You spot me from the corner of your eye, standing there in my black shirt and dark blue jeans, my hair let down and combed straight, just the way you like it. You glance over at me, and then look again, harder. Your eyes sweep up my body, and back down it, and I know that soon you will want to touch me. For this I do not have to wait long; you step toward me, and kiss me softly. My body melts against yours as your tongue slips into my mouth, and I enjoy the sweet taste of you, reveling in the feel of your soft lips grazing mine.

I catch a mischievous gleam in your eyes that I cannot exactly place. For a brief instant, I can tell you're getting excited about something, then it happens. Without warning, you roughly push me back against the wall. I open my mouth to protest, and you look at me and sharply order, "Don't speak." I can see the lust glimmering in your eyes and know that you are serious, so I silently nod, seeing no other option.

Your hands begin to search my body. You slowly stroke the side of my face, not in a gentle way, but slowly, meticulously. Though you do not hurt me, it is as if you using this simple gesture to plainly say, "Now you are mine." The message comes through loud and clear, and as I raise my chin up and lean my head against the wall, you let your hands travel down to my neck. You enjoy the feel of my skin, smooth and vulnerable, against your fingertips. You touch me softly, with restraint yet such power that I feel myself surrendering control to you.

Your hands travel farther down my body, caressing my shoulders, creeping down my arms as my breathing increases and goosebumps form on my skin. Soon your hands find mine, and you grab them and hold them together behind my back. With your body pressed against me so tightly, I can feel you getting more excited. As your cock gets harder, I can't help but notice it, and at the same time, I wonder if you know how wet your touch is making me.

You notice that my nipples are getting hard from this stimulation, and you cruelly decide to add to my predicament. You touch me through my shirt, finding exactly the right spot despite the layers of clothing. You pinch me lightly, and rub my nipples between your fingers, stopping every now and then to grab me entirely into your hands and squeeze. I cannot help but bite my lip to avoid crying out, you have me so aroused.

With one hand still holding onto my wrists, you nibble at my ears and softly bite at my neck. You know all too well how much I like this, and sure enough, a soft moan escapes my lips. Your free hand now travels down farther, finding the button on my jeans. I try to squirm away from your touch, but you lean into me even more, using your body to steady mine and keep me exactly where you want me. You pop the button free, grasp the zipper, and pull. Your hands drop mine, but I know better than to try to move them. With more freedom, you find it even easier to tug my jeans down. You catch your first look at my panties, the sexy black thong you like so much, and a slow smile spreads across your face.

By now I am torn between wanting to escape your touch and wanting to give in to you, but you leave me no choice. You pull my panties aside, and push your index finger directly on my clit. Upon contact with me, you can immediately tell how wet I have become for you. I gasp at your touch and again try to move away, but again your insistence keeps me still. Your finger slides inside my wet pussy and I shutter all over. You are looking deep into my eyes as you finger me, and I see the desire evident there. Sliding back out of me, you bring your finger up to your lips and lick it clean. You have no idea how much I delight in watching you enjoy me.

You look my body over again and toy with the hem on the bottom of my shirt. I know what is coming next, and try to take this opportunity to catch you off guard and get away, but you are too much in control, and you peel the shirt off my body, reaching back to unhook my bra, too. Now I am on display for you, nearly naked and still pressed against the wall, wet, and ready. You enjoy seeing me this way, knowing that I am yours for the taking, and there is nothing I can do about it. You put your hand around my head, pulling my hair slightly, and kiss me deeply. I can taste myself on you from a minute ago, and I know that isn't the only thing I will be tasting tonight. You press your bottom half into me, your cock resting against my nearly naked self. You remove your shirt, working quickly so that I will have no chance of escape. This time when you kiss me, you get even more passionate, and I know that I won't be pressed against the wall for very much longer, although I will remain in your hands for quite a while. I am proved correct; you kiss me for a minute longer, then grab me again and pull me into your bedroom.

You shove me onto your bed and look down at me, sprawled out and exposed for you, and it turns you on even more. You make quick work of pulling off your jeans and boxers, and I suddenly find you standing naked before me. You bend over me, your body creeping down mine as you take my panties with you. When you are in the right position, your tongue touches my clit, and you lick in slow, long strokes. I try to sit up, try to push you off me, but you will have none of it. One hand fondles my chest, while at the same time one or two fingers of the other hand slide deep into me, giving me but a small taste of what is to come. You enjoy having the freedom to use my body any way you want, and you speed up the rhythm on my pussy.

After only a few short minutes of this, I am close to being pushed over the edge. You notice this, and decide to change things up a bit, not wanting to give me release just yet. You stand up, only to sit back down again, this time straddling my face. You line your cock up with my mouth, and I try to protest and turn my head away, but you refuse to let me, and shove yourself into me. Your hand reaches around my head to pull my hair, and you sit back and enjoy watching me suck you.

Although I would never admit it, I love doing this to you, and my tongue swirls around your head, teasing you slightly, only to let you plunge back into me. My hand gently kneads your balls, hitting all the right spots and adding to your pleasure. You moan at the sensations I am giving you, but you quickly catch yourself and push a little harder into my mouth, reminding me that you are indeed in control of what is happening. Soon I know that you will be in other parts of me, and it makes me excited and frightened at the same time.

Sure enough, you soon pull out of me and survey me once more. You see me laying there, submitting completely to your every whim. The thought of this turns you on, and you know then that you must have me. It doesn't take long for you to get in position, straddling my body, your arms up near my head. I feel your hardness press against my wetness, and my entire body tingles at the thought of having you inside me. Somehow managing to keep your cool, you tease me, rubbing the head of your cock against my clit, feeling me tremble against you with desire. I want you so badly now that I can hardly stand it.

You finally give in and thrust, hard, inside me, and I cry out with pleasure. You slowly pull out, only to press in again. In and out you thrust, and the speed is agonizingly slow. I can feel you pressing against my g-spot, gently moving around, changing the angle and reaching every part of me. My heart is beating quickly, and I am breathing hard near your ear, corresponding with your speed as you violate my body. In, out. In, out. I notice that when you slide out slightly, you stimulate my clit perfectly, and this feeling gets me more worked up than ever before.

You begin to pick up the tempo, and I match your rhythm. You are fucking me hard now, and I wrap my legs around you. My arms are grasping at your back, trying to find something to hold onto. This fast pace has us both on the edge, and we both know that neither of us will last very much longer. Suddenly you hit just the right spot, and I feel my entire body starting to tense against yours. You can see that you have finally pushed me over the edge, and this excites you so much that you, too, begin to lose it. We cum together, as one, our bodies in pure ecstasy, thinking of nothing but the feeling, trying to hold onto it as long as possible.

Afterward, we collapse in each other's arms, too spent for words. "The best part," I say to you, "is that we get to do it all over again tomorrow."

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