I get into position there -- on my back -- and soon the blindfold is in place. This is quickly followed by handcuffs, and my cunt pulses hard in response to the vulnerability. Then, I hear You leave the room. I wriggle in anticipation, my pussy getting even more wet from yet another pulse.

But You weren't gone long. I stay silent as I wonder what You are doing. It doesn't take long for my curiosity to be satisfied -- standing at the foot of the bed, You spread my legs wide, and I hear the unmistakable click of a camera. Humiliation mixes with acute arousal at the sound -- what if someone ever saw this picture? What would they think? They would know what a horny slut I am. More blood rushes to my clit at the thought. Another click of the camera. If I were allowed to speak, I would beg You to fuck me like the whore I am. But I remain silent with my thoughts, at the same time wondering what You are thinking, wondering what You will think when You look at these pictures later. Apparently satisfied, I hear You set the camera down.

Next thing I know, Your legs are straddling my face, and You're lifting the blindfold off my eyes as I'm greeted with the sight of Your sexy, wet cunt. You smile down at me, gripping my hair firmly and guiding my lips to Your clit. I lick it teasingly, suck on it, press my tongue against it hard as You start to buck Your hips. You push my head down and my tongue slides inside You, lapping up all Your juices as You ride my face. "Fuck yeah, girl," You moan, "get that fucking pussy. Mmm yeah that feels so fucking good." I'm in ecstasy, bound and being used, Your juices getting all over my face. You ride harder and harder, til You cum again. If I were able to, I would have been rubbing my own clit, which was pulsing hard as You came on my face, Your hips slowly coming to a stop before climbing down from on top of me.

You lay next to me, eyes closed, relaxing in the aftermath of Your explosive orgasm. I try not to bring Your attention to myself as I squirm in the handcuffs, trying desperately to escape them. My need to cum was so great I couldn't ignore it anymore. But my attempts are useless, as I can't get them off nor can I reach my clit. If I could only touch it once, I'm sure I could cum immediately. I sigh in frustration.

Your eyes open and You raise Your eyebrows. "What's the matter pet?"

"I need to cum, Master," I say apprehensively. Maybe You'll allow me to.

But no, You only chuckle. "Not yet, my little cumslut."

I cannot suppress a groan, which elicits a change in Your tone. "Are You complaining?" You demand.

It's best not to lie, I decide. Besides, I do love to be punished.

"Yes, Master," I reply.

It isn't long before the handcuffs are off, and I'm on my elbows and knees. You shove my head down and tell me to push my ass higher in the air. I oblige, feeling my pussy dripping onto my thighs.

You secure my left and right wrists together, and do the same to my ankles. Then, I hear You pick up the belt. My body automatically tenses in response, readying for the blow.

The belt cracks hard across my exposed ass with no mercy.

"Thank You Master," I say.

The next blow comes harder.

"Thank You Master." My ass is already stinging, and the next hit is real pain. I gasp audibly. "Thank You Master," but this time it sounds weak.

Another hard crack.

"Thank You Master!" My voice becoming a cry now. I hear Your breathing come in shorter spurts and know how turned on You are. I love that beating me turns You on. But I don't have much time to linger on this thought, as more blows rain on my ass.

"Thank You Master!" I'm openly crying out with each blow, my eyes tearing up. But despite the marks on my bright red ass, my cunt pulses pleasurably with each blow, and in my exposed position I'm sure You can see how aroused I am. Finally, I hear the belt drop to the ground, and my body relaxes. You rub my ass tenderly and kiss my head.

"You're okay little one," You tell me soothingly. "Shhh, it's okay. It's okay my little pet. My good girl."

I nuzzle against You the best I can in the given position. "Thank You Master," I say, my eyes glowing with emotion.

"You're welcome, My pet."

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