tagLesbian SexYou're Welcome, My Pet Ch. 03

You're Welcome, My Pet Ch. 03


Intro: This series is based on real life experience, and will probably make more sense if you read the first two :)

Several days had passed since the initial night of my submission, and I couldn't get it out of my head. It was like I was perpetually in sub space. Of course, I had things to do. I couldn't be dazing off into space all day, but it took serious effort to focus. I spent a majority of my time texting my Master, begging Her to tell me what She wanted to do to me. She seemed amused by my efforts, my continual arousal. But our play had not been repeated since, and I was getting more frustrated by the day.

Finally, the night came.

Nothing but your collar when I get there.

That was the text message I received. No further instruction; none needed. I undressed and clasped my collar to my neck, relishing the feeling. Then, I awaited the arrival of my Master.

When I heard Her entering, I flew to the door to kneel at her feet, eyes downcast respectively. I knew She was smiling even before She took my chin in her hands and tilted my head up at Her. "My little pet," She said lovingly, and I melted. "We're going to have so much fun tonight." I smiled up at Her willingly, my eyes taking on the demure look I always get from submission.

As always, our toys were laid upon my dresser. She nodded permission for me to get up, and ordered me to take everything off the kitchen table, before disappearing into the bedroom. This seemed to me an odd request, but I did it without hesitation, and was waiting for Her when She returned.

She held in Her hands the "ropes" – old sheets that were torn into strips – that were always use to bind me. "Get on the table, on your back," She ordered, and I obliged. The table was circular, and rather small, as my arms and legs were hanging off the sides. I'm sure She intended it this way, and it wasn't until She was binding my left wrist to the leg of the table that it hit me.

After all four arms and legs were bound, She ran her hands over my vulnerable body. This was the first time I had been bound so exposed, and the slight sense of shame mingled with arousal to make it stronger.

She kissed me, Her lips warm and firm against mine. I let Her tongue push my lips apart, and She kissed me deeply. Her finger ran over my slit teasingly, and I sighed in longing. She rubbed my clit in gentle, circular motions until I moaned for Her. To my surprise, She pushed two fingers into my wet cunt. I gasped in pleasure as She pressed deeper against that sweet spot inside. She thrusted in and out of me several times, til my body was writhing on the table against the restraints. Then, very suddenly, Her fingers were gone. She shoved them into my mouth unceremoniously. "Clean them," She told me, and as I obliged, She smiled at me. "You didn't think I was going to let you cum so soon, My pet?" I only whimpered in reply.

Then, She stood back, and for a terrifying moment I thought She was going to leave me there. But no, She was unbuttoning her jeans, I realized with a thrill. "Do you wanna eat My pussy, slut?" She asked as She pulled them down with Her dainty thong.

"Yes, Master," I replied, breathless at the sight of her.

Apparently, She didn't need any further assurance. She climbed onto the table, almost in the 69 position, but She didn't lean low enough to lick my cunt. She just lowered Her wet pussy down onto my hot, waiting mouth. I pressed my tongue against it eagerly, tasting how wet She was and moaning just from having Her sweet cunt in my mouth. I pushed my tongue deeply inside Her as Her hips bucked on my face. She leaned so that my tongue was against her swollen clit, and rocked Her hips against it. I let my tongue work with Her hips to grind against Her clit, as She moaned how good it felt. "Yeah, you nasty fucking slut, eat that fucking pussy. Mmm, that tongue feels so good, baby. You're such a good girl. Such a good pet." I squirmed in pleasurable delight underneath Her. "Yeah, you like that pussy, don't you whore?" My affirmative reply was muffled by Her pussy pressing still harder against my mouth, but She already knew the answer.

Then, the unbelievable happened when She brought Her mouth to my slit, running Her tongue across it lightly. I moaned into Her cunt when She sucked my pulsing clit into Her mouth. I was sure I would cum in seconds if She kept this up. My thighs were already trembling, a sure sign of my orgasm.

She must've noticed, for She stopped, and I stopped myself from groaning with difficulty. I returned to keeping my tongue on Her clit, swirling around it, sucking it into my mouth, lapping against it quickly. Soon She was bucking uncontrollably on my face, my own saliva mixed with Her juices getting all over me, as She came so hard. "Fuck yeah bitch I'm coming," She moaned, Her voice deep and soft as it always is in orgasm. "Yeah whore, don't fucking stop, don't stop, get that cum baby." When Her hips slowed to a stop, She got off the table, pulling Her jeans back on. I was still breathless, licking cum off my lips.

Sitting at the kitchen chair, She ran a finger down my cheek, collecting Her cum, and rubbed it over my lips. I licked it eagerly, and She smiled. "Look what a cum slut you are. My cum all over your face, trying to get it all in your mouth, all tied up and open like a whore." I felt my pussy tighten and gush some more in response to Her words. She knew exactly how to get to me, and I was already so wet. Her fingers stroked my hair as She continued. "What if I just left you here? What if I just left you here for your family here to find? They'd find out what a fucking whore you are. My fucking whore." I was blushing at the thought, and my heart beat faster. She really might leave me here. And I had no way to get out. "I could leave you here. And one day, I will. One day, I'll leave you all tied up and covered in cum for everyone to see. But not today." I let out a sigh of relief. "That doesn't mean you're done!" She snapped, and I fell silent. She went to my purse, and I dreaded Her taking the camera out again. But this time, it was my lipstick.

She took my face in Her hands, brutally pushing it to one side and wiping the cum from my left cheek. Uncapping the lipstick, I felt her writing SLUT on my face. She chuckled at the sight of me, tied up and humiliated. My pussy was pounding with arousal.

She brought her lips to my ear. Her breath was very warm, sending tingles through my body. Taking an erect nipple between Her fingers, She pinched and pulled it hard, something She knows I love. As She did this, She whispered to me, "I want to see You cum for Me like this. I love when You're tied up. You're such a whore." I whined. "Do you wanna cum for Me, My pet?"

"Yes Master!" I said breathlessly.

She slid two fingers easily into my wet cunt, pushing deep into me. I moaned, my eyes rolling back from the intensity of the pleasure. "Fuck, Master! Fuck me!" I begged. "Fuck me hard!" And She did.

Her fingers worked in and out of me faster and faster as I strained against the restraints. "You like that, slut?" She asked me.

"Yes, Master! It feels so fucking good!"

"You gonna cum for Me?"

"Yes, Master! Oh my God, please don't stop! Fuck Your little slut! Ohh, fuck. Master can I cum??"

"Not yet, My pet."

She denied me three more times before She allowed me release. "Yes, pet. Cum now!"

And I did, my whole body shaking as the heat swept through me. Finally I collapsed against the ropes.

"Thank You, Master."

"You're welcome, My pet."

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