tagErotic CouplingsYours Ch. 02

Yours Ch. 02


The flip onto my back surprised me but not as much as what he did next. With both hands, he grasped each opening around my breasts in his large hands and ripped my outfit from my body. I gasped in surprise as a chill of excitement ran through me. His eyes just sparkled with pure delight.

He reached behind my back and unclasped the collar and tossed it to the floor. Slowly, with his eyes locked on mine, he lowered his lips to my neck. Softly he began to kiss my neck and then his tongue flicked out to taste my flesh as goosebumps exploded all over my body. My eyes closed and I moaned in pleasure. His hands slid down my sides to my thighs as he began easing my stockings down my legs. His lips and tongue left my neck as he moved to remove my heels and stockings. The remaining shreds of my outfit were pulled from under me and tossed aside to join the rest of my ensemble on the floor. For a moment that seemed like a lifetime, he just looked over every inch of my creamy skin glowing in the candlelight.

I opened my mouth to speak, but before I could, the fingers of his right hand shushed me. So, instead of speaking, I took his index and middle fingers into my mouth. He allowed me to suck them in deeply before trailing them down my chin to my neck and through the valley of my cleavage. His left hand came up to cup my right breast as his right hand closed over my left one.

All the while our eyes were locked and our breathing was as one. His fingers circled my nipples and I was a bit taken aback when he pulled on them. His touch was feathery soft at first, but soon became increasingly more urgent. He was rolling my hard nipples between his fingers and I wanted to beg him to suck them, but the magic of the moment would have been ruined. He was straddling my hips, his large cock resting against my stomach, and I just wanted so badly for him to move down far enough to enter my waiting pussy.

"Please" I begged breathlessly.

"Please what baby?" he asked with a wicked grin.

"Please just fuck me," I replied.

"Mmmm, nope! Not yet baby."

With that, he grabbed the warm almond oil and began to drizzle it over my tits and onto my stomach. His hands began to spread the oil over my chest, stomach, shoulders and arms. His strong fingers started massaging every inch of me from the waist up. Lordy, I felt as if I had died and gone to Heaven.

His strong fingers worked my shoulders and neck before moving down my arms. I was noticing muscle groups that I had never even known existed. I was feeling very relaxed and then his expert hands moved to my breasts again. There was enough electricity shooting through my body to supply all the lights in Vegas. Almost unconsciously, my eyes fluttered and closed again and a low moan escaped my lips as he massaged my already hard nipples. I opened my eyes to see him watching me with an amused smile on his lips and instead of speaking, I just ran my tongue slowly over my lips and winked at him.

He continued the massage down my stomach and thighs, past my knees to my calves and feet and then he flipped me over and began working his way back up my body. His hands splayed across my shoulder blades and his thumbs worked the knots close to my spine. While he was working his magic on my shoulder blades, he was straddling my thighs and I could feel his hardening manhood pressing against my ass. My pussy was dripping with unbridled anticipation. I tried raising my hips and pushing back toward him but all I got was a playful smack across my ass and "Naughty little girl, just for that, you'll have to wait longer!"

"Doug, please, don't make me wait!"

"Oh you're waiting, for as long as I decide, and I know you love to be teased."

He leaned forward and placed a few kisses and nibbles on the back of my neck before rolling me over onto my back once again. He reached over and grabbed the bottle of Cristal, opened it and poured 2 glasses. I raised my glass to his in a toast.

"To us, it's about damn time we met!" I said.

We drained our glasses and he filled them again. But this time, he took my glass from me and quickly had my hands cuffed to the bed. He worked so quickly, I barely had time to blink and process what had just happened. Just as it was registering, my ankles were tied to each corner of the bed and he slid a soft blindfold over my eyes. I start to protest, but his lips crush mine and as he pulled away, he whispered, "Don't worry baby, and don't ask questions."

I felt a cold liquid being drizzled over my breasts and down my stomach. I shivered as I felt his warm lips and tongue follow the path the champagne had just made. His lips trailed lower and I heard him deeply inhale my scent as his face was positioned between my legs. The tip of his tongue touched my clit and it shot fireworks right through me. I moaned, thinking I surely knew what was coming next. But again, I was wrong. I felt the chilled champagne running over my clit, between my lips as he spread them with the fingers of one hand and pooling in the crack of my ass before dripping onto the bed. And just like before, he lapped up the liquid, making my whole body quiver at his touch.

I tried raising my hips to meet his tongue, but he gently pressed me back down to the bed. I heard him open the drawer next to the bed and felt pain and pleasure as he tightened clamps around my nipples. He gave the chain between them a slight tug and then leaned over to lick each nipple. His hands moved down to grasp my hips and then I felt a lubed finger slide across my ass.

As his fingers slid back again, I felt him begin to insert anal beads and I felt his warm breath against my wet pussy. With the insertion of each bead, his tongue flicked my hard clit. He was driving me insane and he knew it!

"Please baby, stop torturing me and fuck me now," I begged him.

My answer was his tongue driving right into the center of my being as the last bead was gently inserted inside of me. I couldn't hold back any longer and began to flood his face with my juices. He was relentless though and continued spearing me with his tongue. His thumb moved over my clit and brought about another incredible orgasm.

He slowly licked and kissed his way up to my neck and I could feel his steely hardness pressing against me. I wanted him so bad, I could hardly contain my breathing. As he sucked and nibbled at my neck, I felt the head of his magnificent cock slide from my ass to my clit and as he plunged himself deep into me, his lips crushed against my lips and his tongue danced with mine.

His expert cock wrapped in my velvety wetness seemed to be the perfect fit as he brought me to heights I had never been to before. He reached back and untied my ankles and lifted my legs up over his shoulders while he continued to fuck me deeply. The blindfold and nipple clamps were removed and our eyes locked again as he uncuffed my wrists. He pulled out of me and flipped me over onto my hands and knees and reentered me from behind. I immediately began to cum and he continued pounding into me but slowly started to pull the beads out. Each time my pussy clenched his cock and spasmed around it, he slowly removed another bead until the last one was out. His tempo slowed and I tried to catch my breath. I had never felt so much pleasure before and as he pulled himself from me, I was a little disappointed that it was over. Again, I was wrong, I gasped loudly as he gently eased his cock into my ass.

The tempo increased slightly as he continued to inch his length all the way into my virgin ass. His left hand reached under me and he began pinching and pulling my nipples as the fingers of his right hand worked their way inside my dripping pussy matching the slow, smooth rhythm of his cock. Soon I was cumming again, over and over, and screaming his name as the pressure of his cock became more insistent. The invasion of my most private area brought both pain and pleasure, but soon the pain diminished as the pleasure increased. I could feel his balls lightly slapping against the edge of my pussy. I felt him start to cum and our bodies shook together, his hands in control and possession of my hips until he gently pulled out and rolled over onto his back, pulling me into his embrace. Our labored breathing began to slow as we held each other and kissed slowly and passionately. I felt my eyes getting heavy and looked up into Doug's eyes as he stifled a yawn.

"I'm going to blow out the candles so we can sleep," I whispered softly.

"Mmm, good idea baby."

After all the candles were blown out, I crawled back into bed and softly kissed his lips before turning over onto my side to welcome sleep. I felt his arms go around me as he spooned me and held me close. These are the things dreams are made of.

Morning dawned and I woke early, just to watch him sleep...what a crazy sleeper he is. He tosses and turns more than anyone I've ever known, but he slept with a smile on his face. I could only hope that meant he was happy being there with me. I knew that we had quite the day ahead of us...we were planning to drive to Baltimore. I wanted to shower and make him breakfast in bed, but first things first, that morning woody was calling my name. I pulled back what covers remained on him and lowered my lips to his hard cock. I took most of him into my mouth and heard him moan slightly, I am sure he was between that half dreaming and half awake state. I kept stroking him with my lips and tongue, enjoying the fact that he was still asleep and I had complete freedom with his body. I moved my mouth to his balls and began sucking them deep into my mouth and glanced up at a slight movement from him to find him watching me, his grin spreading from one side of his face to the other. Oh how I love that smile.

"What a great fucking way to wake up," he said.

"Morning baby, are you hungry?"

"Only for you right now, please don't stop."

I lowered my head again and his cock slid back over my lips, I was hungrily devouring him and his moans were spurring me on. My tongue slid over the head of his cock and down the underside of his shaft, tracing every vein slowly and deliberately. Now, I know he can take a lot of teasing and foreplay, but for some reason, he wasn't willing to be teased this morning. He grabbed me roughly and pulled me to him for an incredible kiss before positioning me over his throbbing rod. He pushed my hips down toward his and slid easily inside my wanton pussy. We made love this time, it was slow and passionate and amazing. When we finally parted, we each reached for a cigarette and smoked in silence for a while. Then I told him that I would make him breakfast after we showered and we could be on our way.

Naked, we made our way to the bathroom, unable to keep our hands off each other and I started a hot shower. I couldn't wait to soap him up from head to toe, yet another fantasy of mine. Just to be able to take my time running my hands all over his gorgeous body was making me wet all over again. We took our time, washing each other, shaving each other...he was so gentle and our eyes barely broke contact. That is until he was washing my back and bent me over and took me from behind again. Fireworks, I tell ya...that's all I can say, fireworks.

He brought me to multiple orgasms once again and then the water started to turn a bit icy. We got out of the shower and toweled off and with just the towel wrapped around me, I made my way to the kitchen to make breakfast. He took his time getting ready and then packed the Vette for our trip. I had packed fairly light, knowing that I would remain unclothed for the most part. I made eggs, sausage and toast, and of course, espresso and we ate side by side on the couch, not talking, just enjoying each other's company. I couldn't believe it, but he offered to clean up the kitchen while I went to get ready. His one request was that I wear a skirt without panties for our drive. As if I wouldn't do anything he asked, of course I was going to dress the way he wanted!

I combed out my dark burgundy locks and put in my contacts. I applied my makeup and slathered my soft skin in my Blackberry Frost lotion. A small hint of perfume adorned my wrists and neck and I was set to get dressed. I chose my short black skirt and my low cut blue shirt, knowing that blue is his favorite color. I fastened the buckles on my wrap around black heels and put on my jewelry. I was ready and for some reason a bit breathless. I don't know why, at this stage, I would be nervous, but I was. I took a deep breath and emerged from the bedroom. He was waiting in the living room and his sharp intake of breath let me know that he approved. I was beaming and the nerves started to disappear.

I grabbed my purse, put on my sunglasses and locked the house as we left. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. I had waited for this day for so long...The last 24 hours had seemed like a dream, but seeing him open the car door and actually climbing into his Corvette hit me with a dose of reality and I felt like a silly schoolgirl on her first date. We had a 16-hour drive ahead of us as we had decided to go ahead and drive straight through. The top was down and the day was gorgeous, picture perfect and I was finally in Doug's presence, a place I had only dreamed of being.

The first hour of our drive, we talked and sang a little and laughed a lot. Then we spotted a Starbucks and of course, we had to stop. He turned me on to Starbucks and I am hooked. Kind of like how hooked I am on him, everything about him is addicting. I don't think there's a drug out there that is more addicting. Being around him just made me glow and brought out so much joy and happiness, it was unreal. So, we ordered our coffees and kept driving. Now, I had heard that men enjoy blowjobs when the woman has had something hot or cold to drink, so I thought I would see if this was true. I ran my fingernails over his thigh and smiled. He quickly caught on and unzipped to free himself for me. He was semi-hard but I knew how to change that and I took a big drink of my steaming hot coffee and lowered my head to his lap. I took the head of his perfect cock into my hot mouth and got an instant reaction. I have never seen a cock react so quickly, but he was fully hard and throbbing...all 9" of him. I took my time licking and kissing and teasing him, willing him to keep the car on the road. He lifted his hips slightly so I could pull his shorts down to his knees to give me free reign to play with his balls while I teased his cock with my tongue. I gently squeezed his balls in my hand and then stopped long enough to take another drink of my coffee before returning to the task at hand. Then I took him fully into my mouth and began sucking him like the pro that I am. His moans were guttural, almost animalistic and that pleased me to know I was pleasing him. I sucked him harder and faster, my tongue working magic on his rock hard shaft. I worked on bringing him so close to cumming, and then I pulled away, licked my lips, smiled sweetly at him and moved back into my seat.

"What are you doing to me?" he asked.

"Just making you wait a while baby, don't worry, you'll get more as the trip progresses."

He groaned and put his hand on my thigh.

"You're such a tease."

"Yeah and you love it," I replied.

"Oh I am not denying that fact at all, am I?" he retorted as he pulled his shorts back into place before returning his hand to my thigh.

I slid down a bit in my seat and the movement pulled my skirt up a bit higher. His fingers trailed along the inside of my left thigh, reaching higher until he was touching my bald pussy. His fingers moved to my wet opening and he slid two fingers inside of me. I laid my head back on the headrest and closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of his touch. He pulled his fingers from me and slid them up over my clit and then his touch was gone. I opened my eyes to see him putting his fingers to his lips. He licked them and then put them to my lips and I opened my mouth to welcome them in. This was excitingly erotic for both of us and I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to drive the whole 16 hours without stopping off a few times to fuck.

I pulled his hand away from my mouth and guided him back to my pussy and begged him with my eyes to continue what he had started. He didn't waste any time before his fingers plunged inside of me once again and his thumb circled my clit. I inhaled sharply, his touch was more insistent and I was on the verge of letting go, and then he stopped. I glanced over at him and a wicked grin was playing at his lips, I knew he was just getting me back for doing the same to him.

"I swear Douglas, that was so cruel of you!"

"Paybacks are a bitch aren't they baby?"

So, for the next couple of hours we settled back into conversation and just held hands as we drove. What a nice feeling, I missed holding hands, there's just something so intimate about it to me. It was going on 1pm and his stomach growled, I grinned. "Hungry baby?" I asked.

"I am fucking starving, aren't you? Oh wait, you rarely eat right? Not this trip, you're eating!"

He pulled off at the next exit and we found a Panera to eat at. We took our time eating and I made sure to run my foot up and down his calf many times as we ate. He'd just smile and wink at me. I couldn't help but touch some part of him at all times; he has this magnetic pull that I can't fight.

We left the restaurant and climbed back into the Vette to be on our way. It was that time of day where I start to get really tired being in the car, so I laid my head back and rested my hand over his cock...and I closed my eyes. I was dreaming that he was stroking my bare thigh and it was giving me chills. I could feel his fingers climbing higher up the inside of my thigh in my dream and I was moaning and begging him not to stop. His fingers went higher and were soon stroking my lips and clit and then I was shocked awake as I felt him inside me.

"I thought I was dreaming," I stammered.

"You talk in your sleep," he said with a wink and a smile.

Again, he brought me just to the brink of ecstasy before pulling his hand away and concentrating on his driving again. It was starting to get a little dark, how long had I slept? I looked at my watch and realized that I had slept a few hours and we were more than half way to our final destination. I sat up in the seat and leaned over to kiss him on the neck and I couldn't resist running my tongue down to his collarbone and back up to his ear.

"I need caffeine," I whispered.

"You got it baby, I was thinking the same thing."

We pulled into a rest area and I made a beeline to the pop machine. I bought him a Diet Coke and myself a Diet Mt Dew and then went over to the snack machine and got him a bag of Flips. I told him one night that I would love to eat them off of him; unfortunately, it's a bit hard to do while he's driving so I just got them for him to snack on. I tossed them to him as he walked toward me, and he laughed that deep, throaty, sexy laugh that I have come to adore. I had a habit of teasing him about the way he eats too...so it was a toss-up between the Flips and Mini Ritz Bitz with cheese.

We got back in the car and pulled away, knowing we may stop again in the next couple of hours for food. It was a gorgeous night, the stars were out in full force, sparkling and winking at us. He turned up the music and we continued our talking and singing, his fingers woven through mine. I still felt like I was dreaming, that this whole fantasy would come to an abrupt end.

The smile on my face wouldn't go away and I was thoroughly enjoying his company. I kept glancing at his profile and thinking 'how did I get so damn lucky?' A few times he caught me staring at him and smiled and asked "What?"

I just shook my head and said, "Nothing, I just enjoy looking at you".

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