Not a disclaimer exactly, but... Look, what follows is a dirty tale. Like it. Don't. Use it. It's yours.

I want to be your grrrrl. I want you to be my American lurver and I want to be your grrrl.

I want you to wrap those long arms around me and stroke my face, like gentle silk, and I want you to kiss me. I want to ruffle up that mop of hair with my hand. I want to stroke your face and kiss you too. I want you to tell me, to murmur that I'm your girl, and I want to agree with you. I want to purr for you. Growl. And I want you to kiss me and tell me you're going to take care of me, not forever, no, but for now, for this moment.

I want you in charge of me. Now.

And then.

I want you to know how important it is that you get this right.


I want you to look at me. Look right into those big blue eyes. Look. At... me. Right in. Deep. I want you to see how they look at you, stare. And I want you to kiss me. Again. And once more. Deep.


I am wearing a long fitted black velvet dress. I want you to feel how soft is it. Smooth it with your hand. Look at it. Watch your hand. Watch it glide over the curves, the am-ple-ness, of me. And feel how yielding I am.

I don't want you to look at my face. Watch your hand. See it slide over my breasts and watch as you squeeze those tits over the fluid pouring velvet. And feel me watching too. Feel it. Feel me watch you squeezing me.

Fix me. Just fix it.

Pop, flick those bouncing tits over from under that dress. Free them. And suck me better. Gnaw and nibble and suck me and grab me and fucking squeeze the shit out of me.





Going to make it better by fucking me.

But no.

Fuck you. Fuck you.

On your back. On a bed on your back, I pull you so that your legs are off that bed, firmly rooted on the ground. Not your grrrrl. You. Are. Mine.

I look at your already firming cock, there in front of me as I kneel on the floor before you. You, back down on the bed, feet on the floor, me between your thighs, looking at, thinking about that cock. Hard.


I look.

I take that thick cock in my hand, one hand. With the other hand, I rub along the solid thighs of you. Love it. I do. I lick the tip of that swiftly awakening dick, waking it some more. I lick. I lick all the way around the rim of you, yes, like licking the drips from an ice-cream cone. And then I slide my mouth down that now rock hard cock, right, down, to, the, hilt. And pause. The tip of your cock stroking, hitting, the back of my throat, I slide back along the shaft of you. And again. Again, I swallow you. And again. And again. And again. I swallow you whole and I think of. Nothing. I just take in that cock. Whole. And again. I slide my lips, those lips you know so fucking well, those lips which have whispered to you and sighed with you, back and forth along that hard dick.

12 times I take the whole of you in. 13 maybe. 14. And out. Not fast. Deliberate.

And then.

And then.

And then I grab the thick shaft of you and pump and suck that cock. And bob. See that head bob. Not looking at you. Watching my creamy tits bounce as I do that, me, and see the nipples rub the thighs of you. Enjoy how good that feels.

And I.


Rub the clit of me. Milk your cock.

Rub, and bob. And don't think. Stop this mind from thinking, please, you. Make me feel.

But now. Now I look up at you. Tell me you approve. Tell me you like what I'm doing and I'm the best damn deep-throating slut you ever did see, babe, because I am. I'm good. You know it.

Watch me.

And put your hands around my head. On either side. And fuck that face.

Fuck it. I rub. I suck. You fuck.

Fuck me.

I feel your thighs sliding against my breasts and my hand polishing up that little pussy-jewel of mine, and your cock... fuck, do I feel that cock, fucking my mouth. And this. This. Is. What. Makes. Me. Cum.

And you?

Your call...

Cum for me.

Cum for me.

Cum. Please.

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